• LP£27.00
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    • Don Cherry – Luna Turca
    • Don Cherry – Om Shanti Om
    • Don Cherry – Chenrezig
    • Don Cherry – Nana's Solo
    • Don Cherry – A Chi Chi Ou
    • Don Cherry – Koye
    • Don Cherry – Flute Song
    • Don Cherry – Dissolution
    • 1. Luna Turca
    • 2. Om Shanti Om
    • 3. Chenrezig
    • 4. Nana's Solo
    • 5. A Chi Chi Ou
    • 6. Koye
    • 7. Flute Song
    • 8. Dissolution

    This is very, very rare and very, very deep!

    Don Cherry and the Organic Music Society super hi-quality audio, recorded by RAI (Italian public broadcasting company) in 1976 for TV. Don Cherry and his family-community’s musical belief emerges in its simplicity, with the desire to merge the knowledge and stimuli gained during numerous travels across the world in a single sound experience!

    Don Cherry's pocket-trumpet + the great Brazilian percussionist Nana Vasconcelos + the Italian guitar of Gian Piero Pramaggiore + the tanpura drone of Moki.

    In the Organic Music everything becomes an act of devotion and love, an ecstatic dwell in the dimension of a sacred free-rejoice." Indeed!

    This is the bomb!

    Other Releases by Don Cherry

    Don CherryThe Summer House SessionsBlank Forms Editions

    In 1968, Don Cherry had already established himself as one of the leading voices of the avant-garde. Having pioneered free jazz as a member of Ornette Coleman’s classic quartet, and with a high profile collaboration with John Coltrane under his belt, the globetrotting jazz trumpeter settled in Sweden with his partner Moki and her daughter Neneh. There, he assembled a group of Swedish musicians and led a series of weekly workshops at the ABF, or Workers’ Educational Association, from February to April of 1968, with lessons on extended forms of improvisation including breathing, drones, Turkish rhythms, overtones, silence, natural voices, and Indian scales. That summer, saxophonist and recording engineer Göran Freese—who later recorded Don’s classic Organic Music Society and Eternal Now LPs—invited Don, members of his two working bands, and a Turkish drummer to his summer house in Kummelnäs, just outside of Stockholm, for a series of rehearsals and jam sessions that put the prior months’ workshops into practice. Long relegated to the status of a mysterious footnote in Don’s sessionography, tapes from this session, as well as one professionally mixed tape intended for release, were recently found in the vaults of the Swedish Jazz Archive, and the lost Summer House Sessions are finally available over fifty years after they were recorded.

      Don CherryCherry JamGearbox Records

      Cherry Jam was taken from a 1965 pre-record for Danish national radio, and features three of Cherry’s original composition, plus a cover of Richard Rodgers’ 1928 tune ‘You Took Advantage of Me’.

      The EP features Cherry on cornet, Mogens Bollerup on tenor saxophone, Atli Bjørn on piano, Benny Nielsen on double bass, and Simon Koppel on drums.

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        • CD£11.00
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        Don CherryBrown RiceA&M


        Beautiful re-press of Don Cherry's seminal work from 1976, 'Brown Rice'. A brilliant fusion of jazz with rock, African, Indian, and Arabic music traditions.

        OUT OF PRINT FOR OVER 40 years on vinyl!

        Features the ESSENTIAL title track Brown Rice and the beautiful, hypnotising tune, 'Malkauns' & more!

        Every home should have one!

        • – Brown Rice
        • – Malkauns
        • LP£21.99
          Gatefold sleeve
          Out of stock
        • CD£7.99
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        Don CherryMusic, Wisdom, LoveFinders Keepers

        Another essential release from Finders Keepers!

        Reaching a near-mythical status amongst fans of free jazz’s most worldly intrepid explorer, these seldom heard Paris soundtrack sessions known as ‘Music, Wisdom, Love’ have evaded collectors’ grasps and confused historians for exactly 50 years. Instigated in Paris in 1967 and filmed during Don’s downtime on a visit to the Chat qui Pêche nightclub in March 1967 (where he played with Karl Berger, Henri Texier and Jacques Thollot), the bulk of this cinematic portrait was filmed on the streets of Paris under the direction of creative all-rounders Jean-Noël Delamarre and Nathalie Perrey who, as their careers bloomed, would become pivotal figures in underground French cinema - straddling La Nouvelle Vague, adult entertainment and cinema fantastique in what can only be described as speedball cinema. 

        Available for the first time ever and licensed from producer and director Jean-Noel Delamarre himself.

          Don CherryTibet (1981)Picc-A-Dilly

          Originally released in 1974 as Eternal Now (Sonet SNTF 653) with different sleeve artwork. Deep world rhythms and music from the don.

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            Stanley CowellMusa-Ancestral Streams (1974)Strata-East

            SEMINAL deep spritual jazz from pianist and Strata-East co-owner Stanley Cowell. Fantastic minimal piano as well as kalimba. Travelin' Man is 100% essential tune, also Abscretions spirtual and beautiful + loads more. 100% essential LP!

            • – Abscretions
            • – Travelin' Man
            • LP (180 gram)£28.00
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            Cold WaveSoul Jazz Records

            Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + ORANGE VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + BLACK VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Dayglo CD + Slipcase + Booklet


            Soul Jazz Records new ‘Cold Wave’ is a new collection of current electronic artists who have all been shaped by the early European cold wave artists of the late 70s and early 80s.

            This is the first release of Soul Jazz Records’ new Cold Wave overview and a second volume will be released just four weeks later.


            This first edition of Cold Wave comes in two vinyl editions – a one-off pressing orange coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition. Both come as heavyweight double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves and the limited edition first pressing of this album comes with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured. The CD edition comes with artist booklet/fanzine and slipcase. All editions are printed in special dayglo colour finish.


            These first artists created new electronic musical landscapes as well as pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic, often releasing material on cassette and pioneering use of lo-fi technology, primitive drum machines and home-recording techniques. As part of this continued evolution today many of the artists featured here also self-release their own material, run labels, publish fanzines, or are part of wider musical collectives.

            Aside from the first electronic, no wave, and post-punk artists cited as influences –Suicide, Patrick Cowley, The Normal, Martin Hannett, Laurie Anderson, Public Image – this new generation of artists also show an exquisitely open source of electronic and disparate influences, everything from Underground Resistance to Purcell, from Scientist to New Beat and more besides.

            Most of the featured artists are based in Europe and include Krikor, Dissemblance and VQOA from France, De Ambassade from the Netherlands, Moisture from Sweden, Kriedler from Germany, Céline Gillain and Carcass Identity from Belgium. One exception is FIT Siegel out of Detroit, connecting the electronic pathways of Europe to the Motor City.

            All of the bands featured here make distinctive contemporary music out of the 80s roots of the first cold wave movement.

            • Dissemblance – Capture
            • Carcass Identity – Reflexion Ocean
            • FIT Siegel – Wayne County Stomp
            • De Ambassade – Standhouden
            • Wang Inc – Approdo
            • Krikor Kouchian – Niños Matadores
            • Céline Gillain – Fight or Flight
            • Kreidler – Kannibal
            • Moisture – Gammut
            • Violent Quand On Aime – Of Course I'm A Liar
            Disco E CulturaMad About Records

            Mad About Records focus in on the disco-boogie-funk sound produced in Brazil in the late 70s and early 80s. Some of these records have become established classics and bestsellers; many others have become cult records that have remained largely unknown. An exemplary collection featuring the likes of Gay Vaquer, Paulo Jeronimo, Brylho and more!

            • Brylho – Se Você For A Salvador
            • Lafayette – Sol De Verão
            • Paulo Jeronimo – Vida Agitada
            • Cornelius – Deixa
            • Franco – Ei, Você Psiu
            • Adriana – Contigo
            • Brazil Very Happy Band – Brazil Very Happy Band
            • Aloysio – Tema, R
            • Os Carbonos – Pássaro Selvagem
            • San Rodrigues – Fofa
            • Gay Vaquer – Disco Pode Ser Cultura
            • Grupo Natureza – Pode Acreditar (Versão Vocal)
            • LP£29.00
              Deluxe reissue in super nice thick carton cover + OBI. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
              Out of stock
            Soul SupremeHuit Octobre 1971 / RaidSoul Supreme

            **Limited copies - don't miss! One per customer!**

            Soul Supreme reimagines two classics from MF DOOM/Madvillain! 'Huit Octobre 1971' is by 70s French jazz-fusionists Cortex and was sampled by MF DOOM on 'One Beer'. On the flip, 'Raid' is Soul Supreme's version of the classic by Madvillain, featuring THAT hook from 'America Latina' by Osmar Milito e Quarteto Forma'!

            • – Huit Octobre 1971
            • – Raid
            • 7"£12.00
              One per customer!
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            Anthony JosephThe Rich are Only Defeated When Running for their Lives (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)Heavenly Sweetness

            **New release dates due to manufacturing delays. Vinyl format has moved to 8th October**

            Heavenly Sweetness release 'The Rich are Only Defeated When Running for their Lives' from "one of the UK's most exciting and innovative voices, poet, novelist, musician and lecturer Anthony Joseph was born in Trinidad and has lived in the UK since 1989. Described as ‘the leader of the black avant-garde in Britain’, his written work and performance occupies a space between surrealism, Jazz and the rhythms of Caribbean speech and music."

            Conscious, spiritual jazz music delivered with a powerful message that resonates with these times. Highly recommeded!

            • – Calling England Home
            • – Swing Praxis
            • LP£20.00
              Expected 08 OctPreorder
            • CD£13.00
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            Michel MagneLe Monocle Rit JauneJazz Room Records

            Super cool jazz score by Michel Magne in the vein of 'Take Five'. Super rare too with original copies fetching £250+

            Anyone who was into the earlier Jazz Room single release of Take Vibes version of Golden Brown' is going to want to get their hands on a copy of this!

            Regularly featured on Worldwide FM's / Gilles Peterson's playlist this is a must buy - limited pressing, don't miss!

            • – Le Monocle Rit Jaune
            • – Le Monocle Sourit
            • – Monocle Story
            • – Le Monocle S'attendrit
            Hector LavoeEl Todopoderoso / Mi Gente (1975)Fania Records

            KILLER! Rare Venezuelan press
            original unplayed Latin 45 (some wear to label)

            • – El Todopoderoso
            • Original 7"£20.00
              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
              Out of stock
            Trees SpeakPostHumanSoul Jazz Records

            This is incredibly Trees Speak’s third album on Soul Jazz Records to be released in the space of one year – and it’s amazing!

            Trees Speak’s new album ‘Post-Human’ once again blends 1970s German electronic and ‘motorik’ Krautrock instrumentals (think Harmonia, Can, Cluster, Popul Vuh, Neu!), haunting and powerful 1960s & 1970s soundtracks (think Italian prog-rock Goblin and John Carpenter horror movies, Morricone and existential John Barry spy movies), together with a New York No Wave electronic synth and guitar analogue DIY-ness (think Suicide, anything on Soul Jazz’s New York Noise series or Eno's New York No Wave)!

            The new album ‘Post-Human’ draws further upon German krautrock high-concept albums from the likes of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze from the 1970s, as Trees Speak create their own powerful new landscapes of sound that manage to be at once contemporary as well as both timeless and with a sense of science-fiction futurism.

            Trees Speak’ seamlessly segue together all these musical elements into ‘Post-Human,’ a conceptually expansive album which follows on from their critically-acclaimed debut LP ‘Ohms,’ and the follow-up ‘Shadow Forms’ released on Soul Jazz Records less than six months ago.

            This powerful new album is a high-concept collage of retro-futurist science-fiction music, which is fantastically illustrated by a specially commissioned cover design by the artist Eric Lee, a dramatic vision of life after humanity.

            Trees Speak are Daniel Martin Diaz and Damian Diaz from Tucson, Arizona and their music often draws on the cosmic night-time magic of Arizona’s natural desert landscapes. ‘Trees Speak’ relates to the idea of future technologies storing information and data in trees and plants - using them as hard drives – and the idea that Trees communicate collectively.

            The album includes an INDIES ONLY exclusive bonus 45 single with two extra tracks ‘Machine Vision’ and ‘Seventh Mirror’ available with the vinyl edition of this amazing and ground-breaking new album.

            With ‘Post-Human,’ Trees Speak take the listener deep into their unique musical world of unknown visions of the past and the future.

            ABOUT Ohms: Album of the Month - Splintered Eye /50 Best albums 2020 - Pop Matters / Favourite albums 2020 -The Soap Company / Albums of the Year 2020 -Bear Tree Records / Independent Albums of the Year 2020-Love Records / Albums of the Year 2020-Concrete Islands

            ABOUT Shadow Forms: Records of the week-Drift / Album of the week-Resident / Album of the week-Norman / Records of the Year 2020 -South / Albums of the Year 2020 - Concrete Island / Albums of the month - Reveal / Albums of the Year 2020 -Piccadilly / Albums of the Year 2020-Buzzsaw / About Shadow forms / Records of the week-Drift / Album of the week-Resident / Album of the week-Norman / Records of the Year-South / Albums of the Year-Concrete Island / Albums of the month-Reveal / Albums of the Year-Piccadilly /Albums of the Year-Buzzsaw

            About Ohms:

            “This might well be the Dark Side of the Moon of the XXI century” Discogs

            • Trees Speak – Double Slit
            • Trees Speak – Glass
            • Trees Speak – Chamber of Frequencies
            • Trees Speak – Divided Light
            • Trees Speak – Elements of Matter
            • Trees Speak – Magic Transistor
            • Trees Speak – Scheinwelt
            • Trees Speak – PostHuman
            • Trees Speak – Synthesis
            • Trees Speak – X Zeit
            • Trees Speak – Incandescent Sun
            • Trees Speak – Healing Rods
            • Trees Speak – Steckdose
            • Trees Speak – Amnesia Transmitter
            • Trees Speak – Quantize Humanize
            • Trees Speak – Gläserner Mensch
            • Trees Speak – Machine Vision
            • Trees Speak – Hidden Machine
            David JohansenIn Style (1979)Blue Sky

            ex-New York Dolls mainman

              • Original LP£9.99
                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original USA Vinyl

                100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' money-back guarantee!
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              The Paradox (Jeff Mills & Jean-Phi Dary)Counter ActiveAxis

              Jeff Mills and Tony Allen collaborator Jean-Phi Dary embark on their new project, The Paradox. Deep, arcane rhythms meets Detroit techno and hi-tech jazz via Mills’ own, seminal Axis label.

              • – Super Solid
              • – The X Factor
              • – Residence
              • – Twilight
              • – Ultraviolet
              • – Residence (Alternative mix)
              • 2×LP£26.00
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              Shamek Farrah & Sonelius SmithThe World Of The Children (1977)Strata-East

              Super rare, super deep jazz - Shamek Farrah's 1977 Strata-East album 'The World of the Children.' Serious, heavy & essential!

              • – Conversation Piece
              • LP (180 gram)£28.00
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              OdysseyNative New Yorker / Use It Up and Wear It Out (Mike Maurro Mixes)Brookside Music

              "Music plays, everyone's dancing closer and closer; making friends and finding lovers..."

              Extended version of the one of the greatest disco tunes ‘Native New Yorker’ given a simple Maurro treatment it needed with a long extended intro, break and extended instrumental sections. Backed with the classic ‘Use It Up and Wear It Out’ - loud drums and more subtle changes that give it a reworked feel without taking away from the original. Mastered in Philadelphia at the legendary Sigma Sounds!

              • – Native New Yorker (Mike Maurro Mix)
              • – Use It Up and Wear It Out (Mike Maurro Mix)
              • 12"£11.00
                Out of stock
              The ZenmennEnter The ZenmennMusic From Memory

              Wicked, dreamy Afro-comsic and ethereal, Arthur Russell style pop vibes from The Zenmenn via Music From Memory!

              • – The Magic Eye
              • – Homage To A Friendship
              • – Flags Of The World
              • – Bamboo Garden
              • – Stairway To Heaven
              • – Salad Bar
              • – Topaz (The Days Of Our Lives)
              • LP£17.00
                Out of stock
              Amanda WhitingAfter DarkJazzman

              Taking cues from Dorothy Ashby and Alice Coltrane at their most delicate, harpist and member of Matthew Halsall's Gondwana Orchestra, Amanda Whiting's 'After Dark' album for Jazzman is a deep, mesmerising piece of work with lush arrangements that goes right in with some spiritual swing - so good!

              • – Time Stands Still
              • – Messed Up
              • – Who Knows
              • – Stay for One
              • – Strut Your Stuff
              • – After Dark
              • – Leave Me Be
              • – The Feist
              • – Gone
              • – Just Blue
              • – Back to It
              • – After Dark (Remix)
              • LP£22.00
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              • CD£13.00
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              Heisei No Oto: Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age (1989-1996)Music From Memory

              This superb compilation via Music From Memory delves into a world of music released almost exclusively on CD and brings together a fascinating selection of discoveries from a little known and overlooked part of Japan’s musical history.

              The last ten or so years have seen a global wave of interest in Japanese music encompassing ambient, jazz, new wave and pop records from the 1980s, some of which is increasingly considered the most innovative and visionary music of that time. Although some music from this period, in the form of ‘City Pop’ or ‘rare groove’ records, had been coveted by collectors and DJs for a number of years, most Japanese music from the time was little known outside and often even within Japan.

              • – Jun Sato - Lorang
              • – Fumihiro Murakami - Miko
              • – Tadahiko Yokogawa- Stop Me
              • – Love Peace Trance - Yeelen
              • – Ichiko Hashimoto - Lete
              • – Yosui Inoue - Pi Po Pa
              • – Eiki Nonaka - Phlanged Vortex Clip
              • – X Cara - Night In Aracaju
              • – Poison Girl Friend - Nobody
              • – Dream Dolphin - Take No Michi
              • – Keisuke Sakurai - Harai
              • – Hiroki Ishiguro - Unity
              • – Dido Shizuru Ohtaka Michiaki Kato - Mermaid
              • – Keisuke Kikuchi - Retro Electric
              • New 2×LP £24.00
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              • CD£17.00
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              Black Fire! New Spirits! BOOKImages of A Revolution : Radical Jazz in the USA 1960-75Soul Jazz Books

              Featuring: John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler, Ornette Coleman, Roland Kirk, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Alice Coltrane, Eric Dolphy, Leon Thomas, Cecil Taylor and more!


              The 100s of stunning photographs in this new deluxe large format hardback book capture the radicalism and self- determination of pioneering jazz artists in the 1960s and early 1970s


              During this era, jazz music in the USA was in an almost constant state of revolution with the music and lives of African-American artists radicalised by civil rights, the avant garde, Black Power and a new spiritual awakening. 


              At the start of the 1960s, jazz entered a unique new period of revolution as African-American musicians re-defined the art form in the context of the civil rights movement, afro-centric rhythm and thought and an ideology of black economic empowerment.


              John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders, Albert Ayler and others developed a new cosmology of sound that was as revolutionary as the social and political changes that took place in America throughout the decade. From the musical explorations of John Coltrane, Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman, to the collective and community concerns of Chicagos Advancement for Creative Musicians and the black science fiction of Sun Ra, the new jazz musicians created a musical and cultural landscape from which jazz music never looked back.


              This large-format deluxe hardback book features hundreds of stunning photographs of the new jazz musicians in the USA throughout the 1960s presented with introductory essay and biographies on the many artists included in the book.


                • SJ Book (2.3kg)£30.00
                  Out of stock
                Medical Grade MusicSteve Davis and Kavus Torabi

                The story of two outsiders and obsessives whose collision prompted an evangelistic alliance on the furthest frontiers of underground music.Steve Davis first met Kavus Torabi - guitarist with Gong, Guapo, Cardiacs and Knifeworld - in the mid-2000's at a gig by French underground rock legends Magma. Over the next few years, this unlikely duo's shared affinity for visionary psychedelic music would become the foundation of not only a firm friendship, but also the most infectiously inclusive broadcasting style since the much-mourned death of John Peel.

                In their weekly radio shows and a one-of-a-kind live DJ roadshow which included a legendary appearance at Glastonbury, Steve and Kavus mapped out a musical landscape of rare enchantment, where the only passport needed was a pair of open ears. No-one, least of all Davis and Torabi themselves, was expecting the 6-time former World Snooker champion and a British-Iranian underground rock musician to become one of the most trusted brands in British alternative music.

                As Steve and Kavus were starting to get to grips with the challenge of their newfound status, events took a further unexpected turn. Suddenly they found themselves in a band together. And not just any band ... as two thirds of Britain's (if not the world's) leading harmonium, guitar and analogue synth power-trio (with Michael J.York of Coil)The Utopia Strong, the two friends found themselves plunging into a vortex of spontaneous compositional excitement. How Steve and Kavus pulled this off is just one of the many questions MEDICAL GRADE MUSIC will try to answer.

                Part sonic memoir, part Socratic dialogue, part gonzo mission to the heart of what makes music truly psychedelic this book is the first work of joint autobiography to ever trace the evolution of a life-changing friendship through the discographies of Gentle Giant and Voivod. From the chip-shops of Plumstead to the the wildest shores of Plymouth's nineties thrash scene. it's a funny and fearless buddy movie of the soul, with a soundtrack that will make your eyes bleed.

                  Ebony Steel BandPan-MachineOM Swagger

                  Formed in 1969 and based in West London, the Ebony Steel Band celebrate their 50th anniversary and take up the challenge of interpreting some classic Kraftwerk tracks on steel drums. Seminal electronic songs like The Model, Spacelab, Neon Lights, Tour De France, The Robots, Computer Love and Computer World. Simply amazing and joyous music!

                    • LP£18.99
                      Gatefold sleeve
                      Out of stock
                    • CD£9.99
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    KraftwerkTour De FranceEMI

                    Poom-pow, poom-pow. Seminal Deutsche electronicists pay homage to French bicyclists. Repackaged and remastered edition. 

                      VegynLike a Good Old FriendPLZ Make It Ruins

                      Murky, off-kilter, instrumental rap/R&B experiments from talented producer and Frank Ocean collaborator, Vegyn!

                      • – I See You Sometimes (feat. Jeshi)
                      • – Like A Good Old Friend
                      • – So Much Time - So Little Time (feat. John Glacier)
                      • – B4 The Computer Crash
                      • – Mushroom Abolitionist
                      • – Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Ruining Songs
                      • 12" EP£13.00
                        Out of stock
                      Luxury Soul Family 2021Expansion

                      An exemplary selection of tracks sourced from independent soul music artists, often unsigned or with recordings previously unissued or on limited release elsewhere. Most tracks never previously on CD. Included on this unique collection are standout tracks from 2020 by artists including The HamilTones, S.E.L, Joe Leavy, Johnny Britt, Myles Sanko, The Parkmans, Debra Debs, Darryl Anders, Yolanda Parker, Mamas Gun, Sound of Superbad, The Brit Funk Association feat. Chris Amoo (of The Real Thing) plus exclusive tracks/mixes by Incognito, Tristan, Strike One (featuring Gina Foster) and Kloud 9.

                        • 3×CD£17.00
                          Out of stock
                        Yabby You & The ProphetsConquering Lion (Expanded Edition)Pressure Sounds

                        ‘Conquering Lion’ stands as one of the few truly essential albums of the roots era. As devotional as anything by Burning Spear, as polemical as Bob Marley, and as militant as the Mighty Diamonds, the album also communicates a haunting spiritual quality that is uniquely its own. Amazingly, for such a coherent work, the tracks were recorded over a period of at least four years, yet come together to present a single coherent vision. The album was first issued in Jamaica by Micron, and in the UK with a different tracklisting as ‘Ram-A-Dam’ on the Lucky label in 1976. Here the album is presented for the first time in expanded form, together with its dub counterpart. Vivian ‘Yabby You’ Jackson is often portrayed as a strange, otherworldly figure. Yet his life was filled with two opposing forces, the spiritual and the earthly. Even as Yabby was yearning for a higher plane of existence, he was scratching out a difficult living in the ghetto. Whilst warning of sinful secular behaviour, he was working at the race track taking bets. As well as creating some of the most powerful and heartfelt music to come out of Jamaica, Yabby was busy cutting deals with studios and musicians, and hustling round the record shops to sell his products. And these contradictions seem to have fuelled some of his best music, pushing him into places that other artists shied away from.

                        * CD Bonus Tracks

                        • – Run Come Rally
                        • – Jah Vengence
                        • – Conquering Lion
                        • – Covetous Men
                        • – Anti Christ
                        • – Carnal Mind
                        • – Jah Love
                        • – Love Thy Neighbour
                        • – Love Of Jah
                        • – The Man Who Does The Work
                        • Dubs – Rally Dub
                        • – Hungering Dub *
                        • – Tubby's Vengeance
                        • – Version Dub *
                        • – Conquering Dub
                        • – Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist
                        • – Anti Christ Rock
                        • – Jah Love Dub
                        • – Warning Version
                        • – Love Thy Neighbour Version
                        • – Love Of Jah Version Version
                        • – Work Without Pay Dub
                        • 2×LP£20.00
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                        • CD£12.00
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                        SolangeWhen I Get HomeColumbia

                        Solange returns with her fourth album, 'When I Get Home' - "unhurried, ambient, and exploratory. Using everything from spiritual jazz to Gucci Mane, Solange conjures her hometown with exceptional songcraft and production." Includes the singles 'Stay Flo' and 'Almeda'.

                        • – Binz
                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.99
                          Clear vinyl
                          Out of stock
                        Star Feminine BandStar Feminine BandBorn Bad Records

                        Without warning, this group of young girls from a remote region of Benin is shaking up the world of garage rock with breathtaking freshness, ingenuity, energy and playing!

                        • – Peba
                        • – Rew Be Me
                        • – Femme Africaine
                        • – Montealla
                        • – La Musique
                        • – Idesouse
                        • – Iseo
                        • – Timtitu
                        • LP£19.00
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£14.00
                          Out of stock