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    Clap! Clap!Liquid PortraitsBlack Acre
    More electronic / bass / experimental music hybrids from Clap! Clap!
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      Beatriz FerreyraHuellas EntreveradasPersistence Of Sound
      Nebulous, electronic music experiments from Beatriz Ferreyra who has been at the forefront of electroacoustic music composition since 1963 when she joined...
      • Beatriz Ferreyra – Huellas Entreveradas
      • Beatriz Ferreyra – La Ba-Balle du Chien-Chien a la Me-Mere
      • Beatriz Ferreyra – Deux Dents Dehors
      Clams CasinoMoon Trip RadioClammyClams Productions
      Experimental hip hop vibes from A$AP Rocky producer, Clams Casino!
      • Clams Casino – Rune
      • Clams Casino – Healing
      • Clams Casino – NSX
      • Clams Casino – Cupidwing
      • Clams Casino – Glowing Bones
      • Clams Casino – Fire Blue
      • Clams Casino – Twilit
      • Clams Casino – Lyre
      • Clams Casino – In A Mirror
      • Clams Casino – Soliloquy
      • Clams Casino – Moon Trip Radio
      IkonikaBodiesDon't Be Afraid
      Ikonika is back on Don't Be Afraid with an EP of glowing club tracks - ace!
      • Ikonika – Your Body
      • Ikonika – Nobody
      • Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About?
      • Ikonika – Bodied (Roller Mix)
      France JobinDeath Is Perfection, Everything Else Is RelativeEditions Mego
      Fantastic eMego release from the immensely talented sound artist, France Jobin. Deep, immersive, meditative, warm, drone pieces composed on the legendary...
      • France Jobin – Inertia
      • France Jobin – P
      • France Jobin – Soar (feat. Klara Lewis)
      Sun ArawRock SutraSun Ark Records
      Sun Araw return with 'Rock Sutra'. It's typically out-there for this project: full of cascading electronics and dubby structures. Ace.
      • Sun Araw – Roomboe
      • Sun Araw – 78 Sutra
      • Sun Araw – Catalina
      • Sun Araw – Arrambe
      CARE4LIFE Sampler 1 (feat. K-LONE, Playgroup, Matthew Herbert, Nathan Fake & Daniel Avery)Various ArtistsCARE4LIFE
      Wicked sampler release (all for a good cause!) featuring deep house, dub and electro vibes from K-LONE, Playgroup, Matthew Herbert, Nathan Fake and Daniel...
      • Daniel Avery – In Your Sleep
      • K-LONE – Undercliffe
      • Playgroup – Ringpiece (Demo)
      • Matthew Herbert – Indigo
      • Nathan Fake – Arboretum
      Global CommunicationPentamerous Metamorphosis (Limited Coloured Vinyl Edition)Music On Vinyl
      Reissue of this sought-after ambient techno masterpiece from Mark Pritchard and Tom Middleton under their Global Communication. Originally released in...
      • Global Communication – Alpha Phase
      • Global Communication – Beta Phase
      • Global Communication – Gamma Phase
      • Global Communication – Delta Phase
      • Global Communication – Epsilon Phase
      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£27.99
        • 180g audiophile vinyl
        • Deluxe gatefold sleeve with leather laminate finish + spot varnish
        • Limited edition of 2500 individually numbered copies pressed on translucent blue marbled vinyl
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      BibioSleep On The WingWarp Records
      Recorded over the course of a year in Bibio's countryside home studio 'Sleep On The Wing' sees him mixing folk influences with field recordings from his...
      • Bibio – Sleep On The Wing
      • Bibio – A Couple Swim
      • Bibio – Lightspout Hollow
      • Bibio – Oakmoss
      • Bibio – Miss Blennerhassett
      CARE4LIFE Sampler 1 (feat. Locossolus (aka DJ Harvey), Apiento & Tepper, FYI Chris, Luke Vibert & Clark)Various ArtistsCARE4LIFE
      Wicked sampler release (all for a good cause!) featuring Balearic, electronic-funk and weird pop vibes from Locossolus (aka DJ Harvey), Apiento & Tepper,...
      • Locossolus – Next To You (Kiwi Remix / Harvey Edit)
      • Apiento & Tepper – Blossoms
      • FYI Chris – SWH (No Boundaries)
      • Luke Vibert – That's Ill folks
      • Clark – Laptop Stand
      Azu TiwalineDraw Me A SilenceIOT Records
      Fantastic album debut for Tunisian producer, Azu Tiwaline, whose melting psychedelic dub, industrial and hypnotic techno is deeply rooted in her Berber...
      • Azu Tiwaline – Berbeka
      • Azu Tiwaline – Itrik
      • Azu Tiwaline – Luz Azul
      • Azu Tiwaline – Yenna
      • Azu Tiwaline – Until The End
      • Azu Tiwaline – Omok
      • Azu Tiwaline – Red Viper
      • Azu Tiwaline – Organ Dub Warriors
      • Azu Tiwaline – Air Element
      • Azu Tiwaline – Izen Zaren
      Alva NotoXerrox Vol. 4Noton
      Carsten Nicolai re-ups his Alva Noto project for the fourth release in the 'Xerrox' series. A modern, minimalist, ambient classical masterpiece.
      • Alva Noto – Xerrox Cosmos
      • Alva Noto – Xerrox Île
      Tony Allen & Jeff MillsTomorrow Comes The HarvestBlue Note
      Detroit techno pioneer, Jeff Mills in collusion with the late legendary Afro-beat drummer, Tony Allen - on Blue Note!
      • Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Locked And Loaded
      • Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – Altitudes
      • Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – On The Run
      • Tony Allen & Jeff Mills – The Seed
      Ryuichi SakamotoAile De Honnêamise - Royal Space ForceAlternative Fox
      Synth wizard Ryuichi Sakamoto was a composer and arranger since the mid-70s and burst into the world’s greater consciousness in Yellow Magic Orchestra....
        Awkward CornersDislocation Songs (feat. Sarathy Korwar)Shapes of Rhythm
        Minimal electronics, jazz and dub experiments from Paradise Bangkok's Chris Menist aka Awkward Corners featuring a guest spot from the excellent Sarathy...
        • Awkward Corners – Drawing a Blank
        • Awkward Corners – Straight Ahead
        • Awkward Corners – I'll Do It Tomorrow
        • Awkward Corners – No Green Lights
        • Awkward Corners – An Afternoon of Endless Drift (feat. Sarathy Korwar)
        • Awkward Corners – Just Around the Corner (feat. Sarathy Korwar)
        • Awkward Corners – He Was Together
        • Awkward Corners – Broken Robot
        • Awkward Corners – John Dillinger's Death Mask (Parts 1 and 2) (feat. Sarathy Korwar)
        Burnt FriedmanEurydike (feat. Jaki Leibzeit)Nonplace
        Legendary Krautrock drummer Jaki Leibzeit (of Can) joins Burnt Friedman on this EP of extended drumming experiments with Burnt Friedman. Cosmic, spiritual,...
        • Burnt Friedman & João Pais – Out Of Ape
        • Burnt Friedman & João Pais – Fibres Of P
        • Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman – Eurydike
        • Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman – Star Wars
        • 1. Burnt Friedman & João Pais – Out Of Ape
        • 2. Burnt Friedman & João Pais – Fibres Of P
        • 3. Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman – Eurydike
        • View full info and tracklisting
        Babe RootsState Of Mind / ExtentNewdubhall
        Here the Turin-based crew continues to blur the boundaries between dub techno, ambient dub and digi-dub via a first appearance on nascent Japanese label...
        • Babe Roots – State Of Mind
        • Babe Roots – Extent
        KutimanWachagaSiyal Music
        Eagerly awaited album from the maverick Kutiman, based on field recordings he made in Tanzania of local musicians, then manipulated, layered and expanded...
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.99
            • Limited 180g 'splatter' vinyl - 300 units only
            • Gatefold sleeve
            Expected 17 JulPreorder
          Rider ShafiqueWhen Shall We Rise / When Shall We DubZamZam Sounds
          Rider Shafique, Ishan Sound, and Kahn need no introductions. As individual artists and fellow members of Bristol’s Young Echo collective, they are...
          • Rider Shafique – When Shall We Rise
          • Rider Shafique – When Shall We Dub
          Music For Dance & Theatre: Volume OneVarious ArtistsMusic From Memory
          Music From Memory focus "on music which was initially created for or inspired by dance and performance. Created as a dialogue with the avant-garde and...
          • Gerard Stokkink – Yellow Turtles
          • Ivory Playground – Ivory Playground
          • Atlantis Transit – Bird Perspective
          • Ramuntcho Matta – Zoique III
          Little DragonNew Me, Same UsNinja Tune
          The Swedish pop troupe's debut for Ninja Tune "is the sound of a band going back to basics and falling back in love with their instruments: drums, bass,...
          • Little Dragon – Hold On
          • Little Dragon – Rush
          • Little Dragon – Another Lover
          • Little Dragon – Kids
          • Little Dragon – Every Rain
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          Roger Eno & Brian EnoMixing ColoursDeutsche Grammophon
          Roger and Brian Eno explore the nature of sound in their first ever duo album, 'Mixing Colours'. The album’s eighteen soundscapes invite listeners to...
            Trees SpeakOhmsSoul Jazz Records
            First edition sold out! New pressing just landed! This album is hot! ... If you don't have it already now is your chance!------------------------------------------------------------ When...
            • Trees Speak – Soul Sequencer
            • Trees Speak – Nitrous Cross
            • Trees Speak – Shadow Circuit
            • Trees Speak – Blame Shifter
            • Trees Speak – Spirit Duplicator
            • Trees Speak – Nobody Knows
            • Trees Speak – Sadness In Wires
            • Trees Speak – State Of Clear
            • Trees Speak – Sleep Crime
            • Trees Speak – Knowing
            • Trees Speak – Splendid Sun
            • Trees Speak – Ohms
            • Trees Speak – Out Of View
            • Trees Speak – Psychic Wounds
            • Trees Speak – Silicone Emotions
            • Trees Speak – Octave Cycle
            • Trees Speak – Witch Wound
            RatgraveRockBlack Focus
            Max Graef and Julius Conrad are Ratgrave and make their album debut for Henry Wu's Black Focus label! ‘Rock’ is their second album - ongoing transmissions...
            • Ratgrave – Escobar
            • Ratgrave – Theme From Metronome
            • Ratgrave – World Aid
            • Ratgrave – Instant Toothpaste
            • Ratgrave – Eternal Breeze
            • Ratgrave – Yurok
            • Ratgrave – 4 Benz
            • Ratgrave – Dibidai
            • Ratgrave – Rock
            • Ratgrave – Bleeding to Death
            • Ratgrave – Sturf
            • Ratgrave – Alright
            • Ratgrave – Mutti Hat Gekocht
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            • CD£10.99
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            The Fear RatioThey Can't Be SavedSkam
            James Ruskin and Mark Broom are back under their operative pseudonym, The Fear Ratio. Less the loopy techno of their respective, solo output, 'They Can't...
            • The Fear Ratio – Sender
            • The Fear Ratio – Exile
            • The Fear Ratio – Grey Code
            • The Fear Ratio – Small World
            • The Fear Ratio – The Invisible Girl
            • The Fear Ratio – The Curse
            • The Fear Ratio – LM3
            • The Fear Ratio – Captive
            • The Fear Ratio – Game Plan
            • The Fear Ratio – The Final Vision
            • The Fear Ratio – BY3
            • The Fear Ratio – A406
            YMO (Yellow Magic Orchestra)After ServiceAlfa
            Limited edition of 1,000 copies, individually numbered on transparent vinyl
              VangelisAlbedo 0.39 (1976)RCA
              Radical electronic experimentalist, 1976.
                The Art Of NoiseIn No Sense? Nonsense! (1987)China Records
                Deluxe double vinyl limited edition, individually numbered on turquoise vinyl!
                  • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£27.99
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                  LeftfieldRhythm And StealthHard Hands
                  After Leftfield's debut album Leftism,which was released in 1995, it took four years for the London-based producers duo to release the sequel. Their second...
                  • Leftfield – Dusted
                  • Leftfield – Phat Planet
                  • Leftfield – Chant Of A Poor Man
                  • Leftfield – Double Flash
                  • Leftfield – El Cid
                  Angolan producer Nazar lands his album debut via Hyperdub. A unique collection of tough, Kuduro rhythms. Highly recommended!
                    Ryuichi SakamotoThe Staggering Girl OSTSony Classical
                    Sakamoto scores the short film 'The Staggering Girl' starring Julianne Moore and Kyle MacLachlan. Haunting, solo piano and modern classical music with...
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – The Staggering Girl
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Woman In Yellow
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Woman In Yellow II
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Casa
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Woman In Yellow III
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Night Garden
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Toni
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Tangling
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Roma
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Dance
                    • Ryuichi Sakamoto – Dance (Ambient Version)
                    Jimi TenorNY, Hel, BarcaBureau B
                    Finnish composer and multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor has joined forces with Bureau B to release "NY, Hel, Barca" - a retrospective compilation spanning...
                    • Jimi Tenor – Xineotepe Heat
                    • Jimi Tenor – Utopian Dream
                    • Jimi Tenor – Take Me Baby
                    • Jimi Tenor – Fantom (The Wandering Ghost)
                    • Jimi Tenor – Tesla
                    • Jimi Tenor – Year Of The Apocalypse
                    • Jimi Tenor – Spell
                    • Jimi Tenor – Rubberdressing
                    • Jimi Tenor – Teräsmies
                    • Jimi Tenor – Suggardaddy
                    ToborknurdThe Trap / The UnyieldingSatyanaas Records
                    Wicked fusion of electronics with the traditional percussion of the darbuka and taishogoto drum. Haunting, ancestral-style, ritual trance music. Ace! Limited...
                    • Toborknurd – The Unyielding
                    • Toborknurd – The Trap
                    MATstudio (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)MATstudio 3Melody As Truth
                    Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft in collusion once again as MATstudio with two lengthly album tracks that explore deep space ambience and droning, electronic...
                    • MATstudio (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft) – Crushing Indifference
                    • MATstudio (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft) – An Inn For Those Not Permitted
                    MAÂTSolar MantraGrowing Bin Records
                    Parisian outfit Maât splice jazz with Balearic, dub, house and Afro to create this free thinking album dedicated to ECM band and world fusion fore-runners,...
                    • MAÂT – The Walk
                    • MAÂT – Jaki & Bryn
                    • MAÂT – Feuglace
                    • MAÂT – Solar Mantra
                    • MAÂT – Quetzal Pacino
                    • MAÂT – Clairiere
                    • MAÂT – Mount Beuvray
                    • MAÂT – Llome Dub
                    AjukajaSunda SchoolPorridge Bullet / Pudru Kuul
                    Lo-fi boogie/house/experimental fusion from Ajukaja who's one half of Ajukaja & Andrevski who gave us that knockout 12" 'Rare Birds' for Levels a while...
                    • Ajukaja – Sunda School
                    • Ajukaja – Sunda School 2
                    NeinzerWhities 025Whities
                    Neinzer (International Black/Yumé) drifts between deep, brittle techno and spacey, ambient sound design. Killer release via Whities once again!
                    • Neinzer – Voyager
                    • Neinzer – Deff
                    • Neinzer – Elliptical Footsteps
                    • Neinzer – Ronda
                    • Neinzer – Falafalus
                    Kolida BaboExodus (feat. Coby Sey & Who’s The Technician? remixes)MIC
                    South London wunderkind, Babyfather, Klein and Tirzah collaborator Coby Sey offers up his version of Greek duo Kolida Babo's ethereal jazz cut 'Exodus',...
                    • Kolida Babo – Exodus (Coby Sey Rework)
                    • Kolida Babo – Exodus (Who’s The Technician? Remix)
                    Debut release on new South London label Klunk by talented newcomer Jabes. Expect hyperactive and playful electronic music. Highly recommended and definitely...
                    • Jabes – Pulled Up
                    • Jabes – Glass Censors
                    • Jabes – Dizzy Hands
                    • Jabes – Gloss Stares
                    CaribouSuddenlyCity Slang
                    'Suddenly' is his most surprising and unpredictable Caribou album to date, dusted with catchy samples; traversing pop, house, disco and soul. Killer!
                    • Caribou – Sister
                    • Caribou – You and I
                    • Caribou – Sunny's Time
                    • Caribou – New Jade
                    • Caribou – Home
                    • LP + Download Code£17.99
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                    • CD£10.99
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                    LolinaWho Is Experimental Music?Not On Label
                    Inga Copeland (Hype Williams) under her experimental Lolina guise. Self released, six track EP.
                    • Lolina – Let Go
                    • Lolina – Good Or Bad
                    • Lolina – Skipping
                    • Lolina – Glitching
                    • Lolina – Strobing
                    • Lolina – Who Is Experimental Music?
                    Steve MooreBliss (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Relapse Records
                    Zombi's Steve Moore excels with his score to hallucinatory horror movie, Bliss. Tense, atmospheric with old school style horror soundtrack touches and...
                    • Steve Moore – Incremental Progress
                    • Steve Moore – You Holding?
                    • Steve Moore – Diablo
                    • Steve Moore – The Bite
                    • Steve Moore – The Hangover
                    • Steve Moore – My Masterpiece
                    • Steve Moore – You're Not Going to Die
                    • Steve Moore – Nobody Comes
                    • Steve Moore – You'll Never Know What it is Like
                    • Steve Moore – You Don't Look Too Good
                    Mieko ShimizuI BloomStreet Furniture
                    In every aspect of her career, Mieko has refused to be restrained or placed in a box artistically, and new record I Bloom sees a continuation of that ethos. With...
                    • Mieko Shimizu – Me My Ghost
                    • Mieko Shimizu – Butterfly
                    • Mieko Shimizu – My Shell
                    • Mieko Shimizu – I'm Coming Up In My Submarine
                    • Mieko Shimizu – Snake Of Summer
                    • Mieko Shimizu – Lazy Light
                    • Mieko Shimizu – The Change Is Coming
                    • Mieko Shimizu – Bridge Beyond
                    BlackpocketALAYLYExit Records
                    Woozy, psychedelic electronic soul vibes from Steve Spacek under his Blackpocket guise!
                    • Blackpocket – ALAYLY
                    • Blackpocket – Footsteps
                    • Blackpocket – In Da Back Room
                    • Blackpocket – Organic Tech
                    • Blackpocket – Sho U ft Fatima
                    • Blackpocket – Wake Up Feel Good
                    • Blackpocket – Worlds Together
                    Jorja ChalmersHuman AgainItalians Do It Better
                    Debut solo album from Bryan Ferry's saxphonist & keyboardist Jorja Chalmers. Deep, dreamy and intoxicating exploration of Bowie and Eno's Low, while her...
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Human Again
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Red Light
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Black Shadow
                    • Jorja Chalmers – She Made Him Love Again
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Copper Bells
                    • Jorja Chalmers – No Words
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Our Love In A Glass So Thin
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Suburban Pastel
                    • Jorja Chalmers – This Is Where The Sky Begins
                    • Jorja Chalmers – The Sum Of Our Sins
                    • Jorja Chalmers – She Made Him Love Again (Reprise)
                    • Jorja Chalmers – Ship In The Sky
                    The Can Bookby Pascal BussySAF Publishing
                    Rare out of print book on the Cansters
                    • Original Book (400g)£40.00
                      Original secondhand book in great condition
                      100% guarantee on this and all original books at Sounds of the Universe.
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                    The Mail CoifGoblin Wizard Cauldron SpellMedieval Ditties Compendium
                    8-bit dub producer TAPES drops a limited 45 of medieval / dark-ages themed electronic mood pieces!
                    • The Mail Coif – Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell
                    • The Mail Coif – Maiden's Mirror
                    América InvertidaVarious ArtistsVampi Soul
                    Vampi Soul focus on a small musical scene that emerged in the early 80s in Montevideo, Uruguay. A very unique sound was developed within the narrow boundaries...
                    • Contraviento – Desencanto
                    • Jaime Roos – Tras tus ojos
                    • Eduardo Darnauchans – De los relojeros
                    • Hugo Jasa – Kabumba
                    • Eduardo Mateo – El chi-li-ban-dan
                    • Travesía – En este momento
                    • Mariana Ingold – Capítulos
                    • La Escuelita – Llamada Insólita
                    • Hugo Jasa – Y el tiempo pasa
                    • Leo Maslíah – Bombinhas
                    • Fernando Cabrera – A ustedes
                    • LP£18.99
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                    • CD£15.99
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                    Miguel FloresLorca: Lost Tapes (1989​-​1991)Buh Records
                    A compilation of works by Peruvian composer and musician Miguel Flores. "Lorca: Lost Tapes (1989-1991)" recovers recordings made for stage works inspired...
                      Daniel LopatinUncut GemsWarp Records
                      Daniel Lopatin, aka Oneohtrix Point Never, scores the soundtrack to the Safdie brothers’ highly successful feature starring Adam Sandler, 'Uncut Gems'.
                      • Daniel Lopatin – The Ballad Of Howie Bling
                      • Daniel Lopatin – Pure Elation
                      • Daniel Lopatin – Followed
                      • Daniel Lopatin – The Bet Hits
                      • Daniel Lopatin – High Life
                      • Daniel Lopatin – No Vacation
                      • Daniel Lopatin – School Play
                      • Daniel Lopatin – F**k You Howard
                      • Daniel Lopatin – Smoothie
                      • Daniel Lopatin – Back To Roslyn
                      • 2×LP£21.99
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                      • CD£10.99
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