Transllusion The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

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    • Transllusion – Transmission Of Life
    • Transllusion – Negative Flash
    • Transllusion – Walking With Clouds
    • Transllusion – Cerebral Cortex Malfunction
    • Transllusion – Cluben In Guyana
    • Transllusion – Look Within
    • Transllusion – Unordinary Realities
    • Transllusion – Dimensional Glide
    • Transllusion – War Of The Clones
    • Transllusion – Crossing Into The Mental Astroplane
    • Transllusion – Do You Want To Get Down?
    • Transllusion – Do You Want To Get Down? (Vocal De Void)
    • 1. Transmission Of Life
    • 2. Negative Flash
    • 3. Walking With Clouds
    • 4. Cerebral Cortex Malfunction
    • 5. Cluben In Guyana
    • 6. Look Within
    • 7. Unordinary Realities
    • 8. Dimensional Glide
    • 9. War Of The Clones
    • 10. Crossing Into The Mental Astroplane
    • 11. Do You Want To Get Down?
    • 12. Do You Want To Get Down? (Vocal De Void)

    Back in stock! A C-L-A-S-S-I-C electro album by Drexciya under their Transllusion guise!

    Produced by the late James Marcel Stinson and released in 2001 via Supremat, a short-lived sub label Tresor dedicated to a more abstract and experimental electro sound, “The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate” was conceived as the second part of the so-called Drexciyan Storms – a whopping stack of seven albums by the Detroit pair released under different monikers within a single year (the Tresor album “Harnessed The Storm” being the first). Informed by esoteric concepts, the music on this brilliant album is chock full of hypercharged arpeggios and driving pulse patterns. BRILLIANT.

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      • Superfunk – Superfunk
      • Jessie G – That's Hot
      • Jupiter Beyond – The River Drive
      • The Sunburst Band – The Easton Assassin
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      • Sugar Bear Johnson – When Your Jones Come Down
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      • 1. The Fantastic Aleems featuring Calebur – Hooked On Your Love (John Morales Mix)
      • 2. Superfunk – Superfunk
      • 3. Jessie G – That's Hot
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      • MJ Cole – Volcano Riddim
      • NB Funky – Riddim Box
      • Tubby T – Ready She Ready (Seiji Remix)
      • Sunship feat Warrior Queen – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Underground Souljah Mix)
      • Zumen featuring Leafnuts & Aaron Phiri – Rolexxx
      • Hard House Banton – Sirens
      • Ghosts On Tape – Predator Mode (Roska Remix)
      • Donae'o – African Warrior (Instrumental)
      • Stereotyp meets Al Haca – Blaze 'n' Cook (Radioslave Remix)
      • Kode9 – Black Sun
      • Lil Silva – Pulse vs Flex
      • LV feat. Rubi Dan & Errol Bellot – Crossfire
      • Zed Bias & Omar – Dancing
      • D-Malice – Gabryelle (Refix)
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      • Theo Parrish – Ah feat. Marcellus Pittman, Ideeyah, Duminie Deporres
      • Theo Parrish – Make No War
      • Theo Parrish – Cypher Delight
      • Theo Parrish – Creepcake
      • Theo Parrish – Helmut Lampshade
      • Theo Parrish – Be In Yo Self feat. Ideeyah & Duminie Deporres
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      • Visionist – Victim
      • Visionist – 1 Guarda
      • Visionist – I’ve Said
      • Visionist – Vffected
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      • Kode9 – Notel
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