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    Gal CostaGal (1969)Philips
    This rare and sought-after album features the brilliant Middle-Eastern influenced track 'Tuareg'! This is a landmark piece of Brazilian psychedelic rock...
    • Gal Costa – Cinema Olympia
    • Gal Costa – Tuareg
    • Gal Costa – Cultura e Civilizacao
    • Gal Costa – Meu Nome e Gal
    • Gal Costa – Com Medo Com Pedro
    • Gal Costa – Objeto Sim Objeto Nao
    Gal CostaGal Costa (1969)Philips
    Gal Costa's debut solo album from 1969 is a Tropicalia classic with songs from Caetano Veloso, "Baby" and "Nao Identificado", as well as the duet with...
      Gal CostaÍndiaMr Bongo
      Essential reissue from Mr Bongo!!!! A post-Tropicalia masterpiece from one of the movements key  figures and true legends of Brazilian music,...
      • Gal Costa – Índia
      • Gal Costa – Milho Verde
      • Gal Costa – Presente Cotidiano
      • Gal Costa – Volta
      • Gal Costa – Relance
      • Gal Costa – Da Maior Importância
      • Gal Costa – Passarinho
      • Gal Costa – Pontos De Luz
      • Gal Costa – Desafinado