• LP£19.00
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    • CD£14.00
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    • Star Feminine Band – Peba
    • Star Feminine Band – Rew Be Me
    • Star Feminine Band – Femme Africaine
    • Star Feminine Band – Montealla
    • Star Feminine Band – La Musique
    • Star Feminine Band – Idesouse
    • Star Feminine Band – Iseo
    • Star Feminine Band – Timtitu
    • 1. Peba
    • 2. Rew Be Me
    • 3. Femme Africaine
    • 4. Montealla
    • 5. La Musique
    • 6. Idesouse
    • 7. Iseo
    • 8. Timtitu

    Without warning, this group of young girls from a remote region of Benin is shaking up the world of garage rock with breathtaking freshness, ingenuity, energy and playing!

    Other Releases on Born Bad Records

    Sauveur MalliaSauveur Mallia's Space Oddities 1979-1984Born Bad Records

    Born Bad continue their mind-expanding and totally essential series of library music 'Space Oddities' compilations with this set focusing on French musician and composer Sauveur Mallia.

    In the ever-expanding universe of 70s and 80s French library music, Mallia holds a special place; his career, multifaceted work and the uniqueness of his talent have made him an exemplary figure in the unsung world of library musicians.

    In those years a few of them, often for economic reasons, would set off on a space conquest, taking along just a few synthesisers. Their ambition well surpassed the modesty of their means; it was in turn the condition to their experimentations with sound which were to create a new sonic space: that of a nation tumbling into modernity. From French soil to the farthest reaches of the cosmos, there were just a few steps to take. It's with the label Tele Music, boarding the spaceship Arpadys, along with the Voyage crew, that Sauveur Mallia took the big leap.

    • – Space People
    • – Exotic Guide
    • – Reggae Direction
    • – Supersmurf
    • – Robot Avenue
    • – Double Polygone
    • – Synthetic Suspense
    • – Synthetic Neutron
    • – Smurfissimo
    • – All The Bass (Phoreski Mix)
    • – Spacial Escapade
    • – African Break
    • – Electronic Africa
    • – Star Odyssey
    • – New Wave Sequence
    • – Radium One
    • – Synthetic Geometry
    • LP£19.00
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    • CD£14.00
      Out of stock
    France Chébran Volume 2 - French Boogie 1982-1989Born Bad Records

    SUPERB compilation of eccentric, mutant disco from the French underground between 82-89!

    • Phil Barney – Funky Rap
    • J.M. Black – Lipstick
    • Ettika – Ettika (Version Maxi Inédite)
    • Sammy Massamba – Propriété Privée
    • Shams Dinn – Hedi Bled Noum
    • Alfio Scandurra – Qu'est Ce Qui Ne Va Pas?
    • Philippe Chany – Cairo Connection
    • Noureddine Staifi – Dansez Le Raksi
    • Brigitte Sarrus – Ta Face Préface
    • Alec Mansion – Trop Triste
    • Marie-Josée Fa – C'Est Tabou
    • Hamidou Takdjout – Jawla Feli
    • Ganawa – Yamna
    • Créole Star – Break Magic Dance
    • Manu – La Rage Du Funky (Remix)
    • Ethnie – De Chagrin En Chagrin
    • Joel Ferrati – Pourquoi Tant De Haine?
    • 2xLP + Download Code£24.99
      In stockAdd to Bag
    • CD£12.99
      Out of stock
    Pierre SandwidiLe Troubadour De La Savane 1976-1980Born Bad Records

    Killer collection of tracks from Bukino Faso artist Sandwidi Pierre on the ever reliable Born Bad Records.

    Pierre Sandwidi stands as one of the finest Voltaic artists from the 1970s. He belonged to an unsung elite of Francophone artists such as Francis Bebey, G.G. Vickey, Amédée Pierre and many more. His entire released output consists of less than ten 7 inches, two LPs and a bunch of cassettes.


    • – Fils Du Sahel
    • – Boy Cuisinier
    • – Marietou
    • – Je Suis Un Salaud
    • – Ouaga Affaires
    • – Mam Ti Fou
    • – Lucie
    • – Missé Issa
    • – Je Demande Ma Démission
    • – Tond Yabramba
    • – Yamb Ney Capitale
    • LP£18.99
      Out of stock
    • CD£12.99
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    Bernard EstardySpace Oddities: 1970-1982Born Bad Records

    Compilation of of French musical recording wizard Bernard Estardy's best works between 1970 and 1982. He was the master of the mixing board, as well as the head of CBE studios where he shaped everything from Gérard Manset’s concept albums to Claude François’ hit singles, Françoise Hardy’s delicate tear-jerkers and Michel Sardou’s soul-stirrers.

    • – Artifice Percussion
    • – Cha Tatch Ka
    • – Asiatic Dream
    • – Pussy Ring
    • – Implacable Ring
    • – Super Angoisse
    • – Phasing Round
    • – Slow Very Solw
    • – Gang Train
    • – Rallye Du Diable
    • – Theme Africain
    • – Emeute a Tokyo
    • – Coeur Polaire
    • – Pussy Cacatoes
    • – Angoisse Au Coeur
    • – Marionnettes Club
    • LP£18.99
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    • CD£12.99
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    Maleem Mahmoud Ghania & Pharoah SandersThe Trance Of Seven ColorsZehra

    **Back in stock!**

    Originally released in 1994 on Bill Laswell's AXIOM imprint, "The Trance Of Seven Colors" is the meeting of two true musical masters: master Gnawa musician Maleem Mahmoud Ghania, & free jazz legend Pharoah Sanders. Recorded in Morrocco in 1994, the album is considered to be one of the most important albums of Gnawa / spiritual, healing ceremonialtrance music. First time on vinyl - ESSENTIAL

    • – La Allah Dayim Moulenah
    • – Bala Moussaka
    • – Hamdouchi
    • – Peace In Essaouira (For Sonny Sharrock)
    • – Boulandi Samawi
    • – Moussa Berkiyo / Koubaliy Beriah La'Foh
    • – Salat Anbi
    • – Casa Casa Atougra
    • – Mahraba
    Sun RaEgypt 1971Strut

    **Essential Sun Ra release on Strut!**

    Sun Ra took his legendary Arkestra over to Egypt in 1971 to play a series of concerts which were later released on three LPs throughout the 1970s. This collection includes all of those releases plus two further albums of previously unreleased material. It also includes photos and liner notes as an all encompassing document of the man from saturn's sojourn in the desert.

    • – Discipline No. 27
    • – Solar Ship Voyage
    • – Cosmo-Darkness
    • – The Light Thereof
    • – Friendly Galaxy No. 2
    • – To Nature's God
    • – Why Go To The Moon?
    • 4×CD Box Set£22.00
      Out of stock
    Studio One Rocksteady Got SoulSoul Jazz Records

    Back in stock!

    Soul Jazz Records new Studio One release Rocksteady Got Soul is a collection of uplifting and superb rocksteady and soulful reggae from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Studio One is the number one label in the history of reggae and he album features - as ever with Studio One - an impeccable and unbeatable line-up of reggae superstars all soaring at the height of their creative powers. Alton Ellis, John Holt, The Heptones, Jackie Mittoo, The Ethiopians, Lee Perry and more.

    The album is a mix of classic tunes and rhythms alongside super-rarities that were released in a dazzlingly complex web of Studio One labels and issues, deftly navigated with new sleevenotes from author and Studio One authority Rob Chapman. But enough with the chatter, just spin the platter - these tunes rule the town, hands down!

    This Soul Jazz/Studio One album is released as deluxe gatefold double-vinyl + house inners + download code. Also as jewel case CD housed in card slipcase. Both formats come with full sleeve notes/discography and exclusive photography. (The album is also available digitally on day of release onwards)

    • Alton Ellis – It's True
    • The Heptones – You Turned Away
    • The Gladiators – Mr Sweet
    • The Jail Breakers – Work It Up
    • Lee Perry & The Gaylads – Run Rudie Run
    • The Heptones – Young Generation
    • Jackie Mittoo – Good Feeling
    • C. Marshall – I Need Your Loving
    • Alton Ellis – I'll Be Waiting
    • The Clarendonians – The Tables Gonna Turn
    • Ken Parker – When You're Gone
    • Sound Dimension – Traveling Home
    • Errol Dunkley – Get Up Now
    • John Holt – My Heart Is Gone
    • Freedom Singers and Larry Marshall – Monkey Man
    • The Ethiopians – Let The Light Shine
    • Im and David – Money Maker
    • The Viceroys – Lose and Gain
    • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£25.00
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    • CD£12.00
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    • MP3 Release£9.99
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    SaultUntitled (Rise)Forever Living Originals

    Another breathtakingly original transmission from UK group, Sault! Hot-on-the-heels of their essential 'UNTITLED (Black Is)' of earlier in 2020, 'Untitled (Rise)' sees the band evolve even more, blending funk, dance, post-punk and soul music into the soundtrack of the year. ESSENTIAL!

    • – Strong
    • – Fearless
    • – Rise
    • – I Just Want To Dance
    • – Street Fighter
    • – Son Shine
    • – Rise Intently
    • – The Beginning & The End
    • – Free
    • – You Know It Ain't
    • – Uncomfortable
    • – No Black Violins In London
    • – Scary Times
    • – The Black & Gold
    • – Little Boy
    • 2×LP£32.00
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    • CD£14.00
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    Doug Carn feat. The Voice of Jean CarnSpirit Of The New LandBlack Jazz Records

    Untouchable deep, spiritual jazz once more on Black Jazz from Doug Carn, with the soaring vocals of his then wife Jean Carn. Untouchable stuff!

    Of all the artists who recorded for the Black Jazz label, keyboardist and composer Doug Carn was the most prolific, releasing four albums for the label. 1972's 'Spirit of the New Land' was his second Black Jazz release, but the first one (of two) to co-feature his wife, vocalist Jean Carn. Features trumpeter Charles Tolliver, co-founder of the Strata-East label; saxophonist George Harper, who played with Herbie Hancock and Jimmy Smith among others; trombonist Garnett Brown and drummer Alphonse Mouzon (founding member of Weather Report). This is beautiful, uplifting, spiritual jazz classic!

    • – My Spirit
    • – Arise And Shine
    • – Trance Dance
    • LP£26.00
      Out of stock
    • CD£17.00
      In stockAdd to Bag
    Two Synths, A Guitar (And) A Drum Machine - Soul Jazz Records #1 Post Punk DanceSoul Jazz Records

    OUT NOW!

    Soul Jazz Records new ‘Two Synths, A Guitar (and) A Drum Machine’ is a new collection of current D-I-Y post-punk bands shaped by the mutant sounds of no wave, punk funk and New York Noise bands from the late 70s and early 80s that collided with the world of underground dance music found at the Paradise Garage, Mudd Club in New York City (ESG, Arthur Russell, Bush Tetras, Talking Heads, Suicide, Liquid Liquid).

    Other influences cited here include Manchester and Sheffield’s industrial post-punk sounds of the 1980s (Joy Division, Cabaret Voltaire, Gang of Four) as well as the 1970s German electronic experimentalism of Cluster, Neu!, Harmonia and Can.

    Featured artists from around the globe include Los Angeles D-I-Y band Automatic, New Fries from Toronto, artist/music collaborators Toresch from Germany, Susumu Makai from Japan/UK, Vex Ruffin from the Phillipines/California and Madmadmad, Gramme, Tom of England and other UK groups

    That all the bands featured here manage to make distinctive contemporary music out of these 80s roots is testament to the wide range of other musics that are seamlessly absorbed into a modern melting pot of sound – hip-hop, the electronic European avant-garde, rave culture, and more.

    The double vinyl comes in two editions:

    1) Limited edition indies EXCLUSIVE heavyweight green double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured.

    2) Limited edition heavyweight black double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured.

    The album is also available as a CD and digital release

    • Automatic – Too Much Money
    • Zongamin – Underwater Paramid
    • New Fries – Lily
    • Vex Ruffin & Fab 5 Freddy – The Balance
    • Ixna – Somebody Said
    • Leroy Duncann – Dream River
    • Tom Of England – Neon Green
    • Toresch – Tocar
    • Becker & Mukai – La Rivière des Perles
    • Gramme – Discolovers
    • Niagara – Ida
    • Charles Manier – Sift Through Art Collecting People
    • Black Deer – Baseball Shorts
    • Madmadmad – Hot Disco
    • Wino D – Untitled
    Tony Allen plays with Africa 70ProgressComet

    **Deluxe vinyl edition with tip-on sleeve**

    Tony Allen was a drummer for Fela Kuti and leader of the Africa 70 ensemble. In 1976 Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Afrika 70 released a total of 8 albums including the hit 'Zombie'. At this same time, following on from his album 'Jealousy' made 'Progress'. The title track features a tenor sax and piano solo by Fela Kuti, a stunning funky highlife groove with inspirational catchy lyrics. 'Afro-Disco Beat' on the flip the tempo quickens slightly adding as the title suggests a more disco beat meant for dancing feet...

    • – Progress
    • – Afro Disco Beat
    • LP£23.00
      Deluxe vinyl edition with tip-on sleeve
      Out of stock
    Hallelujah Chicken Run BandTake OneAnalog Africa

    **A collection of Zimbabwean group Hallelujah Chicken Run Band’s tracks from 1974-1979.**

    Originally playing the Congolese Rumba and Afro-rock styles popular in the capital, the band found success once they began incorporating elements of traditional Shona music. Rapidly growing in popularity after winning a national music contest during 1974, the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band became key players across Zimbabwe’s music scenes. 'Take One' collects their biggest hits as well as rare tunes from between 1974-1979. Another essential release via Analog Africa!

    • – Mudzimu Ndiringe
    • – Kare Nanhasi
    • – Tamba Zimba Navashe
    • – Ngoma Yarira
    • – Sekai
    • – Manheru Changamire
    • – Gore Iro
    • – Mukadzi Wangu Ndomuda
    • – Alikulila
    • – Tinokumbira Kuziva
    • LP + Download Code£26.00
      In stockAdd to Bag
    • CD£20.00
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    ShannonGive Me Tonight (1984)Emergency Records

    Electro disco groover, 1984 VG Orig USA vinyl

    • – Give Me Tonight
    • Original 12"£8.00
      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
      Out of stock
    Tony Allen hits with Africa 70JealousyComet

    **Deluxe vinyl edition with tip-on sleeve**

    Reissue of one of the first of three of Tony Allen's solo albums produced by Fela Kuti! Originally released on the private imprint Soundworkshop Records. Arguably one of this best albums with these two killer funky afro-beat gems 'Jealousy' and 'Hustler'!

    • – Jealousy
    • – Hustler
    • LP£23.00
      Deluxe vinyl edition with tip-on sleeve
      Out of stock
    Kellee PattersonMaiden VoyageBlack Jazz Records

    Fantastic album on Black Jazz, originally released in 1974 and featuring the seminal vocal version of Herbie Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage' - powerful, uplifting gem on Black Jazz. AWESOME!

    Produced by Gene Russell, accompanied by George Harper's sprightly flute and a subdued rhythm section, Patterson's lovely, sure-pitched voice fits the love song "Magic Wand of Love" and the boogaloo 'Soul Daddy' well, as does her interpretation of lyrics specially fashioned for the Herbie Hancock instrumental 'Maiden Voyage'.

    • – Maiden Voyage
    Teno AfrikaAmapiano SelectionsAwesome Tapes From Africa

    Awesome Tapes From Africa releases one of the best examples of 'amapiano' music from South Africa.The past five years have seen this rapidly expanding dance music movement born in the townships of the country’s Gauteng province, that's evolved from an underground sound to a nationwide mainstream staple. Essential release!

    • – Teno Afrika & Diego Don feat. Stylo Musiq & Flame Darula - Ambassadors
    • – Teno Afrika & Diego Don - Storytellers
    • – Teno Afrika - 8 Ubers (Tribute to DJ Jaivane)
    • – Teno Afrika & Diego Don feat. Stylo Musiq & Flame Darula - Conka
    • – Teno Afrika & SilvadropZ - Smooth Criminal (Main Mix)
    • – Teno Afrika - Lerato La Bass
    • – Teno Afrika & SilvadropZ - Trip to Vlakas (Main Mix)
    • – Teno Afrika - Chants of Africa
    • 1. – Teno Afrika & Diego Don feat. Stylo Musiq & Flame Darula - Ambassadors
    • 2. – Teno Afrika & Diego Don - Storytellers
    • 3. – Teno Afrika - 8 Ubers (Tribute to DJ Jaivane)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • LP + Download Code£22.00
      Out of stock
    • CD£13.00
      Out of stock
    Cosmic Vibrations feat. Dwight TriblePathways & PassagesSpiritmuse Records

    New, extraordinary music by Cosmic Vibrations ft Dwight Trible. An interplanetary journey from this new, LA based 6-strong ensemble of experienced musicians that define "spiritual jazz in the 21st century."

    Divine vocals by Dwight Trible, Sun Ra-esque jazz with world influences, laced with indigenous instruments, taking you into a cosmic journey of spiritual improvisation and beyond. Cosmic Vibrations’ Pathways & Passages is an awakening, an opportunity to soar deeper into an altered awareness, an unfolding from a multi-faceted cosmic realm into the Cosmos. Simply superb new release via Spiritmuse!

    • – Nature’s Vision
    • – Blue Skies
    • – How Long
    • – Motherless Child
    • – Water Flow
    • – Movin’ On
    • – OLBAP
    • – Tragedy Escapes
    • LP£32.00
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    • CD£18.00
      Out of stock
    Eighties LadiesLadies Of The 80sExpansion Records

    Reissue of this amazing, one-off album produced by Roy Ayers! Vocal group Eighties Ladies was made up of the talented Susan Beaubian, Marva Hicks, Vivian Prince, Denie Corbett & Sylvia Striplin backed by an all-star line-up Roy Ayers band (including Rick James who shares the production).

    The anthemic ‘Turned on To You” and “Ladies of the Eighties” are both included in this absolutely classic boogie-funk-jazz-soul album from the start of the 80s.

    • – Ladies Of The Eighties
    • – Turned On To You
    • LP£15.99
      Out of stock
    Pepe BradockDactilonomy IIIAtavisme

    The minimal house master returns with an EP of seriously left-of-centre house music goodies for the more forward-thinking floors - top stuff from the Frenchman like Pepe Bradock!

    • – Major
    • – Major
    • – Finger - Snapped
    • – Finger
    Sun Ra ArkestraSwirlingStrut

    Marshall Allen directs the Arkestra's first studio album in over twenty years, ‘Swirling'! This new recording represents the "continuation of a heartfelt rebirth of the Arkestra under Allen’s guidance since Sun Ra left the planet in 1993"; a big band line-up featuring long-standing Arkestra members including Danny Ray Thompson, Michael Ray, Vincent Chancey, Knoel Scott, Cecil Brooks, Atakatune, Elson Nascimento and Tyler Mitchell, the album is a full-blooded, cosmic celebration of Sun Ra’s legacy.

    • – Satellites Are Spinning/Lights On A Satellite
    • – Seductive Fantasy
    • – Swirling
    • – Angels And Demons At Play
    • – Sea Of Darkness/Darkness
    • – Rocket No. 9
    • – Astro Black
    • – Infinity/I'll Wait For You
    • – Sunology
    • – Door Of The Cosmos/Say
    • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£25.00
      Limited gold vinyl edition
      Out of stock
    • CD£12.00
      Out of stock
    Brown SugarI'm In Love With A Dreadlocks: Brown Sugar and The Birth Of Lovers Rock 1977 - 80Soul Jazz Records

    Soul Jazz Records are releasing this first ever collection of the pioneering British reggae Lovers Rock group Brown Sugar including rare singles, dubs and extended mixes. The album comes with extensive sleevenotes and interviews with Dennis Bovell, Pauline Catlin, John Kpiaye and Winston Edwards (Studio 16).

    Brown Sugar were formed by three young teenage girls – Pauline Catlin, Caron Wheeler and Carol Simms in South London in 1976. In the short period of time 1976-1980, the group – working with Dennis Bovell on the mixing desk and John Kpiaye (‘Brownie T) in the studio – recorded barely a handful of singles on the new Lovers Rock label, a number of which went to the top of the UK reggae charts. But success stopped there, and with no album release and no industry support the group broke up in the early 1980s.

    Following their split Caron Wheeler became the lead vocalist for the hugely successful group Soul II Soul, Carol Simms launched a solo career as Kofi (re-making a number of Brown Sugar songs with producer Mad Professor) and Pauline Catlin returned to education.

    Despite their relatively low-key mainstream public exposure Brown Sugar (and the label on which their first records appeared) announced to the world a new genre of reggae music, Lovers Rock, which spoke for the first time with the sensibility of a new segment of British society; that of first generation-born Black British female youth.

    And while Lovers Rock became synonymous with sweet love songs, Brown Sugar’s music in fact expressed far more; a righteous pride and consciousness in being Black and British, a political stance more often associated with UK roots groups like Black Slate, Aswad, Misty in Roots and other British reggae acts in the late 1970s. Brown Sugar were in fact their own genre of ‘conscious lovers rock’ – an expression of ideological black cultural pride.

    Brown Sugar’s handful of three-minute love songs (often plus extended dubs) somehow manage to encapsulate all the complexities of identity, sexual politics and youthful righteousness of Afro-Caribbean youth living in Britain in the 1970s. Songs such as ‘I’m in Love with A Dreadlocks’, ‘Our Reggae Music’, ‘Black Pride’ and ‘Dreaming of Zion’ spoke with a straightforward righteousness and consciousness that few roots groups could hope to match. The fact that they were all teenagers is even more striking.

    In the mid-70s British reggae came into being as first generation Black Britain was able to find a voice able to express the issues of growing up British with Caribbean roots. This came about in two different ways – the British roots music of (essentially male) groups such as Aswad, Steel Pulse and Black Slate – and Lovers Rock, the expression of a black essentially (but not totally) female consciousness – Brown Sugar, Louisa Mark, 15-16-17, Marie Pierre, Janet Kay, Carroll Thompson, Jean Adebambo and others. And significantly, while British roots music was a variant on a Jamaican style, Lovers Rock was uniquely British – the first authentic British reggae sound.

    Dennis Bovell comments, “For Lovers Rock we needed a pulpit, a way of saying ‘this is the style’. Sound systems were already saying ‘this is lovers,’ brandishing it in the dance. Our intention was to create a style of music that my generation could identify with – one that had a beat, and you could dance to with your partner in a sound system setting.”

    Dennis Bovell’s mixes for the group gave a further dimension to Brown Sugar records – a sound system mentality, adding sound effects and dub elements. ‘I’m in Love with A Dreadlocks’ was the debut release for both Brown Sugar and the Lovers Rock label, a fitting calling card for both. The record was a hit on many sound systems across the UK, reaching the top of the reggae charts.

    John Kpiaye: “They never put out an album. And all these records were seven-inch singles; when 12-inches turned up it just killed the seven-inch.”

    Although the career of Brown Sugar was short-lived, their legacy and influence remains significant and now, 40 years on from these first records, all of the members are still involved in music. Pauline Catlin has recently re-launched her career under a new moniker, Shezekiel; Carol Simms, aka Kofi, remains a successful solo artist, one of the queens of Lovers Rock; Caron Wheeler, after leaving Soul II Soul at the end of the 1980s, embarked on a solo career, before re-joining the soul super-group which she continues to front to this day.

    This new collection brings together all the groups essential recordings for the first ever time and is released as double gatefold heavyweight vinyl + free download (+ full sleevenotes), CD with large booklet, and digital album.

    • – Black Pride
    • – Our Reggae Music
    • – Hello Stranger
    • – I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks
    • – Hurtin' (with Dennis Bovell)
    • – I'm So Proud
    • – Runaway Love
    • – Dreaming Of Zion
    • – Loving Dreadlocks Dub
    • – You and Your Smiling Face
    • – Do You Really Love Me
    • – Proud
    • – Confession Hurts
    Ngozi Family45,000 VoltsNow-Again Records

    First official reissue Paul Ngozi’s hard-edged, proto-punk, mid-1970s Zamrock masterwork via Now-Again Records!

    • – Nizakupanga Ngozi
    • – Everything Is Over
    • – I'll Be With U
    • – Atate
    • – U Don't Love Me
    Penny PennyYogo YogoAwesome Tapes From Africa

    The rags-to-riches chronicle of Penny Penny's life would be remarkable if he had only released his smash debut Shaka Bundu and packed houses for a few years. But the inimitable South African singer and dancer known for his trademark top ponytail and emphatic anthems was no one-hit wonder. In the aftermath of Shaka Bundu's nationwide explosion, far beyond his country the album resonated with ever bigger audiences. He performed up and down the continent, building fanbases in more than a dozen countries. So his sophomore album Yogo Yogo - released in 1996 - solidified Penny Penny's standing in pop music nationally and provided new energy to his pan-African stadium-filling adventures. "I was very busy between Shaka Bundu and Yogo Yogo. Shows every week, local and outside the country. There was no relaxing from 1995 until 1999." The album also reflects the era in which it emerged. If Shaka Bundu arrived triumphantly amid newfound political freedom in South Africa with the end of Apartheid and Nelson Mandela's election, Yogo Yogo was a next level expression for the maturing artist. He wanted to get a message out. Composed with Joe Shirimani, who also produced the album, the sound and compositional style echoes the earlier recording but the topical nature of the lyrics became more deliberate, more didactic. In the song "Ingani" Penny proclaims, we are all one people even though we may speak different languages, we are all Nguni—a larger historical grouping that includes many of the ethnic groups in modern South Africa. "Kulani Kulani," which means grow up, urges young people to say no to drugs and yes to education. Ama Owners, referring to the public transport drivers involved in violent rumbles, asks the nation's drivers to relax because we need them for our safe arrival. Penny's success as a Xitsonga artist should not be under-estimated in the context of popular music at the time in South Africa.

    • – Ibola Aids
    • – Ingani
    • – Amarumasi
    • – Kulani Kulani
    • – Hai Kamina
    • – Yogo Yogo
    • – Ti Samboko
    • – Ama Owners
    • LP + Download Code£20.00
      In stockAdd to Bag
    • CD£12.00
      Out of stock
    • Cassette Tape £9.00
      In stockAdd to Bag
    BudgieSweet Sweet SpiritThe Good Book

    Finally available on vinyl at last! The first volume of Budgie’s contributions to 'The Good Book I and II" featuring his gospel-sampling collaborations with The Alchemist and includes appearances from J.Rocc, Action Bronson, Aston Matthews and Mick Luter!

    • – The New Messiah
    • – The Baddest
    • – Brother Elijah
    • – Heavenly Spirit
    • – Church on Shrooms
    • – Higher Than Before
    • – With My Soul
    • – Trees & The Sky
    • – Forgive Me
    • – Praise
    • LP£25.00
      Out of stock
    Chocolate Milk (2)Take It Off (1982)RCA Victor

    Disco funk boogie

    • – Take It Off
    • Original 12"£15.00
      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Orig 12" vinyl
      Out of stock
    The AwakeningHear, Sense And FeelBlack Jazz Records

    The Awakening are the heaviest of all the groups to release on Black Jazz Records - this is simply a spiritual jazz classic album - every track is superb. This is also one of the RAREST of all Black Jazz albums - never reissued and super deep - 100% ESSENTIAL PURCHASE!

    A spiritual jazz classic from The Awakening that sees the group making sidesteps into the freer jazz zones - quite natural for band pianist Ken Chaney and saxophonist-flautist Ari Brown, given their involvement with the Afro-centric AACM (Association for the Advancement of Creative Music) - essential!

    • – Awakening - Prologue Spring Thing
    • – Convulsions
    • – Kera's Dance
    • – Brand New Feeling
    • LP£26.00
      Out of stock
    • CD£17.00
      In stockAdd to Bag
    The Diabolical LibertiesHigh Protection & The Sportswear MysticsOn The Corner Records

    The Diabolical Liberties return with 'High Protection & The Sportswear Mystics', their anticipated long-player for On The Corner Records! Expect more, ritual dub music, voodoo jazz, dissonant punk-funk and the sage words of the great Rob Gallagher. Killer stuff!

    • – Bigger Than You
    • – Shopping Trolley Voodoo
    • – High Protection (feat. Emma-Jean Thackray)
    • – Crack The Skies Of America
    • – Sliders
    • – Dancing Out My Modern Mind
    • – Fix My Battery
    • – Then We Were Money
    • – Rudeboys In Outa Space
    • – Strange World
    • – Chicken Run The High Street
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    When Jah Shall ComePressure Sounds

    Bunny Lee recorded a massive volume of remarkably consistent music in the 70s. This compilation brings together rare and unreleased cuts that put the listener bang in the middle of a typical recording session, complete with false starts and studio banter.

    Linval Thompson is represented by two unreleased tunes, and is also heard in the runup to 'Tommy's Vibration'. Once the 'flying cymbal' sound had taken off, Bunny often recorded a 'flyers' and a straight version of the same rhythm: 'Tommy's Vibration' is a classic but little known Tommy McCook instrumental on the flyers cut of Linval's 'Jah Jah A The Conqueror'. 'Ethiopian Rock' is a total scorcher, the only recorded tune by the deejay Jah Smile, before Bunny persuaded him to turn to singing and changed his name to Barry Brown.

    In a healthy spirit of competition, Bunny often tried out different singers on tunes that he thought would hit, hence Ronnie Davis's soulful take on Johnny Clarke's 'Every Knee Shall Bow', Johnny's version of Horace Andy's 'Better Collie', and Johnny and Horace sharing vocals on 'No Man Is An Island', all unreleased until now. 'No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time' has Johnny Clarke and 'Bongo' Herman Davis recorded over the original version side of Johnny's 'None Shall Escape The Judgement'. 'Life Of My Own' is a beautifully constructed lament by a singer who neither Bunny nor various expert ears have managed to identify: at Bunny's suggestion he is credited as 'The Raver'. 'War Zone' and 'Keep On Running' are examples of Tubby's mixes that have had further effects dubbed on elsewhere; sound systems and foreign record labels occasionally did this to manufacture their own specials from existing mixes. 'Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots' has recently been the subject of the fascinating documentary 'Shella Record: A Reggae Mystery'; the Lennox Brown cut here has only just been discovered. Also included are two stinging dubplates by Cornell Campbell: the first is aimed straight to the head of Arrows sound system, while the second, recorded in the early 80s, sums up the vital partnership of two of Jamaica's musical giants:

    * previously unreleased ** CD bonus track

    • Tommy McCook – Tommy's Vibes
    • Johnny Clarke – No Babylon Shall Escape In This Time *
    • Jah Smile – Ethiopian Rock
    • Lennox Brown – Jamaican Fruit Of African Roots *
    • Ronnie Davis – Every Knee Shall Bow *
    • Cornell Campbell – King Tubby's vs Arrows Dubplate *
    • Al Campbell – One Room Shack
    • John Forbes – War Zone
    • Linval Thompson – Look How Long Nyabinghi Calling You *
    • The Raver – Life Of My Own *
    • The Aggrovators – Bell Road Rock *
    • Cornell Campbell – Keep On Running
    • U-Roy – The Right To Live
    • Al Campbell – Wicked A Go Feel It
    • Tommy McCook – Joe Frazier *
    • Johnny Clarke – No Man Is An Island *
    • Linval Thompson – Go Jah Jah Pickney *
    • Johnny Clarke – Better Collie *
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    Ebony Steel BandPan-MachineOM Swagger

    Formed in 1969 and based in West London, the Ebony Steel Band celebrate their 50th anniversary and take up the challenge of interpreting some classic Kraftwerk tracks on steel drums. Seminal electronic songs like The Model, Spacelab, Neon Lights, Tour De France, The Robots, Computer Love and Computer World. Simply amazing and joyous music!

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