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    From the blown-out motherboard of West Philadelphia’s Master Control Programmers, Charles Grossman broke off to explore his own personal outer space...
    • Chasman – Dream Woman (Voc.)
    • Chasman – Wind Fall
    • Chasman – It’s About A Dollar (Inst.)
    • Chasman – 76 West
    • Chasman – Somber-Daze (Inst.)
    • Chasman – It’s About A Dollar (Voc.)
    • Chasman – Dream Woman (Inst.)
    • Chasman – Somber-Daze (Voc.)
    • Chasman – Synth-E-Fuge
    Escape From Synth CityVarious ArtistsNumero
    'Escape From Synth City', is a hero’s quest worth of staccato synths, crack house Casios, off-brand drum machines, minimal Morricone, four-track fantasia,...
    • Chasman – Windfall
    • New World Music – Intellectual Thinking
    • Tony Palkovic – Breath of Sound
    • Frank Youngwerth – Whirr
    • Don Slepian – Glimmerings
    • Al Gromer Khan – Konya
    • Vernal Equinox – Sunrise
    • Tom Cameron – Zoot
    • Smith & Erickson – Midnight Mambo
    • Jim Farmer – Emperor’s Clothes
    • Aril Laury – Moody
    Switched-On EugeneVarious ArtistsNumero
    "Switched-On Eugene documents the Eugene Electronic Music Collective and some of the many synthed-out figures in and around Oregon’s iconic hippie stronghold...
    • David Stout – The Seven Rays
    • Phyllyp Vernacular – The Clinging
    • Peter Kardas – Other Playgrounds
    • Kim Carter – Energy
    • Nathan Griffith – Great Moves
    • Joel Horowitz – Finale From "A Walk Down Serenity Lane
    • Michael Chocholak – Skomorokhi
    • Derryl Parsons – Floating Landscape (Including Chase Scene)
    • Scott Blair – Dance Pacific
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    Spontaneous OverthrowAll About MoneyNumero
    Synth chutes, synth ladders, popcorn 808 beats, dirge-y chants and busted sub-woofer hums from inner-galactic soul pioneers Nathaniel Woolridge and Anthony...
      W2NG 89.9 FMVarious ArtistsNumero
      In the 'wake' of 2017’s 'Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht', Numero release another addition to the soft rock cannon. 'W2NG 89.9 FM'. Set your FM dial...
      • Lion – You've Got A Woman
      • Larry Sanders – Child Of December
      • Gary Hyde – Waste Of Time
      • Kettner & Shawe – Take This To Heart
      • Love Transfusion – Stands To Reason
      • Phillips – You And Me, Me And You
      • Nanette – What A Way To Go
      • Orphans Of Love – Quick 'N Slick
      • Jim Spencer & Son Rize – The Blues Are Out To Get Me
      • Marshall Titus – Wrap Myself Up In Your Arms
      • Greenflow – No Other Life Without You