• 12"£7.99
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    • Secondo – a1
    • Secondo – b1
    • 1. a1
    • 2. b1


    Very very cool, UK EXCLUSIVE to Sounds of The Universe special edition bespoke 200 copy limited 12" from the Secondo/Dreck camp. Cut-up, funked up house MONSTER. Check it and be quick ...

    Not available elsewhere.

    Not available digitally.


    Other Releases by Secondo

    SecondoShakinWhat About Never

    After a moment of schlafenmachen, Soul Jazz records affiliate and master of cut n' paste 'discotekno' drops back into plain sight with these club ready cuts on his own label, WAN. 'Shakin' and 'Nine Toms' are on a deeper tip, mixing up slivers of dream house, boogie and disco into two absolutely crucial tools for the dancefloor!

    • – Shakin
    • – Nine Toms
    SecondoA Matter Of ScaleSoul Jazz Records

    Soul Jazz Records release Secondo’s first album of super-funky micro cut-up disco and electronic music. Secondo is Italian/Serbian producer Radovan Scasascia. Born in Zurich in 1975, his super-funky minimal discofied electronic dance music has been appearing sporadically on Soul Jazz Records since 2003 and on his own minimal electronic label, Dreck Records since 2000, where he also releases the music of artists such as AM/PM, Antonelli and Strategy. His most recent appearance was on the Soul Jazz Singles CD alongside Rekid (AKA Radio Slave and one half of Quiet Village), Kode9, Subway, DJ Rupture and other similarly like-minded electronic pioneers.

    Secondo’s love of disco and minimal European electronic music produces a unique funky-electronic cut up style that shows his close links with the micro-house sound of Germany’s Kompakt label as much as that of the New York Disco labels of the late 70s and early 80s. This led to earlier releases such as his celebrated Tom Tom Club cut-up a few years back.

    Secondo’s music features thousands of micro-samples and on “A Matter of Scale”, his first album on Soul Jazz Records, the music successfully reflects his aim of reconstructing these minute sonic fragments into new compositions that somehow maintain the atmosphere of the originals as well as creating new worlds. As much at home with his own material as other peoples, his remixes have appeared on a diverse set of European and American electronic artists – Felix da Housecat, Richie Hawtin, Harrison Crump, James Din A4, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and many more.

    • Secondo – Ought To Say
    • Secondo – Macula
    • Secondo – Kuwait
    • Secondo – Wait For It To Come
    • Secondo – Distrails
    • Secondo – Quantum Lady
    • Secondo – AZ201
    • Secondo – Burns Me Up
    • Secondo – Solstice
    • Secondo – Fine Primo Tempo

    Other Releases on What About Never

    Valerie From The GalerieTape OneWhat About Never

    London label 'What About Never' follow up on last years excellent Secondo 12" with an album from newcomer Valerie From The Galerie. 'Tape One' is collection of sun soaked, deep, dream house grooves, that work as equally well at home as on the dance-floor. Big tip!

    • – Paradis
    • – It Don’t Worry Me
    • – Hello Goodbye Hello
    • – Pretentiousness
    • – Trouble & Strife
    • – The Razzle Dazzle
    • – At The Movies
    • – Hallucinations
    SecondoShakinWhat About Never

    After a moment of schlafenmachen, Soul Jazz records affiliate and master of cut n' paste 'discotekno' drops back into plain sight with these club ready cuts on his own label, WAN. 'Shakin' and 'Nine Toms' are on a deeper tip, mixing up slivers of dream house, boogie and disco into two absolutely crucial tools for the dancefloor!

    • – Shakin
    • – Nine Toms

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    Barry Stoller / Barbara MooreCondition Red / Steam HeatSoul Jazz Records

    EXCLUSIVE 7" 45! EXCLUSIVE 7" 45! EXCLUSIVE 7" 45!


    Check out this killer, killer, killer new electronic/funk/jazz 45 on Soul Jazz Records. These two tracks (one rare library cut and one side taken from the original music of The Sweeney) are a taster for a new album of British TV,film and library composers that will be released at the start of 2012. 

    This 45 is going to go fast so if you want one, get in there quick!

    • Barry Stoller – Condition Red
    • Barbara Moore – Steam Heat
      RocketnumbernineLone Raver / Black and Blue / Steel DrummerSoul Jazz Records

      Their first single was released on Kieran Hebden (FOURTET)’s own label and Rocketnumbernine have been touring and performing alongside FOURTET since 2010.

      The meeting between Fourtet and Rocketnumbernine came from both group's connection to Steve Reid, the veteran radical drummer who recorded a number of albums on Soul Jazz.

      Rocketnumbernine have recently had live sessions on GILLES PETERSON's RADIO ONE show as well as performing at the Gilles Peterson WORLDWIDE Awards.

      The group have just returned from playing with RADIOHEAD in New York.

      This is a VERY LIMITED 12” single EP on SOUL JAZZ RECORDS.

      RocketNumberNine are London based brothers Ben (keyboards) and Tom Page (drums).

      • – Lone Raver
      • – Black and Blue
      • – Steel Drummer
      Chris CarterMoonlightOptimo Music

      A Long overdue reissue of ace 80's underground dance gem 'Moonlight' by Chris Carter (of Throbbing Gristle), originally released in 1985 on his 'Moonbeat' LP on Conspiracy International aswell as stunning reineterpretation from Neurotic Drum Band.

      A long-time fave of JD Twitch’s, “Moonlight” was a hit in the late 80s with a druggy slowed-down bootlegged version on the Belgian New Beat scene and amongst the Italian Cosmic DJs.

      • – moonlight
      • – moonlight - Neurotic Drum Band remix
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Fac DanceFactory Records 12" Mixes & Rarities 1980-87Strut

      Another brilliant Strut comp focusing on the early output from Manchester's legendary Factory Records! Compiled by DJ History's Bill Brewster and includes extensive liner notes by the man himself.  Showcasing their post-Joy Division period of funky and more upbeat disco-not-disco, post-punk, electro-boogie and reggae killers! Long 12" versions and late night groovers! Essential!

      • section 25 – looking from a hilltop (megamix)
      • a certain ratio – wild party
      • royal family & the poor – art on
      • 52nd street – cool as ice (restructured by john "jellybean" benitez)
      • X-O-Dus – see them a'Come
      • 2×LP£16.99
        Out of stock
      • 2×CD£11.99
        Out of stock
      PinchRetribution / Get Out Of HereSwamp81

      Returning to Loefah's Swamp81 label after last year's 'Croydon House'!

      Creating the soundtrack to a bleek, terrifying android-run planet; crushing 808 subs, syncopated drums, rattling percussion and swirling industrial gloom. Big soundsystem essential! Recommended!

      • – retribution
      • – get out of here
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock
      Andres New 4 U (Repress)La Vida

      Detroit's Andres is a man that requires no introduction but for those unfamiliar here it is; an unsung hero of the Detroit underground, Andres has had releases on KDJ, Mahogani Music, Prime Number and Hipnotech to name a few, as well being Slum Village's DJ.

      Three cuts here ranging from J-Dilla-style chunky hip hop cut-ups to slow burning late niight discofied jams!

      • – new 4 u
      • – drama around the corner
      • – jazz dance
      • 12"£12.99
        Out of stock
      Big Strick Timeless 7 Days Entertainment

      Omar S' cousin and heavy Detroit-based producer Big Strick returns with three raw house cuts on his own 7 Day Entertainment imprint. Seriously good stuff here folks, check ‘Spontaneous Combustion’ out for some fast paced Motor City vibes whilst the other two go deeper and rawer like a pissed off Theo Parrish. Top twelve.

      • – Timeless
      • – Spontaneous Combustion
      • – Code 1
      • 12"£8.99
        Out of stock
      James Blake Love What Happened Here R&S

      Long awaited, mutlifaceted offering from the incredibly talented James Blake, "Love What Happened Here" is an minimalistic, understated soulful-electronic organ-led number, "At Birth" on the flip goes deeper with sultry rumbling house groove whilst "Curbside" showcases a different sound from James with a 90's esque drugged oddball hip-hop instrumental.  Wicked!

      • – love what happened here
      • – at birth
      • – curbside
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Abacus Presents iDrum This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)Ndatl Musik

      DEEP tribal tech-house on Kai Alce's NDATL imprint! 

      Precussive, hard stabbing synths and acid b-lines from 'iDRUM This Djembe. Then turn it over and 'Welcome To The Party' is classic analog tracking Abacus at his best, with smooth chords and driving drums will be sure to please the deep heads worldwide. Also a bonus drum dub is included for our layering DJs to drive dancefloors into a frenzy!

      • – iDRUM This Djembe (This Is Not A Bongo)
      • – Welcome To The Party
      • – iDRUM This Djembe (Drum Dub)
      • 12"£9.99
        Out of stock
      IkonikaEdits EPHyperdub

      The second of three vinyl releases taken from Ikonika’s recent and highly-praised ‘Contact, Want. Love, Have’ album. It’s a simple concept; four tracks, edited down by Ikonika for functional DJ purposes, housed in a full colour sleeve. Includes ‘Video Delays’, ‘They Are Still Losing The War’, ‘Psoriasis’, and ‘Look (Final Boss Stage)’.


      • – Video Delays
      • – They Are Still Losing The War
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Kerri ChandlerA Basement, A Red Light And A FeelingMadhouse

      Ranks alongside his finest output - deepest, jazziest NJ House at its peak!!

      • Grampa – I loved you
      • bobcat trades – summer rain
      • krist' FA – Why you wanna
      • 12"£10.99
        Out of stock
      IkonikaAqueaous CreamHum And Buzz

      Ikonika & Optimum are present their highly anticipated new venture: Hum + Buzz Records. This double A side debut release is right at the centre of the current UK crossover, post-genre sound. First up, ‘Aqueous Cream’ explores a different sound to the one Ikonika delivered on her recent Hyperdub debut album. A dancefloor ready track with smooth sub bass, staccato piano chords, trademark emotive synth-leads, underpinned by tough kicks, sizzling hi-hats and ricochet snares. On side AA, ‘Ampersand’ marks Ikonika & Optimum’s first official collaboration. Layers of synth melodies float above a steady four/four pulse and unpredictable claps. An angular, broken, melodic march at a house tempo.

      • Ikonika – Aqueous Cream
      • Ikonika & Optimum – Ampersand
      • 12"£5.99
        Out of stock
      Paperclip People The Secret Tapes Of Dr. Eich Planet E

      ALL TIME CLASSIC TECHNO from Carl Craig

      Polished up, remastered edition of this 1996 classic compilation from Carl Craig under one of his many aliases, complete with brand new artwork.  Some of Carl Craig's finest work - featuring classics "Oscillator", "Climax" & "Throw".  Groundbreaking material and continues innovate until this day - ruddy brilliant!

      • – oscillator
      • – paperclip man
      • – the climax
      • – floor
      • – throw
      • – steam
      • 2×LP£14.99
        Out of stock

      Wicked double disc compilation (one mixed, one unmixed) by Osunlade! Osunlade for years now years now has been sending dancefloors crazy with his trademark deep spiritual house sound! 'Passage' is an exploration of the current transition of the deep house through a more electronic, minimalist sound. The mix features his own productions aswell as prodigious talents mentored and enriched by his guidance! Check it out!!!!

      • Andre zimma – M.u.s.i.c (at jazz remix)
      • Ale Reis – Locked
      • It – Woman In Toilet (Stefan Goldmann Macro Version)
      • Nibiru – HowTwoKonnekt
      • 2×CD£11.99
        Out of stock
      IkonikaDCKHDBTCHPlanet Mu

      Ikonika returns to Planet Mu with three new tracks which follow up her debut album on Hyperdub and lots of work as an in demand remixer and a brilliant DJ.

      On the A, ‘Dckhdbtch’ kicks off with a punchy soca-ish white noise drum pattern before switching the mood with a lonely arpeggiated melody and bassline, before her infamous crying synth melodies break out into a bitter sweet euphoria. ‘Ingredients’ opens with lulling, dark chords and minimal, slapping drums while slowly developing some sweet melodies and fragile chilling orchestral strings, sounding like a repeated snapshot of incidental music stolen from a dramatic moment of a film. ‘Shouldn’t Be Here’ is the most ‘techno’ of the tracks; huge, sorrowful chords backed with a 4/4 beat that’s accented with off beat cymbals and an undulating bassline, the sad feeling is only heightened with a passionate, far away female vocal and a soft lead melody.

      • – DCKHDBTCH
      • – Ingredients
      • – Shouldn't Be Here
      • 12"£4.99
        Out of stock
      Tevo Howard / Kutmah, Art+Sound 12"Summer RomanceSounds Of The Universe / Soul Jazz Records

      Limited 12” (300 copies worldwide) and ONLY AVAILABLE exclusively from Sounds of the Universe record store and Soul Jazz Records.

      This unique Art+Sound 180 gram vinyl only is the second release on our own Sounds of the Universe label and features music from Tevo Howard on one side and exclusive hand-etched art engraving by graphic artist Kutmah on the other side.

      New generation Chicago house artist and DJ, Tevo Howard, is also the son of legendary bluesman Rick 'Poppa' Howard. ‘Summer Romance’ is the new exclusive track made for our new Sounds Of The Universe label, launched by Soul Jazz Records.

      Tevo's sound incorporates drum machines, melancholic melodies which reference Detroit alongside the deep warm sound of New York. But above all it is a sound matured at home in the heart of house music, Chicago.

      Graphic artist Kutmah is the California-raised illustrator and DJ who has worked with many of the Los Angeles underground electronic hip-hop community - Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi and Dabrye - through his affiliation with the Dublab collective and the groundbreaking electronic/hip-hop club 'Low End Theory'.

      Check also the video by KORKUSUZ, filmmaking twins hailing from Turkey via Eastern Europe.

      • – Summer Romance
      Trus'meIn The RedFat City / Prime Numbers

      Ace blend of deep house, soul and disco from Mancunian wunderkind Trus'me!

      "Working Nights" is regularly held up as "one of the finest deep house and disco albums to come out of the U.K in years", but this was just the beginning of the Trusme sound. Since then he has become increasingly adept and inventive at taking on the sound system roots of reggae, soul, and disco, blending them with house and techno, to create a hypnotically radical sound.

      Trus'me has certainly raised the bar enlisting some real key players to appear on "In The Red". Dam-Funk, Stones Throw recording artist and L.A.'s rising star of the nu-boogie scene collaborates on a low slung interpretation of the WasNotWas disco epic "Wheel Me Out". Also on board is the jazzy Detroit innovator Amp Fiddler who features on two tracks including a bass & rhodes heavy cover of Bill Withers bittersweet classic "Can We Pretend". Paul Randolph, Jazzanova's current front-man, provides vocals for a house'd up version of West Phillips' boogie favourite "Sucker for a Pretty Face" and Mahogani Music's longtime collaborator Pirahnahead lends his vocal skills to the title track "In the Red". Ace late night party action!


      • – can we pretend
      • – bail me out
      • – sucker for a pretty face
      • 2×LP£13.99
        Out of stock
      EVM128Groove Content EPMeltdown

      Debut single on Ross Allen's new Meltdown imprint!

      'Groove Content EP' is a mash up of styles, part post garage, part bass, part Dilla, part street soul, it's all here but done in a very sophiscated and damn funky way. The title track is rude, sexy synths and claps, old skool 80's boogie cut-ins with a Joy O style post-garage-y beat. Another gem, 'Falling' has a chunky, staggered dilla-esque chunky drums, funked-up synthwork and a killer male vocal. Solid EP - We love this!

      • – groove content
      • – falling
      • – stay
      • – the slow jam
      • – d.n.a
      • – u want more
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      Heatsick Convergence No 'label'

      Brimming with stimuli from these four minimalist drum machine workouts from Heatsick.

      Warming up with cute chords on "Benelux" before opening up in the 2nd half of the tune with grizzly bass, tight Chicago groove with mad-hatter style free jazz strings. Really good.  Druggy, dubby grooves on "Spacescape". The flip, "Convergence" has a melting pot to sounds, mashing up off-kilter african drumming, deep Chicago house and oddball synth action. Quirky DJ tool "The juggler" rounds things off.

      • – benelux
      • – spacescape
      • – convergence
      • – the juggler
      • 12"£6.99
        Out of stock
      AzymuthJazz Carnival: The Best Of AzymuthFantasy / Ace

      Compiled by Baz Fe Jazz & Gilles Peterson. Classic compilation with the jazz dance classic 'Jazz Carnival'.

      • – jazz carnival
      • CD£11.99
        Out of stock
      SecondoWhat About Never 2What About Never


      Hot on the heels of SOTU's highly succesful in-store last Saturday, we are pleased and proud to offer these very limited copies of Secondo's second release from the 'What About Never' project! Don't stall on this bespoke beauty! UK exclusive to Sounds of the Universe!

      • – Track 1
      • – Track 2
      • 12"£7.99
        Out of stock