• 1. hard corps – dirty
  • 2. in trance 95 – president
  • 3. philippe laurent – distortion
  • 4. das ding – h .s.t.a
  • 5. subject – what happened to you?
  • 6. ohama – the drum
  • 7. geneva jacuzzi – the sleep room
  • 8. antonym – cinnamon air
  • 9. ruins – fire
  • 10. ende shneafliet – animals from outer space
  • 11. felix kubin – japan japan
  • 12. class info – out of line
  • 13. in aeternam vale – annie
  • 14. aural indifference – theme

The second volume of the 'Minimal Wave Tapes' series, a collection of rare 80's, early electronic minimal experiments and proto techno compiled from bands around the world.

Hand-picked, dusted off and remastered by Stones Throw's boss and supreme DJ Peanut butter Wolf alongside Minimal Wave Records label founder Veronica Vasicka!

Most of the tracks on this album were originally released at the time on limited edition cassette tapes or vinyl by the artists themselves and only a handful of people knew about them, made by musicians in the early D.I.Y aesthetic; recording these oddities in their homes on vintage synths and drums machines, creating their own artwork and often collaborating via postage mail! Now that's dedication!

Volume Two shys away from the metallic, wafer-thin sound showcased on the first installment with a powerful, slightly more polished sound through the use of more denser synthesizers and drum machines.