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  • 1. linear movement – way out of living
  • 2. crash course in science – flying turns
  • 3. oppenheimer analysis – radiance
  • 4. mark lane – who's really listening
  • 5. tara cross – tempus fugit
  • 6. turquoise days – blurred
  • 7. bene gesserit – mickiey, please
  • 8. esplendor geometrico – moscu esta helado
  • 9. das ding – reassurance ritual
  • 10. martin dupoint – just because
  • 11. deux – game and performance
  • 12. somnambulist – things i was due to forget
  • 13. ohama – my time
  • 14. das kabinette – the cabinet

Ace new compilation of 80's minimal wave music from Europe and North America!

Most of the tracks on this album were originally released at the time on limited edition cassette tapes or vinyl by the artists themselves and only a handful of people knew about them.  Stones Throw's boss and supreme DJ Peanut butter Wolf alongside Minimal Wave Records label founder Veronica Vasicka!

'Minimal Wave' has 14 tracks jammed packed with killer analogue basslines, electro drum machines and futuristic sci-fi synthesizer action!

Unique opportunity to hear these super obscure energetic funky minimal wave gems!

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