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    BBC Radiophonic WorkshopBBC Radiophonic MusicSilva Screen
    Featuring remastered early electronic works of John Baker, David Cain and Delia Derbyshire! Widely regarded as a major influence on the development of...
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        Limited grey vinyl edition.
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      BBC Radiophonic WorkshopThe Radiophonic WorkshopSilva Screen
      After the release of BBC Radiophonic Music (1971), and Fourth Dimension (1973), this was the third album to be produced by the BBC Radiophonic Workshop,...
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£19.99
          Limited blue vinyl - numbered edition of 500
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        Charlemagne Palestine & RroseThe Goldennn Meeenn + SheeennEaux
        Charlemagne Palestine's majestic 1976 work The Golden Mean, originally performed by Palestine on two pianos, is revisited here as 'The Goldennn Meeenn...
        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part One)
        • Charlemagne Palestine & Rrose – The Goldennn Meeenn + Sheeenn (Part Tne)
        An Anthology Of Greek Experimental Electronic Music 1966-2017Various ArtistsSub Rosa
        This anthology aspires to map the heterogenous landscape of Greek Experimental Electronic Music in all its contextual, sociopolitical, geographical and...
        • Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
        • Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
        • Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
        • Christos Michalakos – Frrriction (2012)
        • Free Piece Of Tape – Burning School (2012)
        • Ilan Manouach – Eminent (2017)
        • Anastasis Grivas + Theodoros Zioutos + Nicolas Malevitsis – Nothing Here But The Documentation Of Our First Meeting As A Trio (Excerpt) (2002)
        • ILIOS – Teleregataj Hundoj (2010)
        • Michalis Adamis – Minyrismos (1966)
        • Fani Konstantinidou – Coda (2015)
        • Scizhic InzC – (Miniature Version) (2016)
        • Georgia Spyropoulos – Brut (2009)
        • Panayiotis Velianitis – Pithoigia (1989)
        • Iannis Xenakis – Voyage Absolu Des Unari Vers Andromède (1989)
        • Marinos Koutsomihalis – Sygxysis (2011)
        • 1. Anestis Logothetis – Wellenformen (1981)
        • 2. Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga – Intermittent - To Detach Oneself - Unicorn (2011)
        • 3. Panayiotis Kokoras – Sense (2013-14)
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        Morton SubotnickSilver Apples of the Moon (50th Anniversary Edition)Waveshaper Media
        50th-anniversary-edition vinyl LP of Morton Subotnick's landmark 1967 debut release, 'Silver Apples of the Moon'. Electronic music history!
        • Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples Of The Moon (Part 1)
        • Morton Subotnick – Silver Apples Of The Moon (Part 2)
        • LP£20.99
          Full-colour gatefold sleeve. Vinyl edition is strictly limited to 1,000 copies.
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        Wire Recorded Pieces: Precocious Noise & Early Electronica Pt. 2Various ArtistsSound Miracle Recordings
        Superb primer into the the fascinating world of primal electronics, early noise experiments and sound design, industrial, avant-garde and tape-music. Focuses...
        • Johanna M Beyer – Music Of The Spheres
        • Bengt Hambraeus – Doppelrohr II
        • Remi Gassmanny – Incontri Di Fasce Sonore
        • Vladimir Ussachevsky – Curtain Music
        • Halim El-Dabh – Reverberation
        • Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recorded Piece
        • Pierre Henry – Apres La Mort
        • Else Marie Pade – Lyd & Lys
        • Herbert Eimert – Klang Studie II
        • The Blue Men – Glob Waterfall
        • Gyorgy Ligeti – Piece Electronique #3
        • Giselher Klebe – Interferenzen
        • Velimir Khlebnikov – Radio Busushchego
        Paul DeMarinisSongs Without ThroatsBlack Truffle
        Paul DeMarinis has been a key figure in the history of electronic music since the 1970s. Collaborator with the likes of Robert Ashley, David Behrman, and...
        • Paul DeMarinis – If God Were Alive (& He Is) You Could Reach Him By Telephone
        • Paul DeMarinis – R4T
        • Paul DeMarinis – Et Tu, Klaatu
        • Paul DeMarinis – Eenie Meenie Chillie Beenie
        • Paul DeMarinis – Novena
        David SylvianSecrets Of The BeehiveUMC
        Secrets of the Beehive is the fourth solo album by British singer-songwriter David Sylvian and was released in 1987. Early electronic post punk vibes!...
          ManaSeven Steps BehindHyperdub
          After Daniele Mana's 2017’s debut EP for Hyperdub, ‘Creature’, which was a taut, evocative suite of beatless, almost neo-classical electronics, on...
            François BayleElectrucs!Transversales Disques
            'Electrucs!’ is a previously unpublished LP of works by former INA-GRM chief François Bayle, recorded 1974-1995, and now finally issued on the 60th...
            • François Bayle – Sophistication
            • François Bayle – Train Noir
            • François Bayle – Voltage Stomp
            • François Bayle – Crepuscule
            • François Bayle – Quadrille
            • François Bayle – Arpegiatto
            • François Bayle – Melodie Zebre
            • François Bayle – Saccades
            • François Bayle – La Chose
            • François Bayle – Ennemi Intime
            • François Bayle – Rosace 1
            • François Bayle – Rosace 2
            • François Bayle – Rosace 3
            • François Bayle – Rosace 4
            • François Bayle – Rosace 5
            • François Bayle – Foliphonie
            • François Bayle – Marpege
            Bernard Baschet4 Espaces SonoresTransversales Disques
            Rare 1979 recording of Bernard Baschet performing on his sound sculptures. Remastered from the original master tapes. Limited edition.
              Pierre HenryMesse Pour Le Temps PresentDecca
              Reissue of the much admired, strangely groovy and extremely experimental 'Messe Pour Le Temps Present' from French composer Pierre Henry - one of the pioneers...
                Computers and Musical Styleby David CopeOxford University Press
                Secondhand hardback book in plastic covering ex-library 1st edition out-of-print book
                Karlheinz StockhausenMomente (1965 Version) (1967)Nonesuch
                Lot of Water damage sleeve wear at bottom of sleeve. ORIGINAL USA VINYL