• 1. Spit In The Sky
      • 2. When She Was My Girl
      • 3. No More Heartaches
      • 4. Golden Touch
      • 5. I Want To Love You
      • 6. Silhouette Silhouette
      • 7. Go Away Dream
      • 8. Won't You Come Home
      • 9. Baby Here I Am
      • 10. I Can't Take You Back
      • 11. Let's Not Fight It Anymore
      • 12. If You Would Stand By Me

      A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check out the track 'Go away dream' for an insight into his song writing and vocal gifts. Ably backed by the Agrovators who do a fair impression of the Radics who were carrying the swing at the time. This might not be the first Delroy Wilson album you reach for from the shelf. Give it a chance and it and it will grow on you. Sleevnotes by Diggory Kenrick.

      Other Releases by Delroy Wilson

      Delroy WilsonNever Give UpClocktower
      Rare original reggae 45. Funky Mid 70s easy soul skanker from Delroy Wilson.
      • – Never Give Up
      • – Version
      Delroy WilsonLive As OneWaricka
      Rare as...Originally issued in 1975 on a white label from Waricka records A.K.A. "Keep On Running" with slighty different track listing. produced by Sir...
      • – Come Into My World
      • – Better To Have Loved A Little
      • – No Satisfaction
      • – Time Will Catch Up On You
      • – Baby Love
      • – My Mama Told Me
      • – I'm Trying
      • – Live As One
      • – You Keep On Running
      • – If You Need Some Loving
      • – One Little Bit Of Love
      • – Ride On Sammy
      Delroy WilsonGot To See My Woman / Hearts Can Be BrokenLee
      Two soulful roots rockers recordings from the mid 70s by Delroy Wilson produced by Bunny 'Striker' Lee.
      • – Got To See My Woman
      • – Hearts Can Be Broken
      Delroy WilsonHalfway Up The StairsObservers
      Long time out of print, Delroy Wilson's superb take on "Halfway Up The Stairs" produced by Niney The Observer.
      • – Halfway Up The Stairs
      • – Version

      Other Releases on Pressure Sounds

      Al Brown & Inner ForceDub CutsPressure Sounds
      Al Brown is a fine Jamaican singer who came closest to troubling the UK charts with his Al Green cover version ‘Here I Am Baby.’ In the early 1980’s...
      • – Dub Me Again
      • – Dub Of Books
      • – Ghetto Situation
      • – Liquid Dub Part 1
      • – Hungry Dub Part 1
      • – Poor And Simple Version
      • – Family Version
      • – Ghetto Love Part 1
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      • LP£20.00
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      Patrick AndyNo Easy Game / Show A Little LovePressure Sounds
      A conscious roots celebration on the A side with Patrick Andy on lead vocal and Yabby You on harmony. A thumping rhythm with Tommy McCook leading the horns...
      • – No Easy Game / Show A Little Love
      • – Show A Little Love
      Prince JazzboRally Round Zion / Crashing RockersPressure Sounds
      Prince Jazzbo started his career at Studio One before moving on to record for Glen Brown and Bunny Lee. He cut more classics with Lee Perry before establishing...
      • Prince Jazzbo – Rally Round Zion
      • Jazz Mazzwhoto Band – Crashing Rockers
      Yabby You & The ProphetsKing Pharaohs PlaguePressure Sounds
      3 cuts of the classic rhythm from Yabby You. ‘King Pharoah’s ‘plague is coming down on the land’ righteous soulful rendition of old testament...
      • Yabby You & The Prophets – King Pharaohs Plague
      • Tommy McCook – Plague Of Horn
      • King Tubby – King Pharaoh Dub
      Barry BrownPraisesPressure Sounds
      Barry Brown had originally started out as a DJ called Jah Smile, but he had also been part of a group with Rod Taylor and Johnny Lee who recorded...
      • – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
      • – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
      • – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
      • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 1 – Barry Brown
      • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 2 – The Aggrovators
      • – We Can’t Dub Like This – The Aggrovators
      • – Longer (intro)
      • – Look How Long vocal – Barry Brown
      • – Look How Long Dub – The Aggrovators
      • – Longer (outro)
      • – From Creation vocal – Barry Brown
      • – Creative Vibes (xylophone) – Diggory Kenrick
      • – Give Thanks And Praise vocal – Barry Brown
      • – Give Thanks And Praise (Lion Mix) – Barry Brown
      • – Give Thanks part 3 – The Aggrovators
      • 1. – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
      • 2. – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
      • 3. – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
      • View full info and tracklisting
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      Lee Perry & FriendsBlack Art From The Black ArkPressure Sounds
      Rare and unreleased roots recordings from The Black Ark and producer Lee Perry with various singers & players featuring two dubplate cuts from Junior Murvin...
      • – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
      • – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
      • – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
      • – Brotherly Love – Henrick Nicholson (12” mix)
      • – Let’s Fall in Love – Junior Murvin
      • – Say a Little Prayer – Eric Donaldson (12” mix)
      • – I Never Had It So Good – Jimmy Riley
      • – Mister Craven – Junior Murvin
      • – Such Is Life – Lord Creator (12” mix)
      • – Such Is Life Version – The Upsetters
      • – Nuh Fi Run It Down – Danny Clarke
      • – Nuh Fi Run It Down Version – The Upsetters
      • – What a Sin – Lee Perry (extended mix)
      • – Ska Baby – Bobby Ellis
      • – Ska Version – The Upsetters
      • – Beard Man Shuffle – The Upsetters
      • – Oh Me Oh My – Bree Daniels CD Bonus track
      • – Oh Me Oh Dub – The Upsetters Cd Bonus track
      • 1. – Roots Train - Junior Murvin (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
      • 2. – Woman Gotta Have Love - Jimmy Riley (Unreleased Dubplate Mix)
      • 3. – Set Up Yourself – The Upsetters
      • View full info and tracklisting
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      • CD£12.00
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      Yabby YouDub Conqueror Part 1Pressure Sounds
      Yabby You's classic roots anthem gets a serious remix. One long mix by Martin Harrison. Martin worked with This Heat and On u sound as well as many others....
      • Martin "Fredricks" Harrison – Dub Conqueror Part 1
      • Paolo Baldini DubFiles – Dub Conqueror Part 2
      • Paolo Baldini DubFiles – Dub Conqueror Part 3
      • 1. Martin "Fredricks" Harrison – Dub Conqueror Part 1
      • 2. Paolo Baldini DubFiles – Dub Conqueror Part 2
      • 3. Paolo Baldini DubFiles – Dub Conqueror Part 3
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Tommy McCook And The AggrovatorsTommy's VibesPressure Sounds
      Deep roots instrumental from Tommy McCook produced by Bunny Lee. This mix completely unreleased on both sides. Also a different mix from the one included...
      • Tommy McCook – Tommy's Vibes
      • The Aggrovators – Tommy's Vibes Version
      When Jah Shall ComePressure Sounds
      Bunny Lee recorded a massive volume of remarkably consistent music in the 70s. This compilation brings together rare and unreleased cuts that put the listener...
      • Tommy McCook – Tommy's Vibes
      • Johnny Clarke – No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time *
      • Jah Smile – Ethiopian Rock
      • Lennox Brown – Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots *
      • Ronnie Davis – Every Knee Shall Bow *
      • Cornell Campbell – King Tubby's vs Arrows Dubplate *
      • Al Campbell – One Room Shack
      • John Forbes – War Zone
      • Linval Thompson – Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You *
      • The Raver – Life Of My Own *
      • The Aggrovators – Bell Road Rock *
      • Cornell Campbell – Keep On Running
      • U-Roy – The Right To Live
      • Al Campbell – Wicked A Go Feel It
      • Tommy McCook – Joe Frazier *
      • Johnny Clarke – No Man Is An Island *
      • Linval Thompson – Go Jah Jah Pickney *
      • Johnny Clarke – Better Collie *
      • 2×LP£23.00
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      Joy LindsayThis Child Of MinePressure Sounds
      One off stocking of rare Pressure Sound 7" from 2014, superb reissue of mid 70s soulful female roots vocal with killer Jimmy Radway dub on the flip. Comes...
      • – This Child Of Mine
      Vivian 'Yabby You' JacksonFire In A KingstonPressure Sounds
      Sly and Robbie created the rhythm as Yabby You name checks the tough neighbourhoods scattered around Kingston’s ghetto areas. Mixing biblical quotations...
      • Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson – Fire In A Kingston
      • King Tubby – Kingston Dub
      Bobby Ellis And The UpsettersSka BabyPressure Sounds
      Ska Baby by Bobby Ellis. Produced and Directed by the Upsetter. Subtle Black Ark instrumental. Comes with a lovely dub on the flipside. In a custom bag....
      • – Ska Baby
      • – Ska Version
      Vivian JacksonRun Come RallyPressure Sounds
      Run Come Rally aka ‘Jah Speak with Lighntning and Thunder’ is a stone-cold classic of the early roots movement. Recorded by Lee Perry at Black Ark...
      • – Run Come Rally
      • – Rally Dub
      Dukey McCallaI've Got The PowerPressure Sounds
      Produced by Pat Kelly and originally released as an extremely limited pressing in 1970, Dukey McCella’s “I’ve Got the Power,” has become a cult...
      • – I've Got The Power
      Pat KellyStriving For The RightPressure Sounds
      The aspirational “Striving For the Right” with its tender b-side “When a Boy Falls in Love,” was initially released in 1970. This release represents...
      • – Striving For The Right
      • – When A Boy Fall In Love
      Rubadub RevolutionEarly Dancehall Productions From Bunny LeePressure Sounds
      “Rub A Dub Revolution: Early Dancehall Productions From Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee” their first foray into Mr. Lee’s transformative rub a dub work from...
      • The Paragons – Know Yourself Mankind
      • Don Carlos & Papa Tullo – Lazer Beam (Nuff Stylee) 12" Mix
      • Johnny Clarke – I Man Come Again
      • Papa Tullo – Every Half Is A Fraction
      • Cornell Campbell & Scientist – Bandulo 12" Mix
      • The Paragons – A Place Called Zion
      • Simple Simon – Revolution Fighters
      • Trevor Castell – Too Popular (Previously Unreleased)
      • Cornell Campbell – Exterminator (Previously Released)
      • Devon Edwards – Lay Down Flat
      • 1. The Paragons – Know Yourself Mankind
      • 2. Don Carlos & Papa Tullo – Lazer Beam (Nuff Stylee) 12" Mix
      • 3. Johnny Clarke – I Man Come Again
      • View full info and tracklisting
      • 2×CD£13.00
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      • 2×LP£23.00
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      Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
      Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
      • – Gun Fever
      • – Gun Fever (Version)
      Vivian Jackson & The ProphetsJudgement On The LandPressure Sounds
      Powerful, inspiring roots reissue of one of Yabby You’s finest songs. From the moment this tune was released in the 1970s, it became a sound system...
      • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Judgement On The Land
      • – Version Repatriation Rock
      Errol WalkerBetter FuturePressure Sounds
      Positivity flows this single from Errol ‘Bagga’ Walker. Born and raised in Kingston’s Trench town area Errol Walker cut a few tunes as vocalist...
      • Errol Walker – Better Future
      • The Upsetters – Future Dub
      Lloyd & DevonWolf Out DehPressure Sounds
      A screaming howling beast of a tune! Lloyd and Devon board the Upsetter flight to immortality on this Black Ark classic. Killer dub on the flip side with...
      • Lloyd & Devon – Wolf Out Deh
      • The Upsetters – Shepherd Rod
      Bunny LeeEnter Into Dub / Come To Me In DubPressure Sounds
      Four heavyweight dub remixes of two Bunny Lee rhythms laid in the early 80s by an updated Aggrovators, featuring Sly and Robbie . First are two re-works...
      • – Enter Into Dub Version 1
      Busty BrownSoon I'm Gonna Make ItPressure Sounds
      A superb single by the vocalist Busty Brown who is somewhat of a mystery other than that he recorded for the usual roll call of Jamaican producers such...
        Phillip FullwoodI Gave You My WordPressure Sounds
        1979 roots vocal cut from Phillip Fullwood, 1st time reissued since the time..
          I-Mo-JahRockers From The Land Of ReggaePressure Sounds
          The 100th release on Pressure Sounds is the brilliant set of ‘Rockers from the land of reggae’ this album was originally released in 1982 and has never...
            Yabby YouBeware / Lazy MoodPressure Sounds
            Over stock 7" only copies from the Pressure Sounds limited "Songs Of Unity & Love" dubplate 2017 Box Set...Blink and there gone...
            • – Beware
            • – Lazy Mood
            Owen GrayHear We Them A SayPressure Sounds
            A prodigy of the Alpha boys school Owen Gray deliver a heartfelt roots vocal on a rhythm most likely supplied by Sly Dunbar and Lloyd Parks. This is a...
              Phil PrattThe War Is On Dub StylePressure Sounds
              Very rare Phil Pratt produced dub album "The War Is On Dub Style" gets reissued for the first time with original tunes on the vinyl and with 3 extra vocal...
                • CD£12.00
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                • LP£17.00
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                Devon IronsJerusalemPressure Sounds
                The original cut of the Althea and Donna ‘Gone to Negril’ track. Released by Pressure Sounds in 2005 and then deleted. Now on the Talent 77 label,...
                • Devon Irons – Jerusalem
                • The Talent Crew – Version
                Bunny Lee & The AggrovatorsSuper Dub Disco StylePressure Sounds
                Originally released in 1979 on West London label "Jamaica Sound" Superb dub album mixed at King Tubby's & Channel One. Vinyl is single vinyl and the...
                • – Money In Your Pocket Dub
                • – Shalin Temple Dub
                • – Portobello Special Dub
                • – The Revolutionaries Heavy Weight Dub
                • – The Scientist Dub
                • 2×CD£13.00
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                • LP£20.00
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                Lloyd Parks & We The PeopleMeet The PeoplePressure Sounds
                Self produced set By Lloyd Parks. Recorded at Joe Gibbs with a stellar support cast. The CD comes with 6 bonus tracks and the vinyl single vinyl LP is...
                • – Reality
                • – Life Ain't Easy
                • – You Hurt My Pride
                • – Ordinary Man
                • – Trench Town Girl
                • – Ah Rock Dis Yah Bass Line
                • – I Want To Go Home
                • – I Love You Girlie
                • – Grand Father Girlie*
                • – Part Two*
                • – Slaving (Steppers Cut)*
                • – Part Two*
                • – School Days*
                • – Part Two*
                • LP£19.00
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                • CD£12.00
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                Al BrownProverbPressure Sounds
                Brown was inspired to write the single ‘Proverb’ after spending hours hunched over his bible in Spanish Town as a youth. ‘Proverb’ was one of the...
                • – Proverb
                • – Proverb (Version)
                The Bunny Lee AllstarsIvan Itler The Conqueror / Smooths And SortsPressure Sounds
                A humorous look at some of the more infamous characters in history precedes a charming keyboard led instrumental. Most likely Lloyd ‘Gitsey’ Willis...
                • The Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                • Dave Barker – Smooths And Sorts
                Stranger ColeWhen I Get My Freedom / Death Rides A HorsePressure Sounds
                Stranger Cole with a soulful vocal on an infectious rhythm. All the components of the skinhead period reggae are here. Roy Richards on the flipside on...
                • Stranger Cole – When I Get My Freedom
                • Roy Richards – Death Rides A Horse
                Lloyd ParksMoney For JamPressure Sounds
                One of two new reissue 7" releases from Pressure Sounds. Tuff 70s roots reggae from singer & bass player Lloyd Parks.
                • – Money For Jam
                • – Money For Jam (Version)
                Lloyd ParksShake Up Yu DreadPressure Sounds
                Rare 70s roots tune from Lloyd Parks, 2nd of two new represses from Pressure Sounds.
                • – Shake Up Yu Dread
                • – Shake Up Dubwise

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                King Jammy'sRoots Reality and Sleng TengVP
                A definitive collection of classic hits from the incomparable Lloyd “King Jammy” James. One of Jamaica’s most prolific producers, Jammy has scored...
                • Black Uhuru, Scorcher, Nicodemus – Bad Girl
                • Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer – African Love / Yogi Bear
                • John Steele – Selassie On His White Horse
                • Errol Scorcher – Engineer Affair
                • Jammy's & King Tubby – Zambia
                • The Fantells – Where You Gonna Run
                • Hortense Ellis – Jah Created The World
                • Junior Delgado – Love Tickles Like Magic
                • Dennis Brown – The Lord Is My Shepherd
                • 1. Black Uhuru, Scorcher, Nicodemus – Bad Girl
                • 2. Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer – African Love / Yogi Bear
                • 3. John Steele – Selassie On His White Horse
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                The Skatalites: Independence Ska and The Far East SoundSoul Jazz Records
                Fantastic new collection of rare and classic killer ska from the legendary Skatalites, one of the most important groups in the history of Reggae.This...
                • The Skatalites – Guns Of Navarone
                • The Skatalites – Christine Keeler
                • The Skatalites – El Pussy Cat Ska
                • Dizzy Johnny and The Studio One Orchestra – Sudden Destruction
                • Roland Alphonso – Scambalena
                • The Wailers – Tell Them Lord
                • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Russian Ska Fever
                • Roland Alphonso and The Skatalites – Independent Anniversary Ska (I Should Have Known Better)
                • Bongoman Byfield and The Skatalites – Marcus Garvey
                • Don Drummond and Roland Alphonso – Heaven and Earth
                • Bongoman Byfield and The Skatalites – Jack Ruby Is Bound To Die
                • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Further East (aka Trolley Song)
                • The Skatalites – Beardsman Ska
                • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Surplus
                • The Skatalites – Fidel Castro
                • Tommy McCook and The Skatalites – Suavito
                • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Coolie Boy
                • Tommy McCook – Adam's Apple (Don't Bother Me No More)
                • Tommy McCook and The Skatalites – Full Dread
                • The Skatalites – King Solomon
                • 2xLP + Download Code£26.00
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                • CD£13.00
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                • MP3 Release£9.99
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                Digitaldubs ft. Afromandina, Cedric Myton & Ranking JoeIn The Beginning / NyahbhingiMuzamba
                Sound System pioneered in Brazil, Digitaldubs is back in the box after 4 years of absence! Available in digital and 12 "vinyl on the Muzamba label,...
                • Digitaldubs ft. Cedric Myton & Afromandinga – In The Beginning
                • Digitaldubs ft. Afromandinga – Benin Dub
                • Digitaldubs ft. Ranking Joe & Afromandinga – Nyahbhingi
                • Digitaldubs ft. Afromandinga – Zimba Dub
                • 1. Digitaldubs ft. Cedric Myton & Afromandinga – In The Beginning
                • 2. Digitaldubs ft. Afromandinga – Benin Dub
                • 3. Digitaldubs ft. Ranking Joe & Afromandinga – Nyahbhingi
                • View full info and tracklisting
                • 12"£11.99
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                The PioneersGreetings From The PioneersAmalgamated Records
                The Pioneers rare first album from 1968, reissued with original repro sleeve and Amalgamated label. Killer Rocksteady tunes produced by Joe Gibbs featuring...
                • – Me Naw Go A Believe
                • – You'll Never Get Away
                • – No Dope Me Pony
                • – Jackpot
                • – Give Me A Little Loving
                Studio One Freedom SoundsSoul Jazz Records
                Studio One Freedom Sounds is the new collection from Soul Jazz/Studio One focussing on the intense period in the second half of the 1960s when Studio...
                • Don Drummond & The Skatalites – Rain Or Shine
                • The Gaylads – Morning Sun
                • Delroy Wilson – Just Because Of You
                • Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming
                • Jackie Opel – I Am What I Am
                • Peter Tosh – I Am The Toughest
                • Delroy Wilson – Get Ready
                • Mr Foundation – Timo-Oh
                • Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers – Provocation
                • Leroy & Rocky – Love Me Girl
                • Slim & Delroy – Look Who Is Back Again
                • The Skatalites – Spread Satin
                • Barrington Spence – Contemplating Mind
                • Ernest Ranglin – Psychedelic Rock
                • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Destiny
                • Roland Alphonso – Reggae In The Grass
                • Zoot Simms – We Can Talk It Over
                • Jackie Mittoo – Hi Jack
                Pura VidaSeasons Of LifeLost Ark Music
                Wicked new roots album from Puraman featuring Lee Perry, Jah9 & Ashanti Roy. Limited edition on Green vinyl with free CD of extra dubs.
                • – Basic Income
                • – Black Reggae Muzik#Tribute
                • – Brotherly Love
                • – Global Warning
                • – Revolution Lullaby
                • LP£14.49
                  Out of stock
                Desmond Dekker & The AcesAction!Beverley's Records
                1968 Boss Sounds from Desmond Dekker and The Aces, produced by Leslie Kong for his label Beverley's records. Includes the big hit 007, Fu Manchu, Unity,...
                  • LP£14.99
                    Out of stock
                  Mungo's Hi-FiForward EverScotch Bonnet
                  Wicked 2011 album from Mungo's Hi-Fi featuring the late Sugar Minott, Soom T, Mr Williamz, Omar Perry, Charlie P, Pupa Jim, & YT passing round the...
                  • – Scrub A Dub Style
                  • – Skidip
                  • – Computer Age
                  • – Scream
                  • – Bad Bad Boy
                  • CD£6.99
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                  • LP 2£17.99
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                  Delton ScreechieLiving In The Ghetto ShowcasePapa Kojak
                  Delton Screechie's killer first roots album originally released in 1982 showcase style featuring Barrington Levy, Jah Thomas, Kojak with mixes by Scientist...
                  • Delton Lowe – Come Forward On - Dub Version
                  • Delton Lowe – Living In The Ghetto - Dub Version
                  • Nigger Kojak – Bunny Rygin
                  • Barrington Levy – Tribute To Moa Anbessa
                  • Delton Lowe – Mix Up - Dub Version
                  • Delton Lowe – Come On And Tell Me - Dub Version
                  • Delton Lowe – She Is My Woman - Dub Version
                  • Delton Lowe – I've Got A Letter - Dub Version
                  • 1. Delton Lowe – Come Forward On - Dub Version
                  • 2. Delton Lowe – Living In The Ghetto - Dub Version
                  • 3. Nigger Kojak – Bunny Rygin
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  • LP£24.00
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                  Dancehall (2017 edition)Soul Jazz Records
                  Soul Jazz Records are releasing this new 10th anniversary 2017 edition of their classic album  ‘Dancehall – The Rise of Jamaican Dancehall...
                  • Yellowman – Bam Bam
                  • Tenor Saw – Pumpkin Belly
                  • Reggie Stepper – Cu Oonuh
                  • Chaka Demus and Pliers – Murder She Wrote
                  • Pinchers – Agony
                  • Michigan & Smiley – Diseases
                  • Ini Kamoze – World A Music
                  • Junior Murvin – Cool Out Son
                  • General Echo – Arleen
                  • Cornel Campbell – Boxing
                  • Cutty Ranks – Chop Chop
                  • Lone Ranger – M16
                  • Super Cat – Trash and Ready
                  • Gregory Isaacs – Soon Forward
                  • Jacob Miller & Trinity – I'm Just A Dread / One Shot
                  • Eek A Mouse – Wa Do Dem
                  • Sister Nancy – Only Woman DJ With Degree
                  • Trinity – Uptown Girl
                  • General Echo – Track Shoes
                  • Cornel Campbell – Mash You Down
                  • Horace Ferguson – Sensi Addict
                  • Clint Eastwood – Jump and Pawn
                  • 3×LP + Download Code £34.00
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                  • 2×CD£13.00
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                  • MP3 Release£9.99
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                  100% Dynamite (Black Vinyl Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                  “100% Dynamite is among the finest compilations ever assembled.” The Quietus This is a new black edition vinyl pressing of Soul Jazz Records’ seminal...
                  • Willie Williams – Armageddon Time
                  • The Maytals – Night and Day
                  • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                  • The Upsetters – Popcorn
                  • Bunny Clarke – Be Thankful
                  • Tommy McCook – Green Mango
                  • Brentford All Stars – Greedy G
                  • Lennie Hibbert – Real Hot
                  • Horace Andy – My Soul
                  • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
                  • Bunny Clarke – I Love The Way You Love
                  • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
                  • Phyllis Dillon – Woman Of The Ghetto
                  • Cecric Im Brooks – Give Rasta Glory
                  • Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
                  • Sound Dimension – Granny Scratch Scratch
                  • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
                  • Sound Dimension – Drum Song
                  • Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black
                  Tommy McCookSuper Star - Disco RockersPressure Sounds
                  McCook recorded extensively for Bunny Lee, and ‘Super Star Disco Rockers’ is a strong showcase for his meditational style of playing. The track ‘Lamb’s...
                  • – The Night Rose Of Sherron
                  • – Rasta A The Master
                  • – Lamb's Bread Herb
                  • – Disco Rockers
                  • – Roots Of Africa
                  • LP£17.00
                    Out of stock
                  Ernest RanglinIn The RainEmotional Rescue
                  Surely one of the all-time greats of instrumental reggae reveries, Ernest Ranglin is widely adored for a very good reason. He was there at the very beginning,...
                  • – In The Rain
                  • – In The Rain (Mukatsuku Dub)
                  • 7"£14.00
                    Out of stock
                  The SlitsCutIsland
                  Nice re-issue of this classic post punk album which includes their essential cover of "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" as a bonus track. This album was...
                  • – Instant Hit
                  • – So Tough
                  • – Spend, Spend, Spend
                  • – Shoplifting
                  • – Fm
                  Ernie and The Top NotesDap Walk / Things Are BetterSoul Jazz Records
                  Only available EXCLUSIVELY to customers at Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe. KILLER NEW ORLEANS FUNK PARTY BOMB!! One of the rarest of all New...
                  • Ernie and The Top Notes – Dap Walk
                  • Ernie and The Top Notes – Things Are Better
                  • 7"£12.00
                    Out of stock
                  Bunny Lee & FriendsTape Rolling!Pressure Sounds
                  Delving into the vaults of Jamaican producer Bunny Lee once again with some superb choice unreleased cuts from 1971-74 featuring legendary...
                  • Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                  • I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                  • Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                  • John Holt – Stick By Me (Unreleased Cut)
                  • Horace Andy – Man Next Door (Unreleased Cut)
                  • Delroy Wilson – Any Heart Can Be Broken (Unreleased Cut)
                  • Vin Gordon – Riding For A Fall
                  • 1. Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
                  • 2. I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
                  • 5. Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  • LP£20.00
                    Out of stock
                  • CD£12.00
                    Out of stock
                  Danny T & TradesmanBuilt For SoundScotch Bonnet
                  Superb new uplifting dancehall album from Danny T & Tradesman, released on Scottish label Scotch Bonnet (Mungo's Hi-Fi).  Singers &...
                  • – Dance Haffi Nice ft. Daddy Freddy
                  • – First Choice ft. David Boomah & Parly B
                  • – Be Strong ft. Claire Angel
                  • – Who Fi Mi Trust ft. Dark Angel
                  • – Bududup ft. Speng Bond
                  • – Crazy ft. Warrior Queen
                  • – Dance A Gwan ft. Lutan Fyah
                  • – My Life ft. Ras Demo
                  • – Badboy Patrol ft. Daddy Freddy
                  • – Get A Beating ft. Sandeeno
                  • – Do Not Worry ft. Sr. Wilson
                  • – Distraction Trap ft. Earl 16
                  • LP£13.99
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                  • CD£6.99
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                  DambalaLorraineEmotional Rescue
                  Emotional Rescue's Lovers Rock revival shows no signs of slowing as they turn their attention to the archives of Dada Music and the haunting sound of Dambala....
                  • – Lorraine
                  • – Lorraine (Lexx Dub)
                  • 7"£11.00
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                  Baby HueyThe Baby Huey Story - The Living LegendCurtom
                  His only solo album, recorded just before his untimely death: great psychedelic soul featuring a cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Hard Times" and Sam Cooke's...
                    • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM)£25.99
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                    Barrington LevyBarrington Levy's Life StyleGG's Records
                    Originally released in 1983 "Life Style" is probably the most sought after and one of the best Roots Reggae albums by Barrington Levy. Born...
                    • – Jah
                    • – Run Away
                    • – Love Your Brother Man
                    • – Never Tear My Love Apart
                    • – When You're Young And In Love
                    • – Making Tracks
                    • – Jah The Creator
                    • – Peace And Love
                    • – I Hold The Handle
                    • – You Are The Chosen One
                    • LP£17.99
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                    Bob Marley & The WailersBabylon By BusIsland
                    Legendary live album recorded in Paris and London, 1978, with Bob Marley and the Wailers at their popular peak, as illustrated by the quality selection...
                      • CD£7.99
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                      • New 2×LP (180 GRAM) + Download Code£31.99
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                      VariousIrie Reggae HitsStudio 16
                      Roots reggae vocal compilation originally released by Joe Gibbs in 1979 featuring Dennis Brown, The Mighty Diamonds, Culture, Trinity, Marcia Aitken...
                      • Dennis Brown – Come On Little Girl
                      • The Mighty Diamonds – Lovely Lady
                      • Culture – This Train
                      • Ruddy Thomas – Holiday
                      • Marcia Aitken – Danger In Your Eyes
                      • Trinity – Slim Thing
                      Jimmy Riley / Bunny RugsWoman Gotta Have Love / Woman's Version / Move Out Of My Way / Move VersionPressure Sounds
                      6 tracks featuring Jimmy Riley & Bunny Rugs including a couple of edits mixes from Paolo Baldini 'Dubfiles'. Upsetter magic at its finest. Comes in a grey...
                      • Jimmy Riley – Woman Gotta Have Love
                      • – Woman's Version
                      • Paolo Baldini Dub Files – Got To Have More Dub
                      • Bunny Rugs – Move Out Of My Way
                      • – Move Version
                      • Paolo Baldini Dub Files – Move Out Of My Dub
                      • 10"£14.00
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                      Horace Andy In The Light (1977)VP Records
                      Horace Andy's 5th Album originally issued in 1977 on Hungry Town records. Killer roots rhythms from some of Jamaica's finest musicians and featuring tunes...
                      • – Do You Love My Music
                      • – Hey There Woman
                      • – Government Land
                      • – Leave Rasta
                      • CD£12.00
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                      • LP£16.00
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                      Vivian JonesDeep RootsLana Sounds
                      Recorded in London over the last two years with producer Sergio Lopez at Lana Sound Studio. Old school roots showcase with vocal & dub to follow,...
                      • – Grandparents
                      • – Elders Dub
                      • – Leonard Howell
                      • – Great Leader Dub
                      • – Rastafari
                      • – Dub Me Rasta
                      • – Ship A Come
                      • – lave Dub
                      • – Sing It Out
                      • – Dub It Up
                      • – Self Inflected
                      • – Dub Inflected
                      • LP£13.49
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