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    DhaimaLove Lives ForeverNumero
    A heady mix of digi killers, digital roots, dub, electro, and unlikely vocoder magic, Love Lives Forever is the first ever compilation of Miami reggae-not-reggae...
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.99
        Expected 24 JanPreorder
      Jackie ShaneAny Other Way / Sticks And StonesNumero
      A couple of key tracks on a 45 taken from Numero's essential 'Any Other Way' album that put the spotlight back one the career of Canadian soul star, Jackie...
      • Jackie Shane – Any Other Way Any Other Way
      • Jackie Shane – Sticks and Stones
      RupaDisco JazzNumero
      Numero reissue this HUGELY in demand and mega-rare Indian soul / disco / funk gem from 1982! In a word: ESSENTIAL!
      • Rupa – Moja Bhari Moja
      • Rupa – East West Shuffle
      • Rupa – Aaj Shanibar
      • Rupa – Ayee Morshume
      • CD£14.99
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      • LP£22.99
        Out of stock
      Not From Around HereVarious ArtistsNumero
      Sixteen languid guitar instrumentals, femme fatale dirges, and cinematic country crooners score the "loneliest night of one man’s life" - a superb compilation...
      • Gene Sikora – A Song For Mary
      • Cheryl Thompson – Black Night
      • Bailey’s Nervous Kats – First Love
      • Don McGinnis – Good Luck To You
      • Shelley Duncan – Somewhere Down The Line
      • Attila & The Huns – The Lonely Huns
      • Alvie Self – Lonely Walk
      • Eddy Bailes & The Cadillacs – Dark Side Of The Moon
      • The Jades – Lost Train
      • Haydon Thompson – 16.88
      • Slim Martin – Haunted After Midnight
      • The Expresso’s – Wandering
      • Nicky Roberts – Spaceman (Out Of Nowhere)
      • Buzz Clifford – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (To Have Wings And Fly)
      • Houston & Dorsey – Ebb Tide
      • Charlie Megira – Tomorrow’s Gone
      • 1xLP Box Set£30.99
        2-piece octagonal box with embossing, high gloss UV and rust varnish

        Film reel inner sleeve

        36” x 27” movie poster on uncoated paper
        In stockAdd to Bag
      PlanisphereVarious ArtistsNumero
      Numero offer up an excellent compilation of cosmic rock / hippie drum machine oddities from the early to mid-80s!
      • – Jack Adkins - American Sunset
      • – Rick Cuevas - The Birds
      • – Dereck Higgins - Dream Music
      • – Roc Mangini - Starlight
      • – Cobalt - Harmonic Love
      • – Cracky - Coming Home Again
      • – Circus Underwater - The Surface Of The Water
      • – Jim Van Buskirk - Just One More Drink
      • – Alan Purvey - Chased By Shadows
      • New LP (Picture Disc)£29.99
        Picture disc LP in die-cut sleeve
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      Syl JohnsonIs It Because I’m Black (50th Anniversary Edition)Numero
      Coming hot on the heels of his first full length, the self-proclaimed “most sampled artist of all time,” released the groundbreaking black concept...
      • Syl Johnson – Is It Because I'm Black
      • Syl Johnson – Come Together
      • Syl Johnson – Together Forever
      • Syl Johnson – Concrete Reservations
      • Syl Johnson – Black Balloons
      • Syl Johnson – Walk A Mile In My Shoes
      • Syl Johnson – I'm Talking
      • Syl Johnson – Right On
      From the blown-out motherboard of West Philadelphia’s Master Control Programmers, Charles Grossman broke off to explore his own personal outer space...
      • Chasman – Dream Woman (Voc.)
      • Chasman – Wind Fall
      • Chasman – It’s About A Dollar (Inst.)
      • Chasman – 76 West
      • Chasman – Somber-Daze (Inst.)
      • Chasman – It’s About A Dollar (Voc.)
      • Chasman – Dream Woman (Inst.)
      • Chasman – Somber-Daze (Voc.)
      • Chasman – Synth-E-Fuge
      Elisa WautElisa WautNumero
      **A 28-minute minimal wave masterpiece!** Originally issued as a hand-dubbed demo tape in 1982, Elisa Waut’s icy debut gets its first vinyl issue....
      • Elisa Waut – Intro
      • Elisa Waut – Being Strong
      • Elisa Waut – Waiting
      • Elisa Waut – Red Soldier
      • Elisa Waut – Unrath
      • Elisa Waut – Au Clair De La Lune
      • Elisa Waut – Russia
      • Elisa Waut – Summary Of All My Dreams
      Spontaneous OverthrowAll About MoneyNumero
      Synth chutes, synth ladders, popcorn 808 beats, dirge-y chants and busted sub-woofer hums from inner-galactic soul pioneers Nathaniel Woolridge and Anthony...
        W2NG 89.9 FMVarious ArtistsNumero
        In the 'wake' of 2017’s 'Seafaring Strangers: Private Yacht', Numero release another addition to the soft rock cannon. 'W2NG 89.9 FM'. Set your FM dial...
        • Lion – You've Got A Woman
        • Larry Sanders – Child Of December
        • Gary Hyde – Waste Of Time
        • Kettner & Shawe – Take This To Heart
        • Love Transfusion – Stands To Reason
        • Phillips – You And Me, Me And You
        • Nanette – What A Way To Go
        • Orphans Of Love – Quick 'N Slick
        • Jim Spencer & Son Rize – The Blues Are Out To Get Me
        • Marshall Titus – Wrap Myself Up In Your Arms
        • Greenflow – No Other Life Without You