Serge Gainsbourg Histoire De Melody Nelson

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  • 1. Melody
  • 2. Ballade de Melody Nelson
  • 3. Valse de Melody
  • 4. Ah! Melody
  • 5. L'Hotel Particulier
  • 6. En Melody
  • 7. Cargo Culte

The best Serge Gainsbourg album by miles!

Serge Gainsbourg's work with arranger Jean Claude Vannier led to Gainsbourg being dubbed the French David Axelrod (!) - the comparison is apt in that there are clear similarities in the leftfield rock-soul-jazz-orchestral pop fusion sound and a similar unsettling hazy melancholia!

The stand out track is definitely the low-slung late night chugging groover Melody/Cargo Culte, as sampled by Portishead!

*Vinyl is heavyweight picture-disc LP housed in clear plastic sleeve*