Transllusion Mind Over Positive And Negative Dimensional Matter

    • 12" TRESOR271£6.99
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    • Transllusion – Power Of The 3rd Brain
    • Transllusion – Disrupted Neural Gateway
    • Transllusion – Do You Want To Get Down?
    • 1. Power Of The 3rd Brain
    • 2. Disrupted Neural Gateway
    • 3. Do You Want To Get Down?


    Classic Drexciya production! Initially released on Tresor offshoot Supremat, this 12" includes three cuts that were not present on the original vinyl version of the Transllusion album, 'The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate'. Essential!

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      • Levon Vincent – Untitled
      • Levon Vincent – Untitled
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        • Jeff Mills – If (We)
        • Jeff Mills – Cycle 30 (Loop 4)
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