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    • Burnier & Cartier – Só Tem Lugar Pra Você
    • Burnier & Cartier – Aldeia Global
    • Burnier & Cartier – Lejos De Mi
    • Burnier & Cartier – Lembrando Ed Kleiger
    • Burnier & Cartier – Deixa Mudar
    • Burnier & Cartier – Parte Capital
    • Burnier & Cartier – Mirandolina
    • Burnier & Cartier – Ai É Que Tá
    • Burnier & Cartier – Aventura Espacial
    • Burnier & Cartier – Barranco
    • Burnier & Cartier – Europanema
    • Burnier & Cartier – Marcante
    • 1. Só Tem Lugar Pra Você
    • 2. Aldeia Global
    • 3. Lejos De Mi
    • 4. Lembrando Ed Kleiger
    • 5. Deixa Mudar
    • 6. Parte Capital
    • 7. Mirandolina
    • 8. Ai É Que Tá
    • 9. Aventura Espacial
    • 10. Barranco
    • 11. Europanema
    • 12. Marcante

    Official Mr Bongo reissue of this classic, highly sought-after Brazilian LP from 1974 that touches on MPB, soul, jazz, disco and boogie. Recommended!

    Other Releases on Mr Bongo

    Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta WazutuGotta Take It CoolMr Bongo
    Mr Bongo reissue this tough, rare, mid-tempo Ghanaian funk & Highlife album from Ebo Taylor Junior, son of the mighty Ebo Taylor, originally released in...
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Lord We've Missed You
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – System To Love
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Begging On Knees
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – You've Got Yours Greedy Man
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Gotta Take It Cool
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Mondo Soul Funky
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Swinging Soul For Love
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Every Woman Needs A Helper
    • Ebo Taylor Jnr. with Wuta Wazutu – Love Is What I Need
    Gyedu Blay Ambolley & Zantoda Mark IIIControlMr Bongo
    Extremely hard-to-find Ghanaian LP from legendary musician Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, originally released in 1980.The third in the series of Gyedu Blay Ambolley...
      Kit SebastianMantra ModerneMr Bongo
      Debut album from Mr Bongo signing, Kit Sebastian. ‘Mantra Moderne’ is a contemporary gem that fuses Anatolian Psychedelia, Brazilian Tropicalia, 60’s...
        AtmosfearXtra SpecialMr Bongo
        Brit-funk disco/boogie classic from 1982 by Atmosfear. Official Mr Bongo replica reissue of the original Elite release, cut loud at 45rpm.
          Archie SheppAttica BluesMr Bongo
          Mr Bongo reissue the previously Japan-only release of this Archie Shepp 45, featuring two tracks originally released on Shepp's 1972 classic soul-jazz...
          • Archie Shepp – Attica Blues
          • Archie Shepp – Quiet Dawn
          Gyedu Blay AmbolleyAmbolleyMr Bongo
          Extremely hard-to-obtain album from the Ghanaian master composer, producer and musician. Originally released in 1982 by the WEA International label and...
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – It's Highlife
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Walking Down The Street
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – 'Cos I Love You
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Cut Your Coat
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Adwoa
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Simigwa
          • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Franfranta
          AzymuthAguia Nao Come Mosca (30th Anniversary Edition)Mr Bongo
          Mr Bongo reissue of the golden-era, 1977, Brazilian jazz-funk-fusion album from the legendary, Azymuth. The album moves from mellow soulful moods, into...
          • Azymuth – Vôo Sobre O Horizonte
          • Azymuth – Águia Não Come Mosca
          • Azymuth – Despertar
          • Azymuth – Tarde
          • Azymuth – Circo Marimbondo
          • Azymuth – Tamborim, Cuíca, Ganzá, Berimbau
          • Azymuth – A Presa
          • Azymuth – A Caça
          • Azymuth – Falcon Love Call (Armazém No. 2)
          • Azymuth – Águia Negra X Dragão Negro
          Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Uhuru YenzuHitsville Re-visitedMr Bongo
          Mr Bongo reissue this hard-to-obtain, vintage highlife from three true giants of the sound - Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas & Uhuru Yenzu. Originally released...
            Ronald MesquitaRonald MesquitaMr Bongo
            Classic Brazilian album from master drummer, Ronald Mesquita, originally released in 1972. Featuring songs by Jorge Ben, Antonio Carlos-Jobim, Gilberto...
            • Ronald Mesquita – Balança Pema
            • Ronald Mesquita – Dabadeia
            • Ronald Mesquita – Águas De Marco
            • Ronald Mesquita – Cançâo Do Sal-Tema De Tostâo
            • Ronald Mesquita – Fechado Prá Balanço
            CéliaCélia (1970)Mr Bongo
            Mr Bongo reissue the wonderful debut from, Célia! Originally releases in 1970, her self-titled debut was conducted and arranged by Arthur Verocai and...
            • Célia – Blues
            • Célia – No Clarão Da Lua Cheia
            • Célia – Durango Kid
            • Célia – David
            • Célia – To Be
            • Célia – Abrace Paul McCartney
            • Célia – Pelo Teletipo
            • Célia – Adeus Batucada
            • Célia – Lennon - McCartney
            • Célia – Zózoio - Como É Que É
            • Célia – Fotograma
            AtmosfearMotivation / ExtractMr Bongo
            Another classic from Brit Funk pioneers, Atmosfear. This time it’s the turn of the mighty ‘Motivation’ from 1980 - pure dance floor, feel good vibes,...
            • Atmosfear – Motivation
            RobRobMr Bongo
            Accra-born pianist and frontman only released a few albums in small quantities, yet two of them are among the most sought-after records from 70’s Africa....
            • Rob – Funky Rob Way
            • Rob – Forgive Us All
            • Rob – Boogie On
            • Rob – Just One More Time
            • Rob – Your Kiss Stole Me Away
            • Rob – More
            SpacearkSpaceark IsMr Bongo
            Mr Bongo reissue the second album from SpaceArk. More brilliant self-released, private-press jazz / soul from 1976, Los Angeles. Essential!
            • Spaceark – Sweet Hitch Hiker
            • Spaceark – Take Her Out Dancing
            • Spaceark – Sexy Lady
            • Spaceark – Ja More Mon Amore (I Love My Love)
            • Spaceark – Phantom Lover
            • Spaceark – Each Song
            Akofa AkoussahAkofa AkoussahMr Bongo
            Rich, deep, percussive soulful folk album from master Togolese singer, Akofa Akoussah! A rare 1976 album release reissued via Mr. Bongo!
            • Akofa Akoussah – Tango
            • Akofa Akoussah – Ramer Sans Rame
            • Akofa Akoussah – La Lem
            • Akofa Akoussah – Mitso Aseye
            • Akofa Akoussah – Dandou Kodjo
            • Akofa Akoussah – Kimumbu
            • Akofa Akoussah – G Blem Di
            • Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass
            ToquinhoToquinhoMr Bongo
            All-time classic Brazilian album, featuring Jorge Ben on 'Que Maravilha’, ‘Zana’ and 'Carolina Carol Bela’ as sampled by DJ Marky on the drum and...
              Tim MaiaWhat You Want To Bet? / These Are The SongsMr Bongo
              Mr Bongo reissue of the debut single from the mighty Tim Maia! Released upon his return from the USA in the late 60’s. Sung in English, these two cuts...
                Carlos SodréCiumeira / Rasga Teu VersoMr Bongo
                Mr Bongo reissue of this sought after double sider of uptempo vintage MPB samba jazz from Carlos Sodré, originally on Copacabana in 1965.
                • Carlos Sodré – Ciumeira
                • Carlos Sodré – Rasga Teu Verso
                SpacearkSpacearkMr Bongo
                Mr bongo reissue of this super rare, brilliant self-released, private-press jazz/soul LP from 1975, recorded at Sunset Sound studios in LA. Originals of...
                • Spaceark – Everybody's Trying
                • Spaceark – Understand
                • Spaceark – Fever Pitch
                • Spaceark – I'm Only Me
                • Spaceark – Jr. Blaster
                • Spaceark – Welcome To My Door
                • Spaceark – Our Love Will Last
                • Spaceark – I'm Walking
                • Spaceark – Do What You Can Do
                • Spaceark – This World
                Tim MaiaTim Maia [1977]Mr Bongo
                Mr Bongo reissue the fantastic, self-titled 1977 album from legendary Brazilian artist, Tim Maia. A fusion of soul, boogie, disco and MPB, featuring the...
                • Tim Maia – Pense Menos
                • Tim Maia – Sem Você
                • Tim Maia – Verão Carioca
                • Tim Maia – Feito Para Dançar
                • Tim Maia – É Necessário
                • Tim Maia – Leva O Meu Blue
                • Tim Maia – Venha Dormir Em Casa
                • Tim Maia – Música Para Betinha
                • Tim Maia – Não Esquente A Cabeça
                • Tim Maia – Ride Twist And Roll
                • Tim Maia – Flores Belas (Instrumental)
                • Tim Maia – Let It All Hang Out
                Power Of ZeusThe Gospel According To ZeusMr Bongo
                Seminal funk-rock album originally released on Rare Earth in 1970. Featuring the monster break of 'The Sorcerer Of Isis'; being one of the most sampled...
                Jerry Butler & Jerry PetersMelindo Latino / I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More BabeMr Bongo
                Another wicked 45 reissue from the Mr bongo camp. Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters classic soundtrack cut 'Melindo Latino' taken from the awesome ‘Melinda’...
                • Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters – Melinda Latino
                • Jerry Butler & Jerry Peters – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Babe
                AtmosfearEn TranceMr Bongo
                Official Mr Bongo reissue of the Brit-funk classic - 'En Trance' by Atmosfear - which was originally released in 1981 via Elite / MCA records. A joyous...
                • Atmosfear – Free Tonight
                • Atmosfear – Duende
                • Atmosfear – Creator’s Dream
                • Atmosfear – Interplay
                • Atmosfear – Funk The Rock
                • Atmosfear – Invasion
                • Atmosfear – Return Of LB
                Helio Matheus / Doris MonteiroMais Kriola / MaitaMr Bongo
                Another killer Brazilian 7" from the Mr Bongo stable! ‘Mais Kriola’ is a lovely laidback mid-tempo boogie/soul/fusion jam, whilst ‘Maita’ is a...
                • Helio Matheus – Mais Kriola
                • Doris Monteiro – Maita
                Gyedu Blay AmbolleySimigwaMr Bongo
                Legendary Ghanian album given the reissue treatment by Mr Bongo! Highlife, afrobeat, folk and funk all present on this Ambolleys debut solo album originally...
                • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Akoko Ba
                The SylversI Know Myself / Wish That I Could Talk To YouMr Bongo
                Two of the key tracks lifted from the The Sylvers' first, self-titled album. Produced by Jerry Butler, Keg Johnson and Michael Viner, written by the hugely...
                • The Sylvers – I Know Myself
                • The Sylvers – Wish That I Could Talk To You
                Foster Sylvers / The SylversMisdemeanor / When I’m Near YouMr Bongo
                Classic soul gem, ‘Misdemeanour’ as sampled by the likes of Madlib, Big Daddy Kane, Rodney P, The D.O.C, Pete Rock and more! Backed with the beautiful,...
                • Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
                • The Sylvers – When I’m Near You
                O'SeisSuicida / ApocalipseMr Bongo
                Heavyweight Brazilian psyche by "Os Mutantes, before they were Os Mutantes"! A previously impossibly rare 45, now reissued via Mr Bongo!
                  Tunde MabaduViva DiscoMr Bongo
                  Ultra rare and sought after afro beat from 1980, reissued by Mr Bongo, originally issued on Afrodesia. Up-beat, afro, party-starters a plenty here!
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Alabosi
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Disco Press Funk
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Amupara Ko Ma Dara
                  • Tunde Mabadu – African Parowo
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Angelina - Sugar Daddy
                  • Tunde Mabadu – Viva Disco (Instrumental)
                  ProtojeA Matter Of TimeMr Bongo
                  A MATTER OF TIME is the follow-up to Protoje’s critically acclaimed 2015 full-length, Ancient Future, which featured the hit single “Who Knows” ft...
                  • Protoje – Flames
                  • Protoje – Blood Money
                  • Protoje – Mind Of A King
                  • Protoje – Like This
                  • Protoje – Bout Noon
                  • Protoje – A Matter Of Time
                  • Protoje – No Guarantee
                  • Protoje – Lessons
                  • Protoje – Truth & Rights
                  • Protoje – Camera Show
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                  • LP£14.49
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                  Super ElcadosTogetherness Is Always A Good Venture: Tambourine Party Vol. 2Mr Bongo
                  Official Mr Bongo reissue of the ultra-rare album by ‘Super Elcados’. A fusion of heavyweight Nigerian funk, soul & disco, originally released by EMI...
                  • Super Elcados – Tambourine Party
                  • Super Elcados – Afro Funk
                  • Super Elcados – Xray Gun
                  • Super Elcados – How Much I Love You
                  CéliaCéliaMr Bongo
                  This classic Brazilian LP was originally released in 1972 featuring an all star line up including Arthur Verocai, Erasmo Carlos, Roberto Carlos, Marcos...
                  • Célia – A Hora É Essa
                  • Célia – Toda Quarta-Feira Depois Do Amor
                  • Célia – Dominus Tecum
                  • Célia – Ay Adelita
                  • Célia – Vida De Artista
                  • Célia – Mia
                  • Célia – Na Boca Do Sol
                  • Célia – Em Família
                  • Célia – Detalhes
                  • Célia – É Preciso Dizer Adeus
                  • Célia – Dez Bilhões De Neurônios
                  • Célia – Badalação (Bahia, Volume 2)
                  Shina Williams & His African PercussionistsAfrican DancesMr Bongo
                  First official reissue of the extremely rare, ground-breaking Nigerian disco-boogie LP from 1979 by Lagos-based bandleader, Shina Williams. Features the...
                  • Shina Williams & His African Percussionists – Agboju Logun
                  Foster SylversFoster SylversMr Bongo
                  Mr Bongo reissue this brilliant funk-soul album from 1973. Written by Leon Sylvers III, produced by a heavyweight line-up comprising Jerry Butler, Keg...
                  • Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor
                  • Foster Sylvers – Big Things Come In Small Packages
                  • Foster Sylvers – I'm Your Puppet
                  • Foster Sylvers – Mockingbird
                  • Foster Sylvers – I'll Get You In The End
                  • Foster Sylvers – Hey Little Girl
                  • Foster Sylvers – Happy Face
                  • Foster Sylvers – Swooperman
                  • Foster Sylvers – More Love
                  • Foster Sylvers – Only My Love Is True
                  • Foster Sylvers – Lullabye / Uncle Albert
                  • LP£18.99
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                  The SylversIIMr Bongo
                  Beautiful, golden-era soul written by Leon Sylvers III, produced by Jerry Butler and Keg Johnson. The Sylvers were a familyfrom Los Angeles who were very...
                    Ebo TaylorYen AraMr Bongo
                    After 60 years in the business, Ghanaian music legend Ebo Taylor returns with perhaps his finest album to date! The man combines high-energy afrobeat,...
                    • Ebo Taylor – Poverty No Good
                    • Ebo Taylor – Mumudey Mumudey
                    • Ebo Taylor – Krumandey
                    • Ebo Taylor – Aboa Kyirbin
                    • Ebo Taylor – Yen Ara
                    • Ebo Taylor – Mind Your Own Business
                    • Ebo Taylor – Ankona'm
                    • Ebo Taylor – Abenkwan Puchaa
                    • Ebo Taylor – Aba Yaa
                    Disco Dub BandFor The Love Of MoneyMr Bongo
                    Mr Bongo reissue this Danny Krivit and DJ Harvey favourite, as sampled by J Dilla and Glenn Underground - a dubby disco cover of the Gamble & Huff penned...
                    • Disco Dub Band – For The Love Of Money (Disco Dub)
                    Ebo Taylor and The PelikansEbo Taylor and The PelikansMr Bongo
                    Reissue of this "holy grail" Ghanaian funk LP - one of Ebo Taylor's rarest and most sought-after!On this album, Ebo Taylor joined forces with 12-piece...
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Enye Wo Nyame Nko
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Gyae Su Na Nkomo
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Reality
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Egya Edu
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Mber No Aso
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – Come Along
                    • Ebo Taylor and The Pelikans – If You Care
                    The Original Sound Of Burkina FasoVarious ArtistsMr Bongo
                    Burkina Faso may be one of the least well-known parts of West Africa but it has a deep history and musical pedigree. A few years before President Thomas...
                    • Abdoulaye Cisse – Jeunesse Wilila
                    • Bozambo – Kombisse
                    • Pierre Sandwidi – Boy Cuisinier
                    • Abdoulaye Cisse – Aw Ye Douba Ke
                    • Tidiani Coulibaly & Dafra Star – De Nwolo
                    • Mangue Kondé & Le Super Mande – Touba
                    • Amadou Balake – Whisky Et Coca-Cola
                    • John Oumar Nabolle – M'ba Lale
                    • Amadou Balake – Super Bar Konon Mousso
                    • Mangue Konde Et Les 5 Consuls – Pop Konde
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                    • CD£9.99
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                    MarijataThis Is MarijataMr Bongo
                    Marijata was a group made up of three members – Kofi 'Electric' Addison on drums, Bob Fischlan on organ and Nat Osmanu on guitar, hailing from Ghana. ...
                    • Marijata – I Walk Alone
                    • Marijata – We Live In Peace
                    • Marijata – No Condition Is Permanent
                    • Marijata – Break Through
                    Gal CostaÍndiaMr Bongo
                    Essential reissue from Mr Bongo!!!! A post-Tropicalia masterpiece from one of the movements key  figures and true legends of Brazilian music,...
                    • Gal Costa – Índia
                    • Gal Costa – Milho Verde
                    • Gal Costa – Presente Cotidiano
                    • Gal Costa – Volta
                    • Gal Costa – Relance
                    • Gal Costa – Da Maior Importância
                    • Gal Costa – Passarinho
                    • Gal Costa – Pontos De Luz
                    • Gal Costa – Desafinado
                    HorsemanComputerMr Bongo
                    Horseman on vocals with instrumental on the flip, produced by Prince Fatty.
                      Prince Fatty, Hollie Cook & HorsemanGot Your MoneyMr Bongo
                      Great duel vocal cut from Hollie Cook and Horseman on this upbeat roots 7" from 2012.
                      • Prince Fatty, Hollie Cook & Horseman – Got Your Money (Vocal)
                      • Prince Fatty, Hollie Cook & Horseman – Got Your Money (Dub)
                      Hollie CookMilk & HoneyMr Bongo
                      Wicked early single from Hollie Cook originally released in 2007 with dub version on the flip.
                        Mungo's Hi-FiUnder ArrestMr Bongo
                        Featuring Prince Fatty remix and original mix by Mungo's Hi-Fi.
                        • Mungo's Hi-Fi – Under Arrest (Prince Fatty Mix)
                        Prince Fatty with Winston Francis & Little RoyDry Your Tears / Christopher ColumbusMr Bongo
                        Featuring the sublime vocals of Jamaican vocal legends Winston Francis and Little Roy.
                        • Winston Francis – Dry Your Tears
                        • Little Roy – Christopher Columbus
                        Antonio Carlos & JocafiMudei De IdéiaMr Bongo
                        Vinyl now in stock! Psychedelic rock, samba-funk and truly tripped-out MPB! Antonio Carlos & Jocafi were a very successful and famous Brazilian...
                          Pedro SantosKrishnandaMr Bongo
                          Mr Bongo reissue the insanely-rare 'Krishnanda' from 1968 by  Pedro Santos. A spiritual, psychedelic Brazilian masterpiece from...
                          • Pedro Santos – Ritual Negro
                          • Pedro Santos – Agua Viva
                          • Pedro Santos – Um So
                          • Pedro Santos – Sem Sombra
                          • Pedro Santos – Savana
                          • Pedro Santos – Advertencia
                          • Pedro Santos – Quem Sou Eu?
                          • Pedro Santos – Flor De Lotus
                          • Pedro Santos – Dentro Da Selva
                          • Pedro Santos – Desengano Da Vista
                          • Pedro Santos – Dual
                          • Pedro Santos – Arabindu
                          Hanna / Almir RicardiDeixa Rodar / To Parado Na TuaMr Bongo
                          ‘Deixa Rodar’ is an essential midtempo disco/boogie jam taken from Hanna’s ‘Deixa Rodar’ LP from 1979. A tip off from our good friend Mark ‘GV’...
                            Antonio Adolfo e Brazuca / Erasmo CarlosGloria Glorinha / Coqueiro VerdeMr Bongo
                            ‘Gloria Glorinha’ – quirky, upbeat MPB-funk with soaring vocals, JB esque stabs, horns and bubbling piano. Originally released as part of a 4-track...
                              Elizeth Cardoso / Elza SoaresEu Bebo Sim / Deixa A Nega GingarMr Bongo
                              'Eu Bebo Sim' is a samba-rock master class from Elizeth Cardoso originally released on Copacabana in 1973, as featured on her Disco de Ouro in 1974. Elza,...

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                                Ruby RushtonIronside22a
                                Brand new album from the Tenderlonious led jazz quartet, Ruby Rushton! ’Ironside’ sees the band continuing to push boundaries, and lead the way, with...
                                • Ruby Rushton – One Mo’ Dram
                                • Ruby Rushton – Where Are You Now
                                • Ruby Rushton – The Target
                                • Ruby Rushton – Return Of The Hero
                                • Ruby Rushton – Eleven Grapes
                                • Ruby Rushton – Lara’s Theme
                                • Ruby Rushton – Prayer For Grenfell
                                • Ruby Rushton – Ironside
                                • Ruby Rushton – Triceratops The Caller
                                • Ruby Rushton – Pingwin VI (Requiem For Komeda)
                                Swinging latin house vibes, fast paced broken beats and some serious low end frequencies! North London's K15 returns to Eglo Records with this superb release!
                                • K15 – Sunbeams
                                • K15 – Starburst 3
                                • K15 – Esencia
                                • 10"£8.99
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                                Ezra CollectiveYou Can't Steal My JoyEnter The Jungle
                                The highly-anticipated album debut from London Afro-jazz troupe, Ezra Collective - Joe Armon-Jones on keys, Femi Koleoso on drums, TJ Koleoso on bass,...
                                • Ezra Collective – Space is the Place (Reprise)
                                • Ezra Collective – Why You Mad?
                                • Ezra Collective – Red Whine
                                • Ezra Collective – Quest For Coin
                                • Ezra Collective – Reason In Disguise feat. Jorja Smith
                                • Ezra Collective – What Am I To Do? feat. Loyle Carner
                                • Ezra Collective – Chris and Jane
                                • 2×LP£19.99
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                                • CD£10.99
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                                Mark GrusaneThe Real Sound Of Mark GrusaneBBE
                                Having co-compiled two albums, The Real Sound of Chicago and The Real Sound of Chicago and Beyond for BBE, DJ and producer Mark Grusane steps out of the...
                                • Africano – Open Your Hearts (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Sémaj – All Should Be In All (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Frank Pellico – Copa Cabana (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Brief Encounter – What About Love (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Choker Campbell – Carioca (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Shabadoo – Do It (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • Daniele Patucchi – Sacrifice
                                • Yan Tregger – Riff On (Mark Grusane Spend The Night Edit)
                                • 1. Africano – Open Your Hearts (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • 2. Sémaj – All Should Be In All (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • 3. Frank Pellico – Copa Cabana (Mark Grusane Edit)
                                • View full info and tracklisting
                                • 2×LP£27.99
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                                • CD£12.99
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                                Robson JorgeRobson JorgeMad About Records
                                First ever reissue of the self-titled album from of the most important background figures of Brazilian Soul in the 70's and 80´s, Robson Jorge. Together...
                                • Robson Jorge – Num Dia Qualquer
                                • Robson Jorge – Sorriso Falso
                                • Robson Jorge – Um Amor Tao Lindo
                                • Robson Jorge – Tudo Bem
                                • Robson Jorge – Pra Lhe Fazer Feliz
                                • Robson Jorge – A Cada Instante
                                • Robson Jorge – Amei Você
                                • Robson Jorge – Cantar Comigo
                                • Robson Jorge – Entre O Céu E O Mar
                                • Robson Jorge – Não é Assim
                                • LP£23.99
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                                Nubya GarciaWhen We AreNyasha
                                **Back in stock!** Saxophonist, composer, bandleader and DJ, Nubya Garcia launches her own 'Nyasha' imprint with her highly anticipated EP - When We...
                                • Nubya Garcia – When We Are
                                • Nubya Garcia – Source
                                • Nubya Garcia – When We Are (K15 remix)
                                • Nubya Garcia – Source (Maxwell Owin remix)
                                • 12" EP£15.99
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                                MndsgnBody WashStones Throw Records
                                Mndsgn (born Ringgo Ancheta) grew up in south New Jersey, raised with Gospel music at church, and B-Boy culture at home. Here he drops his second...
                                • Mndsgn – Overture
                                • Mndsgn – Cosmic Perspective
                                • Mndsgn – Tha Origin Interlude
                                • Mndsgn – Alluptoyou
                                • Mndsgn – Ya Own Way
                                • Mndsgn – Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)
                                • Mndsgn – Enter Her Abode Interlude
                                • Mndsgn – Vague // Recalibrate
                                • Mndsgn – Transmissionnn
                                • Mndsgn – Prelude 2 Purification
                                • 2xLP + Download Code£22.99
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                                NxWorriesYes Lawd!Stones Throw
                                Knxwledge and Anderson .Paak's collaborative album 'Yes Lawd'! drops under the duo NxWorries moniker. Expect beats and rhymes that...
                                • NxWorries – Intro
                                • NxWorries – Livvin
                                • NxWorries – Wngs
                                • NxWorries – Best One
                                • NxWorries – What More Can I Say
                                • NxWorries – Kutless
                                • NxWorries – Lyk Dis
                                • NxWorries – Can’t Stop
                                • NxWorries – Get Bigger / Do U Luv
                                • NxWorries – Khadija
                                • 2xLP + Download Code£26.99
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                                • CD£9.99
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                                Oliver De Coque And His Expo'76-Ogene Sound Super Of AfricaAtutu Gepu Mpi Ekwe Gesiya Ike (1984)Ogene Records
                                Rare Original = Nigerian Original Vinyl F/G- /Sleeve VG +High-end Audio Desk Systeme Pro Machine Utrasonic cleaned+100% Guarantee on this and all Original...
                                  Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice VersaViajando Com O Som (The Lost '76 Vice-Versa Studio Session)Far Out Recordings
                                  Far Out Recordings celebrate their 200th release with a previously unreleased album by the maestro & cultural icon - Hermeto Pascoal and his ‘Grupo Vice...
                                  • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa – Dança Do Pajé
                                  • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa – Mavumvavumpefoco
                                  • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa – Natal
                                  • Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Vice Versa – Casinha Pequenina
                                  Unlimited SourceDown In The CellarBackatcha
                                  Backatcha continue to unearth these lost gems of the Bristish 'hustle' era with an official reissue of north London jazz-funk troupe, Unlimited Source's...
                                  • Unlimited Source – Down In The Cellar
                                  • Unlimited Source – Love Ballad
                                  • Unlimited Source – Nicoca Nicola
                                  • 12"£13.99
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                                  Blue Lab BeatsXoverAllpoints
                                  Debut LP from the critically acclaimed London based jazz/hip hop, beatmaker and musician duo Blue Lab Beats! Recorded at the legendary Real World studios...
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Intro
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Tea (Feat. Melo-Zed)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Say Yes (ft. Ruby Francis & Ashley Henry)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Watch it x Blue Katana (ft NiCe & Femi Koleoso)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Dome (ft. OthaSoul & Daniel Taylor)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Xover (ft. Moses Boyd)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Pineapple (ft. Moses Boyd & Nérija)
                                  • Blue Lab Beats – Piña Colada (ft. Nubya Garcia & Richie Seivwright)
                                  • 2×LP£17.99
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                                  Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991Various ArtistsMusic From Memory
                                  SOTU favourite Music From Memory present 'Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe, 1980-1991'. This superb compilation focuses on the more unusual and unexpected...
                                  • Nightfall In Camp – Cada Día
                                  • Ströer Duo – Nomad Song
                                  • Tony Hymas – Pictures Of Departure
                                  • Violet Eves – Listen Over The Ocean
                                  • Miko & Mubare – Komoma Ya-Ya-Ya
                                  • Piscine Et Charles – Quart De Tour, Mon Amour
                                  • John Makin & Friends – No Lie
                                  • Nonobstant – Jessica
                                  • Wolfgang Klingler – Nach Dienst
                                  • Sound On Sound – Depression
                                  • Pete Brandt's Method – What You Are
                                  • Lost Gringos – Tambo Machay
                                  • George Vanakos – I Hate Disco.. Not The Dance
                                  • Brenda And The Beach Balls – Dancing Thru' The Night
                                  • Patrick Forgas – Sex Move
                                  • Xavier Jouvelet – Oeuf En Clock
                                  • Lou Blic – Minéralité
                                  • Steve Beresford – Comfortable Gestures
                                  • Orchestra Arcana – The Whole City Between Us
                                  • Härte 10 – Happy New Year
                                  • Monica Rypma – Hey, Where You Goin!
                                  • 2×LP£22.99
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                                  Shaolin Soul: Episode 1Various ArtistsBecause Music
                                  Episode 1 of 'Shaolin Soul', a compilation of music sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan, and the rappers' various solo albums. The samples are principally for...
                                  • Ann Peebles – Troubles, Heartaches & Sadness
                                  • O.V. Wright – Let's Straighten It Out
                                  • The Charmels – As Long As I Got You
                                  • David Porter – I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over
                                  • Willie Mitchell – Groovin'
                                  • Al Green – You Ought To Be With Me
                                  • Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell – You're All I Need To Get By
                                  • The Emotions – If You Think It (You May As Well Do It)
                                  • Bob James – Nautilus
                                  • 1. Ann Peebles – Troubles, Heartaches & Sadness
                                  • 2. O.V. Wright – Let's Straighten It Out
                                  • 3. The Charmels – As Long As I Got You
                                  • View full info and tracklisting
                                  • 2×LP + Bonus CD£23.99
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                                  Shaolin Soul: Episode 2Various ArtistsBecause Music
                                  Episode 2 of 'Shaolin Soul', a compilation of music sampled by the Wu-Tang Clan, and the rappers' various solo albums. The samples are principally for...
                                  • Syl Johnson – I Hear The Love Chimes
                                  • Ann Peebles – I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
                                  • Baby Huey – Hard Times
                                  • The Emotions – I Like It
                                  • Black Ivory – I Keep Asking You Questions
                                  • New Birth – Honey Bee
                                  • The Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow
                                  • Syl Johnson – I Hate I Walked Away
                                  • Al Green – Something
                                  • Eddie Holman – It's Over
                                  • 2×LP + Bonus CD£23.99
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                                  Fumio ItabashiNatureMule Musiq
                                  Reissue of this sought after japanese jazz album from legendary pianist, Fumio Itabashi. First time this gem has been reissued since its release in 1979.
                                  • Fumio Itabashi – When You Smile
                                  • Fumio Itabashi –  Up Into The Sky
                                  • Fumio Itabashi –  Listen To My Story
                                  • Fumio Itabashi – Macumba
                                  • Fumio Itabashi – Ash
                                  • LP£27.99
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                                  Gil Scott-HeronThe Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedBMG
                                  Great compilation of loads of great early Gil Scott-Heron. Recommended. Every one is an essential track.
                                  • Gil Scott-Heron – The revolution will not be televised
                                  • Gil Scott-Heron – Lady day and john coltrane
                                  • Gil Scott-Heron – Home is where the hatred is
                                  The OwlDiscos Return EPOWL
                                  The Owl swoops back in with four more party ready edits for the dancers. Limited vinyl copies only!
                                  • The Owl – Betar
                                  • The Owl – Groov
                                  • The Owl – Girlz
                                  • The Owl – Pimp Of The Year (Owl Original)
                                  • 12"£8.99
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