Odyssey Native New Yorker / Use It Up and Wear It Out (Mike Maurro Mixes)

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    • Odyssey – Native New Yorker (Mike Maurro Mix)
    • Odyssey – Use It Up and Wear It Out (Mike Maurro Mix)
    • 1. Native New Yorker (Mike Maurro Mix)
    • 2. Use It Up and Wear It Out (Mike Maurro Mix)

    "Music plays, everyone's dancing closer and closer; making friends and finding lovers..."

    Extended version of the one of the greatest disco tunes ‘Native New Yorker’ given a simple Maurro treatment it needed with a long extended intro, break and extended instrumental sections. Backed with the classic ‘Use It Up and Wear It Out’ - loud drums and more subtle changes that give it a reworked feel without taking away from the original. Mastered in Philadelphia at the legendary Sigma Sounds!

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