• 12" WAN-01£7.99
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    • Secondo – a1
    • Secondo – b1
    • 1. a1
    • 2. b1


    Very very cool, UK EXCLUSIVE to Sounds of The Universe special edition bespoke 200 copy limited 12" from the Secondo/Dreck camp. Cut-up, funked up house MONSTER. Check it and be quick ...

    Not available elsewhere.

    Not available digitally.


    Other Releases by Secondo

    SecondoShakinWhat About Never
    After a moment of schlafenmachen, Soul Jazz records affiliate and master of cut n' paste 'discotekno' drops back into plain sight with these club...
    • Secondo – Shakin
    • Secondo – Nine Toms
    SecondoA Matter Of ScaleSoul Jazz Records
    Soul Jazz Records release Secondo’s first album of super-funky micro cut-up disco and electronic music. Secondo is Italian/Serbian producer Radovan...
    • Secondo – Ought To Say
    • Secondo – Macula
    • Secondo – Kuwait
    • Secondo – Wait For It To Come
    • Secondo – Distrails
    • Secondo – Quantum Lady
    • Secondo – AZ201
    • Secondo – Burns Me Up
    • Secondo – Solstice
    • Secondo – Fine Primo Tempo

    Other Releases on What About Never

    Valerie From The GalerieTape OneWhat About Never
    London label 'What About Never' follow up on last years excellent Secondo 12" with an album from newcomer Valerie From The Galerie. 'Tape One' is collection...
    • Valerie From The Galerie – Paradis
    • Valerie From The Galerie – It Don’t Worry Me
    • Valerie From The Galerie – Hello Goodbye Hello
    • Valerie From The Galerie – Pretentiousness
    • Valerie From The Galerie – Trouble & Strife
    • Valerie From The Galerie – The Razzle Dazzle
    • Valerie From The Galerie – At The Movies
    • Valerie From The Galerie – Hallucinations
    SecondoShakinWhat About Never
    After a moment of schlafenmachen, Soul Jazz records affiliate and master of cut n' paste 'discotekno' drops back into plain sight with these club...
    • Secondo – Shakin
    • Secondo – Nine Toms

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    • Barry Stoller – Condition Red
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      RocketnumbernineLone Raver / Black and Blue / Steel DrummerSoul Jazz Records
      SOUL JAZZ RECORDS are releasing the second single by Rocketnumbernine, an intense electronic progressive experimental monster! Their first single was...
      • Rocketnumbernine – Lone Raver
      • Rocketnumbernine – Black and Blue
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      Chris CarterMoonlightOptimo Music
      A Long overdue reissue of ace 80's underground dance gem 'Moonlight' by Chris Carter (of Throbbing Gristle), originally released in 1985 on his 'Moonbeat'...
      • Chris Carter – moonlight
      • Chris Carter – moonlight - Neurotic Drum Band remix
      • 12"£7.99
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      Fac DanceFactory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-87Strut
      Another brilliant Strut comp focusing on the early output from Manchester's legendary Factory Records! Compiled by DJ History's Bill Brewster and includes...
      • section 25 – looking from a hilltop (megamix)
      • a certain ratio – wild party
      • royal family & the poor – art on
      • 52nd street – cool as ice (restructured by john "jellybean" benitez)
      • X-O-Dus – see them a'Come
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      PinchRetribution / Get Out Of HereSwamp81
      Returning to Loefah's Swamp81 label after last year's 'Croydon House'! Creating the soundtrack to a bleek, terrifying android-run planet; crushing 808...
      • Pinch – retribution
      • Pinch – get out of here
      • 12"£7.99
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      Andres New 4 U (Repress)La Vida
      Detroit's Andres is a man that requires no introduction but for those unfamiliar here it is; an unsung hero of the Detroit underground, Andres has had...
      • Andres – new 4 u
      • Andres – drama around the corner
      • Andres – jazz dance
      • 12"£12.99
        Out of stock
      Lee 'Scratch' Perry vs Digital Mystikz Like The Way You Should / Obeah Room On U Sound
      The much talked about Mala remixes of Lee Perry! Mala's signature metronomic hollow rhythms and wise words from LSP set the intro for ‘Like The...
      • Lee 'Scratch' Perry vs Digital Mystikz – Like The Way You Should - Mala remix
      • Lee 'Scratch' Perry vs Digital Mystikz – Obeah Room - Mala Remix
      • 12"£5.99
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      KarennSheworks 001Works The Long Nights
      Following up their collaborative debut on West Norwood Cassette Library, Karenn aka Blawan and Pariah return with three tough techno growlers!! A big contender...
      • Karenn – Chaste Down
      • Karenn – Auflen Whip
      • Karenn – Lime Wash (Barrelled)
      • 12"£6.99
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      Cooly GLandscapes (ft Simbad) / It’s Serious (ft Karizma)Hyperdub
      Hyperdub's Cooly G returns with a new single with guest production from Simbad and Karizma! 'Landscape' featuring Simbad, is a deep cosmic dancefloor...
      • Cooly G – Landscapes ( ft Simbad )
      • Cooly G – It’s Serious ( ft Karizma )
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Maurice Donovan Call My Name White
      Ramadanman under his Chicago house guise Maurice Donovan. Another incredibly instant, stripped-back Chicago-style raw jackin' track with a Byron Stingley-esque...
      • Maurice Donovan – call my name
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      MoscaThe Wavey EP3024
      Deadly modern techno from one of the best! Dom Perignon’, a cavernous roller with a gravity inverting bass drum and dub-infused atmospherics - a...
      • Mosca – dom perignon
      • Mosca – orange jack
      • Mosca – jager
      • 12"£5.99
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      DOOMSTARKS - DOOM & Ghostface KillahVictory Laps - w/ Madvillainz Remix & Serato Control VinylNature Sounds
      WOW! This limited-edition PICTURE DISC vinyl features the brand new track "Victory Laps" from two hiphop heavyweights DOOM and Ghostface. Features a remix...
      • DOOMSTARKS - DOOM & Ghostface Killah – original mix
      • DOOMSTARKS - DOOM & Ghostface Killah – remix
      • 12"£19.99
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      Santa's Little Helpers Presents...The Christmas Stuffing Mix Sack
      Oh yes, it's that's time again when Santa's Little Helpers drop off another festively themed, weird and wonderful EXCLUSIVE mix for SOTU! Rumoured to be...
      • Santa's Little Helpers Presents... – sample one
      • Santa's Little Helpers Presents... – sample two
      • Santa's Little Helpers Presents... – sample three
      • CD£6.99
        Out of stock
      Timeline Graystone BallroomUnderground Resistance
      Legendary Detroit label Underground Resistance return!  Four tracks spanning deep jazzy groovers and hi-tech house killers.
      • Timeline – save the bluebird
      • Timeline – ghosts of the graystone
      • Timeline – black bottom stomp
      • 12"£8.99
        Out of stock
        Big Strick Timeless 7 Days Entertainment
        Omar S' cousin and heavy Detroit-based producer Big Strick returns with three raw house cuts on his own 7 Day Entertainment imprint. Seriously good stuff...
        • Big Strick – Timeless
        • Big Strick – Spontaneous Combustion
        • Big Strick – Code 1
        • 12"£8.99
          Out of stock
        James Blake Love What Happened Here R&S
        Long awaited, mutlifaceted offering from the incredibly talented James Blake, "Love What Happened Here" is an minimalistic, understated soulful-electronic...
        • James Blake – love what happened here
        • James Blake – at birth
        • James Blake – curbside
        • 12"£6.99
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        MartynGhost PeopleBrainfeeder
        Following his storming debut album 'Great Lengths' two years ago, Martyn returns with an expolsive sophomore album on Brainfeeder!  Choosing to be...
        • Martyn – viper
        • Martyn – masks
        • Martyn – distortions
        • Martyn – popgun
        • Martyn – ghost people
        • Martyn – twice as
        • Martyn – bauplan
        • Martyn – horror vacui
        • Martyn – we are you in the future
        • CD£9.99
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        • 2×LP£14.99
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        Abacus Presents iDrum This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)Ndatl Musik
        DEEP tribal tech-house on Kai Alce's NDATL imprint!  Precussive, hard stabbing synths and acid b-lines from 'iDRUM This Djembe. Then turn it over...
        • Abacus Presents – iDRUM This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)
        • Abacus Presents – Welcome To The Party
        • Abacus Presents –  iDRUM This Djembe (Drum Dub)
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Theo ParrishUgly Edits Sound Signature
        Long-out-of-print desirable Theo Parrish disco edits. First time EVER on CD! Originally released as hand-sprayed twelve inch vinyl. Fetching silly monies...
        • Theo Parrish – Slowly Surely
        • Theo Parrish – Love I Lost
        • Theo Parrish – Got A Match?
        • 2×CD£26.99
          Out of stock
        IkonikaEdits EPHyperdub
        The second of three vinyl releases taken from Ikonika’s recent and highly-praised ‘Contact, Want. Love, Have’ album. It’s a simple...
        • Ikonika – Video Delays
        • Ikonika – They Are Still Losing The War
        • 12"£5.99
          Out of stock
        Kerri ChandlerA Basement, A Red Light And A FeelingMadhouse
        Ranks alongside his finest output - deepest, jazziest NJ House at its peak!!
        • Grampa – I loved you
        • bobcat trades – summer rain
        • krist' FA – Why you wanna
        • 12"£10.99
          Out of stock
        IkonikaAqueaous CreamHum And Buzz
        Ikonika & Optimum are present their highly anticipated new venture: Hum + Buzz Records. This double A side debut release is right at the centre of...
        • Ikonika – Aqueous Cream
        • Ikonika & Optimum – Ampersand
        • 12"£5.99
          Out of stock
        Paperclip People The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich Planet E
        ALL TIME CLASSIC TECHNO from Carl Craig Polished up, remastered edition of this 1996 classic compilation from Carl Craig under one of his many aliases,...
        • Paperclip People – oscillator
        • Paperclip People – paperclip man
        • Paperclip People – the climax
        • Paperclip People – floor
        • Paperclip People – throw
        • Paperclip People – steam
        • 2×LP£14.99
          Out of stock
        Wicked double disc compilation (one mixed, one unmixed) by Osunlade! Osunlade for years now years now has been sending dancefloors crazy with his trademark...
        • Andre zimma – M.u.s.i.c (at jazz remix)
        • Ale Reis – Locked
        • It – Woman In Toilet (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version)
        • Nibiru – HowTwoKonnekt
        • 2×CD£11.99
          Out of stock