City To City 3 DJ Deep 's Journey Through Chicago, Detroit and New York's Secret House Gems

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  • 1. claro intellecto – signals
  • 2. liddell townsell – i'll make you dance
  • 3. kerri chandler – pong (ben klock remix)
  • 4. mutant beat dance – in a daze (original dub)
  • 5. Dee dee brave – feel the breeze (dj deep 'mix edit)
  • 6. m-m – m-m theme
  • 7. armando – don't take it (thomos edit)
  • 8. redshape – the box
  • 9. chicago music syndrome – work it
  • 10. gentry ice – utilize the beat
  • 11. traxx – xtc 4 luv

Killer compilation of deep raw Chicago & Detroit classics and new house gems from legendary French producer DJ Deep on BBE!!

This is DJ Deep's third offering from BBE in his fantastic 'City To City' series which explores house ges both old and new. 'City To City 3' is not a definitive collection of legendary house tracks but intended to be a personal selection of older and newer tracks that have a very special place in DJ Deep’s heart and his record box. There is a healthy dollop of old school house classics; 1991 Kerri Chandler produced 'Feel The Breeze', M-M's 'M&M Theme', Armando's 'Don't Take It', Lidell Townsell's 'I'll Make You Dance' and Adonis produced 'Utilize The Beat'. Rubbing shoulders with the classics are European deep techno producers Claro Intellecto and Redshape. Dj-firendly unmixed CD too!!!

*Please note that inside the gatefold of the vinyl is the incorrect tracklisting the actual tracklisting is below*


1. Armando - We're On The Move (Mike's Sexx Mixx)
2. Lidell Townsell - I'll Make You Dance (Acid instrumental)
3.M-M - M&M Theme
4.Chicago House Syndrome - Work It
5.Frozen Border - Frozen Border (Original Mix)
6.Armando - Don't Take It (Thomas Edit)