• 12" EP STH2399V£7.99
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    • Sudan Archives – Nont For Sale
    • 1. Sink
    • 2. Nont For Sale
    • 3. Pay Attention
    • 4. Mind Control
    • 5. Beautiful Mistake
    • 6. Escape

    Singer, producer and violinist Sudan Archives releases here second EP via Stones Throw. 'Sink' is a unique blend of West African desert blues, syncopated violin riffs and future roots R&B!

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    Jerry PaperLike A BabyStones Throw
    Quirky dream pop business from Jerry Paper via the Stones Throw camp!
    • Jerry Paper – Your Cocoon
    • Jerry Paper – Grey Area
    • Jerry Paper – A Moment
    • Jerry Paper – Something's Not Right
    • Jerry Paper – Did I Buy It?
    • Jerry Paper – Commercial Break
    • Jerry Paper – My God
    • Jerry Paper – Baby
    • Jerry Paper – Everything Borrowed
    • Jerry Paper – Huge Laughs
    • Jerry Paper – You
    • Jerry Paper – Losing The Game
    • Jerry Paper – More Bad News
    • LP£18.99
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    • CD£10.99
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    Stimulator JonesExotic Worlds and Masterful TreasuresStones Throw
    Multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer Stimulator Jones deliver his debut LP on the mighty Stones Throw. Every element of every track on the album...
      • LP£20.99
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      • CD£12.99
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      The SteoplesSix RocksStones Throw
      Stones Throw drop the album debut from The Steoples aka the hugely talented Gifted & Blessed. 'Six Rocks' is a delicate blend of sweet soul music...
      • The Steoples – From The Otherside
      • The Steoples – Smoak
      • The Steoples – Courting Sunshine
      • The Steoples – Fated
      • The Steoples – Best
      • The Steoples – Roles
      • The Steoples – We Like The Dark
      • The Steoples – Real Enough To Be
      • The Steoples – Leaning Toward Not Sure
      • The Steoples – Six Rocks
      • The Steoples – Beach Baby PT II
      The Koreatown OddityFinna Be Past TenseStones Throw
      The Koreatown Oddity make their debut on Stones Throw with 'Finna Be Past Tense', following a long line of independently released cassettes. Finna Be Past...
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Land Before Time
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Fuck Dinosaurs
      • The Koreatown Oddity – They (feat. Swift)
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Yesterdays News
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Mood Of The Grind
      • The Koreatown Oddity – A Break Fro The Drama Of Life Drunk At The Wet T Shirt Contest
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Dont Say 2 Or 1 (feat. Black Moses)
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Spinning Axis (feat. Tron7seize)
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Depressed But Hopeful
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Meditative Thought
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Regret Is Useless
      • The Koreatown Oddity – Time After Technology (feat. Joyce Wrice
      NxWorriesYes Lawd!Stones Throw
      Knxwledge and Anderson .Paak's collaborative album 'Yes Lawd'! drops under the duo NxWorries moniker. Expect beats and rhymes that...
      • NxWorries – Intro
      • NxWorries – Livvin
      • NxWorries – Wngs
      • NxWorries – Best One
      • NxWorries – What More Can I Say
      • NxWorries – Kutless
      • NxWorries – Lyk Dis
      • NxWorries – Can’t Stop
      • NxWorries – Get Bigger / Do U Luv
      • NxWorries – Khadija
      • 2xLP + Download Code£26.99
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      • CD£9.99
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      J Dilla (Jay Dee)Ruff DraftStones Throw
      Here it is! The much anticipated reissue of this sought-after J Dilla rarity from 2003, previously only available on an ultra-limited edition vinyl-only...
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Lets Take It Back
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Reckles Driving
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Nothing Like This
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Make 'em NV
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Crushin (Yeeeaaah!)
      • J Dilla (Jay Dee) – Wild
      • 2×LP£17.99
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      • Instrumental LP£15.99
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      • 2×CD£8.99
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      White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn)Neighborhood Wonderful Stones Throw
      Krondon & Shafiq Husayn collaborate to form White Boiz. The Strong Arm Steady MC and Sa-Ra producer combine their skills for this Stones Throw 14-track...
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mothership Intro
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Live From The Mothership / Water Ain’t Wet
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Main St.
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Learn Tho
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Freedom
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – G.U.N. (God Understand Niguhs)
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Mary's Son
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Variety / Oliver’s Stone
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Heartbreak
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Bloomingdales
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Hear Say
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Erotica Exotica
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Suffering Suckatashe (Duel 1)
      • White Boiz (Krondon & Shafiq Husayn) – Going Down (Duel 2)
      Homeboy SandmanHallwaysStones Throw
      Second full-length album from rising US rapper Homeboy Sandman, out on the great Stones Throw records. "It is an ode to the space between where you...
      • Homeboy Sandman – america
      • Homeboy Sandman – loads
      • Homeboy Sandman – activity
      • 2×LP£19.99
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      • CD£9.99
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      Crow44Crow44Stones Throw
      Desmond Pierce with a collection of New Age hymns, lofi jams, detuned surf breeze meets 60's pop in North Yorkshire. New from Stones Throw! 
      • Crow44 – One Orange (Revisited)
      • Crow44 – If You're Feeling Down Part 1
      Homeboy Sandman First Of A Living Breed Stones Throw
      First of a Living Breed, his first full-length release on Stones Throw, only solidifies Homeboy’s reputation in New York’s grassroots hip-hop...
      • Homeboy Sandman – rain
      • Homeboy Sandman – watchu want from me?
      • Homeboy Sandman – sputnik
      • Homeboy Sandman – 4 corners
      • CD£8.99
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      • 2×LP£13.99
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      Vex Ruffin Crash Course Stones Throw
      Californian based rocker Vex Ruffin makes simple music. An untrained punk musician who uses a few basic instruments in uncomplicated ways – he calls...
      • Vex Ruffin – sacrifice
      • Vex Ruffin – man with a plan
      • Vex Ruffin – crash course
      • LP£8.99
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      • CD£8.99 £4.99
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      The StepkidsThe StepkidsStones Throw
      Stones Throw chuck a curveball out at the heads - this idiosyncratic album from The Stepkids. It's rocky at first, then jazzy, funky, psych-folky, fuzzy,...
      • The Stepkids – brain ninja
      • The Stepkids – la la
      Bruce HaackFarad: Vocoder Music 1969-1982Stones Throw
      Briliant retrospective of material from pioneering electronic music guru Bruce Haack on Stones Throw records! Up until now, Bruce Haack’s legacy...
      • Bruce Haack – Electric To Me Turn
      • Bruce Haack – Incantation
      • Bruce Haack – National Anthem To The Moon
      • Bruce Haack – Rita
      • Bruce Haack – Man Kind
      • Bruce Haack – Ancient Mariner
      • 2×LP£20.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      In Living The True Gods (DVD)Classic Stones Throw Music Videos & InterviewsStones Throw
      Includes music videos for Madvillain, Quasimoto, MED, Dilla, James Pants, Aloe Blacc..., as welll as a 2003 interview with Dilla, live performances from...
      James PantsSeven SealsStones Throw
      This is the long awaitted new album from James Pants on Stones Throw! Apparently started while reading a mystical book and the book of relevations and...
      • James Pants – i live inside an egg
      • James Pants – wormhole
      • James Pants – sky warning
      • James Pants – thin moon
      • LP£12.99
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      • CD£11.49
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      Beat Konducta / MadlibVol. 1 Movie ScenesStones Throw
      Essential beats LP from Madlib. Highly recommended!!

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          DJ DezNew World / BrainRoot Down Records
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          • DJ Dez – Brain
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          • Kamasi Washington – Askim
          • Kamasi Washington – Isabelle
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          David Sylvian & Holger CzukayPlight & Premonition Flux & MutabilityGroenland Records
          David Sylvian and Holger Czukay’s collaborative ambient albums 'Plight & Premonition and Flux & Mutability' from 1988 and 1989 respectively, are finally...
          • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Plight (The Spiralling Of Winter Ghosts)
          • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Premonition (Giant Empty Iron Vessel)
          • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Flux (A Big, Bright, Colourful World)
          • David Sylvian & Holger Czukay – Mutability (A New Beginning Is In The Offing)
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          • 2×CD£11.99
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          Prince In Jazz: A Jazz Tribute To PrinceVarious ArtistsWagram Music
          Named for greatness, and so much greater than his name, the Purple One is and always will be the best. This set celebrates his unparalleled songwriting...
            • LP£14.99
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            • CD£12.99
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            Ebo TaylorYen Ara: Remixes Part 1 (inc. Ron Trent remix)Mr Bongo
            Mr Bongo presents the first 12" in a series of remix packages curated from the legendary Ebo Taylor's brand new album 'Yen Ara'. Featuring remixes from...
            • Ebo Taylor – Krumandey (Ron Trent Remix)
            • Ebo Taylor – Mumudey Mumudey (Natureboy Flako Remix)
            • Ebo Taylor – Mumudey Mumudey (Nick The Record Remix)
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            John ColtraneBoth Directions At Once: The Lost AlbumImpulse!
            On March 6, 1963, John Coltrane and his classic quartet - McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones - recorded an entire studio album at the legendary...
            • John Coltrane – Untitled Original 11383 (Take 1)
            Aleister CrowleyOriginal Wax RecordingsFantome Phonographique
            Reissue of some of the only known recordings from the infamous occultist, mystic, magician, poet, novelist, sexual deviant, and all-around misfit, Aleister...
            • Aleister Crowley – Introduction
            • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The First Aethyr (Enochian)
            • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The First Aethyr (English)
            • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The Second Aethyr (Enochian)
            • Aleister Crowley – The Call Of The Second Aethyr (English)
            • LP£21.99
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            Princess NokiaA Girl Cried RedRough Trade
            The latest mixtape release from Destiny Frasqueri aka Princess Nokia via Rough Trade - limited red vinyl copies!
              Alpha & OmegaRastafari / Words Of Thy MouthMania Dub
              Dub Plate mixes from 1996, original tracks was released on the "Voice Of The Wilderness" album. Tuff raw 90s steppers
              • Alpha & Omega – Rastafari
              • Alpha & Omega – Rastafari
              • Alpha & Omega – Words Of Thy Mouth
              • Alpha & Omega – Words Of Thy Mouth
              • 10"£10.99
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              Michael Boothman & Kysofusion BandCan't Stop DancingCree
              Reissue of this 'island disco' gem that's been sought-after by many since it's release in the late 80s! Following the monster 'What You Won’t Do For...
              • Michael Boothman & Kysofusion Band – Can't Stop Dancing (Original 12" Mix)
              • Michael Boothman & Kysofusion Band – Can't Stop Dancing (Disco Mix)
              The hugely anticipated return of Wolfgang Voigt's nebulous, cult ambient project, GAS! Tracklisting:2LP: A – Rausch A B – Rausch B C – Rausch C D...
              • GAS – Rausch 1
              • GAS – Rausch 2
              • GAS – Rausch 3
              • GAS – Rausch 4
              • GAS – Rausch 5
              • GAS – Rausch 6
              • GAS – Rausch 7
              • 2xLP + Download Code£23.99
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              • CD£11.99
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              LoneDJ Kicks!K7 Records
              Ten years after his first release, UK artist Lone is putting out his first ever commercial mix CD - for !K7 now legendary DJ Kicks eries. Features...
              • Casino Versus Japan – Go Hawaii
              • Heralds of Change – Spotted
              • Lone – Brooklyn Banks
              • Camu Tao – Hold The Floor
              • Lootpack – Hityawitdat
              • Lone – Cali Drought
              • Lone – Alpha Wheel 4 (Ambient Mix)
              • Boards of Canada – Orange Romeda
              • Gnork – U
              • John Beltran (presents Nostalgic) – Placid Angels
              LAPSWho Me?MIC
              The second release from MIC comes from Ladies As Pimps - LAPS for short - an anarchic Glasgow duo formed by Lady Two Collars of Golden Teacher and Sue...
              • LAPS – Gush
              • LAPS – Who Me?
              • LAPS – Ode To Daughter
              • LAPS – Edges
              • LAPS – Lady Bug
              • 12"£11.99
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              FKA TwigsEP1 (Reissue)Young Turks
              Repress of the highly sought after FKA Twigs debut release on Young Turks. Don't sleep on this one - recommended!!!
              • FKA Twigs – Weak Spot
              • FKA Twigs – Ache
              • FKA Twigs – Breathe
              • FKA Twigs – Hide
              • 12"£7.99
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              NDFCruel Is The Color (inc. Matthew Herbert remix)Foom
              Second release from NDF following their DFA debut a couple of years back. Features a mechanical toybox techno fix from Matthew Herbert and...
              • NDF – Another Year
              • NDF – Cruel Is The Color
              • NDF – Certain Corners
              • NDF – Another Year (Matthew Herbert 'Reboot' Version)
              • NDF – Certain Corners (Ben Freeney 'Spare Room' Version)
              • 12"£8.99
                Out of stock
              Panda Bear / ActressSurfer's Hymn (Actress Mix)Kompakt
              Following a slew of limited 7" inch releases, this is the final installment from the series and it's very limited. 'Surfers Hymn' eases the mind like...
              • Panda Bear / Actress – Surfer's Hymn
              • Panda Bear / Actress – Surfer's Hymn (Actress Mix)
              • 7"£4.99
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              Binker and Moses feat. Evan Parker & Yussef DayesAlive In The East?Gearbox Records
              Their third album in as many years, Binker Golding and Moses Boyd are trailblazers in arguably the most exciting jazz explosion London has ever witnessed....
              • Binker and Moses feat. Evan Parker & Yussef Dayes – The Birth Of Light
              • Binker and Moses feat. Evan Parker & Yussef Dayes – How Land Learnt To Be
              • LP (180 gram)£19.99
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              Levon VincentNS-18Novel Sound
              Levon Vincent is back with two bruising, warehouse style techno tracks - limited copies available!
              • Levon Vincent – Baseball
              • Levon Vincent – War Drum Dub
              • 12"£9.99
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              Rhythm & Soundw/ The ArtistsBurial Mix / Basic Channel
              All the 10" mixes on one CD/LP including Cornell Campbell's killer vocal cut of "King of My Empire" and seven other deep/electronic cuts. Recommended!
                • LP£13.99
                  Out of stock
                • CD£12.99
                  Out of stock
                Living ColorPlastic PeopleRocafort Records
                Not to be confused with the 80s heavy rock/funk band from the US, this Living Color track was written, produced and released by Tony Kalangis on his Sophisticated...
                • Living Color – Plastic People
                • Living Color – Plastic People (instrumental)
                • 7"£8.99
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                Project PabloThere's Always More At The StoreTechnicolour
                Following recent excursions channeling the big room sound, Project Pablo returns with a sleeker, more refined EP for Ninja Tune offrshoot - Technicolour....
                • Project Pablo – Napoletana
                • Project Pablo – Remind Me Tomorrow
                • Project Pablo – Last Day
                • Project Pablo – Less And Less
                • Project Pablo – I Heard You Breathing
                • 12"£8.99
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                Di MeloA.E.I.O.U.Favorite Recordings
                New single by legendary Brazilian singer Di Melo, some 40 years after his classic self-titled 'Samba-Soul' album. Breezy disco vibes!
                • Di Melo – A.E.I.O.U.
                • Di Melo – A.E.I.O.U. (Dub Version)
                • 12"£10.99
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