• 1. w/ The Savages – Pain
      • 2. w/ The Surfers – Sound of Silence
      • 3. w/ The Surfers – Sunny
      • 4. w/ The Surfers – Fever
      • 5. w/ Ornette Coleman – What Reason Could I Give
      • 6. w/ Ornette Coleman – All My Life
      • 7. w/ Charlie Mariano – Mirror
      • 8. Right Down Here
      • 9. Lies
      • 10. Devil is Loose
      • 11. Space Talk
      • 12. One Night Affair
      • 13. I’m Gonna Dance
      • 14. Music Machine (Dedication to Studio 54)
      • 15. Peek A Boo Boogie
      • 16. Mister Moonlight
      • 17. Prism of the Sun (Song For Dieter)
      • 18. 1001 Nights of Love (Reprise)
      • 19. We’re Gonna Bury the Rock with the Roll Tonight
      • 20. Asha Puthli – Chipko Chipko

      Some singers want to be famous, others are pop star icons, and some are artists; Asha is the latter. Asha is a true force of nature, regardless of the genre she explores, she fully commits, moves on, and reinvents herself, always progressing.

      Looking back on Asha's career, it is evident what a trail-blazer she was, opening doors for her contemporaries and those who came later to step through.

      Asha saw a link between jazz and classical Indian music "the improvisation, the minor chords, the free form, the liberalness of the art" we showcase her love of jazz here with seminal works with the legendary Ornette Coleman, taken from the revered 'Science Fiction’ album.

      Other Releases by Asha Puthli

      Asha PuthliThe Devil Is LooseMr Bongo
      Mr Bongo reissue the essential, 1976 album 'The Devil Is Loose' by Asha Puthli which includes the two-step classic 'Space Talk' (as played by David Mancuso...
      • – Space Talk
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
        Limited pink vinyl edition
        Out of stock
      • Reissue LP£16.00
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      Asha PuthliAsha PuthliMr Bongo
      Official Mr Bongo coloured vinyl re-issue for Record Store Day 2020.Asha's debut self-titled album is a wonderful fusion of jazz, soul, blues, and disco.It...

        Other Releases on Mr Bongo

        Horace Tapscott QuintetThe QuintetMr Bongo
        This previously unreleased album by the Horace Tapscott Quintet was unearthed from master tapes in the Flying Dutchman archives. Recorded in 1969 and was...
          Marxist Love Disco EnsembleMLDEMr Bongo
          Merging disco, post-disco 80s pop, and boogie into the fold, 'MLDE' was recorded using only analogue instruments, giving it warmth and space. Recorded...
            Arthur VerocaiArthur Verocai (50th Anniversary Edition)Mr Bongo
            Melancholic, psych folk-Brazilian classic!!! Lush beautiful arrangements, sample-laden gem! In 1972 a repressive Brazilian military dictatorship frowned...
            • – Caboclo
            • – Pelas Sombras
            • – Sylvia
            • – Dedicada A Ela
            • New Audiophile 2×LP (180 GRAM)£36.00
              Limited coloured vinyl edition. Half-speed mastered.
              In stockAdd to Bag
            Akira Ishikawa & Count BuffaloesUganda (Dawn Of African Rock)Mr Bongo
            For this offering, originally released in 1972 on Toshiba Records, Akira Ishikawa takes us on a deep tripped-out journey. 'Uganda (Dawn of Rock)' is a...
              Os Novos Crioulous / Supersom T.aMar Afunda / Brasileira RoxaMr Bongo
              'Mar Afunda', what a track! Instantly addictive with its relaxed guitar and Cuica samba-rock beauty and mighty- fne vocal arrangements by Os Novos Crioulos....
                Os Carbonos / Sandra De SaPassaro Selvagem / Palco AzulMr Bongo
                'Pássaro Selvagem' is taken from the latter years of their career. Its a bass driven, boogie-funk groove (with a bassline not too dissimilar to Queen...
                  Brazilian Boys / Rubinho E Mauro AssumpcaoSuper Herois / Tudo AiMr Bongo
                  First up is a lesser-known Brazilian Boys track titled 'Super Herois'. This slightly trippy and quirky funk-rock groove is taken off an obscure 7" on CID...
                    Wild StyleMR BONGO
                    The original Animal track listing, of which this is a reissue, is full of recurring sounds and motifs, all of them co-produced by Chris Stein and Fab Five...
                      Fab 5 FreddyDown By Law / Subway BeatMr Bongo
                      As pieces of musical curation go, Kenny Dope’s reimagining and reediting of the Wild Style breakbeats is outstanding. While the music from the ‘Wild...
                        Idrissa Soumaoro Et L'Eclipse De L'ijaLe Tioko-TiokoMr Bongo
                        A funky masterpiece packed with organ-driven riffs and incredible drum breakbeats.A sought-after rarity from the Malian golden age.'Le Tioko-Tioko' is...
                          • LP£24.00
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                          • CD£11.00
                            Out of stock
                          Grandmaster CazWild Style Theme Rap No.1Mr Bongo
                          When it comes to the pantheon of hip-hop movies, ‘Wild Style’ is number one. While the actual plot carries about as much weight as ‘Beat Street’...
                            Kev LuckhurstWild Style! Lesson Part 1+2Mr Bongo
                            Phat Kev might well be best known for his breakthrough mix album Brazilianbeats 'n Pieces, which dropped on Mr Bongo in 2007. He's a true-skool hip hop...
                              EPMDI'm Housin'Mr Bongo
                              **Ships for this Friday's release date** The original release of ‘I’m Housin’ came in 1989, and the only previous 7” release was confined to the...
                                The Brkn RecordThe Architecture Of Oppression Part 1Mr Bongo
                                The Brkn Record is a new project led and produced by Jake Ferguson, the co-founder and bass player for the UK's foundational deep jazz outfit the Heliocentrics....
                                • – Assimilation
                                • – His Mother's Eyes
                                • – The Investigator
                                • – Break The Chains
                                • – A Police Service, Not A Police Force
                                • – Hackney Ain't Innocent
                                • – On The Daily
                                • – Say Black
                                • – The Babylon Encounter
                                • – Witness The Whiteness
                                • – Lifeline
                                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                                  Limited coloured vinyl edition
                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                • CD£11.00
                                  Out of stock
                                Hozan Yamamoto & Yu ImaiAkuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo FukuMr Bongo
                                Reissue of the original soundtrack to the Japanese mystery and suspense movie from 1979, 'Devil's Flute'. Hozan Yamamoto was invited to compose the soundtrack...
                                • – Kaendaiko
                                • – Tengindoujiken
                                • – Kindaichikousuke Nishie Yuku
                                • LP£23.00
                                  Out of stock
                                • CD£11.00
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                                Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol.1Mr Bongo
                                Glenn Fallows & Mark Treffel's 'The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1' takes its inspiration from classic soundtrack and cinematic composers such as Axelrod,...
                                • – Faith In Time
                                • – Scene In Roma
                                • – Who Knows When
                                • – Hidden In The Pampas
                                • – Fear Me Now
                                • – How It Shimmers
                                • – El Ejido
                                • – Arise
                                The Pro-TeensI Flip My Life Every Time I FlyMr Bongo
                                Superb, widescreen, cinematic funk and 70s library music vibes from Oz band The Pro-Teens! Features members of Surprise Chef and Karate Boogaloo and highly...
                                • – I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly
                                • – No One Understands Me (I'm OG)
                                • – Spray It, Don't Say It
                                • – Convo
                                • – Peppery Weapons
                                • – Snooch Is Too Busy For This Shit
                                • – The Pro-Teens Ruined My Life
                                • – Ya Gotta Love This City
                                • – I Hate Turbulence
                                • – Greta Thunburg
                                • – Elephant On The Wall
                                • – Slow Fast
                                • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                                  Limited orange vinyl edition
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                                • CD£11.00
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                                Golden Boys / Silvio C SarSegura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi O) / Beco Sem Sa daMr Bongo
                                A monster Brazilian funk / samba rock double-sider from of the mighty Golden Boys and Silvio C Sar. Both tracks produced by the great Milton Miranda.
                                • – Golden Boys - Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi o)
                                • – Silvio C Sar - Beco Sem Sa da
                                Incredible Bongo BandBongo RockMr Bongo
                                Special Limited Edition Silver Pressing for RSD 2021. A foundation of hip hop featuring‘Apache’, Kool Herc’s ‘national anthemof hip hop’. Sampled...
                                  • New LP £23.00
                                    RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12
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                                  Brazil 45 Boxset Vol. 2Various Artists (DJ Marky)Mr Bongo
                                  RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12 £32 7" Boxset The second volume in a series of Brazilian 45 boxsets, curated with beats & love...
                                    • 7" Boxset£32.00
                                      RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12
                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                    Sven WunderImpasto / Prussian BlueMr Bongo
                                    Wild, psychedelic, cinematic funk vibes from the huge talent, Sven Wunder! Huge recommendation for the psych and prog enthusiasts; folk or jazz aficionados...
                                    • – Impasto
                                    • – Prussian Blue
                                    Ian CarrBelladonnaMr Bongo
                                    **Official half-speed mastered re-issue of British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr's iconic jazz-fusion-rock hybrid 'Belladonna' from 1972** Originally...
                                    • – Belladonna
                                    • – Summer Rain
                                    • – Remadione
                                    • – Mayday
                                    • – Suspension
                                    • – Hector's House
                                    • LP£21.99
                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                    • CD£10.00
                                      Out of stock
                                    Asha PuthliThe Devil Is LooseMr Bongo
                                    Mr Bongo reissue the essential, 1976 album 'The Devil Is Loose' by Asha Puthli which includes the two-step classic 'Space Talk' (as played by David Mancuso...
                                    • – Space Talk
                                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£22.00
                                      Limited pink vinyl edition
                                      Out of stock
                                    • Reissue LP£16.00
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                                    RobRob (Funky Way)Mr Bongo
                                    The Accra-born pianist and frontman, ROB, only released a few albums in small quantities, yet two of them are among the most sought-after records from...
                                      Al “Man” Muntzie and The EmbraceablesDie HappyMr Bongo
                                      Mr Bongo reissue this under-the-radar soul gem by Al Muntzie’ which was produced by the legendary "Sir" Joe Quarterman in 1976 .'Die Happy' has a crossover...
                                      • – Die Happy
                                      Black SheepTry Counting SheepMr Bongo
                                      Reissue of the UK only 45 of this stone cold, hip hop classic from '91!
                                        Black SheepFlavor Of The MonthMr Bongo
                                        1991 hip hop CLASSIC taken from their game-changing album 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'!
                                        • – Flavor Of The Month
                                        • – Butt...In The Meantime
                                        Ultramagnetic MC'sTravelling At The Speed Of ThoughtMr Bongo
                                        Classic late 80s NYC hip-hop reissued!
                                        • – Travelling at the Speed of Thought
                                        • – M.C.’s Ultra (Part II Edit)
                                        Black SheepStrobelite HoneyMr Bongo
                                        Mr Bongo reissue this classic hip hop jam from '91 by one group of NYC-based, Native Tongues Collective, Black Sheep!
                                        • – Strobelite Honey (The Original)
                                        Kit SebastianRain / KosmosMr Bongo
                                        From the ‘Mantra Moderne’ sessions are two previously unreleased tracks in the duo's signature contemporary style: a fusion of Anatolian Psychedelia,...
                                          Asha PuthliAsha PuthliMr Bongo
                                          Official Mr Bongo coloured vinyl re-issue for Record Store Day 2020.Asha's debut self-titled album is a wonderful fusion of jazz, soul, blues, and disco.It...
                                            MarumoModiehiMr Bongo
                                            Modiehi' was originally released in 1982 and covers a wide number of genres from Sotho soul, Mbaqanga, disco-funk, gospel and bubblegum. Tracks have been...
                                            • – Modiehi
                                            • – Khomo Tsaka Deile Kae?
                                            Matthew Tavares and Leland WhittyVisionsMr Bongo
                                            'Visions' is a new collaborative album from BADBADNOTGOOD co-founders, Matthew Tavares and Leland Whitty. Conceptually the album is a canvas for a combination...
                                            • – Through The Looking Glass
                                            • – Woah
                                            • – Blue
                                            • – Symbols Of Transformation
                                            • – Visions Of You
                                            • – Eyes
                                            • – Awakenings
                                            • – Heat Of The Moon
                                            • – Black Magic
                                            • – Symbols Of Transformation II
                                            • – Living Water Assembly
                                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl)£21.99
                                              Limited, coloured vinyl edition
                                              Out of stock
                                            • CD£9.99
                                              In stockAdd to Bag
                                            Peter KingOmo LewaMr Bongo
                                            Mr Bongo reissued 'Omo Lewa' by Nigerian born band leader and multi- instrumentalist Peter King came into the world in 1976. From start to finish, King...
                                              • LP£19.00
                                                Out of stock
                                              • CD£10.00
                                                In stockAdd to Bag
                                              Hozan Yamamoto with Sharps & FlatsBeautiful Bamboo-FluteMr Bongo
                                              Official Mr Bongo reissue of a truly seminal, rare as hen's teeth, Japanese jazz album, that journeys through fusion, soul and big band moods. Near impossible...
                                              • – Kokiriko Bushi
                                              • – Sado Okesa
                                              • – Tairyo Utaikomi
                                              • – Soma Bon-Uta
                                              • – Komoro Mago-Uta
                                              • – Nanbu Ushioi-Uta
                                              • – Itsuki No Komori-Uta
                                              • – Hietsuki-Bushi
                                              • – Yasuki-Bushi
                                              • LP£19.00
                                                In stockAdd to Bag
                                              • CD£10.00
                                                Out of stock

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                                                Brown SugarI'm In Love With A DreadlocksSoul Jazz Records
                                                A stone-cold classic conscious Lovers Rock tune from the seminal British reggae group Brown Sugar. 'I’m In Love With A Dreadlocks’ was originally released...
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                                                • Brown Sugar – I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks (Instrumental)
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                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – We Are The Light Vessels
                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – When Situations Get 2 Deep (Original Mix)
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                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Beyond The Outrage
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                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Mephisto's Pulpit Of Stank
                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Deconstructing The Path
                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Nights Under The Nubian Sky
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                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Let Me Know How U Really Feel
                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – There Is No Acid In This House (Just Emotions Remix)
                                                • Hieroglyphic Being – Dogs Don't Wear Pants
                                                • 1. Hieroglyphic Being – Communion Of The Highest Order
                                                • 2. Hieroglyphic Being – We Are The Light Vessels
                                                • 3. Hieroglyphic Being – When Situations Get 2 Deep (Original Mix)
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                                                Sun Ra: Art on Saturn NEW BOOKThe Album Cover Art of Sun Ra's Saturn Label
                                                PRE-ORDER NOW LIMITED EDITION SIGNED COPIES DELUXE HARDBACK BOOK! Drawn from private collections around the world, this is the first comprehensive collection...
                                                  • Book (2.2kg) Limited Exclusive SIGNED Copy£69.99
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                                                  Sintesis Moderna: An Alternate Vision of Argentinian Music 1980—1990Soundway
                                                  **Essential compilation on Soundway!** A digital rewilding of computer and synth powered music, dripping with an impressive variety of influence, from...
                                                  • Donald – A Ver, A Ver (Ric Piccolo Edit)
                                                  Soul ReviversGrove DubAcid Jazz
                                                  An ambitious, collaborative project, producers David Hill and Nick Manasseh bring together reggae legends, including Ken Boothe and Ernest Ranglin, with...
                                                    Suburban KnightHi8tusDeeptrax Records
                                                    Deeptrax go even deeper with ‘Hi8tus’ – the first album from Detroit pioneer and forerunner Suburban Knight in over 12 years. One of the earliest...
                                                      Punk 45 : I'm A Mess !Soul Jazz Records
                                                      Soul Jazz Records' 'PUNK 45: I’m A Mess' is now being released in double album vinyl and for the first time on CD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul...
                                                      • The Art Attacks – I Am A Dalek
                                                      • The Drive – Jerkin
                                                      • Johnny and The Self Abusers – Saints and Sinners
                                                      • Trash – Priorities
                                                      • The Carpettes – Help I'm Trapped
                                                      • Stormtrooper – I'm A Mess
                                                      • The Electric Chairs – So Many Ways
                                                      • Social Security – I Don't Want My Heart to Rule My Head
                                                      • Neon Hearts – Venus Eccentric
                                                      • The Cybermen – Cybernetic Surgery
                                                      • The Killjoys – Naive
                                                      • The Reducers – Things Go Wrong
                                                      • Johnny Moped – No One
                                                      • Neon – Bottles
                                                      • V2 – Speed Freak
                                                      • The Exile – Fascist DJ
                                                      • Lucy – Feel So Good
                                                      • Machines – True Life
                                                      • Dansette Damage – N.M.E.
                                                      • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£26.00
                                                        Expected 14 OctPreorder
                                                      • CD£12.00
                                                        Expected 14 OctPreorder
                                                      System OlympiaRacing HeartOkay Nature
                                                      Incredible material from System Olympia; radio host on NTS and vanguard of her unique pop, R&B and minimal wave fusion! Deep, nebulous, lysergic, sensual...
                                                      • – War Of The Hearts
                                                      Various ArtistsSex: We Are Not In The Least Afraid Of RuinsStranger Than Paradise Records
                                                      The second installment of gems and nuggets straight from the infamous jukebox at Malcolm and Vivienne& Kings Road SEX boutique.Compiled again by Marco...
                                                        • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£40.00
                                                          Expected 14 OctPreorder
                                                        • CD£12.00
                                                          Expected 14 SepPreorder
                                                        Whether in the studio or the club, Daphni has always been a pursuit where Dan Snaith lets the music find its own path. With Cherry this is more evident...
                                                          Steve ReidOdyssey Of The Oblong SquareSoul Jazz Records
                                                          New special one-off pressing v.limited edition gold vinyl edition (and gold CD edition!) of this intense and radical jazz classic album. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "A...
                                                          • – Odyssey Theme
                                                          • – Deacon's Son
                                                          • – Odyssey Sweet
                                                          • – Ginsamseng
                                                          • LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£26.00
                                                            Expected 07 OctPreorder
                                                          • CD (Limited Edition Coloured CD)£12.00
                                                            Expected 07 OctPreorder
                                                          Disco Reggae RockersSoul Jazz Records
                                                          This album is released in three formats: Indies-only One-Off Special Limited Edition Sun Yellow coloured vinyl gatefold double LP + download, black vinyl...
                                                          • Devon Russell – Move On Up
                                                          • Crashers – Flight To Jamaica
                                                          • Valerie Harrison – Fool's Paradise
                                                          • Bill Campbell – For The Love Of You
                                                          • Risco Connection – It's My House
                                                          • Dave Barker – Glow Of Love
                                                          • Derrick Harriott – Caught You In A Lie
                                                          • Hortense Ellis – Young Hearts Run Free
                                                          • Ed Watson and Brass Circle – Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
                                                          • Devon Russell – We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue
                                                          • Seventh Extension – Reasons
                                                          • Derrick Harriott – Brown Baby
                                                          • Ed Watson and Brass Circle – Let's Groove
                                                          • Pete Campbell & The Sunshine Girls – Don't Let Love Get You Down
                                                          • Webby Jay – In The Rain
                                                          • Glen Adams Affair – Just A Groove
                                                          • Indies Only Exclusive Limited Edition New 2×LP (Sunshine Yellow Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code£28.00
                                                            Expected 30 SepPreorder
                                                          • 2xLP (+ Download Code)£26.00
                                                            Expected 30 SepPreorder
                                                          • 2×CD£12.99
                                                            Expected 30 SepPreorder
                                                          Scott GroovesIs This My Sound? Episode 1Natural Midi
                                                          "I paint the world how I see it and make stuff" Stay free
                                                            Hektor Zazou, Jeanne Folly, J.L Hennig, VXZ 375 & BazookaLa PerversitaSofa Records
                                                            **Official reissue!** First ever official reissue of this infamous, no-wave masterpiece made between between French political art iconoclasts Bazooka...
                                                            • – Strawberry Fields For Ever
                                                            • – I Love You S...
                                                            • – La Soupeuse
                                                            Mitar Subotić & Goran VejvodaThe DreambirdLugar Alto
                                                            Is this recording an environmental activist art statement or ambient spa music? Maybe both? The fourth release from São Paulo label Lugar Alto is not...
                                                              Vieux Farka Touré & KhruangbinAliDead Oceans
                                                              Khruangbin and Vieux Farka Touré have announced a new collaborative album. Ali is in honour of Vieux’s late father Ali Farka Touré; the artists recreate...
                                                              • – Savanne
                                                              • – Tongo Barra
                                                              • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                                                                Limited 'jade' coloured vinyl edition
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                                                                Standard black vinyl edition
                                                                Out of stock
                                                              • CD£11.00
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                                                              Redance & QuickweaveBurning Heat (inc. Nick Holder remix)Mystery Zone Records
                                                              Killer, deep house and filtered disco heaters from New Orleans-based Mystery Zone Records. Includes an remix from Canadian house music legend, Nick Holder!
                                                              • – Redance - Excuse Me Miss
                                                              • – Redance - Hot Wax Summer
                                                              • – Redance - "Excuse Me Miss (Nick Holder remix)
                                                              • – Quickweave - You Lied To Me
                                                              • – Quickweave - Too Late, Don't Care
                                                              • – Quickweave - You Lied To Me (AceMo remix)
                                                              Hiatt dBCity Slick13th Hour Records
                                                              Wicked, skewed, discotechnofunk curveballs from the maverick talent Hiatt dB!
                                                              • – City Slick
                                                              • – Island Effect
                                                              • – Speed Trap
                                                              • – Heat Dome
                                                              Down & OutNTS
                                                              Down & Out is a superb compilation of downcast folk recordings, compiled by NTS, predominantly taken from private press releases from the US and UK between...
                                                                The Mystic Revelation Of RastafariGrounation (Soul Jazz Records)Soul Jazz Records
                                                                Definitive 50th anniversary release of this seminal album! Soul Jazz Records are releasing this long-revered album release in three unique formats; a...
                                                                • – Bongo Man
                                                                • – Narration
                                                                • – Narration (Continued)
                                                                • – Mabrat
                                                                • – Poem 1
                                                                • – Four Hundred Years
                                                                • – Poem 2
                                                                • – Song
                                                                • – Lumba
                                                                • – Way Back Home
                                                                • – Ethiopian Serenade
                                                                • – Oh Carolina
                                                                • – So Long
                                                                • – Grounation
                                                                • – Grounation (Continued)
                                                                • – Blacker Black
                                                                • – Grounation (7 inch edit)
                                                                • Very Ltd-Edition 3×LP Box Set + extra 7" + 16pg magazine + Art Print + Interview insert + Download£60.00
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                                                                • 3×LP + 3x Inner Sleeves + Interview insert + Download Code£35.00
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                                                                • 2×CD Deluxe w/40 page outsize booklet + double-backed slipcase£12.99
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                                                                • MP3 Release£9.99
                                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                Marking the 50th anniversary of their first record, German rock pioneers NEU! release this deluxes edition with a tribute album featuring reworks from...
                                                                • – Hallogallo
                                                                • – Sonderangebot
                                                                • – Weissensee
                                                                • – Im Glück
                                                                • – Negativland
                                                                • 5×LP box set + book£115.00
                                                                  Eligible for free UK shipping
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                                                                • 5×CD£50.00
                                                                  Out of stock
                                                                Glenn DavisA Place for You (inc. Franck Roger remix)Deeper Groove
                                                                Release number three for Deeper Groove with label staple and Irish favourite Glenn Davis. Showcasing that signature classic house sound across three original...
                                                                • – A Place for You
                                                                • – Take Me to the Club
                                                                • – Take me to the Club – Franck Roger Remix
                                                                • – Who Are People
                                                                Barrington LevyA Yah We Deh / It's Not Easy 12"Volcano
                                                                Two late 70s extended roots cuts from Barrington Levy with "A Yah We Deh" plus the extended mix of "It's Not Easy"
                                                                • – A Yah We Deh
                                                                • – It's Not Easy
                                                                FKA twigsCAPRISONGSXL Recordings
                                                                Features guest appearances from The Weeknd, Jorja Smith, Pa Salieu, Rema, Shygirl, Unknown T and Daniel Caesar, as well as a host of twigs’ close friends...
                                                                  Eek-A-MouseDown In The GhettoAlligator
                                                                  Great combination of Dougie Conscious (Riddim Maker & Versions) and the one & only EEK-A-MOUSE on vocals with this storming cut of "Down In The Ghetto"...
                                                                  • – Down In The Ghetto
                                                                  • – Ghetto Dub
                                                                  • – Dubwise Style
                                                                  • – Final Battle
                                                                  • – Final Dub
                                                                  • – Battlefield Dub
                                                                  Hi TechHi TechFXHE Records
                                                                  Built for DJs, the dance, and gas-guzzling road boats, Hi Tech’s debut efforts balance the upfront ghettotech rawness of jit, proper, with a more debonaire...
                                                                    The Comet Is ComingHYPER-DIMENSIONAL EXPANSION BEAMDecca
                                                                    "The Comet is Coming returns with their second full length album on Impulse! Records. King Shabaka, Danalogue, and Betamax’s newest effort finds the...
                                                                    • – CODE
                                                                    • – TECHNICOLOUR
                                                                    • – LUCID DREAMER
                                                                    Makaya McCravenIn These TimesXL Recordings
                                                                    In These Times is a collection of polytemporal compositions inspiredas much by broader cultural struggles as McCraven’s personalexperience as a product...
                                                                    • – The Fours
                                                                    • – Dream Another
                                                                    • – Seventh String
                                                                    Ash Ra TempelJoin InnMG.ART
                                                                    “JOIN INN” is the fourth album by Ash Ra Tempel. It was recorded at Studio Dierks and originally released on LP by Ohr Musik-Produktion, catalogue...
                                                                      • LP£31.00
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                                                                      Shanti YalahJudgement TimeReservoir Dub
                                                                      Great new vocal over roots steppers from Spanish singer Shanti Yalah in combination with producer Roberto Sanchez. Check instrumental dub version
                                                                      • Shanti Yalah – Judgement Time
                                                                      • Lone Ark – Judgement Dub
                                                                      Tim Reaper & KlokeMuseum / Flow State!K7 Records
                                                                      Tim Reaper and Antipodean producer Kloke go in deep with two tracks inspired by Fabio's legendary weekly club night 'Speed and Metalheadz's equally seminal...
                                                                      • Tim Reaper & Kloke – Museum
                                                                      • Tim Reaper & Kloke – Flow State
                                                                      Aza LineageSound SystemJammy's Records
                                                                      Superb new vocal cut from J.A. singer Aza Lineage over King Jammy$ immortal dancehall riddim "Far East" produced by the man himself in 2022, instrumental...
                                                                      • – Sound System
                                                                      • – Version (Far East Riddim)
                                                                      Wood HarmonyStrengthJah Militant Records
                                                                      2nd of two new 7" singles from Jah Militant label from France, this one featuring Wood Harmony on a melodica steppers cut.
                                                                      • – Strength
                                                                      • – Dubwise