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    Tchic Tchic: French Bossa Nova 1963-1974Various ArtistsBorn Bad Records
    Playful, fun and exuberant 22-track compilation of French bossa nova from the early 60s and 70s. Includes tracks by Isabelle Aubret, Christiane Legrand,...
    • Les Masques – Il Faut Tenir
    • Isabelle Aubret – Casa Forte
    • Christiane Legrand – HLM Et Ciné Roman
    • Jean Constantin – Pas Tant D'Chichi Pompom
    • Billy Nencioli – Si Rien Ne Va
    • Marpessa Dawn – Le Petit Cuica
    • Jean-Pierre Sabar – Vai Vai
    • Sophia Loren – De Jour En Jour
    • Isabelle De Funès – Jusqu'à La Tombée Du Jour
    • Sylvia Fels – Corto Maltese
    Pierre VassiliuEn VoyagesBorn Bad Records
    Born Bad Records release another volume dedicated to the great French singer and songwriter Pierre Vassiliu. The 12 tracks of quirky, beautifully arranged...
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Invitation
    • Pierre Vassiliu – L’oiseau
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Moustache
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Qu’il Est B te Ce Gar on
    • Pierre Vassiliu – J’Ai Trouve Un Journal Dans Le Hall De L’Aeroport
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Mange Pas Les Bras
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Pierre Bats Ta Femme
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Spiderman
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Fais Moi Savoir
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Noix De Cola
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Viens Ma Belle
    • Pierre Vassiliu – Ca Va, a Va
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    Mobilisation Générale: Protest and Spirit Jazz from France (1970-1976)Various ArtistsBorn Bad Records
    Amazing collection of French jazz from the 70s on Born Bad Records. features tracks from Brigitte Fontaine, François Tusques, Alfred Panou and many more....
      Pierre SandwidiLe Troubadour De La Savane 1976-1980Born Bad Records
      Killer collection of tracks from Bukino Faso artist Sandwidi Pierre on the ever reliable Born Bad Records.Pierre Sandwidi stands as one of the finest Voltaic...
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Fils Du Sahel
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Boy Cuisinier
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Marietou
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Je Suis Un Salaud
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Ouaga Affaires
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Mam Ti Fou
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Lucie
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Missé Issa
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Je Demande Ma Démission
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Tond Yabramba
      • Pierre Sandwidi – Yamb Ney Capitale
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      Bernard EstardySpace Oddities: 1970-1982Born Bad Records
      Compilation of of French musical recording wizard Bernard Estardy's best works between 1970 and 1982. He was the master of the mixing board, as well as...
      • Bernard Estardy – Artifice Percussion
      • Bernard Estardy – Cha Tatch Ka
      • Bernard Estardy – Asiatic Dream
      • Bernard Estardy – Pussy Ring
      • Bernard Estardy – Implacable Ring
      • Bernard Estardy – Super Angoisse
      • Bernard Estardy – Phasing Round
      • Bernard Estardy – Slow Very Solw
      • Bernard Estardy – Gang Train
      • Bernard Estardy – Rallye Du Diable
      • Bernard Estardy – Theme Africain
      • Bernard Estardy – Emeute a Tokyo
      • Bernard Estardy – Coeur Polaire
      • Bernard Estardy – Pussy Cacatoes
      • Bernard Estardy – Angoisse Au Coeur
      • Bernard Estardy – Marionnettes Club
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      • CD£12.99
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