• – Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
    • – The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
    • – Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
    • – Roland Alphonso - "Step Down" (Low Riff)
    • – Jackie Mittoo - "Warlock"
    • – Roland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 2)
    • – oland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 5)
    • – Don Drummond - "Love In The Afternoon"
    • – Roland Alphonso - "El Cid" (take 4)
    • – Johnny Moore - "Red Is Danger" (take 3)
    • – Roland Alphonso - "VC10" (take 3)
    • – Johnny Moore - "Yogi Man" (take 1)
    • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 1)
    • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 4)
    • 1. Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
    • 2. The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
    • 3. Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
    • 4. Roland Alphonso - "Step Down" (Low Riff)
    • 5. Jackie Mittoo - "Warlock"
    • 6. Roland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 2)
    • 7. oland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 5)
    • 8. Don Drummond - "Love In The Afternoon"
    • 9. Roland Alphonso - "El Cid" (take 4)
    • 10. Johnny Moore - "Red Is Danger" (take 3)
    • 11. Roland Alphonso - "VC10" (take 3)
    • 12. Johnny Moore - "Yogi Man" (take 1)
    • 13. Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 1)
    • 14. Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 4)

    On August 5th 1962, after 300 years of British rule, which had soaked the earth of the island in blood, Jamaica was finally independent. The country that the British left behind was certainly a place of widespread poverty and deep inequality, but there seems to have been a real burst of confidence that came with independence.

    Newsreels of the day show well-dressed crowds reacting with enthusiasm and excitement, and the era found its perfect soundtrack in the boldness and exuberance of ska music, which was erupting all over the island.

    This optimistic mood found probably its greatest artistic expression in the music of the Skatalites, who formed in June 1964 as a kind of Jamaican supergroup. Philip “Justin” Yap was a young, upcoming producer who had used members of the Skatalites for his first tunes, recorded either at RJR (Radio Jamaica and Redifussion) or at Federal studios. As Steve Barrow documented in the sleevenotes for Pressure Sounds’ reissue of the classic “Ska-Boo-Da-Ba” album, Justin had also befriended Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, and when Coxsone opened his own Studio One facility in December 1963, Justin immediately switched most of his production work to this new recording room. Studio One opened just in time to catch the formation of the Skatalites, and is where Justin recorded most of his classic Skatalites sides.

    He also recorded lots of excellent instrumentals with a smaller brass section, still mainly using members of the Skatalites, but crediting instead the composer or arranger of the tune. Combined with Coxsone’s own recordings, these productions for Justin’s Top Deck and Tuneico labels really captured the members of the Skatalites at their magnificent best, in the unique atmosphere of Studio One.

    Other Releases by

    The Albarika Story (Vol. 1)Acid Jazz
    Founded in the late 1960s by record store owner Seidou Adissa, Albarika Store is one of the most important independent record labels on the African continent....
      Rock Rendez Vous: Musica Moderna Potruguesa 1985 – 1986Dark Entries
      The seductive sounds of Portugal swing to Dark Entries on Rock Rendez Vous: Música Moderna Portuguesa 1985-1986, a compilation of vintage Iberian synth,...
        Eccentric Soul: The Cuca LabelNumero Group
        Late night '60s R&B caught on tape at Jim Kirchstein's jack-of-all genres Cuca studio. Released on minuscule pressings into the Wisconsin wilderness, these...
          Club CocoLes Disques Bongo Joe
          Bongo Joe presents “Club Coco”, a summery outernational Latin and afro rooted music compilation curated by Coco María. An attempt to give back something...
            Club Coco: ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound Of NowLes Disques Bongo Joe
            Coco María and Bongo Joe reunite for the second edition of Club Coco, featuring asackful of Latin inspired tracks from international bands and producers. All...
              Tomorrow’s Fashions Library Electronica 1972-1987Ace
              Nothing said new or modern or futuristic quite like a synthesiser in the 70s and 80s. If you were shooting an advert and you wanted your product or your...
                Defected presents House Masters - Marshall JeffersonDefected
                Defected welcomes one of Chicago house’s founding fathers Marshall Jefferson into the illustrious list of House Masters with this exclusive wax release....
                • – Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
                • – Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth - Open Our Eyes (Celestial Mix)
                • – Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
                • – Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On (Re Vision)
                • – Cece Rogers - Someday (Club Mix)
                • – Hercules - 7 Ways (Vocal)
                • – Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's Alright (House Mix)
                • – Sleezy D. - I've Lost Control (Re Vision)
                • 1. – Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
                • 2. – Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth - Open Our Eyes (Celestial Mix)
                • 3. – Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
                • View full info and tracklisting
                John Gomez & Nick The Record present: TANGENTMr. Bongo
                Rare and dancefloor ready tracks from around the globe selected by John Gomez and Nick the Record to celebrate 10 years of Tangent, one of London's most...
                • – Srirajah Sound System - Si Phan Don Lovers Rock
                • – PERIKAS - Laberinto
                • – Mac Thornhill - No Way To Control It
                • – King B. - Love is Crazy
                • – L'Innovateur Djoe Ahmed Et Le Zoukabyle - Amek Amek
                • – Champagn' - Bel Ti Negress
                • – Androo - Lyriso
                • – Hidrogenesse - La Carta Era Muy Larga (Dub)
                • – Kajou - Tet Chaje
                • – Conjunto Baluartes - Nira Gongo
                • – Land Shark - Tie Me Up (The Nas-T Version Instrumental)
                • – Pellegrin El Kady - Seiva de Carnaval
                • – Lee Jackson Band - Call On Me
                • – LTA (Love The Action) - What Comes To Ya?
                • – Urban Volcano Sounds - Ame no Uta (Rain Song) (Extended Version)
                Shanghai'd Soul Episode 12Numero
                A rough and rugged collection of dirty old classics that have inspired swarms of killer beats. A head nod to the sounds of Shaolin, the twelve chambers...
                  Italians Do it Better (A Tribute to Madonna)Italians Do It Better
                  Since 2006, listeners have been curious about the origin of the label name Italians Do It Better. Some say it's an homage to Italo Disco, others guess...
                    Dancehall From Park Heights 1987-1988 - JA to BKPark Heights
                    Continuing DKR's Park Heights series, here's another all killer no filler compilation LP in DKR style. Ten great tracks from Park Height's productive late...
                    • Barrington Levy – Name Of The Game
                    • Junior Brammer – Want The Dollar
                    • Lilly Melody – Rumors
                    • Nuthead – Go Home
                    • Pac-Man – Get Up Stand Up
                    • Nuthead – Opportunist Woman
                    • Sluggy Ranks – Settle Them A Settle
                    • Tony Tuff – Sailing
                    • Roland Burrell – Baby Mother
                    • Tony Tuff – Come Again
                    Parkway presents WPKY JamsParkway
                    WPKY JAMSA compilation featuring all new JAMS from The Whole Truth, T-Kutt, Trey Risqué and more!8 EXCLUSIVE HOT JAMS
                    • – Drivetyme - FM Jamming
                    • – The Whole Truth - Falling
                    • – Charley Kelly - You Gave Me Love
                    • – T-Kutt - Whatt U Say
                    • – Trey Risqué - Search the Nite
                    • – Parkway Rhythm - Keep Reachin'
                    • – Parkwerks - Inherit Dub
                    • – The Whole Truth - Believe (Purple Mix)
                    W3NGNumero Group
                    Set sail with the third instalment of Numero’s ode to regional radio surveys, broadcasting 44 minutes of uninterrupted yacht, easy-glide, AOR, and blue-eyed...
                    • – Slippery When Wet - Get Me Hot
                    • – Percy Mays - Changes
                    • – The Steel City Band - Reality
                    • – Dave Plaehn - Not Bound to Lose
                    • – Steve Fortgang - Hey, Let Me Be
                    • – Craig Dove - Ocean Of Love
                    • – Rob Galbraith - Damn It All (Alt Version)
                    • – Female Species - Coast To Coast
                    • – Max Leake - Tell Me The Reasons Why
                    • – Richard Bowen - Sorcery (7” Version)
                    • – The Jerry Busch Group - Fair Warning
                    • – Mike Hounshell - Not Just Another
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NBR013LP-C2£24.99
                      Coast To Coast Clear
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    • LP NBR013LP£22.99
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    Soft Summer BreezesNumero
                    Following in the wake of baroque chart toppers by the Zombies, Beatles, and the Left Banke, a dandier approach to garage rock flowered in the back half...
                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM516LP-C2£24.99
                        In stockAdd to Bag
                      Ghana Special 2Soundway
                      Highlighting a time when the burgeoning Ghanaian diaspora across Europe and North America was utilising new music technology and recording techniques....
                      • – The Godfathers - Ebe Ye Yie Ni
                      • – Pat Thomas - Gye Wani
                      • – Bessa Simons - Sii Nana
                      • – Rex Gyamfi - Obiara Bewu
                      • – Pepper, Onion, Ginger & Salt - M.C. Mambo
                      • – Andy Vans - Adjoa Amisa
                      • – Starlite - Anoma Koro
                      • – Abdul Raheem - Alaiye
                      • – Ernest Honny - New Dance
                      • – Kwasi Afari Minta - Barima Nsu
                      • – Marijata - Otanhunu
                      • – Jon K – Asafo
                      • – Dadadi - Jigi Jigi
                      • – Gyedu Blay Ambolley - Apple
                      • – Charles Amoah - Fre Me (Call Me)
                      • – George Darko - Kaakyire Nua
                      • – Nan Mayen - Mumude
                      • – Nana Budjei - Asobrachie
                      In The Beginning There Was RhythmSoul Jazz Records
                      Unavailable for over 20 years, In The Beginning There Was Rhythm was Soul Jazz Records first foray into post-punk and punk-funk in the UK and captures...
                      • A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
                      • 23 Skidoo – Coup
                      • Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty
                      • The Human League – Being Boiled
                      • The Slits – In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
                      • This Heat – 24 Track Loop
                      • Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats
                      • The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good and Evil
                      • Cabaret Voltaire – Sluggin For Jesus
                      • 23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito
                      • A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water
                      Let's Do Rock Steady (The Soul of Jamaica)Trojan Records
                      The immediate successor to ska, the soulful, melodic sound of rock steady first developed during the long hot Jamaican summer of 1966 and reigned supreme...
                        The Observer Roots Albums CollectionDoctor Bird
                        Includes numerous roots classics.• ‘Showcase’ LP new to CD. • Features a host of reggae superstars. By the latter half of the 1970s, Winston...
                          Eccentric Soul: The Tammy LabelNumero Group
                          Lost in the soot and fallout from Youngstown, Ohio’s infamous Black Monday steel industry collapse was Tony March’s cross-generational Tammy label....
                            1st Unit: Underpass Records EPRush Hour
                            Reissue of early Japanese, dream-house outing by Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Katsuya Sano on Rush Hour!
                            • – Katsuya Sano - I Need Luv
                            • – Junichi Soma - Ubnormal Life
                            • – Shuji Wada - Endless Load
                            Punk 45!: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young (RSD 2024 Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records’ new 10th anniversary one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition orange coloured vinyl pressing (+ download code) exclusively...
                            • The Urinals – I'm A Bug
                            • The Normals – Almost Ready
                            • The Angry Samoans – Right Side of My Mind
                            • Nervous Eaters – Just Head
                            • The Nubs – Job
                            • The Controllers – Neutron Bomb
                            • electric eels – Agitated
                            • The Randoms – Let's Get Rid Of New York
                            • The Bizarros – Ice Age
                            • Iggy Pop and The Stooges – Gimme Some Skin
                            • Tuxedomoon – Joeboy The Electronic Ghost
                            • X_X – You're Full Of Shit
                            • Flamin' Groovies – Dog Meat
                            • The Deadbeats – Angela!
                            • Theoretical Girls – U.S. Millie
                            • The Skunks – Earthquake Shake
                            • Crash Course In Science – Cakes In The Home
                            • The Pagans – Not Now No Way
                            • Pastiche – Flash Of The Moment
                            • The Lewd – Kill Yourself
                            • The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks
                            • 2xLP (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP545C£34.00
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            Studio One Rude Boy (RSD 2024 Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records’ new 18th anniversary one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition cyan coloured vinyl pressing (+ download code) exclusively...
                            • Jackie Opel – You're Too Bad
                            • Johnny Osbourne – Murderer
                            • John Holt – Hooligan
                            • Keith McCarthy – Everybody Rude Now
                            • Owen Gray – Ballistic Affair
                            • Roy Richards – Get Smart
                            • Dillinger – Stop The War
                            • Jim Brown – Love In The Dance
                            • Desmond Baker And The Clarendonians – Rude Boy Gone A Jail
                            • The Wailers – Good Good Rudie
                            • Dennis Brown – Make It Easy On Yourself
                            • Wailing Souls – Don't Fight It
                            • Dub Specialist – Peace Theme
                            • Mr Foundation – See Them A Come
                            • Dudley Sibley – Run Boy Run
                            • Dennis Brown – Johnny Too Bad
                            • Bob Andy – Crime Don't Pay
                            • Soul Brothers – Mr Kiss A Bang Bang
                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP148C£34.00
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            • MP3 Release SJRD148£9.99
                              In stockAdd to Bag
                            Disco Discharge: Classic DiscoEdsel / Demon
                            ‘Classic Disco’ mixes 21 undeniable dancefloor landmarks from recognizable names like Rose Royce, Change, Manhattan Transferand Cheryl Lynn, with deeper...
                              Rusty Egan Presents… Blitzed!Demon / Edsel
                              Without necessarily knowing it, The Blitz was birthing the next wave of British pop stars. A young Boy George ran the cloakroom, its host and doorman was...
                                Northern Soul ClassicsSpectrum
                                A 2xLP compilation featuring 42 of the world’s most supreme Northern Soul anthems. An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this...
                                  AFRICAMORE - The Afro-funk Side Of Italy (1973-1978)Four Flies
                                  Continuing Four Flies' dedication to delving into lesser-explored periods of Italian music, Africamore takes us on a captivating journey into the intersection...
                                    Síbín Vol. 1 (ft. Joe Armon-Jones, Tirzah, Wu-Lu, Fatima and more)Síbín
                                    Very special release - Síbín Vol. 1 is a superb compilation featuring exclusive collaborations tracks from Joe Armon-Jones, Wu-Lu, Fatima, Tirzah, Mica...
                                    • – Fatima & KwAkE - I.D CanAlterRareDiscriptionS
                                    • – Lord Byron & Ben Hixon - NBA
                                    • – Natty Wylah - dangL d0wn
                                    • – Joe Armon-Jones & Kofi Stone - Save Me
                                    • – Oliver Palfreyman & Goya Gumbani - TOSH!
                                    • – Taz & Meeks - burp
                                    • – Daisuke Tanabe - muddy puppy
                                    • – Phoebs & Anja Ngozi & Isobella Burnham - friday after next
                                    • – MA.MOYO X Marysia Osu - MOTHERSHIP
                                    • – Wu-Lu ft. Temesgen - Wickedness Devide
                                    • New 2×LP SBN005£39.99
                                      *SOTU exclusive
                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                    They Move In The NightNumero
                                    Discovered after spending 58 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack contains a backpack’s...
                                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM512LP-C1£25.00
                                        In stockAdd to Bag
                                      You're Not From Around HereNumero
                                      The previously unissued soundtrack to the 1964 noir, You’re Not From A round Here, discovered after 55 years in the Louis Wayne Moody archive. A hobo’s...
                                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM511LP-C1£25.00
                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                        Where Southern Soul BeganHistory of Soul
                                        The Golden Age of southern soul lasted from about 1962 to 1975, when disco ripped the heart out of it. And although it may seem as though the blend of...
                                          Murder Was The Case Soundtrack 30th AnniversaryDeath Row Records / Gamma
                                          2024 is the 30th Anniversary of Various Artists "Murder Was The Case". It has not been pressed in 23 years. It will contain double translucent red vinyl...
                                            Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note LabelsNumero
                                            Atlanta’s original Eccentric Soul labels - Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note - captured critical regional R&B, soul and funk from 1968-1976.
                                            • – Tee Fletcher - Down In The Country
                                            • – Bill Wright - You Got A Spell On Me
                                            • – Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake
                                            • – The Knights - Tipping Strings
                                            • – L. Daniels - Nitecap (inst)
                                            • – Frankie & Robert - Sweet Thing
                                            • – Franciene Thomas - I’ll Be There
                                            • – Richard Cook - Somebody Got’a Help Me
                                            • – Frankie & Robert - Love (It’s Been So Long)
                                            • – The Knights - The Hump (inst)
                                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM020LP-C1£33.99
                                              In stockAdd to Bag
                                            Congo Funk! Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)Analog Africa
                                            Analog Africa's forthcoming compilation ‘Congo Funk! - Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)’ is...
                                              Guilty PleasuresSony Music UK
                                              A new 29-track collection on 2LP 140g set – ‘Guilty Pleasures’ first time on vinylExtensive track-by-track sleeve notes from Sean RowleyEmbrace the...
                                                The Northern Soul SceneDecca
                                                Today's club culture all started with Northern Soul and its roots in the Mod all-nighter scene of London clubs. All the ingredients were there: DJs privy...

                                                  Other Releases on Pressure Sounds

                                                  DubismChePressure Sounds
                                                  Second release from Dubism. Featuring Diggory Kenrick on Flute and Paolo 'DubFiles' Baldini on Bass Guitar and mixing. Pete Holdsworth on Guidance and...
                                                  • – Che
                                                  • – Che Version
                                                  Lee Perry & The UpsettersDub Plate PressurePressure Sounds
                                                    • Original 7" PSS 035£8.00
                                                      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned Reggae 45
                                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                                    Herman Chin-LoyMusicism DubPressure Sounds
                                                    From Producer, Studio, Label & Shop owner Herman Chin-Loy who gave the world one of the first dub album "Aquarius Dub" originally released in 1971. This...
                                                    • – Armagideon War Dub
                                                    • – The Greatest Love Dub
                                                    • – Baby Come On Dub
                                                    • – Why Do You Idle Dub
                                                    • – She’s Gone Dub
                                                    • – Feeling Is Right Dub
                                                    • – Don’t Fight The Man Dub
                                                    • – Troubled World Dub
                                                    • – It's Alright Dub
                                                    • – No Malice Me Chalice Dub
                                                    • – Song Of My Mother Dub
                                                    • – Them A Fight Dub
                                                    • – Secret Admirer Dub
                                                    • – I Love You So Dub
                                                    • – Nobody Wants To Die Dub
                                                    • – You'll Never Know Dub
                                                    Al Brown & Inner ForceDub CutsPressure Sounds
                                                    Al Brown is a fine Jamaican singer who came closest to troubling the UK charts with his Al Green cover version ‘Here I Am Baby.’ In the early 1980’s...
                                                    • – Dub Me Again
                                                    • – Dub Of Books
                                                    • – Ghetto Situation
                                                    • – Liquid Dub Part 1
                                                    • – Hungry Dub Part 1
                                                    • – Poor And Simple Version
                                                    • – Family Version
                                                    • – Ghetto Love Part 1
                                                    Patrick AndyNo Easy Game / Show A Little LovePressure Sounds
                                                    A conscious roots celebration on the A side with Patrick Andy on lead vocal and Yabby You on harmony. A thumping rhythm with Tommy McCook leading the horns...
                                                    • – No Easy Game / Show A Little Love
                                                    • – Show A Little Love
                                                    Patrick AndyVivian Jackson Presents Living In Mount ZionPressure Sounds
                                                    The seed for this album comes from a tape compiled but never released by Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson, labelled “The Best Of Patrick Andy”. On the...
                                                    • – Living In Mount Zion
                                                    • – Living In Mount Zion Version
                                                    • – Got To Give Some Help
                                                    • – Got To Give Some Help Dub
                                                    • – Youths Of Today
                                                    • – Youths Of Today Version
                                                    • – Give Thanks
                                                    • – Give Thanks Dub
                                                    • – You Don’t Want Me
                                                    • – You Don’t Want Me Version
                                                    • – Call On Jah
                                                    • – Love Of A Woman Dub
                                                    Al Brown & DubfilesTribulation On The Land E.P.Pressure Sounds
                                                    Rare obscure roots vocal cut from Al Brown & Inner Force given three superb new dub twists from Italian dub maestro Paolo Baldini, plus the original cut....
                                                    • Al Brown & Inner Force – Tribulation On The Land
                                                    • Dubfiles – Dub On The Land
                                                    • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 1
                                                    • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 2
                                                    Barry BrownPraisesPressure Sounds
                                                    Barry Brown had originally started out as a DJ called Jah Smile, but he had also been part of a group with Rod Taylor and Johnny Lee who recorded...
                                                    • – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
                                                    • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 1 – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 2 – The Aggrovators
                                                    • – We Can’t Dub Like This – The Aggrovators
                                                    • – Longer (intro)
                                                    • – Look How Long vocal – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Look How Long Dub – The Aggrovators
                                                    • – Longer (outro)
                                                    • – From Creation vocal – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Creative Vibes (xylophone) – Diggory Kenrick
                                                    • – Give Thanks And Praise vocal – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Give Thanks And Praise (Lion Mix) – Barry Brown
                                                    • – Give Thanks part 3 – The Aggrovators
                                                    • 1. – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
                                                    • 2. – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
                                                    • 3. – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
                                                    • View full info and tracklisting
                                                    Lee Perry & FriendsBlack Art From The Black ArkPressure Sounds
                                                    Rare and unreleased roots recordings from The Black Ark and producer Lee Perry with various singers & players featuring two dubplate cuts from Junior Murvin...
                                                    • – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                                                    • – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                                                    • – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
                                                    • – Brotherly Love – Henrick Nicholson (12” mix)
                                                    • – Let’s Fall in Love – Junior Murvin
                                                    • – Say a Little Prayer – Eric Donaldson (12” mix)
                                                    • – I Never Had It So Good – Jimmy Riley
                                                    • – Mister Craven – Junior Murvin
                                                    • – Such Is Life – Lord Creator (12” mix)
                                                    • – Such Is Life Version – The Upsetters
                                                    • – Nuh Fi Run It Down – Danny Clarke
                                                    • – Nuh Fi Run It Down Version – The Upsetters
                                                    • – What a Sin – Lee Perry (extended mix)
                                                    • – Ska Baby – Bobby Ellis
                                                    • – Ska Version – The Upsetters
                                                    • – Beard Man Shuffle – The Upsetters
                                                    • – Oh Me Oh My – Bree Daniels CD Bonus track
                                                    • – Oh Me Oh Dub – The Upsetters Cd Bonus track
                                                    • 1. – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                                                    • 2. – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
                                                    • 3. – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
                                                    • View full info and tracklisting
                                                    Joy LindsayThis Child Of MinePressure Sounds
                                                    One off stocking of rare Pressure Sound 7" from 2014, superb reissue of mid 70s soulful female roots vocal with killer Jimmy Radway dub on the flip. Comes...
                                                    • – This Child Of Mine
                                                    Bobby Ellis And The UpsettersSka BabyPressure Sounds
                                                    Ska Baby by Bobby Ellis. Produced and Directed by the Upsetter. Subtle Black Ark instrumental. Comes with a lovely dub on the flipside. In a custom bag....
                                                    • – Ska Baby
                                                    • – Ska Version
                                                    Dukey McCallaI've Got The PowerPressure Sounds
                                                    Produced by Pat Kelly and originally released as an extremely limited pressing in 1970, Dukey McCella’s “I’ve Got the Power,” has become a cult...
                                                    • – I've Got The Power
                                                    Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
                                                    Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
                                                    • – Gun Fever
                                                    • – Gun Fever (Version)
                                                    James EastwoodDarkest Night / The Red SeaPressure Sounds
                                                    A dark, driving version of the Soul Vendor’s “Darker Shade of Black” led by Eastwood’s wild, fuzzed-out guitar. Its most likely that James Eastwood...
                                                    • James Eastwood – Darkest Night
                                                    • Augustus Pablo – The Red Sea
                                                    Sounds UnlimitedMiddle East Skank / Song Of The EastPressure Sounds
                                                    Sounds Unlimited’s “Middle East Skank” is grounded by the familiar “Drum Song” bass line, allowing Chin Loy and his musicians the freedom to...
                                                    • Sounds Unlimited – Middle East Skank
                                                    • Augustus Pablo – Song Of The East
                                                    Errol WalkerBetter FuturePressure Sounds
                                                    Positivity flows this single from Errol ‘Bagga’ Walker. Born and raised in Kingston’s Trench town area Errol Walker cut a few tunes as vocalist...
                                                    • Errol Walker – Better Future
                                                    • The Upsetters – Future Dub
                                                    Bunny LeeEnter Into Dub / Come To Me In DubPressure Sounds
                                                    Four heavyweight dub remixes of two Bunny Lee rhythms laid in the early 80s by an updated Aggrovators, featuring Sly and Robbie . First are two re-works...
                                                    • – Enter Into Dub Version 1
                                                    Busty BrownSoon I'm Gonna Make ItPressure Sounds
                                                    A superb single by the vocalist Busty Brown who is somewhat of a mystery other than that he recorded for the usual roll call of Jamaican producers such...
                                                      Yabby YouBeware / Lazy MoodPressure Sounds
                                                      Over stock 7" only copies from the Pressure Sounds limited "Songs Of Unity & Love" dubplate 2017 Box Set...Blink and there gone...
                                                      • – Beware
                                                      • – Lazy Mood
                                                      Phil PrattThe War Is On Dub StylePressure Sounds
                                                      Very rare Phil Pratt produced dub album "The War Is On Dub Style" gets reissued for the first time with original tunes on the vinyl and with 3 extra vocal...
                                                        Devon IronsJerusalemPressure Sounds
                                                        The original cut of the Althea and Donna ‘Gone to Negril’ track. Released by Pressure Sounds in 2005 and then deleted. Now on the Talent 77 label,...
                                                        • Devon Irons – Jerusalem
                                                        • The Talent Crew – Version
                                                        Bunny Lee & The AggrovatorsSuper Dub Disco StylePressure Sounds
                                                        Originally released in 1979 on West London label "Jamaica Sound" Superb dub album mixed at King Tubby's & Channel One. Vinyl is single vinyl and the...
                                                        • – Money In Your Pocket Dub
                                                        • – Shalin Temple Dub
                                                        • – Portobello Special Dub
                                                        • – The Revolutionaries Heavy Weight Dub
                                                        • – The Scientist Dub
                                                        Delroy WilsonGo Away DreamPressure Sounds
                                                        A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check...
                                                          Lloyd ParksShake Up Yu DreadPressure Sounds
                                                          Rare 70s roots tune from Lloyd Parks, 2nd of two new represses from Pressure Sounds.
                                                          • – Shake Up Yu Dread
                                                          • – Shake Up Dubwise
                                                          George DekkerFoey ManPressure Sounds
                                                          Late 60s recordings from George Dekker, now repressed with a different b-side from Bunny Lee's All Stars "Scarface" 
                                                          • George Dekker – Foey Man
                                                          • Bunny Lee All Stars – Scarface
                                                          Gladstone AndersonHoly Mount Zion / Love Is Like A PasswordPressure Sounds
                                                          Strong roots rockers from Channel One Studios with vocals by Gladstone Anderson & Mike Brooks, produced by Jah Lloyd & Mike Brooks. Both tunes with...
                                                          • Gladstone Anderson – Holy Mount Zion
                                                          • – Holy Mount Zion Version
                                                          • Mike Brooks – Love Is Like A Password
                                                          • – Love Is Like A Password Version
                                                          Bunny Lee & FriendsTape Rolling!Pressure Sounds
                                                          Delving into the vaults of Jamaican producer Bunny Lee once again with some superb choice unreleased cuts from 1971-74 featuring legendary...
                                                          • Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                                                          • John Holt – Stick By Me (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • Horace Andy – Man Next Door (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • Delroy Wilson – Any Heart Can Be Broken (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • Vin Gordon – Riding For A Fall
                                                          • 1. Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • 2. I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                                                          • 5. Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                                                          • View full info and tracklisting
                                                          Lee PerryMr Perry I PresumePressure Sounds
                                                          'Mr Perry I Presume' finds Pressure Sounds focusing on the rare music and exclusive mixes of the revered Upsetter himself, Lee 'Scratch' Perry. This 16-track...
                                                          • George Faith – Don’t Be Afraid (12” mix)
                                                          • The Gatherers – Word (Acapella Mix)
                                                          • Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Jah I
                                                          • Joy White – Lay Besides You
                                                          • The Upsetters – Big Bird Skank
                                                          • Noel Robinson – Along The Way
                                                          • The Upsetters – Along The Way (Version)
                                                          • The Upsetters – War and Peace
                                                          • The Upsetters – Sun is Shining
                                                          • Peter & Paul – Ethiopia Land
                                                          • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Groovy Situation
                                                          • Susan and Bunny – Keep On Trying
                                                          • The Upsetters – Police and Dub
                                                          • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Living My Life
                                                          • The Upsetters – Devils Dub Plate
                                                          • Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters – Keep On Moving
                                                          Jimmy RileyLive It To Know It: Self Productions Protest Songs & Dub Plates 1975-1985Pressure Sounds
                                                          Superb 17 track compilation of the former Uniques singer's self produced rare roots tunes from 1975 to 1985. Check 'Majority Rule' 'Gunman of JA' 'Nyah-Bingi'...
                                                          • – Gunman Of JA
                                                          • – Gunman Of JA (King Tubby’s Dub Plate Mix)
                                                          • – Nyah-Bingi
                                                          • – From The Ghetto
                                                          • – Give Thanks And Praise
                                                          • – Majority Rule
                                                          The InturnsConsider YourselfPressure Sounds
                                                          A.K.A. The Viceroys killer rare roots album from 1976 produced by Phil Pratt. Recorded at Channel One Studios with Wesley Tinglin & Neville Ingram...
                                                          • – Send Us
                                                          • – Consider Yourself
                                                          • – Detour
                                                          • – Nothing Is Impossible
                                                          • – Jah Ho
                                                          Bunny 'Striker' LeeFull UpPressure Sounds
                                                          Killer selection from Pressure Sounds of Bunny 'Striker' Lee's late 60s early 70s productions in the new faster style of reggae. Featuring Delroy Wilson,...
                                                          • Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                                                          • Dave Barker – Smooth And Sorts
                                                          • Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook – Going West
                                                          • Bunny Lee Allstars – Joe Lewis
                                                          • Bunny Lee Allstars – Full Up
                                                          • 1. Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                                                          • 2. Dave Barker – Smooth And Sorts
                                                          • 3. Rico Rodriguez & Tommy McCook – Going West
                                                          • View full info and tracklisting
                                                          Lee PerryVoodooismPressure Sounds
                                                          BACK IN STOCK ON VINYL..Great early Pressure Sound compilation  of Lee Perry productions from the seventies featuring Zap Pow, Leo Graham, Earl Sixteen,...
                                                          • James Booms – Psalms 20
                                                          • Errol Walker – Better Future
                                                          • Zap Pow – River
                                                          • The Hombres – Africa
                                                          • Lloyd & Devon – Wolf Out Deh
                                                          Roy GrahamWhy Should YouPressure Sounds
                                                          An obscure Black Ark rarity produced by Phil Pratt at the Black Ark.
                                                          • – Why Should You
                                                          Joe HiggsUnity Is PowerPressure Sounds
                                                          Joe Higgs follow up to the classic Life of Contradiction album, Unity is Power is a mellower set of tracks. The song writing is as clear and as lucid as...
                                                            Bobby Kalphat And The Sunshot All StarsZion HillPressure Sounds
                                                            This new Pressure Sounds release features the legendary album "Zion Hill Dub" originally out on white label pre-release on Phill Pratt's Terminal Imprint...
                                                            • – Terminal Rock
                                                            • – Counter Punch
                                                            • – Zion Hill
                                                            • – Fat Keys

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                                                            1975 roots vocal cut from Horace Andy, produced by Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson aka The Mighty Two with dub version on the flip.All copies come in thick...
                                                            • Horace Andy – Slave Driver
                                                            • Mighty Two – Slave Master
                                                            Max RomeoStop Picking On MeStudio 16
                                                            Don't leave.. rare Max Romeo vocal for producer Joe Gibbs original released in 1975 plus top dub version from Errol T. on the flip. All copies come in...
                                                            • Max Romeo – Stop Picking On Me
                                                            • Mighty Two – Lay Off
                                                            ScientistDirect-to-DubNight Dreamer
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                                                              300% Dynamite!Ska, Soul, Rocksteady, Funk and Dub in Jamaica ( RSD 2024 Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                                              Special new 25th anniversary edition of this most popular and highly-acclaimed of all Soul Jazz Records' Dynamite! series - 300% Dynamite is jam-packed...
                                                              • Wayne Smith – Under Mi Sleng Teng
                                                              • Big Youth – Cool Breeze
                                                              • Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
                                                              • The Freddie Munnings Orchestra – Coconut Woman
                                                              • Bobby Ellis – Step Softly
                                                              • Althea and Donna – Uptown Top Ranking
                                                              • Jah Lloyd – Llama
                                                              • Culture – Stop The Fussing and Fighting
                                                              • Lee Perry and The Upsetters – Jungle Lion
                                                              • Johnny and The Attractions – Let's Get Together
                                                              • Augustus Pablo – Viva Tirado
                                                              • Archie and Lyn – Rat In The Centre
                                                              • Jackie Paris – Make Me Smile
                                                              • Bobby Ellis – Shank I Sheck
                                                              • Winston Wright and The Upsetters – Jam #1
                                                              • The Ethiopians – The Whip
                                                              • Chaka Demus & Pliers – The Boom
                                                              • Glen Adams – Can't Hide Love
                                                              • Johnny Clarke – Rebel Soldering
                                                              • Dee Sharp – Let's Dub It Up
                                                              • 2xLP (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP543C£34.00
                                                                In stockAdd to Bag
                                                              Bush Of GhostsBuddhists TracksBUS-records
                                                              Rewind Dubs label’s 2nd releases of legendary Japanese dub band series. This album is the first release of Bush of Ghosts, a band based in Osaka around...
                                                              • – Mexico
                                                              • – Sling Shot
                                                              • – Felanger
                                                              • – Landing Columbia
                                                              • – Mighty Mice
                                                              • – Pygmy's Rock
                                                              • – Khaosan Rd.
                                                              • – Buddhist Beat
                                                              Lloyd Charmers With Byron Lee and The DragonairesReggae CharmMusic On Vinyl
                                                              Reggae Charmers is the 1970 album by Lloyd Charmers, born Lloyd Tyrell. His career spans some of the most fertile periods of Jamaica’s musical history....
                                                                200% Dynamite (25th Anniversary edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                                                25th Anniversary edition.Back in print (black vinyl) and first time on CD in over 20 years! Soul Jazz Records’ 200% Dynamite! set the benchmark for...
                                                                • Augustus Pablo – Rockers Rock
                                                                • K.C. White – No No No
                                                                • Tenor Saw – Ring The Alarm
                                                                • Johnny Organ – Bewitched
                                                                • Pinchers – Agony
                                                                • The Abyssinians – Mandela
                                                                • Sister Nancy – One, Two
                                                                • King Tubby Meets Tommy McCook and The Aggrovators – King Tubby Dub
                                                                • Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote
                                                                • Johnny Osbourne – Ready Or Not
                                                                • Jackie Mittoo – Earthquake
                                                                • Sandra Reid – Don't Tell Me Tell Her
                                                                • The Skatalites Meet King Tubby – Herb Man Dub
                                                                • Kim Harriott – Woman Of The Ghetto
                                                                The HeptonesAin't That Bad / Ska JamCaltone
                                                                Wicked pre Coxsone rocksteady tune originally released in the mid sixties on Caltone, The Heptones on fine early form with "Ain't That Bad" plus Tommy...
                                                                • – Ain't That Bad
                                                                • – Ska Jam
                                                                MaddoBackway Mr. LandlordStudio 16
                                                                Superb two sider from 1981 featuring singjay Maddo and Prince Mohammed on the deejay cut!All copies come in thick card company printed sleeves. Nice!
                                                                • Maddo – Backaway Mr. Landlord
                                                                • Prince Mohammed – Backway
                                                                Delta Swamp Rock New EditionSoul Jazz Records
                                                                Long out of print (10 years!) limited-edition vinyl only new edition of Soul Jazz Records' classic Delta Swamp Rock features an all-star line-up of groundbreaking...
                                                                • Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Seasons
                                                                • Barefoot Jerry – Smokies
                                                                • Joe South – Hush
                                                                • Bobbie Gentry – Papa Won't You Let Me Go To Town
                                                                • Area code 615 – Stone Fox Chase
                                                                • Cher – I Walk On Guilded Splinters
                                                                • Cowboy – Please Be With Me
                                                                • The Allman Brothers – Ain't Wasting No Time
                                                                • Link Wray – Be What You Want to
                                                                • Boz Scaggs – I'll Be Long Gone
                                                                • Lynyrd Skynyrd – Comin' Home
                                                                • Bobbie Gentry – Seasons Come, Seasons Go
                                                                • Leon Russell – Out In The Woods
                                                                • Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie
                                                                • Barefoot Jerry – Come To Me Tonight
                                                                • Dan Penn – If Love Was Money
                                                                • Linda Ronstadt – I Won't Be Hangin' Round
                                                                • Waylon Jennings – Big D
                                                                • Big Star – Thirteen
                                                                • Bobbie Gentry – Mississippi Delta
                                                                • Travis Wammack – I Forgot To Remember To Forget
                                                                • Johnny Cash & Hune Carter – If I Were A Carpenter
                                                                • Billy Vera – I'm Leaving Here Tomorrow, Mama
                                                                • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP520C£28.99
                                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                Mighty DiamondsGhetto LivingStudio 16
                                                                One of the best roots harmony groups from Jamaica, this late 70s cut a fine example of their brilliance with dubwise from Errol T. All copies come in thick...
                                                                • Mighty Diamonds – Ghetto Living
                                                                • The Professionals – Version
                                                                Bongo Man Byfield / Stranger ColeBongo Man / Run JoeDuke Reid
                                                                Two rare ska tunes from Stranger Cole & Bongo Man Byfield recorded for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle in the mid sixties. All copies come in printed paper company...
                                                                • Bongo Man Byfield – Bongo Man
                                                                • Stranger Cole – Run Joe
                                                                Ken Parker / Dennis Alcapone & LizzyI Can't Hide /Ba-Ba-Ri-Ba SkankDuke Reid
                                                                Classic early reggae vocal cut from Ken Parker originally released on Duke in the U.K. 1970 with Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy dee jay version on the flip.All...
                                                                • Ken Parker – I Can't Hide
                                                                • Dennis Alcapone & Lizzy – Ba-Ba-Ri-Ba Skank
                                                                The SensationsYou Won't Get Far By WishingTreasure Isle
                                                                Two rare rocksteady tunes from the vaults of Treasure Isle featuring vocal group The Sensations & Phyllis Dillon.
                                                                • The Sensations – You Won't Get Far By Wishing
                                                                • Phyllis Dillion – Things Of The Past
                                                                Keeling BeckfordThat GirlStudio 16
                                                                Great early eighties vocal cut from producer & singer Keeling Beckford over Max Romeo's "Stop Picking On Me" riddim from the mid 70sAll copies come in...
                                                                • – That Girl
                                                                • – Version
                                                                THE BEST NORTHERN SOUL ALBUM ITW…EVER!Spectrum
                                                                An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this compilation celebrates the dance movement that emerged in Northern England and the Midlands...
                                                                  Barry BrownThem A FightStudio 16
                                                                  Wicked early 80s roots vocal cut from Barry Brown on the "Boxing" riddim with version on the flip.All copies come in thick card company printed sleeves....
                                                                  • Barry Brown – Them A Fight
                                                                  • Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Fight Back
                                                                  Northern Soul ClassicsSpectrum
                                                                  A 2xLP compilation featuring 42 of the world’s most supreme Northern Soul anthems. An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this...
                                                                    Dig This Way All StarsSata / Sata DubDig This Way Records
                                                                    New roots twist to the "Sattamasagana" riddim from Italy's Dig This Way label featuring their house band, check dub as well..nice!
                                                                    • Dig This Way All Stars – Sata
                                                                    • Yakka – Sata Dub
                                                                    ZambezePortrait Of A Roots ManA-Lone Productions
                                                                    New solo roots vocal album from singer & bass player Brasz Aleixo aka Zambeze, strong nine track roots & culture album recorded with Roberto Sanchez mainly...
                                                                    • – Glory In Fyah
                                                                    • – Go Deh Natty
                                                                    • – Sad And Blue
                                                                    • – Dub At The Control (extended)
                                                                    • – Keep Force In
                                                                    • – Catch It Tight
                                                                    • – This Is The Night
                                                                    • – Happiness
                                                                    • – Sorry
                                                                    Freddie McGregorRock This Session / Man To Man Is UnjustRGM Productions
                                                                    Rare three figure roots 12" from Freddie McGregor & Little John originally released in 1985 on RGM records gets a welcome limited reissue from Jah Fingers....
                                                                    • Freddie McGregor – Rock This Session
                                                                    • Little John – Man To Man Is Unjust
                                                                    Roots ArchitectsFrom Then Til NowFruits Records
                                                                    From Then 'Til Now marks Roots Architects' debut full-length album, a monumental project bringing together over 50 of Jamaica's most iconic session musicians....
                                                                    • – 1000 Light Years
                                                                    • – In The Shadow
                                                                    • – Whitewater
                                                                    • – Memories Of Old
                                                                    • – Rose Hall's Birds
                                                                    • – Squirrel Inna Barrel
                                                                    • – Under The Cotton Tree
                                                                    • – 45 Charles Street
                                                                    • – Everlasting Love
                                                                    Donald ByrdPlaces And Spaces (1975)Blue Note
                                                                    SEMINAL MONSTER LP!!The definitive jazz funk album produced by the Mizell brothers. A classic all the way featuring the essential rare groove cuts 'Change',...
                                                                    • – Change
                                                                    • – Wind Parade
                                                                    • – (Fallin' Like) Dominoes
                                                                    • – Places And Spaces
                                                                    • – You And The Music
                                                                    • – Night Whistler
                                                                    • – Just My Imagination
                                                                    Freddie McGregorRun Come RallyRoots Vibration
                                                                    Superb double header from Freddie McGregor with his 1977 roots update of his Studio 1 tune "Rastaman Camp" here titled "Run Come Rally" with the equally...
                                                                    • – Run Come Rally
                                                                    • – Chant It Down
                                                                    Zanja All StarsCuban Jazz Session Vol 1Zanja Records
                                                                    Fantastic private-press new album of killer authentic Cuban music recorded in Havana, directed by Julito Padron and featuring Changuito, Maria Victoria...
                                                                    • – Papa Boco
                                                                    • – Mambo En La Cueva
                                                                    • – Shaker Heights
                                                                    • – Obsesion
                                                                    • – Los Cacos Del Amor
                                                                    • – Carino Falso
                                                                    • – La Serpiente
                                                                    • – 1959
                                                                    • – Papa Boco Ceremonial