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    DrexciyaHydro DoorwaysTresor
    **Back in stock!** Classic techno from the duo who draw the sounds of electro and minimal wave through their studio somewhere in the underworld of Detroit:...
    • Drexciya – Quantum Hydrodynamics
    • Drexciya – Polymono Plexusgel
    • Drexciya – Lost Vessel
    • Drexciya – Species On The Pod
    • Drexciya – Drifting Into a Time Of No Future
    • Drexciya – Devil Ray Cove
    DrexciyaHarnessed The StormTresor
    Reissue of an all-time classic techno album on Tresor!!! It kicks off with the wicked "Digital Tsunami" single before moving through several flavours...
    • Drexciya – Soul Of The Sea
    • Drexciya – Dr Blowfins' Black Storm Stabilising Spheres
    • Drexciya – Song Of The Green Whale
    • Drexciya – the plankton organisation *CD ONLY*
    • 2×LP£18.99
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    • CD£8.99
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