Yabby You & The Prophets Conquering Lion (Expanded Edition)

    Pressure Sounds
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    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Run Come Rally
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Jah Vengence
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Conquering Lion
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Covetous Men
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Anti Christ
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Carnal Mind
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Jah Love
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Love Thy Neighbour
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Love Of Jah
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – The Man Who Does The Work
    • Dubs – Rally Dub
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Hungering Dub *
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Tubby's Vengeance
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Version Dub *
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Conquering Dub
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Anti Christ Rock
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Jah Love Dub
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Warning Version
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Love Thy Neighbour Version
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Love Of Jah Version Version
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Work Without Pay Dub
    • 1. Run Come Rally
    • 2. Jah Vengence
    • 3. Conquering Lion
    • 4. Covetous Men
    • 5. Anti Christ
    • 6. Carnal Mind
    • 7. Jah Love
    • 8. Love Thy Neighbour
    • 9. Love Of Jah
    • 10. The Man Who Does The Work
    • 11. Dubs – Rally Dub
    • 12. Hungering Dub *
    • 13. Tubby's Vengeance
    • 14. Version Dub *
    • 15. Conquering Dub
    • 16. Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist
    • 17. Anti Christ Rock
    • 18. Jah Love Dub
    • 19. Warning Version
    • 20. Love Thy Neighbour Version
    • 21. Love Of Jah Version Version
    • 22. Work Without Pay Dub

    ‘Conquering Lion’ stands as one of the few truly essential albums of the roots era. As devotional as anything by Burning Spear, as polemical as Bob Marley, and as militant as the Mighty Diamonds, the album also communicates a haunting spiritual quality that is uniquely its own. Amazingly, for such a coherent work, the tracks were recorded over a period of at least four years, yet come together to present a single coherent vision. The album was first issued in Jamaica by Micron, and in the UK with a different tracklisting as ‘Ram-A-Dam’ on the Lucky label in 1976. Here the album is presented for the first time in expanded form, together with its dub counterpart. Vivian ‘Yabby You’ Jackson is often portrayed as a strange, otherworldly figure. Yet his life was filled with two opposing forces, the spiritual and the earthly. Even as Yabby was yearning for a higher plane of existence, he was scratching out a difficult living in the ghetto. Whilst warning of sinful secular behaviour, he was working at the race track taking bets. As well as creating some of the most powerful and heartfelt music to come out of Jamaica, Yabby was busy cutting deals with studios and musicians, and hustling round the record shops to sell his products. And these contradictions seem to have fuelled some of his best music, pushing him into places that other artists shied away from.

    * CD Bonus Tracks

    Other Releases by Yabby You & The Prophets

    Yabby You & The ProphetsJah Over IPressure Sounds
    Deep down to the Yabby You archives Pressure Sounds have unearthed this limited 7" only single. Pure Jamaican roots with a dub to match, all singles come...
    • – Jah Over I
    • – United Africa Dub
    Yabby You & The ProphetsDeeper Roots Part 2 (More Dubs & Rarities)Pressure Sounds
    Second installment from Pressure Sounds of deep roots & dub rarities from the archives of  Yabby You. Killer unreleased dub plate mixes with vocalist's...
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Wall Of Jerusalem
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Thirty Pieces Of Silver
    • Wayne Wade And The Prophets – Man Of The Living
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Chant Down Babylon Kingdom
    • Yabby You & The Prophets – Stop Your Quarrelling
    • The Prophets Allstars – Outside The City Walls
    • Vivian Jackson & The Sons Of Jah – Jah Vengence
    • Tony Tuff & The Prophets – I Can't Hide
    • 1. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Wall Of Jerusalem
    • 2. Yabby You & The Prophets – Thirty Pieces Of Silver
    • 5. Wayne Wade And The Prophets – Man Of The Living
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    Other Releases on Pressure Sounds

    Al Brown & Inner ForceDub CutsPressure Sounds
    Al Brown is a fine Jamaican singer who came closest to troubling the UK charts with his Al Green cover version ‘Here I Am Baby.’ In the early 1980’s...
    • – Dub Me Again
    • – Dub Of Books
    • – Ghetto Situation
    • – Liquid Dub Part 1
    • – Hungry Dub Part 1
    • – Poor And Simple Version
    • – Family Version
    • – Ghetto Love Part 1
    Patrick AndyNo Easy Game / Show A Little LovePressure Sounds
    A conscious roots celebration on the A side with Patrick Andy on lead vocal and Yabby You on harmony. A thumping rhythm with Tommy McCook leading the horns...
    • – No Easy Game / Show A Little Love
    • – Show A Little Love
    Patrick AndyVivian Jackson Presents Living In Mount ZionPressure Sounds
    The seed for this album comes from a tape compiled but never released by Vivian “Yabby You” Jackson, labelled “The Best Of Patrick Andy”. On the...
    • – Living In Mount Zion
    • – Living In Mount Zion Version
    • – Got To Give Some Help
    • – Got To Give Some Help Dub
    • – Youths Of Today
    • – Youths Of Today Version
    • – Give Thanks
    • – Give Thanks Dub
    • – You Don’t Want Me
    • – You Don’t Want Me Version
    • – Call On Jah
    • – Love Of A Woman Dub
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    Al Brown & DubfilesTribulation On The Land E.P.Pressure Sounds
    Rare obscure roots vocal cut from Al Brown & Inner Force given three superb new dub twists from Italian dub maestro Paolo Baldini, plus the original cut....
    • Al Brown & Inner Force – Tribulation On The Land
    • Dubfiles – Dub On The Land
    • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 1
    • Dubfiles – Tribulation Dub Part 2
    Yabby You & The ProphetsJah Over IPressure Sounds
    Deep down to the Yabby You archives Pressure Sounds have unearthed this limited 7" only single. Pure Jamaican roots with a dub to match, all singles come...
    • – Jah Over I
    • – United Africa Dub
    The Yabby You SoundDubs & VersionsPressure Sounds
    In the early 1970s the island of Jamaica, and in particular its reggae musicians, developed a love affair with small Japanese motor bikes. Honda bikes...
    • – Tribal War Dub
    • – Creation Rock Version
    • – United Africa Dub
    • – Lord Of Lords Dub
    • – Dub U So
    • – Black Is Our Colour Dub
    • – Vengeance In Dub
    • – Heads A Roll Dub
    • – Repatriation Rock
    • – Death To All Racist
    • – Aggression Dub
    • – Warrior No Tarry Yah Version
    • – Now I Know Dub
    • – Mash Down Rome Dub
    • – Babylon A Fall Dub
    • – Man Of The Living Dub
    • – Time Changing Dub
    • – Turn Me Loose Dub
    • – Chanting Version
    • – Yabby U Sound
    • – Plague Of Horn *
    • – King Pharaoh Dub *
    Jimmy Riley / Bunny RugsWoman Gotta Have Love / Woman's Version / Move Out Of My Way / Move VersionPressure Sounds
    6 tracks featuring Jimmy Riley & Bunny Rugs including a couple of edits mixes from Paolo Baldini 'Dubfiles'. Upsetter magic at its finest. Comes in a grey...
    • Jimmy Riley – Woman Gotta Have Love
    • – Woman's Version
    • Paolo Baldini Dub Files – Got To Have More Dub
    • Bunny Rugs – Move Out Of My Way
    • – Move Version
    • Paolo Baldini Dub Files – Move Out Of My Dub
    Tommy McCook And The AggrovatorsTommy's VibesPressure Sounds
    Deep roots instrumental from Tommy McCook produced by Bunny Lee. This mix completely unreleased on both sides. Also a different mix from the one included...
    • Tommy McCook – Tommy's Vibes
    • The Aggrovators – Tommy's Vibes Version
    When Jah Shall ComePressure Sounds
    Bunny Lee recorded a massive volume of remarkably consistent music in the 70s. This compilation brings together rare and unreleased cuts that put the listener...
    • Tommy McCook – Tommy's Vibes
    • Johnny Clarke – No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time *
    • Jah Smile – Ethiopian Rock
    • Lennox Brown – Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots *
    • Ronnie Davis – Every Knee Shall Bow *
    • Cornell Campbell – King Tubby's vs Arrows Dubplate *
    • Al Campbell – One Room Shack
    • John Forbes – War Zone
    • Linval Thompson – Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You *
    • The Raver – Life Of My Own *
    • The Aggrovators – Bell Road Rock *
    • Cornell Campbell – Keep On Running
    • U-Roy – The Right To Live
    • Al Campbell – Wicked A Go Feel It
    • Tommy McCook – Joe Frazier *
    • Johnny Clarke – No Man Is An Island *
    • Linval Thompson – Go Jah Jah Pickney *
    • Johnny Clarke – Better Collie *
    Joy LindsayThis Child Of MinePressure Sounds
    One off stocking of rare Pressure Sound 7" from 2014, superb reissue of mid 70s soulful female roots vocal with killer Jimmy Radway dub on the flip. Comes...
    • – This Child Of Mine
    Vivian 'Yabby You' JacksonFire In A KingstonPressure Sounds
    Sly and Robbie created the rhythm as Yabby You name checks the tough neighbourhoods scattered around Kingston’s ghetto areas. Mixing biblical quotations...
    • Vivian 'Yabby You' Jackson – Fire In A Kingston
    • King Tubby – Kingston Dub
    Bobby Ellis And The UpsettersSka BabyPressure Sounds
    Ska Baby by Bobby Ellis. Produced and Directed by the Upsetter. Subtle Black Ark instrumental. Comes with a lovely dub on the flipside. In a custom bag....
    • – Ska Baby
    • – Ska Version
    Vivian JacksonRun Come RallyPressure Sounds
    Run Come Rally aka ‘Jah Speak with Lighntning and Thunder’ is a stone-cold classic of the early roots movement. Recorded by Lee Perry at Black Ark...
    • – Run Come Rally
    • – Rally Dub
    Dukey McCallaI've Got The PowerPressure Sounds
    Produced by Pat Kelly and originally released as an extremely limited pressing in 1970, Dukey McCella’s “I’ve Got the Power,” has become a cult...
    • – I've Got The Power
    Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
    Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
    • – Gun Fever
    • – Gun Fever (Version)
    Vivian Jackson & The ProphetsJudgement On The LandPressure Sounds
    Powerful, inspiring roots reissue of one of Yabby You’s finest songs. From the moment this tune was released in the 1970s, it became a sound system...
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Judgement On The Land
    • – Version Repatriation Rock
    Tommy McCookRevengePressure Sounds
    Tommy McCook’s mighty hornsman version of Yabby You’s “Jah Vengence” re-mastered and reissued in perfect style. This 7” finds the great multi-instrumentalist...
    • Tommy McCook – Revenge
    • Tommy & King Tubbys – Greetings
    Lloyd & DevonWolf Out DehPressure Sounds
    A screaming howling beast of a tune! Lloyd and Devon board the Upsetter flight to immortality on this Black Ark classic. Killer dub on the flip side with...
    • Lloyd & Devon – Wolf Out Deh
    • The Upsetters – Shepherd Rod
    Bunny Lee PresentsDubbing In The Front Yard + Conflict DubPressure Sounds
    Bunny Lee as producer. Prince Jammy as engineer. The Aggrovators making the tracks. It is the Holy Trinity of Jamaican Music. Throughout the years, recorded...
    • – Dubbing In The Front Yard
    • – Judgement Dub
    • – The Gates Of Dub
    • – Babylon Dub
    • – Somewhere Version
    • – Carry On Dubwise
    • – Crab In A Barrel Dub
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    Bunny LeeEnter Into Dub / Come To Me In DubPressure Sounds
    Four heavyweight dub remixes of two Bunny Lee rhythms laid in the early 80s by an updated Aggrovators, featuring Sly and Robbie . First are two re-works...
    • – Enter Into Dub Version 1
    Busty BrownSoon I'm Gonna Make ItPressure Sounds
    A superb single by the vocalist Busty Brown who is somewhat of a mystery other than that he recorded for the usual roll call of Jamaican producers such...
      Phillip FullwoodI Gave You My WordPressure Sounds
      1979 roots vocal cut from Phillip Fullwood, 1st time reissued since the time..
        Phillip FullwoodLove EveryonePressure Sounds
        1976 rare recording from Phillip Fullwood, next vocal cut to Burning Spear's "Free"
          I-Mo-JahRockers From The Land Of ReggaePressure Sounds
          The 100th release on Pressure Sounds is the brilliant set of ‘Rockers from the land of reggae’ this album was originally released in 1982 and has never...
            Phillip FullwoodWords In DubPressure Sounds
            A journey through Jamaica from Kingston to Saint Ann’s Bay on the north coast reveals the bountiful nature of the island, once described by the plundering...
              Owen GrayHear We Them A SayPressure Sounds
              A prodigy of the Alpha boys school Owen Gray deliver a heartfelt roots vocal on a rhythm most likely supplied by Sly Dunbar and Lloyd Parks. This is a...
                Bunny Lee & The AggrovatorsSuper Dub Disco StylePressure Sounds
                Originally released in 1979 on West London label "Jamaica Sound" Superb dub album mixed at King Tubby's & Channel One. Vinyl is single vinyl and the...
                • – Money In Your Pocket Dub
                • – Shalin Temple Dub
                • – Portobello Special Dub
                • – The Revolutionaries Heavy Weight Dub
                • – The Scientist Dub
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                Lloyd Parks & We The PeopleMeet The PeoplePressure Sounds
                Self produced set By Lloyd Parks. Recorded at Joe Gibbs with a stellar support cast. The CD comes with 6 bonus tracks and the vinyl single vinyl LP is...
                • – Reality
                • – Life Ain't Easy
                • – You Hurt My Pride
                • – Ordinary Man
                • – Trench Town Girl
                • – Ah Rock Dis Yah Bass Line
                • – I Want To Go Home
                • – I Love You Girlie
                • – Grand Father Girlie*
                • – Part Two*
                • – Slaving (Steppers Cut)*
                • – Part Two*
                • – School Days*
                • – Part Two*
                • LP£19.00
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                • CD£12.00
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                The Bunny Lee AllstarsIvan Itler The Conqueror / Smooths And SortsPressure Sounds
                A humorous look at some of the more infamous characters in history precedes a charming keyboard led instrumental. Most likely Lloyd ‘Gitsey’ Willis...
                • The Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                • Dave Barker – Smooths And Sorts
                Stranger ColeWhen I Get My Freedom / Death Rides A HorsePressure Sounds
                Stranger Cole with a soulful vocal on an infectious rhythm. All the components of the skinhead period reggae are here. Roy Richards on the flipside on...
                • Stranger Cole – When I Get My Freedom
                • Roy Richards – Death Rides A Horse
                Delroy WilsonGo Away DreamPressure Sounds
                A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check...
                  Lloyd ParksMoney For JamPressure Sounds
                  One of two new reissue 7" releases from Pressure Sounds. Tuff 70s roots reggae from singer & bass player Lloyd Parks.
                  • – Money For Jam
                  • – Money For Jam (Version)
                  Lloyd ParksShake Up Yu DreadPressure Sounds
                  Rare 70s roots tune from Lloyd Parks, 2nd of two new represses from Pressure Sounds.
                  • – Shake Up Yu Dread
                  • – Shake Up Dubwise
                  George DekkerFoey ManPressure Sounds
                  Late 60s recordings from George Dekker, now repressed with a different b-side from Bunny Lee's All Stars "Scarface" 
                  • George Dekker – Foey Man
                  • Bunny Lee All Stars – Scarface
                  Gladstone AndersonHoly Mount Zion / Love Is Like A PasswordPressure Sounds
                  Strong roots rockers from Channel One Studios with vocals by Gladstone Anderson & Mike Brooks, produced by Jah Lloyd & Mike Brooks. Both tunes with...
                  • Gladstone Anderson – Holy Mount Zion
                  • – Holy Mount Zion Version
                  • Mike Brooks – Love Is Like A Password
                  • – Love Is Like A Password Version

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                  • – Social Development Version
                  • – One Brother Short Version
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                  Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
                  Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
                  • – Gun Fever
                  • – Gun Fever (Version)
                  Channel OneMaxfield Avenue BreakdownPressure Sounds
                  Opened in 1972 the Channel One studio, located on Maxfield Avenue in the heart of the Kingston ghetto and installed with the best recording equipment available,...
                  • – Ragnapaiza Version
                  • – Jail House Version
                  • – Speak Easy
                  • – Natty a General Version
                  • – Dance Dis Ya Festival Version
                  • – King of the Minstrels
                  • – Have Mercy Version
                  • – CB200 Version
                  • – Black Man Version
                  • – Rema Skank
                  • – Ballistic Affair Version
                  • – Fire Bun Version
                  • – Counter Attack
                  • – Woman is Like a Shadow Version
                  • – School Days Version
                  • – Answer Me Question Version
                  Clifford Jordan QuartetGlass Bead GamesStrata-East / Pure Pleasure
                  Reissue one of the most essential spiritual jazz albums in the Strata East canon! Clifford Jordan's 'Glass Bead Games' features the classics ‘John Coltrane’,...
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Powerful Paul Robeson
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – The Glass Bead Games
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Prayer To The People
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Cal Massey
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – John Coltrane
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Eddie Harris
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Biskit
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Shoulders
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Bridgework
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Maimoun
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – Alias Buster Henry
                  • Clifford Jordan Quartet – One For Amos
                  • 1. Clifford Jordan Quartet – Powerful Paul Robeson
                  • 2. Clifford Jordan Quartet – The Glass Bead Games
                  • 3. Clifford Jordan Quartet – Prayer To The People
                  • View full info and tracklisting
                  • New Audiophile 2×LP (180 GRAM)£50.00
                    2x180g audiophile vinyl in a gatefold sleeve
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                  Khan JamalInfinityJazz Room Records
                  **Reissue of this sought-after, self-released jazz album from 1984, featuring the classic 'The Known Unknown'!** Vibes maestro Khan Jamal's 'Infinity'...
                  • – Nubian Queen
                  • – Infinity
                  • – Lovely Afternoon
                  • – The Known Unknown
                  • – The Angry Young Man
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                  Frankie PaulCurfew In The DanceArrival
                  Classic early dancehall tune from 1984 on the "Shank I Sheck" riddim
                  • – Curfew The Dance
                  • – Version
                  • 7"£8.00
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                  Sugar MinottSugar Minott At Studio OneSoul Jazz Records
                  Long-out-of-print re-release of this classic Sugar Minott album on Soul Jazz Records bringing together the best of his classic material recorded at Studio...
                  • Sugar Minott – Vanity
                  • Sugar Minott – Please Be True
                  • Sugar Minott – Hang On Natty
                  • Sugar Minott – Never Give Up
                  • Sugar Minott – Jahovia
                  • Sugar Minott – Give A Hand
                  • Sugar Minott – Try Love
                  • Sugar Minott – Roof Over My Head
                  • Sugar Minott – Jah Jah Lead Us
                  • Sugar Minott – Is It True
                  • Sugar Minott – Love Gonna Pack Up
                  • Sugar Minott – Give Me Jah Jah
                  • Sugar Minott – Jah Jah Children
                  • Sugar Minott – Party Time
                  • Sugar Minott – Change Your Ways
                  • Sugar Minott – Jah Almighty
                  Sly and The Family StoneThere's A Riot Goin' On (1971)Epic
                  Definitive tripped out genre defying funky soulful druggy loved-up seminal album (yes we like it). Sly's classic album. Slap bass, drum machines, layered...
                  • – Luv n' haight
                  • – Just like a baby
                  • – Family affair
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                  • LP (180 gram)£25.99
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                  Tina BrooksThe Waiting Game (Tone Poet Edition)Blue Note
                  The Waiting Game was the unsung tenor saxophonist Tina Brooks’ final album, recorded in 1961 but not released until 1999. Brooks is one of the most under-appreciated...
                  • – Talkin' About
                  • – One For Myrtle
                  • – Dhyana
                  • – David The King
                  • – Stranger In Paradise
                  • – The Waiting Game
                  • LP (180 gram)£35.00
                    Deluxe, 180g 'Tone Poet' edition in a gatefold sleeve.
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                  Miss Pat (Randys Record Mart/Records /VP Records)My Reggae Music Journey
                  "This memoir will go down as required reading in years to come." - Flea Market Funk The life and work of legendary reggae figure Patricia 'Miss Pat'...
                    • Book (1.6kg)£40.00 £35.00
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                    A History of the Jamaican Recording IndustryBook Three : THE UPSETTER TO THE COMPUTER ‘FROM THE BLACK ARK TO FIREHOUSE
                    THE UPSETTER TO THE COMPUTER ‘FROM THE BLACK ARK TO FIREHOUSE featuring Lee Scratch Perry, King Jammys, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo!!! Superb hardback...
                      Clydie KingRushing To Meet YouEverland
                      One of the least known and best hidden jewels waiting to be discovered by the legions of fans loving mid to late 70s soul and disco queens such as Donna...
                        • LP£22.99
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                        • CD£13.99
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                        Don CherryOm Shanti Om (1976)Black Sweat Records
                        This is very, very rare and very, very deep! Don Cherry and the Organic Music Society super hi-quality audio, recorded by RAI (Italian public broadcasting...
                        • – Luna Turca
                        • – Om Shanti Om
                        • – Chenrezig
                        • – Nana's Solo
                        • – A Chi Chi Ou
                        • – Koye
                        • – Flute Song
                        • – Dissolution
                        • LP£27.00
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                        Barry BrownPraisesPressure Sounds
                        Barry Brown had originally started out as a DJ called Jah Smile, but he had also been part of a group with Rod Taylor and Johnny Lee who recorded...
                        • – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
                        • – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
                        • – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
                        • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 1 – Barry Brown
                        • – Fittest Of The Fittest part 2 – The Aggrovators
                        • – We Can’t Dub Like This – The Aggrovators
                        • – Longer (intro)
                        • – Look How Long vocal – Barry Brown
                        • – Look How Long Dub – The Aggrovators
                        • – Longer (outro)
                        • – From Creation vocal – Barry Brown
                        • – Creative Vibes (xylophone) – Diggory Kenrick
                        • – Give Thanks And Praise vocal – Barry Brown
                        • – Give Thanks And Praise (Lion Mix) – Barry Brown
                        • – Give Thanks part 3 – The Aggrovators
                        • 1. – Step It Up Youthman extended – Barry Brown
                        • 2. – Natty Rootsman part 1 – Barry Brown
                        • 3. – Natty Rootsman part 2 – The Aggrovators
                        • View full info and tracklisting
                        • 2×LP£22.00
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                        • CD£12.00
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                        Augustus PabloLightning And ThunderOnlyroots Records
                        A superb selection of unreleased recordings & dubplates from the great Augustus Pablo, mainly instrumentals with two unknown vocal cuts plus a wicked DJ...
                        • Augustus Pablo – A Mothers Love
                        • Rockers All Stars – Stand Strong
                        • Rockers All Stars – Leave The Dreadlocks
                        • Augustus Pablo – Omo Valley Dub
                        • Rockers All Stars – Took My Love
                        • Augustus Pablo – All Nations Dub
                        • Augustus Pablo – Sons Of Negus
                        • Prince Mohammed – Gates Of Zion (Dubplate Mix)
                        • Rockers All Stars – Gates Of Dub (Dubplate Mix)
                        • Augustus Pablo – All Nations
                        • Augustus Pablo – All Nations Dub
                        Studio One Rocksteady Got SoulSoul Jazz Records
                        Back in stock!Soul Jazz Records new Studio One release Rocksteady Got Soul is a collection of uplifting and superb rocksteady and soulful reggae from the...
                        • Alton Ellis – It's True
                        • The Heptones – You Turned Away
                        • The Gladiators – Mr Sweet
                        • The Jail Breakers – Work It Up
                        • Lee Perry & The Gaylads – Run Rudie Run
                        • The Heptones – Young Generation
                        • Jackie Mittoo – Good Feeling
                        • C. Marshall – I Need Your Loving
                        • Alton Ellis – I'll Be Waiting
                        • The Clarendonians – The Tables Gonna Turn
                        • Ken Parker – When You're Gone
                        • Sound Dimension – Traveling Home
                        • Errol Dunkley – Get Up Now
                        • John Holt – My Heart Is Gone
                        • Freedom Singers and Larry Marshall – Monkey Man
                        • The Ethiopians – Let The Light Shine
                        • Im and David – Money Maker
                        • The Viceroys – Lose and Gain
                        Love Saves the Day: A History Of American Dance Music Culture 1970-1979Reappearing Records
                        Author Tim Lawrence (Life and Death on the New York Dance Floor, Hold on to Your Dreams: Arthur Russell and the Downtown Music Scene) compiles 'Love Saves...
                        • Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin – Dibwe Diambula Kabanda
                        • Chuck Mangione – Land Of Make Believe
                        • Wilson Pickett – Don't Knock My Love (Part 1)
                        • Wilson Pickett – Don't Knock My Love (Part 2)
                        • James Brown – Give It Up Or Turn It Loose
                        • Jackson 5 – Hum Along And Dance (Uncut Version)
                        • Brainstorm – Lovin Is Really My Game (12" Version)
                        • Domenic Troiano – We All Need Love
                        • Gladys Knight And The Pips – It's Time To Go Now
                        • Willie Hutch – Brother's Gonna Work It Out
                        • Charles Earland – Leaving This Planet
                        • Laura Lee – (If You Want To Try Love Again) Remember Me
                        • The Modulations – I Can't Fight Your Love
                        • Margie Joseph – Prophecy
                        • Blue Magic – Welcome To The Club
                        • Twennynine with Lenny White – Fancy Dancer (12" Version)
                        • Miroslave Vitous – New York City
                        • Edgar Winter – Above And Beyond (12" Version)
                        • 1. Les Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin – Dibwe Diambula Kabanda
                        • 2. Chuck Mangione – Land Of Make Believe
                        • 3. Wilson Pickett – Don't Knock My Love (Part 1)
                        • View full info and tracklisting
                        • 2×CD£17.00
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                        Medical Grade MusicSteve Davis and Kavus Torabi
                        The story of two outsiders and obsessives whose collision prompted an evangelistic alliance on the furthest frontiers of underground music.Steve Davis...
                          Junior ReidOriginal Foreign MindBlack Roots
                          Junior Reid's outstanding debut album from 1985 with killer production from Sugar Minott, pushing rhythm & sound effects to the max. Includes the classic...
                          • – Love Mama
                          • – Hunts Bay
                          • – Sensie A Medicine
                          • – Rub A Dubbing
                          • – Original Foreign Mind
                          • – Original Foreign Mind Dub 12" Mix
                          • – If You Would Be Mine
                          • – What Do You Know
                          • – Black Man Seed
                          • – Cool Breeze Blowing
                          • – Junior Nature
                          • – Junior Nature dub 12" mix
                          • LP£23.00
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                          Disco Reggae RockersSoul Jazz Records
                          This album is released in three formats: Indies-only One-Off Special Limited Edition Sun Yellow coloured vinyl gatefold double LP + download, black vinyl...
                          • Devon Russell – Move On Up
                          • Crashers – Flight To Jamaica
                          • Valerie Harrison – Fool's Paradise
                          • Bill Campbell – For The Love Of You
                          • Risco Connection – It's My House
                          • Dave Barker – Glow Of Love
                          • Derrick Harriott – Caught You In A Lie
                          • Hortense Ellis – Young Hearts Run Free
                          • Ed Watson and Brass Circle – Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
                          • Devon Russell – We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
                          • Seventh Extension – Reasons
                          • Derrick Harriott – Brown Baby
                          • Ed Watson and Brass Circle – Let's Groove
                          • Pete Campbell & The Sunshine Girls – Don't Let Love Get You Down
                          • Webby Jay – In The Rain
                          • Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove
                          • Indies Only Exclusive Limited Edition New 2×LP (Sunshine Yellow Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£28.00
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                          • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£26.00
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                          • 2×CD£12.99
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                          • MP3 Release£9.99
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                          Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony OrchestraPromisesLuaka Bop
                          Surprise collaboration between Floating Points and the legendary, American, spritual jazz saxophonist Pharoah Sanders with The London Symphony Orchestra....
                          • – Movement 1
                          • – Movement 2
                          • – Movement 3
                          • – Movement 4
                          • – Movement 5
                          • – Movement 6
                          • – Movement 7
                          • – Movement 8
                          • – Movement 9
                          • LP£28.99
                            Standard 140g vinyl edition housed in a die cut sleeve
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                          • CD£14.99
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                          Sylvia StriplinGive Me Your LoveExpansion Records
                          Expansion Records reissue of the Sylvia Striplin classic LP, Give Me Your Love! Originally released in 1981 on Roy Ayers's Uno Melodic Records, this album...
                          • – You Can't Turn Me Away
                          • – Give Me Your Love
                          • LP£16.99
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                          • CD£11.99
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                          KraftwerkTour De FranceEMI
                          Poom-pow, poom-pow. Seminal Deutsche electronicists pay homage to French bicyclists. Repackaged and remastered edition. 
                            • New LP £59.99
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                            • CD£13.99
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                            Lost In Sound - Rare Soul & Funk EssentialsPerpetual
                            Samplers delight! A collection of less obvious, but nevertheless, KILLER breaks on this 12 track compilation. Features gems from the likes of Gloria Barnes,...
                            • – Chyvonne Scott - I’m Moving On
                            • – Gloria Barnes – Home
                            • – Ray & His Court - Cookie Crumbs
                            • – L.J. Waiters - Natural Beauty
                            • – Manteca - Afro Funky
                            • – Nat Phillips - I'm Sorry I Hurt You
                            • – The Chosen Few - Something Bad
                            • – Al "Mr. Soul" Scott - What Happened To Yesterday
                            • – Luis Santi - Los Feligreses
                            • – Lee Moses - Every Boy and Girl
                            • – Tyrone Barkley - Man Of Value
                            • – Skull Snaps - It's A New Day
                            • LP£22.00
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