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Dub SyndicateDisplaced MastersOn-U Sound
**Essential issue!** Unreleased archival tracks from the On-U vaults! Serving the same purpose as the recent Return Of The Crocodile set did for African...
Dub SyndicateOne Way SystemOn-U Sound
**Essential issue!** Originally issued as a cassette on the ROIR label alongside the likes of Bad Brains, Suicide and The Contortions, this second...
Dub SyndicateThe Pounding SystemOn-U Sound
**Essential reissue!** The debut Dub Syndicate set from 1982, pre-dating the involvement of mainstay Style Scott. This features various members of...
  • 1. Pounding Systems
  • 2. Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (Pts. 1 & 2)
  • 3. African Head Charge - Don't Care About Space Invader Machines (Pts. 1 & 2)
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Dub SyndicateTunes From The Missing ChannelOn-U Sound
**Essential reissue!** Increasing access to new studio technology resulted in this splicing of dub reggae DNA with cut-and-paste sampledelia. This...
African Head ChargeEnvironmental Holes & Drastic Tracks: 1981 - 1986On-U Sound
Anthology that documents the first five years of Adrian Sherwood and Bonjo Lyabinghi collaborative project - African Head Charge. Spread over 5 discs it...