• 12" PNTS003£7.99
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  • 1. bibabo
  • 2. la fantiko
  • 3. pan-o-matika
  • 4. erotica
  • 5. moon river not come to sun
  • 6. erotica (om unit remix)

2nd outing on wax for newcomer 813!

The six tracks that make up this E.P. range from the interstellar funk musings of 'La Fantiko' - to the cloud hopping excursion of 'Pan O Matika' -  to the '80s channeling synth madness of 'Erotica'. Om Unit's remix of 'Erotica' that brings the E.P. to a close sounding like Wiley, Cyndi Lauper and the Neptunes trapped in an ice rink over night!

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