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      • 1. We Can Make It If We Try
      • 2. Through The Love In My Heart
      • 3. Handle It
      • 4. I'll Never Let You Go
      • 5. Cry Of A Dreamer
      • 6. Stay Away From Me
      • 7. I Don't Need To Prove Myself
      • 8. Let It Be Me
      • 9. Love Me, Love Me Not
      • 10. I Remember
      • 11. Yesterday

      Beautiful, golden-era soul written by Leon Sylvers III, produced by Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson. The Sylvers were a familyfrom Los Angeles who were very successful during the 70’s and into the early 80’s, with chart hits - deep into pop-disco territory by then! - including ‘Boogie Fever’, ‘Hot Line’ and ‘High School Dance’.This is the group’s second album, from 1973, and is one of their strongest. Opening with the awesome mid-tempo ‘We Can Make It If We Try’ the record moves through funk, boogie and deep soul moods, finishing on a hazy, acapellaversion of The Beatles ‘Yesterday’.

      A true funk-soul masterpiece. Sampled by Madlib, Homeboy Sandman,
      Ghostface Killah, Black Milk, Roc Marciano, 9th Wonder and more!

      Other Releases on Mr Bongo

      With Love Volume 2 Compiled By MicheMr Bongo
      Deep, raw soul rarities compiled on Mr Bongo!
        • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£26.00
          Limited pink coloured vinyl edition
          Out of stock
        • CD£12.00
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        Bala DesejoSim Sim SimMr Bongo
        The band is comprised of four distinct characters, each one an incredible talent in their own right and each with impressive credentials in the Brazilian...
        • – Embala pra Viagem
        • – Baile De Máscaras (Recarnaval)
        • – Lua Comanche
        • – Clama Floresta
        • – Dourado Dourado
        • – Nesse Sofá
        • – Nana Del Caballo Grande
        • – Lambe Lambe
        • – Passarinha
        • – Sim Sim Sim
        • – Muito Só
        • – Cronografia (O Peixe)
        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
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        • CD£11.00
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        Luke Una presents E Soul Cultura Vol. 2Mr Bongo
        É Soul Cultura Vol. 1 seemed to land at exactly the right moment. Post-lockdown, optimism was back on the rise and the dance floors swelled again. For...
        • – Real Thing - Children of The Ghetto
        • – Avis - Baby, This Love I Have
        • – Veronica Mickie - Lost Children
        • – Rare Silk - Storm (Arp Duppy Chip Mix)
        • – LFO - Shove Piggy Shove
        • – Bach Revolution - D.E 108
        • – Andi Otto - Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi)
        • – Unnayanaa & Irfan Rainy feat Ibtisam - Taht Min Aini (Alberghina Remx) [Vinyl Only]
        • – Michael de Albuquerque - We May Be Cattle But We All Got Names
        • – Pyranha - Clepsydre
        • – Yargo - Marimba
        • – Okyerema Asante & Black Fire - Play a Sweet Rhythm on Them Drums (feat. Plunky)
        • – Mr. Scruff feat. Nke - Giffin (Taken Re-Edit Speechless Dub Mix)
        • – Isis - In Essense
        • – Frank Hatchett - Malibu Nites
        Hidden Waters: Strange and Sublime Sounds of Rio de JaneiroMr Bongo
        The popularity of Brazilian music from the 60s, 70s and 80s has experienced quite the renaissance; artists such as Gal Costa, Gilberto Gil, Arthur Verocai,...
        • – Ana Frango Elétrico - Saudade
        • – Bala Desejo - Lua Comanche
        • – Ovo Ou Bicho - Moços
        • 2×LP£23.00
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        • CD£11.00
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        Módulo 1000Não Fale Com ParedesMr Bongo
        Formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1969, Módulo 1000 honed their craft as the house band in clubs and resorts in São Paulo where they predominantly covered...
        • – Turpe Est Sine Crine Caput
        • – Não Fale Com Paredes
        • – Espêlho
        • – Lem - Ed - Êcalg
        • – Ôlho Por Ôlho, Dente Por Dente
        • – Metrô Mental
        • – Teclados
        • – Salve-Se Quem Puder
        • – Animália
        Akira Ishikawa & Count BuffaloesUganda (Dawn Of African Rock)Mr Bongo
        For this offering, originally released in 1972 on Toshiba Records, Akira Ishikawa takes us on a deep tripped-out journey. 'Uganda (Dawn of Rock)' is a...
        • – Wanyamana Mapambazuko
        • – Na Tu Penda Sana
        • – Vita
        • – Pygmy
        • LP£45.00
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        • CD£11.00
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        Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol. 2MR BONGO
        Louder Than War emphatically stated, "It's impossible not to like The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1.", with Gigwise echoing that praise "slickly compelling...
          Beverley SkeeteWarm / If The Feeling Is RightMR BONGO
          'Warm' is UK street-soul / electronic boogie at its finest. An infectious groove that features an amazing vocal performance invites you to fall in love....
          • – Warm
          • – If The Feeling Is Right
          Horace Tapscott QuintetThe QuintetMr Bongo
          This previously unreleased album by the Horace Tapscott Quintet was unearthed from master tapes in the Flying Dutchman archives. Recorded in 1969 and was...
          • – World Peace
          • – Your Child
          • – For Fats
          Arthur VerocaiArthur VerocaiMr Bongo
          Melancholic, psych folk-Brazilian classic!!! Lush beautiful arrangements, sample-laden gem! In 1972 a repressive Brazilian military dictatorship frowned...
          • – Caboclo
          • – Pelas Sombras
          • – Sylvia
          • – Dedicada A Ela
          • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£36.00
            50th Anniversary Edition. Limited coloured vinyl, half-speed mastered.
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          Lester RobertsonAkirfa / Untitled BalladMr Bongo
          Lester has worked with some of the greats of jazz including Gerald Wilson, Anita O'Day, Lionel Hampton and Roy Porter Sound Machine on the classic 'Jessica'...
            Os Carbonos / Sandra De SaPassaro Selvagem / Palco AzulMr Bongo
            'Pássaro Selvagem' is taken from the latter years of their career. Its a bass driven, boogie-funk groove (with a bassline not too dissimilar to Queen...
              Mr Bongo Record Club Vol. 5Mr Bongo
              For Vol. 5 of Mr Bongo's 'Record Club' series, the label look to a broad church - from Brazil to Cuba, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan, Mauritania, South Africa,...
                • 2×LP£23.00
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                • CD£10.00
                  Out of stock
                Luke Una presents E Soul CulturaMr Bongo
                With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre,...
                • – Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - "Eva
                • – Chene Noir - Le Train
                • – Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
                • – The Brand New Heavies - Stay This Way (feat. N'Dea Davenport - The Lunar dub)
                • – Typesun - The PL (Extended edit)
                • – King Errisson - Space Queen
                • – Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
                • – Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau & Henri Texier - "Le Cyclope
                • – Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
                • – Francisco - Wache
                • – Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
                • – On - Southern Freeez
                • – Soylent Green - After All
                • 2×LP£23.00
                  Out of stock
                • CD£11.00
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                Wild StyleMR BONGO
                The original Animal track listing, of which this is a reissue, is full of recurring sounds and motifs, all of them co-produced by Chris Stein and Fab Five...
                  Kev LuckhurstWild Style! Lesson Part 1+2Mr Bongo
                  Phat Kev might well be best known for his breakthrough mix album Brazilianbeats 'n Pieces, which dropped on Mr Bongo in 2007. He's a true-skool hip hop...
                    The Brkn RecordThe Architecture Of Oppression Part 1Mr Bongo
                    DEEP JAZZ on MR BONGOSThe Brkn Record is a new project led and produced by Jake Ferguson, the co-founder and bass player for the UK's foundational deep...
                    • – Assimilation
                    • – His Mother's Eyes
                    • – The Investigator
                    • – Break The Chains
                    • – A Police Service, Not A Police Force
                    • – Hackney Ain't Innocent
                    • – On The Daily
                    • – Say Black
                    • – The Babylon Encounter
                    • – Witness The Whiteness
                    • – Lifeline
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00 £11.50
                      Limited coloured vinyl edition
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                    • CD£11.00
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                    Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol.1Mr Bongo
                    Glenn Fallows & Mark Treffel's 'The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1' takes its inspiration from classic soundtrack and cinematic composers such as Axelrod,...
                    • – Faith In Time
                    • – Scene In Roma
                    • – Who Knows When
                    • – Hidden In The Pampas
                    • – Fear Me Now
                    • – How It Shimmers
                    • – El Ejido
                    • – Arise
                    • LP£20.00
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                    • CD£11.00
                      Out of stock
                    The Pro-TeensI Flip My Life Every Time I FlyMr Bongo
                    Superb, widescreen, cinematic funk and 70s library music vibes from Oz band The Pro-Teens! Features members of Surprise Chef and Karate Boogaloo and highly...
                    • – I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly
                    • – No One Understands Me (I'm OG)
                    • – Spray It, Don't Say It
                    • – Convo
                    • – Peppery Weapons
                    • – Snooch Is Too Busy For This Shit
                    • – The Pro-Teens Ruined My Life
                    • – Ya Gotta Love This City
                    • – I Hate Turbulence
                    • – Greta Thunburg
                    • – Elephant On The Wall
                    • – Slow Fast
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                      Limited orange vinyl edition
                      Out of stock
                    • CD£11.00
                      In stockAdd to Bag
                    Golden Boys / Silvio C SarSegura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi O) / Beco Sem Sa daMr Bongo
                    A monster Brazilian funk / samba rock double-sider from of the mighty Golden Boys and Silvio C Sar. Both tracks produced by the great Milton Miranda.
                    • – Golden Boys - Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi o)
                    • – Silvio C Sar - Beco Sem Sa da
                    Sven WunderImpasto / Prussian BlueMr Bongo
                    Wild, psychedelic, cinematic funk vibes from the huge talent, Sven Wunder! Huge recommendation for the psych and prog enthusiasts; folk or jazz aficionados...
                    • – Impasto
                    • – Prussian Blue
                    Ian CarrBelladonnaMr Bongo
                    **Official half-speed mastered re-issue of British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr's iconic jazz-fusion-rock hybrid 'Belladonna' from 1972** Originally...
                    • – Belladonna
                    • – Summer Rain
                    • – Remadione
                    • – Mayday
                    • – Suspension
                    • – Hector's House
                    Asha PuthliThe Devil Is LooseMr Bongo
                    Mr Bongo reissue the essential, 1976 album 'The Devil Is Loose' by Asha Puthli which includes the two-step classic 'Space Talk' (as played by David Mancuso...
                    • – Space Talk
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
                      Limited pink vinyl edition
                      Out of stock
                    • Reissue LP£18.00
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                    Sir Joe Quarterman & Free SoulSir Joe Quarterman & Free SoulMr Bongo
                    Official Mr Bongo re-issue for Record Store Day 2020 with a gatefold cover.The self-tiled Sir Joe Quarterman & Free Soul album from 1973 was the only album...
                      MarumoModiehiMr Bongo
                      Modiehi' was originally released in 1982 and covers a wide number of genres from Sotho soul, Mbaqanga, disco-funk, gospel and bubblegum. Tracks have been...
                      • – Modiehi
                      • – Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
                      Matthew Tavares and Leland WhittyVisionsMr Bongo
                      'Visions' is a new collaborative album from BADBADNOTGOOD co-founders, Matthew Tavares and Leland Whitty. Conceptually the album is a canvas for a combination...
                      • – Through The Looking Glass
                      • – Woah
                      • – Blue
                      • – Symbols Of Transformation
                      • – Visions Of You
                      • – Eyes
                      • – Awakenings
                      • – Heat Of The Moon
                      • – Black Magic
                      • – Symbols Of Transformation II
                      • – Living Water Assembly
                      • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
                        Limited, coloured vinyl edition
                        Out of stock
                      • CD£9.99
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                      Peter KingOmo LewaMr Bongo
                      Mr Bongo reissued 'Omo Lewa' by Nigerian born band leader and multi- instrumentalist Peter King came into the world in 1976. From start to finish, King...
                        • LP£19.00
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£10.00
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        Jungle BrownFull CircleMr Bongo
                        The second full-length LP from Jungle Brown, ‘Full Circle’, drops via Mr Bongo and features collaborations with Sampa The Great, Fliptrix (High Focus)...
                        • – Keep It Movin'
                        • – Wicked feat. Fliptrix
                        • – Ikoja feat. Elde
                        • – Huami feat. Terri Walker
                        • – Sometimes feat. Ruby
                        • – Wayside
                        • – Time Ticks
                        • – U&I
                        • – We On feat. Sampa The Great
                        • – Custom Made feat. Ayo The Yung Afrika Pyoneer
                        Gyedu Blay AmbolleyAmbolleyMr Bongo
                        Extremely hard-to-obtain album from the Ghanaian master composer, producer and musician. Originally released in 1982 by the WEA International label and...
                        • – It's Highlife
                        • – Walking Down The Street
                        • – 'Cos I Love You
                        • – Cut Your Coat
                        • – Adwoa
                        • – Simigwa
                        • – Franfranta
                        Mr Bongo Record Club Vol. 1Mr Bongo
                        Vinyl now in stock! The first instalment in Mr Bongo's 'Record Club' series selects the label's recent discoveries and sought-after obscurities that...
                        • Neno Exporta Som – Deixa A Tristeza
                        • Alipio Martins – Piranha
                        • Toninho Lemos – Morro Do Barraco Sem Água
                        • Barbosa – Seára de Oxalá
                        • Fruko y sus Tesos – Salsa Na Ma
                        • 2×LP£23.00
                          Out of stock
                        • CD£9.00
                          In stockAdd to Bag
                        DorisDid You Give The World Some Love Today Baby Mr Bongo
                        Originally released on EMI Sweden, original copies of this album still change hands in excess of $500. This was Doris' jazz album though it contains more...
                        • – Did You Give The World Some Love Today, Baby?
                        • – I Wish I Knew

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                        Project KarnakEquinox EPNone More Records
                        Another killer jazz record coming straight outta S.London! Project Karnak is the production duo brainchild of keyboardist Dominic Canning and drummer...
                        • – Fellowship
                        • 12" EP£14.99
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                        Ezra CollectiveYou Can't Steal My JoyEnter The Jungle
                        The abundantly joyous, energy-filled debut from 2023 Mercury Prize winners (!!!) Ezra Collective. A must have!
                        • – Space is the Place (Reprise)
                        • – Why You Mad?
                        • – Red Whine
                        • – Quest For Coin
                        • – Reason In Disguise feat. Jorja Smith
                        • – What Am I To Do? feat. Loyle Carner
                        • – Chris and Jane
                        • – People Saved
                        • – Philosopher II
                        • – São Paulo
                        • – King of the Jungle
                        • – You Can't Steal My Joy
                        • – Shakara feat. KOKOROKO
                        • 2×LP£22.00
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                        Ramon MorrisSweet Sister Funk (1974)Groove Merchant
                        Heavyweight classic Jazz album from the tenor sax man Ramon Morris featuring Albert Dailey, Cecil Bridgewater and a great funky production by Sonny Lester...
                        • – First Come, First Serve
                        • – Sweet Sister Funk
                        • – Lord Sideways
                        • – People Make The World Go Round
                        The SylversI Know Myself / Wish That I Could Talk To YouMr Bongo
                        Two of the key tracks lifted from the The Sylvers' first, self-titled album. Produced by Jerry Butler, Keg Johnson and Michael Viner, written by the hugely...
                        • – I Know Myself
                        • – Wish That I Could Talk To You
                        • 7"£7.99
                          Out of stock
                        Shirley ScottOne For MeARC Records
                        KILLER rare 1875 Strata East deep jazz released on Gilles Peterson's new label! W/ Harold Vick and Billy Higgins - the bomb!
                        • – Keep On Movin' On
                        • LP£18.00
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                        • CD£11.00
                          Out of stock
                        Oneness Of JujuSpace Jungle Luv (1976)Now-Again Records
                        Amazing sought-after record from the brainchild of one J. Pluncky Branch and one of the greatest underground jazz groups. Space Jungle Luv goes...
                        • – River Luv Rite
                        • – Follow Me
                        • – Soul Love Now
                        • – Space Jungle Funk
                        • – The Connection
                        • – Love's Messenger
                        • LP£22.00
                          Tip-on sleeve
                          Out of stock
                        Yazmin Lacey/Steam DownEtcetera / I’ll Never Stop Loving YouBlue Note / Decca
                        Next in the limited edition release marking the start of the 'Blue Note Re:imagined' series sees UK crew Steam Down do a version of Wayne Shorter’s 'Etcetera',...
                        • Steam Down – Etcetera (feat. Afronaut Zu)
                        • Yazmin Lacey – I’ll Never Stop Loving You
                        Sandra WrightWounded Woman / Midnight AffairSoul Brother Records
                        One of the greatest deep southern soul tracks reissued on a 45 for the first time! Backed with the modern soul gem, 'Midnight Affair' on the flip!
                        • – Wounded Woman
                        • – Midnight Affair
                        • 7"£8.99
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                        Harry BeckettJoy UnlimitedCadillac
                        **One of the great, lost British jazz gems of the 1970s, available for the first time on vinyl since 1975!** Legendary trumpeter Harry Beckett has become...
                        • – No Time For Hello
                        • – Bracelets Of Sound
                        • – Ring Within Rings
                        Thelonious MonkUnderground (1968)Columbia
                        Brilliant album in the magnificent Thelonious Monk's opus, contains strong trio and quartet performances by the group that includes the great Charlie Rouse,...
                          • New LP (180g)£28.99
                            Out of stock
                          • CD£7.99
                            In stockAdd to Bag
                          Leon Thomas ‎Love Each Other / L.O.V.ESoul Brother Records
                          First ever reissue of these two Leon Thomas classics! Both come from his time at Flying Dutchman in the early 70s and fully reflect the individuality and...
                          • – Love Each Other
                          • – L.O.V.E
                          • 7"£9.99
                            Out of stock
                          Ann SextonYou've Been Gone Too Long / I Still Love YouCharly
                          All time classic soul adopted by and championed by the northern soul crew! Essential reissue!
                          • – You've Been Gone Too Long
                          • 7"£8.99
                            Out of stock
                          Skatt BrosWalk The NightSpaziale Recordings
                          The first official, fully remastered reissue of the anthemic chart topping bomb 'Walk The Night' by the LA group Skatt Bros, since its original release...
                            • 12"£17.00
                              Out of stock
                            Betty HarrisThere's A Break In The RoadSoul Jazz Records
                            EXCLUSIVE NEW 45rpm - ONLY available direct from Soul Jazz Records or Sounds of the Universe.All time-killer New Orleans heavyweight funk...
                            • – There's A Break In The Road
                            • – Show It
                            Shina Williams & His African PercussionistsAfrican DancesMr Bongo
                            First official reissue of the extremely rare, ground-breaking Nigerian disco-boogie LP from 1979 by Lagos-based bandleader, Shina Williams. Features the...
                            • – Agboju Logun
                            • LP£19.00
                              Out of stock
                            The EmotionsRejoice (1977)Columbia
                            Seminal album, produced by Earth, Wind & Fire, that features the boogie classic "Best Of My Love" and a fine version of "How'd I Know That Love Would Slip...
                              • CD£10.99
                                Out of stock
                              • Reissue LP£18.00
                                In stockAdd to Bag
                              • Original LP£9.99
                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original = Original USA Vinyl
                                Out of stock
                              The Beginning Of The EndBeginning Of The EndStrut
                              Strut present the definitive reissue of one of the all-time classic Caribbean soul and funk albums, the self-titled album by The Beginning Of The End,...
                              • – Super Woman
                              • – Trip To Nowhere
                              • – Jamaica
                              • – I've Got The News
                              • – Falling Apart At The Seams
                              LoverdeIko Iko (1981)Prism
                              Funky disco version of New Orleans classic!
                              • – Iko Iko
                              • Original 7"£8.00
                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original unplayed USA 45
                                100% Guarantee on this and all Original Vinyl at Sounds Of The Universe - 'if you're not happy we're not happy' or your money back!
                                Out of stock
                              The Beginning of the EndFunky Nassau: The Definitive CollectionStrut
                              Strut presents the definitive reissues of two all-time classic Caribbean soul and funk albums, The Beginning Of The End’s ‘Funky Nassau’ (1971) and...
                              • – Funky Nassau (Part 1)
                              • – Funky Nassau (Part 2)
                              • – Come Down
                              • – Sleep On Dream On
                              • – Surrey Ride 4.35
                              • – Monkey Tamarind
                              • – In The Deep
                              • – Pretty Girl
                              • – When She Made Me Promise
                              • LP£20.99
                                Out of stock
                              • 2×CD£14.99
                                Out of stock
                              Cuba: Music and Revolution - Compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Records
                              Cuba: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1 is the new album compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart...
                              • Grupo Irakere – Chequere Son
                              • Conjunto Rumbavana – El Son Del Campeon
                              • Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Mi Ritmo Caliente
                              • Grupo Monumental – Mi Son Caridad
                              • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Sondeando
                              • Las D'Aida – Con Cadencia y Con Dulzura
                              • Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Y No Le Conviene
                              • Pablo Milanés – Te Quiero Porque Te Quiero
                              • Emíliano Salvador – Luna Wanestain
                              • Los Reyes 73 – Un Lamento Hecho Cancion
                              • Eduardo Ramos – Vocación Revolución
                              • Grupo Mounmental – Hasta Las Cuantas
                              • Los 5 U 4 – Solo Esta Musica
                              • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Canción Con Todos
                              • Orquesta Los Van Van – Yo Se Que Van Van
                              • Grupo Monumental – Nadie Se Siente Cansado
                              • Orquesta Ritmo Oriental – Maria, Baila El Son
                              • Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo – Rompe Cocorioco
                              • Los Reyes 73 – Grandes Amigos
                              • Paquito D'Rivera – La Patica
                              • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Grifo
                              • Raúl Gómez – Dacapo
                              • Grupo Irakere – Juana 1600
                              • 1. Grupo Irakere – Chequere Son
                              • 2. Conjunto Rumbavana – El Son Del Campeon
                              • 3. Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Mi Ritmo Caliente
                              • View full info and tracklisting