• Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
    • I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
    • Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
    • John Holt – Stick By Me (Unreleased Cut)
    • Horace Andy – Man Next Door (Unreleased Cut)
    • Delroy Wilson – Any Heart Can Be Broken (Unreleased Cut)
    • Vin Gordon – Riding For A Fall
    • 1. Slim Smith – The Time Has Come (Unreleased Cut)
    • 2. I Roy & Augustus Pablo – Devil's Brother In Law (Unreleased Cut)
    • 3. Ernest Wilson – Sentimental Man (Extended Mix)
    • 4. Big Joe And King Tubby – Rasta Train
    • 5. Cornell Campbell – I Wonder Why
    • 6. U Roy Junior – Two Ton Gulletto
    • 7. John Holt – Stick By Me (Unreleased Cut)
    • 8. King Tubby – A Wonderful Version
    • 9. Cornell Campbell – Give Me Love (Unreleased Cut)
    • 10. King Tubby – Straight To The Copycat Head
    • 11. Busty Brown And The Clowns – Soon I'm Gonna Make It
    • 12. Horace Andy – Man Next Door (Unreleased Cut)
    • 13. I Roy – Noisy Place (Unreleased Cut)
    • 14. Leroy Samuels – Trying To Wreak My Life
    • 15. Delroy Wilson – Any Heart Can Be Broken (Unreleased Cut)
    • 16. Eric Donaldson – Cherry Oh Baby (Unreleased Cut)
    • 17. I Roy – Festival Mash Up
    • 18. Vin Gordon – Riding For A Fall
    • 19. Cornell Campbell – My Confession (Unreleased Cut)
    • 20. Slim Smith – Turning Point (Unreleased Cut)

    Delving into the vaults of Jamaican producer Bunny Lee once again with some superb choice unreleased cuts from 1971-74 featuring legendary artists as Slim Smith, Augustus Pablo, Cornell Campbell, King Tubby, I Roy and many more. 

    Other Releases on Pressure Sounds

    Diggory KenrickHolloway RockPressure Sounds
    Lovely mellow vibes instrumental of the timeless Conquering Lion rhythm. Diggory’s playing empathizes with the original and is reminiscent of some of...
    • Diggory Kenrick – Holloway Rock
    • Diggory Kenrick – Holloway Rock Version
    The ProphetsKing Tubby's Prophecies Of DubPressure Sounds
    Since it first appeared in 1976, King Tubby's dub-wise reworking of tracks by Yabby You's Prophets project has become a sought after item amongst reggae...
    • The Prophets – Fair Lady
    • The Prophets – Babylon Red
    • The Prophets – South West Block
    • The Prophets – Tear Gas In Waterhouse
    • The Prophets – Traditin Skank
    • The Prophets – Earth Fear
    • The Prophets – Black Out
    • The Prophets – Serious Rebellion
    • The Prophets – Gun Man From Waterhouse
    • The Prophets – Bad Man Skank
    • The Prophets – Passing Through
    • The Prophets – Was Alive
    • The Prophets – Ten To One Version *CD bonus
    • The Prophets – Words Dub *CD bonus Track
    • The Prophets – Man To Man Version *CD Bonus
    • The Prophets – A Living Version * CD bonus Track
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    Dukey McCallaI've Got The PowerPressure Sounds
    Produced by Pat Kelly and originally released as an extremely limited pressing in 1970, Dukey McCella’s “I’ve Got the Power,” has become a cult...
    • Dukey McCalla – I've Got The Power
    Pat KellyStriving For The RightPressure Sounds
    The aspirational “Striving For the Right” with its tender b-side “When a Boy Falls in Love,” was initially released in 1970. This release represents...
    • Pat Kelly – Striving For The Right
    • Pat Kelly – When A Boy Fall In Love
    Frankie JonesGun FeverPressure Sounds
    Frankie Jones’ “Gun Fever” is a dark and heavy piece of digital roots; a rare representation of 80s Jamaican music that appealed equally to the UK...
    • Frankie Jones – Gun Fever
    • Frankie Jones – Gun Fever (Version)
    The AquariansMedusa Part 1Pressure Sounds
    (H2O’s “Medusa) is a scorching, Temptations-esque funk breakdown complete with wah wah guitar and pulsing organ and horn riffs. Jamaican producers...
    • The Aquarians – Medusa Part 1
    • The Aquarians – Medusa Part 2
    Vivian Jackson & The ProphetsJudgement On The LandPressure Sounds
    Powerful, inspiring roots reissue of one of Yabby You’s finest songs. From the moment this tune was released in the 1970s, it became a sound system...
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Judgement On The Land
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Version Repatriation Rock
    Vivian Jackson & The ProphetsJudgement TimePressure Sounds
    Essential up-tempo roots classic from Yabby You aka Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. “Judgment Time” layers heavy bass and horn arrangements against...
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Judgement Time
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Prophets Dub
    Diggory Kenrick & The ProphetsVengeancePressure Sounds
    For years, Diggory Kenrick has been re-energizing classic roots and rocksteady through his musical collaborations with original source material taken from...
    • Diggory Kenrick & The Prophets – Vengeance
    • Diggory Kenrick & The Prophets – Kenrick's Version
    Yabby You Meets King TubbyWalls Of JerusalemWith Unreleased Mixes And Studio OuttakesPressure Sounds
    ‘Walls of Jerusalem’ is a unique musical collaboration between the producer Yabby You and the legendary dub master King Tubby. The two were close...
    • Yabby You – Walls Of Jerusalem
    • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Chant Down Babylon
    • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Firey Dub
    • Yabby You Meets King Tubby – Dub Plague
    • Studio Outtakes - Vivian Jackson – The Man Who Does The Work*
    • Vivian Jackson & The Prophets – Go To School Jah Jah Children*
    • More Versions - The Prophets – Jah Vengeance*
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    Errol WalkerBetter FuturePressure Sounds
    Positivity flows this single from Errol ‘Bagga’ Walker. Born and raised in Kingston’s Trench town area Errol Walker cut a few tunes as vocalist...
    • Errol Walker – Better Future
    • The Upsetters – Future Dub
    Leo GrahamVoodooismPressure Sounds
    All the hallmarks of the best period mid 70s Black Ark studio on this single. Singer Leo Graham had sung with the Bleechers so his relationship with...
    • Leo Graham – Voodooism
    • The Upsetters – Dubism
    Lloyd & DevonWolf Out DehPressure Sounds
    A screaming howling beast of a tune! Lloyd and Devon board the Upsetter flight to immortality on this Black Ark classic. Killer dub on the flip side with...
    • Lloyd & Devon – Wolf Out Deh
    • The Upsetters – Shepherd Rod
    Bunny Lee PresentsDubbing In The Front Yard + Conflict DubPressure Sounds
    Bunny Lee as producer. Prince Jammy as engineer. The Aggrovators making the tracks. It is the Holy Trinity of Jamaican Music. Throughout the years, recorded...
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Dubbing In The Front Yard
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Judgement Dub
    • Bunny Lee Presents – The Gates Of Dub
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Babylon Dub
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Somewhere Version
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Carry On Dubwise
    • Bunny Lee Presents – Crab In A Barrel Dub
    Phillip FullwoodI Gave You My WordPressure Sounds
    1979 roots vocal cut from Phillip Fullwood, 1st time reissued since the time..
      I-Mo-JahRockers From The Land Of ReggaePressure Sounds
      The 100th release on Pressure Sounds is the brilliant set of ‘Rockers from the land of reggae’ this album was originally released in 1982 and has never...
        I-Mo-Jah / Phillip FullwoodRockers From The Land Of Reggae & Words In DubPressure Sounds
        Pressure Sounds 100th release!Double CD Pack with both albums 'Rockers From The Land Of Reggae' and 'Words In Dub' plus six bonus tracks spread over the...
          Lee Perry & Diggory KenrickThe AntisnakePressure Sounds
          Killer 10' from Mr Perry and Diggory Kenrick. Rhythm is 'Long Way' by Junior Byles. Four cuts and the 2 on the flipside are particularly nice. Comes in...
            Phillip FullwoodWords In DubPressure Sounds
            A journey through Jamaica from Kingston to Saint Ann’s Bay on the north coast reveals the bountiful nature of the island, once described by the plundering...
              Owen GrayHear We Them A SayPressure Sounds
              A prodigy of the Alpha boys school Owen Gray deliver a heartfelt roots vocal on a rhythm most likely supplied by Sly Dunbar and Lloyd Parks. This is a...
                Phil PrattThe War Is On Dub StylePressure Sounds
                Very rare Phil Pratt produced dub album "The War Is On Dub Style" gets reissued for the first time with original tunes on the vinyl and with 3 extra vocal...
                  • CD£10.99
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                  • LP£12.99
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                  Devon IronsJerusalemPressure Sounds
                  The original cut of the Althea and Donna ‘Gone to Negril’ track. Released by Pressure Sounds in 2005 and then deleted. Now on the Talent 77 label,...
                  • Devon Irons – Jerusalem
                  • The Talent Crew – Version
                  Bunny Lee & The AggrovatorsSuper Dub Disco StylePressure Sounds
                  Originally released in 1979 on West London label "Jamaica Sound" Superb dub album mixed at King Tubby's & Channel One. Vinyl is single vinyl and the...
                  • Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – Money In Your Pocket Dub
                  • Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – Shalin Temple Dub
                  • Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – Portobello Special Dub
                  • Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – The Revolutionaries Heavy Weight Dub
                  • Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – The Scientist Dub
                  Tommy McCookSuper Star - Disco RockersPressure Sounds
                  McCook recorded extensively for Bunny Lee, and ‘Super Star Disco Rockers’ is a strong showcase for his meditational style of playing. The track ‘Lamb’s...
                  • Tommy McCook – The Night Rose Of Sherron
                  • Tommy McCook – Rasta A The Master
                  • Tommy McCook – Lamb's Bread Herb
                  • Tommy McCook – Disco Rockers
                  • Tommy McCook – Roots Of Africa
                  Lloyd Parks & We The PeopleMeet The PeoplePressure Sounds
                  Self produced set By Lloyd Parks. Recorded at Joe Gibbs with a stellar support cast. The CD comes with 6 bonus tracks and the vinyl single vinyl LP is...
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Reality
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Life Ain't Easy
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – You Hurt My Pride
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Ordinary Man
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Trench Town Girl
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Ah Rock Dis Yah Bass Line
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – I Want To Go Home
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – I Love You Girlie
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Grand Father Girlie*
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Part Two*
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Slaving (Steppers Cut)*
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Part Two*
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – School Days*
                  • Lloyd Parks & We The People – Part Two*
                  Al BrownProverbPressure Sounds
                  Brown was inspired to write the single ‘Proverb’ after spending hours hunched over his bible in Spanish Town as a youth. ‘Proverb’ was one of the...
                  • Al Brown – Proverb
                  • Al Brown – Proverb (Version)
                  Al BrownAin't No LovePressure Sounds
                  A real classic of its kind. Al Browns cover of Bobby Blands inspired Blues/soul refections on urban living had been a staple of his set at Kingstons popular...
                  • Al Brown – Ain't No Love
                  • Skin Flesh & Bones – Dubs In The City
                  Jacob Miller & The Inner CircleGhetto On FirePressure Sounds
                  A fierce reflection of Kingston’s down town strife from Jacob Miller. Miller was a downtown Ghetto dweller that had managed to work himself into the...
                  • Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle – Ghetto On Fire
                  • Jacob Miller & The Inner Circle – Ghetto On Fire (Version)
                  Lloyd ParksSlaving (Steppers Cut)Pressure Sounds
                  This cut of Lloyd Parks’s classic ‘Slaving’ song is most often referred to as the ‘Steppers version’ was recorded around 1980 when the song was...
                  • Lloyd Parks – Slaving (Steppers Cut)
                  • Lloyd Parks – Slaving (Steppers Cut) (Version)
                  Rico RodriguezGoing West / Joe LewisPressure Sounds
                  Tommy McCook and Rico share the plaudits on ‘Going West’. Its possible this was recorded in London’s Chalk farm studios with Vic Keary’s involvement....
                  • Rico Rodriguez – Going West
                  • The Bunny Lee Allstars – Joe Lewis
                  The Bunny Lee AllstarsIvan Itler The Conqueror / Smooths And SortsPressure Sounds
                  A humorous look at some of the more infamous characters in history precedes a charming keyboard led instrumental. Most likely Lloyd ‘Gitsey’ Willis...
                  • The Bunny Lee Allstars – Ivan Itler The Conqueror
                  • Dave Barker – Smooths And Sorts
                  Stranger ColeWhen I Get My Freedom / Death Rides A HorsePressure Sounds
                  Stranger Cole with a soulful vocal on an infectious rhythm. All the components of the skinhead period reggae are here. Roy Richards on the flipside on...
                  • Stranger Cole – When I Get My Freedom
                  • Roy Richards – Death Rides A Horse
                  King TubbyDubbing In The Back YardPressure Sounds
                  An overlooked slice of early eighties dub from Striker Lee. Actually mixed by Prince Jammy at Tubbys studio. CD has 13 tracks and an added free cd of Delroy...
                    • LP£12.99
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                    • 2×CD£11.99
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                    Delroy WilsonGo Away DreamPressure Sounds
                    A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check...
                      Barry BrownWe Can't Live Like This / From Creation I Man TherePressure Sounds
                      Two brooding roots epiphany’s from the Barry Brown Striker Lee cannon. Cranked up musically by the Aggrovators with both sides stretched out over a re-mastered...
                      • Barry Brown – We Can't Live Like This
                      • Barry Brown – From Creation I Man There
                      Lloyd ParksMoney For JamPressure Sounds
                      One of two new reissue 7" releases from Pressure Sounds. Tuff 70s roots reggae from singer & bass player Lloyd Parks.
                      • Lloyd Parks –  Money For Jam
                      • Lloyd Parks – Money For Jam (Version)
                      George DekkerFoey ManPressure Sounds
                      Late 60s recordings from George Dekker, now repressed with a different b-side from Bunny Lee's All Stars "Scarface" 
                      • George Dekker – Foey Man
                      • Bunny Lee All Stars – Scarface
                      Gladstone AndersonHoly Mount Zion / Love Is Like A PasswordPressure Sounds
                      Strong roots rockers from Channel One Studios with vocals by Gladstone Anderson & Mike Brooks, produced by Jah Lloyd & Mike Brooks. Both tunes with...
                      • Gladstone Anderson – Holy Mount Zion
                      • Gladstone Anderson –  Holy Mount Zion Version
                      • Mike Brooks – Love Is Like A Password
                      • Gladstone Anderson –  Love Is Like A Password Version
                      Diggory Kenrick & The Prophet AllstarsOppressionPressure Sounds
                      A rocking take on Yabby’s ‘Jah Jah Way’ rhythm which itself was re-worked by Yabby and Scientist into the ‘Stop Upression now’ dub.This uptempo...
                      NativeRockstone - Native’s Adventures With Lee Perry At The Black Ark - September 1977Pressure Sounds
                      Pressure Sounds dig deeper to uncover this long lost Black Ark rarity. Native was the brainchild of Wayne Jobson, cousin of Island Records co-founder...
                        Black BrothersYou've been saying things / EverydayPressure Sounds
                        1st time repress for The Black Brothers 60s skank produced by Derrick Morgan, both tunes rocksteady knockout!
                        • Black Brothers –  You've been saying things
                        • Black Brothers – Everyday
                        Time UnlimitedReactionPressure Sounds
                        Wicked early roots tune from 1974 featuring a young Junior Delgado on vocals and produced by Lee Scratch Perry 
                        • Time Unlimited –  Reaction
                        • Time Unlimited –  Reaction ( Version )
                        Orlando KirklandHit Me BackPressure Sounds
                        Limited 7" only stock from Lee Scatch Perry Boxset 
                          David IsaacsJah Love IPressure Sounds
                          An entended mix of the ‘Jah Love I’ song written by Freddie McKay and voiced by David Isaacs. David Isaacs was born in Denham Town and cut some excellent...
                          • David Isaacs – Jah Love I (Extended Mix)
                          • Freddie McKay – It De Hay
                          • David Isaacs – It De Hay Version
                          Skin Flesh & BonesDub In BloodPressure Sounds
                          This release "Dub In Blood" is one of the rarest and most sought after dub albums of all. Issued in tiny quantities on producer Phil Pratt's label "Sunshot"...
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – Dub In Blood
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – Skin Dub
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – Flesh Dub
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – Dub To The Vein
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – Doctor Dub
                          • Skin Flesh & Bones – It De Hay Dub * cd only
                          Various ArtistsGirl AshebaPressure Sounds
                          Four heavyweight cuts of the 'Girl Asheba' rhythm. Produced by Roy Cousins. Early eighties roots that showcase the Royals vocalist as a top class producer....
                          • Ken Parker – Girl Asheba
                          • Jah Stitch – Life In The Ghetto
                          • Various Artists – Version
                          Lacksley CastellTug A War GamesPressure Sounds
                          A roots obscurity from Lacksley Castell that has been locked in the vaults of Roy Cousins Tamoki- Wambesi- Uhuru label. Lacksley Castell was very much...
                          • Lacksley Castell – Tug A War Games
                          • Lacksley Castell – Version
                          • Lacksley Castell – Version
                          Lee PerryMr Perry I PresumePressure Sounds
                          'Mr Perry I Presume' finds Pressure Sounds focusing on the rare music and exclusive mixes of the revered Upsetter himself, Lee 'Scratch' Perry. This 16-track...
                          • George Faith – Don’t Be Afraid (12” mix)
                          • The Gatherers – Word (Acapella Mix)
                          • Lee Perry & The Upsetters – Jah I
                          • Joy White – Lay Besides You
                          • The Upsetters – Big Bird Skank
                          • Noel Robinson – Along The Way
                          • The Upsetters – Along The Way (Version)
                          • The Upsetters – War and Peace
                          • The Upsetters – Sun is Shining
                          • Peter & Paul – Ethiopia Land
                          • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Groovy Situation
                          • Susan and Bunny – Keep On Trying
                          • The Upsetters – Police and Dub
                          • Keith Rowe & The Upsetters – Living My Life
                          • The Upsetters – Devils Dub Plate
                          • Augustus Pablo & The Upsetters – Keep On Moving
                          The AggrovatorsIt's A Disgrace VersionPressure Sounds
                          4 killer dub plates from Striker Lee. Not on the vinyl 'Next Cut' album. All hot and heavy and previously un-released versions. The first 50 come in a...
                          • The Aggrovators – It's A Disgrace Version (Dub Plate)
                          • The Aggrovators – Don't Let No One Fool You Version (Dub Plate)
                          • The Aggrovators – Chasing Versions (Dub Plate)
                          • The Aggrovators – The Running Of Time Version (Dub Plate)
                          Bunny 'Striker' Lee & FriendsNext Cut!Pressure Sounds
                          Killer new selection from the vaults of legendary Jamaican producer Bunny Lee featuring unreleased dub plates & alternative cuts from musicians such...
                          • Johnny Clarke – Down In A Babylon AKA Live Up Jah Man
                          • Barrington Spence – Blood Of Babylon
                          • Vin GordonAggrovators, The – Enforcement
                          • Tommy McCook – Death Trap (Steppers Cut)
                          • Wayne Jarrett – Satta Dread
                          • Linval Thompson – Supernatural Love

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                          • Eric Monty Morris & The Tennors, Viscounts Band – Shameface
                          • Eric Monty Morris & The Tennors, Viscounts Band – Little Bit Of This
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                          Studio One DJ'sSoul Jazz Records
                          For this Studio One release we return to the roots of Reggae music-The Soundsystem. Throughout the late 1950s and 1960s Soundsystems played throughout...
                          • Count Machuki – More Scorcha
                          • Prince Francis – Rock Fort Shock
                          • Dennis Alcapone – Power Version
                          • Dillinger – Natty Kung Fu
                          • Jah Scotchie – Man Of Creation
                          • Jim Brown – Seen Him
                          • Jah Buzz – Love In The Arena
                          • Prince Francis – Street Doctor
                          • Lone Ranger – The Answer
                          • Prince Jazzbo – Crime Don't Pay
                          • Brigadier Jerry – Every Man A Me Brethren
                          • Big Joe – Version Of Rights
                          • Lone Ranger – The Big Match
                          • Jah Jesco – Warning
                          • Prince Far I – Natty Farmyard
                          • Charlie Ace & Scorcher – Father And Dread Locks
                          Desmond Dekker & The AcesAction!Beverley's Records
                          1968 Boss Sounds from Desmond Dekker and The Aces, produced by Leslie Kong for his label Beverley's records. Includes the big hit 007, Fu Manchu, Unity,...
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                            Studio One Freedom SoundsStudio One In The 1960sSoul Jazz Records
                            Studio One Freedom Sounds is the new collection from Soul Jazz/Studio One focussing on the intense period in the second half of the 1960s when Studio...
                            • Don Drummond & The Skatalites – Rain Or Shine
                            • The Gaylads – Morning Sun
                            • Delroy Wilson – Just Because Of You
                            • Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming
                            • Jackie Opel – I Am What I Am
                            • Peter Tosh – I Am The Toughest
                            • Delroy Wilson – Get Ready
                            • Mr Foundation – Timo-Oh
                            • Roland Alphonso & The Soul Brothers – Provocation
                            • Leroy & Rocky – Love Me Girl
                            • Slim & Delroy – Look Who Is Back Again
                            • The Skatalites – Spread Satin
                            • Barrington Spence – Contemplating Mind
                            • Ernest Ranglin – Psychedelic Rock
                            • Bob Marley & The Wailers – Destiny
                            • Roland Alphonso – Reggae In The Grass
                            • Zoot Simms – We Can Talk It Over
                            • Jackie Mittoo – Hi Jack
                            The PioneersGreetings From The PioneersAmalgamated Records
                            The Pioneers rare first album from 1968, reissued with original repro sleeve and Amalgamated label. Killer Rocksteady tunes produced by Joe Gibbs featuring...
                            • The Pioneers – Me Naw Go A Believe
                            • The Pioneers – You'll Never Get Away
                            • The Pioneers – No Dope Me Pony
                            • The Pioneers – Jackpot
                            • The Pioneers – Give Me A Little Loving
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                            Dr. AlimantadoBest Dressed Chicken In TownKeyman
                            Anniversary reissue of this 70s roots dee jay classic, every track a killer. Recorded at black ark, king tubby's, channel one and randy's over a three...
                            • Dr. Alimantado – Best Dressed Chicken In Town
                            • Dr. Alimantado – Poison Flour
                            • Dr. Alimantado – I Killed The Barber
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                            • CD£10.99
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                            Prince Buster And His All StarsFunky JamaicaRock-A-Shacka
                            Most likely released around 1971, this cover of Beginning of the End is a rare and wonderful excursion by Buster into funk, complete with funky-ass bassline....
                            • Prince Buster And His All Stars – Funky Jamaica
                            • Prince Buster And His All Stars – Closer Together
                            • 7"£12.99
                              Out of stock
                            Delroy WilsonGo Away DreamPressure Sounds
                            A Delroy Wilson set that has slipped between the cracks a little bit. A great singer who perhaps we take for granted due to the volume of releases. Check...
                              Tommy McCookSuper Star - Disco RockersPressure Sounds
                              McCook recorded extensively for Bunny Lee, and ‘Super Star Disco Rockers’ is a strong showcase for his meditational style of playing. The track ‘Lamb’s...
                              • Tommy McCook – The Night Rose Of Sherron
                              • Tommy McCook – Rasta A The Master
                              • Tommy McCook – Lamb's Bread Herb
                              • Tommy McCook – Disco Rockers
                              • Tommy McCook – Roots Of Africa
                              Sly & RobbieDub Sessions 1978-1985Jamaican Recordings
                              Sly & Robbie were essentially the official rhythm section of the reggae genre, their slick bass and drum interactions having underpinned the sounds of...
                              • Sly & Robbie – Sly & Robbie The Kings Of Dub
                              • Sly & Robbie – Buffalo Solider Dub
                              • Sly & Robbie – African Roots Dub
                              • Sly & Robbie – Crazy Baldhead Dub
                              • Sly & Robbie – Burial Dub
                              • LP£12.99
                                Out of stock
                              • CD£11.99
                                Out of stock
                              The Skatalites: Independence Ska and The Far East SoundOriginal Ska Sounds From The Skatalites 1963 - 65Soul Jazz Records
                              Fantastic new collection of rare and classic killer ska from the legendary Skatalites, one of the most important groups in the history of Reggae.This...
                              • The Skatalites – Guns Of Navarone
                              • The Skatalites – Christine Keeler
                              • The Skatalites – El Pussy Cat Ska
                              • Dizzy Johnny and The Studio One Orchestra – Sudden Destruction
                              • Roland Alphonso – Scambalena
                              • The Wailers – Tell Them Lord
                              • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Russian Ska Fever
                              • Roland Alphonso and The Skatalites – Independent Anniversary Ska (I Should Have Known Better)
                              • Bongoman Byfield and The Skatalites – Marcus Garvey
                              • Don Drummond and Roland Alphonso – Heaven and Earth
                              • Bongoman Byfield and The Skatalites – Jack Ruby Is Bound To Die
                              • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Further East (aka Trolley Song)
                              • The Skatalites – Beardsman Ska
                              • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Surplus
                              • The Skatalites – Fidel Castro
                              • Tommy McCook and The Skatalites – Suavito
                              • Don Drummond and The Skatalites – Coolie Boy
                              • Tommy McCook – Adam's Apple (Don't Bother Me No More)
                              • Tommy McCook and The Skatalites – Full Dread
                              • The Skatalites – King Solomon
                              Prince BusterRoll On Charles Street 'Prince Buster Ska Selection'Rock A Shacka
                              Awesome 20 track ska collection from Japan featuring 11 unreleased & alternative takes from the vaults of the late great Prince Buster. With sleevenotes...
                              • Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
                              • Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
                              • Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
                              • Raymond Harper – Raining Outside (Unreleased)
                              • Roland Alphonso – Almost Like Being In Love (Alternate Take)
                              • Prince Buster – High Blood Pressure
                              • Derrick And Patsy – Raindrops Falling (Unreleased)
                              • Prince Buster – Stir The Pot (Feat,Prince Buster, Derrick Morgan, Eric Morris & Patsy)
                              • Spanish Town Skabeats – Stop That Train
                              • Prince Buster – Islam
                              • Prince Buster's All Stars – Charles Street Cowboy (Unreleased)
                              • Prince Buster's All Stars – Prince Of Peace (Alternate Take)
                              • Prince Buster – Rude Rude Rudie (Don’ t Throw Stones)
                              • Don Drummond – Sudden Attack
                              • Don Drummond – Vietnam (Unreleased)
                              • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
                              • Slim Smith – Only Soul Can Tell
                              • Prince Buster – I’ m Sorry (Unreleased)
                              • Unknown Artist – Summer Time (Unreleased)
                              • Prince Buster – Prince Buster
                              • 1. Prince Buster's All Stars – Buster Pink Night Stars (Unreleased)
                              • 2. Prince Buster's All Stars – Hey Train (Unreleased)
                              • 3. Roland Alphonso – Roll On Charles Street (Natty’ s Dub Plate) (Unreleased)
                              • View full info and tracklisting
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                              The PioneersDem A Laugh An-A-Ki-KiBoss Records
                              Two great Pioneers rocksteady songs from 1968 on the same riddim, "Dolly House On Fire" was originally credited to the Reggae Boys.
                              • The Pioneers – Dem A Laugh An-A-Ki-Ki
                              • The Pioneers – Dolly House On Fire
                              • 7"£7.99
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                              100% Dynamite (New Edition)Ska, Soul, Rocksteady & Funk in JamaicaSoul Jazz Records
                              This is the new digitally remastered expanded edition of Soul Jazz Records’ biggest ever selling reggae release, 100% Dynamite: Ska, Soul, Rocksteady...
                              • Willie Williams – Armageddon Time
                              • The Maytals – Night and Day
                              • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                              • The Upsetters – Popcorn
                              • Bunny Clarke – Be Thankful
                              • Tommy McCook – Green Mango
                              • Brentford All Stars – Greedy G
                              • Lennie Hibbert – Real Hot
                              • Horace Andy – My Soul
                              • Johnny Osbourne – We Need Love
                              • Bunny Clarke – I Love The Way You Love
                              • Jackie Mittoo – Stereo Freeze
                              • Phyllis Dillon – Woman Of The Ghetto
                              • Cecric Im Brooks – Give Rasta Glory
                              • Alton Ellis – Son Of Man
                              • Sound Dimension – Granny Scratch Scratch
                              • Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss
                              • Sound Dimension – Drum Song
                              • Ken Boothe – Is It Because I'm Black
                              Stranger & PatsyMy LoveStranger Soul Cole
                              A side has Stranger Cole and Patsy Todd's love song over a nice reggae beat. B side has Stranger Cole as the producer of this rocksteady gem, Basil and...
                              • Stranger & Patsy – My Love
                              • Basil Daley & Conquerors – So Nice Like Rice
                              • 7"£6.99
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                              Bob Marley & The WailersBabylon By BusIsland
                              Legendary live album recorded in Paris and London, 1978, with Bob Marley and the Wailers at their popular peak, as illustrated by the quality selection...
                                • CD£7.99
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                                • New 2×LP (180 GRAM) + Download Code£24.99
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                                The EthiopiansFire A Mus Mus TailSpade
                                Killer Boss Sound tune from Leonard Dillon & The Ethiopians around 1968...Don't delay!
                                • The Ethiopians – Fire A Mus Mus Tail
                                • Ranny Williams & The Hippy Boys – Crock Iron
                                • 7"£7.99
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                                King Jammy'sRoots Reality and Sleng TengVP
                                A definitive collection of classic hits from the incomparable Lloyd “King Jammy” James. One of Jamaica’s most prolific producers, Jammy has scored...
                                • Black Uhuru, Scorcher, Nicodemus – Bad Girl
                                • Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer – African Love / Yogi Bear
                                • John Steele – Selassie On His White Horse
                                • Errol Scorcher – Engineer Affair
                                • Jammy's & King Tubby – Zambia
                                • The Fantells – Where You Gonna Run
                                • Hortense Ellis – Jah Created The World
                                • Junior Delgado – Love Tickles Like Magic
                                • Dennis Brown – The Lord Is My Shepherd
                                • 1. Black Uhuru, Scorcher, Nicodemus – Bad Girl
                                • 2. Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer – African Love / Yogi Bear
                                • 3. John Steele – Selassie On His White Horse
                                • View full info and tracklisting
                                • LP£13.99
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                                • 2×CD + DVD £13.99
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                                Charlie Ace & Hippy BoysScaramoucheHot Shot
                                The A side is a DJ cut to Lloyd Robinson's "Oh Mama", originally issued on the Hippy label in Jamaica, the label that was inspiration for their Hippy Boys...
                                • Charlie Ace & Hippy Boys – Scaramouche
                                • Ryo & Hippy Boys – Sad Mood
                                • 7"£6.99
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                                Bob Marley And The WailersCatch A FireTuff Gong / Island
                                Their debut album for Island, a stone cold roots rock reggae classic, beautifully reissued on 180 gram vinyl and housed in a thick heavyweight card sleeve
                                  • New LP (180g) + Download Code£21.99
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                                  • CD£7.99
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                                  The VersatilesSpread Your BedDeltone
                                  Two rare early 70s reggae tunes, reissued on original Jamaican label, U.K. Issue was on Big Shot.
                                  • The Versatiles – Spread Your Bed
                                  • Val Bennett – Hound Dog Special
                                  • 7"£7.99
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                                  The Legendary Studio One RecordsOriginal Classic Recordings 1963 - 1980Soul Jazz Records
                                  Brand new album featuring non-stop killer Studio One cuts from The Skatalites, Heptones, Lone Ranger, Horace Andy and loads more.  Album comes...
                                  • The Skatalites – Ball of Fire
                                  • The Heptones – I'm Your Man
                                  • Lone Ranger – Everything She Want
                                  • Horace Andy – New Broom
                                  • Michigan and Smiley – Rub A Dub Style (12" Mix)
                                  • The Maytals – Treat Me Bad
                                  • Freddie McKay – Watch Your Step
                                  • Pablove Black – Mr. Music
                                  • Wailing Souls – Run My People
                                  • Willie Williams – Master Plan
                                  • The Skatalites – Fidel Castro
                                  • Marcia Griffiths – Hold You Tight
                                  • Dub Specialist – Sitting With Stupid
                                  • Prince Jazzbo – Rock For Dub
                                  • Super and Sleepy – Enemy
                                  • Dub Specialist – Luanda
                                  • Doreen Schaeffer – This Love
                                  • Ernest Ranglin – Ranglin Doddlin'
                                  Peter AustinTime Is Getting HarderShockin' Austin
                                  Two 1968 Rocksteady nuggets back to back, produced by Peter Austin and Blondel Calnek.
                                  • Peter Austin – Time Is Getting Harder
                                  • Kingstonians – Love Is The Greatest Science
                                  • 7"£6.99
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                                  Red Bumb BallRare And Unreleased Rocksteady 1966-1968Pressure Sounds
                                  welcome vinyl repress of a killer rocksteady compilation from pressure sounds, featuring derrick morgan, the viceroys, lloyd & Devon, roland alphonso...
                                  • Lloyd & Devon – Red Bumb Ball
                                  • The Viceroys as The Hot Tops – Give It To Him
                                  • 2×LP£15.49
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                                  The MarvelsRockSteadyDub Store
                                  This funky reggae classic from 1972 goes way beyond the boundary of reggae music and reaching to every music lover out there. Beginning with the killer...
                                  • The Marvels – Rock Steady
                                  • Lloyd Charmers – Travelling On
                                  • 7"£11.99
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