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    Benjamin LewLe Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple IsoléSTROOM
    A collection of experimental music from Belgian musician, Benjamin Lew. Composed in the early 80s, these wistful electronic pieces feature some collaborative...
    • Benjamin Lew – Profondeurs Des Eaux Des Laques
    • Benjamin Lew – Moments
    • Benjamin Lew – Le Personnage Principal Est Un Peuple Isolé
    • Benjamin Lew – Face A Ce Qui Se Dérobe
    • Benjamin Lew – Qu’il Fasse Nuit
    • Benjamin Lew – The Wheel
    • Benjamin Lew – Little Birds Sit On Your Shoulder
    • Benjamin Lew – Etendue
    • Benjamin Lew – Ces Personnages
    • Benjamin Lew – Joyeux Regrets Imprécis
    • Benjamin Lew – Hommes Assis Devant Un Mur Chaulé
    • Benjamin Lew – La Magnifique Alcoolique
    RuinsOccasional VisitsSTROOM
    Reissue of material from cult, Italian synth / minimal wave group, Ruins. The band formed in the late 70s, with a career reaching its high point in '82...
    • Ruins – Elegant Shout
    • Ruins – Alone
    • Ruins – You're Like A Cigarette
    • Ruins – Skeleton In Love
    • Ruins – Fit Of Nerves
    • Ruins – Boys And Girls
    • Ruins – Everybody Knows Me
    • Ruins – It's Not Too Grand