Arthur Verocai Arthur Verocai (50th Anniversary Edition)

    Mr Bongo
    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£36.00
      Limited coloured vinyl edition. Half-speed mastered.
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    • Arthur Verocai – Caboclo
    • Arthur Verocai – Pelas Sombras
    • Arthur Verocai – Sylvia
    • Arthur Verocai – Dedicada A Ela
    • 1. Caboclo
    • 2. Pelas Sombras
    • 3. Sylvia
    • 4. Presente Grego
    • 5. Dedicada A Ela
    • 6. Seriado
    • 7. Na Boca Do Sol
    • 8. Velho Parente
    • 9. O Mapa
    • 10. Karina (Domingo No Grajau)

    Melancholic, psych folk-Brazilian classic!!! Lush beautiful arrangements, sample-laden gem!

    In 1972 a repressive Brazilian military dictatorship frowned on artistic impression that might influence the youth of the country. However, producer, arranger and guitar player Arthur Verocai released a self-titled album on Brazilian based Continental Records that challenged the musical conventions of the day. His subtle protest experimented with new musical directions, and used figurative language to sneak under the censorship radar.

    Extremely rare album that has been known to fetch over $5000 online. Don't miss the opportunity to add this classic to your collection!

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      • – Your Child
      • – For Fats
      Marxist Love Disco EnsembleMLDEMr Bongo
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              Brazilian Boys / Rubinho E Mauro AssumpcaoSuper Herois / Tudo AiMr Bongo
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                Mankunku QuartetYakhal' Inkomo (Deluxe Half-speed Remastered Edition)Mr Bongo
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                • – Yakhal' Inkomo
                • – Dedication (To Daddy Trane And Brother Shorter)
                • – Doodlin'
                • – Bessie's Blues
                • LP (180 gram)£23.00
                  Deluxe, half-speed remastered edition in a tip-on sleeve
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                • CD£11.00
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                Mr Bongo Record Club: Vol. 5Mr Bongo
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                    Out of stock
                  • CD£11.00
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                  Ryo KawasakiJuiceMR BONGO
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                    • LP£27.00
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                    • CD£11.00
                      Out of stock
                    Luke Una presents E Soul CulturaMr Bongo
                    With some of the best DJs and selectors there is a certain mysterious sound or underlying feeling which unites the music they play, regardless of genre,...
                    • – Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti - "Eva
                    • – Chene Noir - Le Train
                    • – Metropolis - Every Time I See Him
                    • – The Brand New Heavies - Stay This Way (feat. N'Dea Davenport - The Lunar dub)
                    • – Typesun - The PL (Extended edit)
                    • – King Errisson - Space Queen
                    • – Yusef Lateef - Robot Man
                    • – Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau & Henri Texier - "Le Cyclope
                    • – Airto Moreira - O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree)
                    • – Francisco - Wache
                    • – Nar'Chiveol - Apocalypse Now Ho
                    • – On - Southern Freeez
                    • – Soylent Green - After All
                    Asha PuthliThe EssentialMr Bongo
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                          Kev LuckhurstWild Style! Lesson Part 1+2Mr Bongo
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                            The Brkn RecordThe Architecture Of Oppression Part 1Mr Bongo
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                            • – Assimilation
                            • – His Mother's Eyes
                            • – The Investigator
                            • – Break The Chains
                            • – A Police Service, Not A Police Force
                            • – Hackney Ain't Innocent
                            • – On The Daily
                            • – Say Black
                            • – The Babylon Encounter
                            • – Witness The Whiteness
                            • – Lifeline
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00 £11.50
                              Limited coloured vinyl edition
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                            • CD£11.00
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                            Hozan Yamamoto & Yu ImaiAkuma Ga Kitarite Fue Wo FukuMr Bongo
                            Reissue of the original soundtrack to the Japanese mystery and suspense movie from 1979, 'Devil's Flute'. Hozan Yamamoto was invited to compose the soundtrack...
                            • – Kaendaiko
                            • – Tengindoujiken
                            • – Kindaichikousuke Nishie Yuku
                            • LP£23.00
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                            • CD£11.00
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                            Glenn Fallows & Mark TreffelThe Globeflower Masters Vol.1Mr Bongo
                            Glenn Fallows & Mark Treffel's 'The Globeflower Masters Vol. 1' takes its inspiration from classic soundtrack and cinematic composers such as Axelrod,...
                            • – Faith In Time
                            • – Scene In Roma
                            • – Who Knows When
                            • – Hidden In The Pampas
                            • – Fear Me Now
                            • – How It Shimmers
                            • – El Ejido
                            • – Arise
                            • LP£20.00
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                            • CD£11.00
                              Out of stock
                            The Pro-TeensI Flip My Life Every Time I FlyMr Bongo
                            Superb, widescreen, cinematic funk and 70s library music vibes from Oz band The Pro-Teens! Features members of Surprise Chef and Karate Boogaloo and highly...
                            • – I Flip My Life Every Time I Fly
                            • – No One Understands Me (I'm OG)
                            • – Spray It, Don't Say It
                            • – Convo
                            • – Peppery Weapons
                            • – Snooch Is Too Busy For This Shit
                            • – The Pro-Teens Ruined My Life
                            • – Ya Gotta Love This City
                            • – I Hate Turbulence
                            • – Greta Thunburg
                            • – Elephant On The Wall
                            • – Slow Fast
                            • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
                              Limited orange vinyl edition
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                            • CD£11.00
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                            Golden Boys / Silvio C SarSegura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi O) / Beco Sem Sa daMr Bongo
                            A monster Brazilian funk / samba rock double-sider from of the mighty Golden Boys and Silvio C Sar. Both tracks produced by the great Milton Miranda.
                            • – Golden Boys - Segura Na Cintura Dela (O Gavi o)
                            • – Silvio C Sar - Beco Sem Sa da
                            Incredible Bongo BandBongo RockMr Bongo
                            Special Limited Edition Silver Pressing for RSD 2021. A foundation of hip hop featuring‘Apache’, Kool Herc’s ‘national anthemof hip hop’. Sampled...
                              • New LP £23.00
                                RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12
                                In stockAdd to Bag
                              Sven WunderImpasto / Prussian BlueMr Bongo
                              Wild, psychedelic, cinematic funk vibes from the huge talent, Sven Wunder! Huge recommendation for the psych and prog enthusiasts; folk or jazz aficionados...
                              • – Impasto
                              • – Prussian Blue
                              Ian CarrBelladonnaMr Bongo
                              **Official half-speed mastered re-issue of British trumpeter and bandleader Ian Carr's iconic jazz-fusion-rock hybrid 'Belladonna' from 1972** Originally...
                              • – Belladonna
                              • – Summer Rain
                              • – Remadione
                              • – Mayday
                              • – Suspension
                              • – Hector's House
                              • LP£21.99
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                              • CD£10.00
                                Out of stock
                              The Original Sound Of MaliMr Bongo
                              Killer comp showcasing the rich history of musical innovation from Mali - arguably the most sophiscated form of African music. Vik Sohonie...
                              • Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Nissodia (Joie de l’op misme)
                              • Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Tiecolom-Ba
                              • Super Tentemba Jazz – Mangan
                              • Rail Band – Mouodilo
                              • Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – M’Bouram-Mousso
                              • Sorry Bamba – Yayoroba
                              • Super Djata Band – Worodara
                              • Zani Diabate et Le Super Djata Band – Fadingna Kouma
                              • Salif Keita – Mandjou
                              • Alou Fane & Daouda Sangare_ – Komagni Bela
                              • Super Djata Band de Bamako – Mali Ni Woula
                              • Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Fama Allah
                              • 1. Idrissa Soumaoro et L’Eclipse de L’Ija – Nissodia (Joie de l’op misme)
                              • 2. Les Ambassadeurs du Motel de Bamako – Tiecolom-Ba
                              • 3. Super Tentemba Jazz – Mangan
                              • View full info and tracklisting
                              Black SheepTry Counting SheepMr Bongo
                              Reissue of the UK only 45 of this stone cold, hip hop classic from '91!
                                Black SheepFlavor Of The MonthMr Bongo
                                1991 hip hop CLASSIC taken from their game-changing album 'A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing'!
                                • – Flavor Of The Month
                                • – Butt...In The Meantime
                                Black SheepStrobelite HoneyMr Bongo
                                Mr Bongo reissue this classic hip hop jam from '91 by one group of NYC-based, Native Tongues Collective, Black Sheep!
                                • – Strobelite Honey (The Original)
                                Kit SebastianRain / KosmosMr Bongo
                                From the ‘Mantra Moderne’ sessions are two previously unreleased tracks in the duo's signature contemporary style: a fusion of Anatolian Psychedelia,...
                                  Asha PuthliAsha PuthliMr Bongo
                                  Official Mr Bongo coloured vinyl re-issue for Record Store Day 2020.Asha's debut self-titled album is a wonderful fusion of jazz, soul, blues, and disco.It...
                                    Dee Dee BridgewaterAfro BlueMr Bongo
                                    It's the bomb - don't miss this chance to only one of the finest and rarest Japanese-only-released albums ever! Dee Dee Bridgewater's 1974 album ‘Afro...
                                    • – Afro Blue
                                    • – Love Vibrations
                                    • – Blues Medley (Everyday I Have The Blues / Stormy Monday Blues)
                                    • – Little B's Poem
                                    • – Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
                                    • – Love From The Sun
                                    • – People Make The World Go Round
                                    • LP£21.99
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                                    • CD£11.00
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                                    • 1. Grupo Irakere – Chequere Son
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                                    Harmony, Melody & StyleLovers Rock In The UK 1975-1992Soul Jazz Records
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                                    • Louisa Marks – Caught You In A Lie
                                    • Sandra Reid – Don't Tell Me Tell Her
                                    • Carroll Thompson – Sing Me A Love Song
                                    • Winston Curtis – Be Thankful For What You've Got
                                    • Janet Kay – Feel No Way
                                    • Paulette Tajah – Stop, Look, Listen
                                    • Eva Sharp – Upside Down
                                    • Valerie Harrison – You're No Good
                                    • Anthony Brightly – I Love You
                                    • Charmaine Burnett – Make It With You
                                    • Sister C.C. – Stop Hurting Me
                                    • Kofi – Black Pride
                                    • Full Wood – Stop And Think It Over
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                                    • Jean Adebambo – Paradise
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                                    ZongaminO! VersionsMulti Culti
                                    Zongamin returns with dubbed-out reworks of his 'O!' EP. Cult artist Susumu Mukai brings us into the fun-house of his musical process, re-playing and reworking...
                                    • – High Tension Dub
                                    • – Serpent Dub
                                    • – DNA Mutation
                                    • – Fractal Dub
                                    • – Pyramid Dub
                                    • – Nonstop Outro T.I.M.E.
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                                      • One per customer!
                                      • Obi strip and hand-stamped insert
                                      • Each one uniquely hand-painted by Susumu Mukai of
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                                    Pender Street SteppersMH019Mood Hut
                                    More wicked, deep, dream-house abstractions from the Pender Street Steppers via Mood Hut!
                                    • – Raining Again
                                    • – Mirror (Dub)
                                    • – Molto Bene
                                    • – Blackboard
                                    • – No Need
                                    • 12"£9.99
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                                    AzymuthOutubroFar Out Recordings
                                    Their second album for Milestone, originally released in 1980 and following on from "Light As A Feather', includes the wicked "Papasong", "Maracana" and...
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                                      • LP£19.99
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                                      Sun Ra and His Outer Space ArkestraA Fireside Chat With LuciferModern Harmonic
                                      While the most renowned track in this omniversal opus is the atomic expletive-filled, proto-hip hop classic 'Nuclear War,' there is so much more to this...
                                      • – Nuclear War
                                      • LP£26.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      • CD£13.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      Laurene LaVallisKey To Our Love / Love Don't ChangeSymphonical Records
                                      Raw, low-rider/gangster soul business from Detroit, '84! Super rare and obscure one-away release from the sweet voice of Laurene LaVallis backed with a...
                                      • – Key To Our Love
                                      • – Love Don't Change
                                      • 7"£11.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      Skull SnapsIt's A New Day / TrespassingDynamite Cuts
                                      Two of Skull Snaps' greatest funk / B-Boy break classics beautifully presented in a tasty picture sleeve. Limited to 500 copies.
                                      • – It's A New Day
                                      • – Trespassing
                                      • 7"£10.99
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                                      Enrique Rodriguez and The Negra Chiway BandFase LiminalSoul Jazz Records
                                      Powerful new spiritual jazz from Chile on Soul Jazz Records! This album comes as a very limited one-off unique pressing of 1000-edition vinyl, limited...
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ?
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Descenso
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Vindakalla-Welukan (Autoconfrontación)
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – No Quiero Seguir Así
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Acabar de Conocerse
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Paso Firme
                                      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ? (Alternate Take)
                                      • 1. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ?
                                      • 2. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Descenso
                                      • 3. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Vindakalla-Welukan (Autoconfrontación)
                                      • View full info and tracklisting
                                      John Coltrane & Alice ColtraneCosmic MusicSuperior Viaduct
                                      A much-needed reissue of 'Cosmic Music', originally self-released by Alice Coltrane in 1968 and later issued by Impulse!. The album features...
                                      • – Manifestation
                                      • – Lord Help Me To Be
                                      • – Rev. King
                                      • – The Sun
                                      • LP£24.99
                                        Out of stock
                                      Ezra CollectiveJuan Pablo: The PhilosopherEnter The Jungle
                                      Ezra Collective finally drop their highly anticipated debut! The hotly tipped collective play a tight mix of spiritual jazz, influenced by traditional...
                                      • – Intro
                                      • – Juan Pablo
                                      • – The Philosopher
                                      • – Dylan's Dilemma
                                      • – People In Trouble
                                      • – Space Is The Place
                                      • 12" EP£16.00
                                        Out of stock
                                      Charlotte Dos SantosCleoFresh Selects
                                      Incredible debut from Charlotte Dos Santos whose 'Cleo' album arrives on the very reliable Fresh Selects label out of Portland, USA. Invoking the deepest,...
                                      • – Sumer Is Icumen In
                                      • – Good Sign
                                      • – Watching You
                                      • – Move On
                                      • – Cleo
                                      • – بداية جديدة (New Beginnings)
                                      • – Red Clay
                                      • – King of Hearts
                                      • – Take it Slow
                                      • – It's Over, Bobby
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                                      • CD£13.99
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                                      Donald ByrdCaricatures (1976)Blue Note
                                      Donald Byrd in the zone - 1976, Mizell Brothers production. Line-up includes Harvey Mason, Alphonse Mouzon, Patrice Rushen, Skip Scarborough, Gary Bartz,...
                                        • Original LP£20.00
                                          Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original USA Vinyl
                                          Out of stock
                                        The RevolutionariesKunta KintePressure Sounds
                                        Never officially released,dub plate of all dub plates from channel one, this limited 7" with company sleeve.
                                        • – Kunta Kinte
                                        • 7"£13.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Yabby You & The ProphetsConquering Lion (Expanded Edition)Pressure Sounds
                                        ‘Conquering Lion’ stands as one of the few truly essential albums of the roots era. As devotional as anything by Burning Spear, as polemical as Bob...
                                        • – Run Come Rally
                                        • – Jah Vengence
                                        • – Conquering Lion
                                        • – Covetous Men
                                        • – Anti Christ
                                        • – Carnal Mind
                                        • – Jah Love
                                        • – Love Thy Neighbour
                                        • – Love Of Jah
                                        • – The Man Who Does The Work
                                        • Dubs – Rally Dub
                                        • – Hungering Dub *
                                        • – Tubby's Vengeance
                                        • – Version Dub *
                                        • – Conquering Dub
                                        • – Big Youth Fights Against Capitalist
                                        • – Anti Christ Rock
                                        • – Jah Love Dub
                                        • – Warning Version
                                        • – Love Thy Neighbour Version
                                        • – Love Of Jah Version Version
                                        • – Work Without Pay Dub
                                        Donnel PittmanLove ExplosionAthens Of The North
                                        Huge disco / modern soul dance-floor filler from the Athens Of the North stable! Don't sleep on this one - certified floor filling bullet, people!
                                        • – Love Explosion
                                        • – Your Love Is Dynamite
                                        • 7"£10.99
                                          Out of stock
                                        Marcos Resende & IndexMarcos Resende & IndexFar Out Recordings
                                        Beyond their highly sought after 1978 album Festa Para Um Novo Rei­ - home to the mystical jazz-funk classic ‘Vidigal’ and released on Philips’...
                                        • – Nergal
                                        • LP£20.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        • CD£13.00
                                          Out of stock
                                        Studio One Lovers RockSoul Jazz Records
                                        Soul Jazz Records new Studio One album is a fantastic selection featuring all-star legendary Studio One vocalists – Alton Ellis, Marcia Griffiths, The...
                                        • Alton Ellis – Tumbling Tears (12" Discomix)
                                        • The Heptones – I Hold The Handle
                                        • Carlton and The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away (70s 12" Version)
                                        • The Minstrels – Yours Until Tomorrow
                                        • Jerry Jones – Oh Me Oh My
                                        • Horace Andy – I'll Be Gone
                                        • Carlton and The Shoes – Let Me Love You (12" Discomix)
                                        • The Invaders – Soulful Music
                                        • Sugar Minott – Ghetto Girl
                                        • Marcia Griffiths – Truly
                                        • Devon Russell – My Woman's Love
                                        • Billy Cole – Rock All Night
                                        • Freddie McGregor – I Don't Know
                                        • Cornel Campbell – Didn't I
                                        • Horace Andy – Wanna Be Free
                                        • The Heptones – My Ting A Ling (12" Discomix)
                                        • Alton Ellis – Someone (Extended Mix)
                                        • The Righteous Flames – I Was Born To Be Loved
                                        • 1. Alton Ellis – Tumbling Tears (12" Discomix)
                                        • 2. The Heptones – I Hold The Handle
                                        • 3. Carlton and The Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away (70s 12" Version)
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                                        • 2xLP + Download Code£26.00
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                                        • MP3 Release£9.99
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                                        Garfield FlemingDon’t Send Me AwayBecket
                                        Classic release that has transcended most dance scenes from Modern Soul, Rare Groove, Crossover and Boogie to become perhaps the most in-demand '80s record...
                                        • – Don't Send Me Away
                                        • – You Got Dat Right
                                        • 12"£13.00
                                          180g vinyl housed in authentic, Becket records 'Big Single' company sleeve!
                                          Out of stock
                                        Leon WareWhat's Your Name / Inside Your LoveExpansion
                                        Both these killer tracks feature on the classic “Inside is Love” LP from 1979. Two modern soul dancefloor fillers, previously both released...
                                        • – What's Your Name
                                        • – Inside Your Love
                                        • 7"£8.99
                                          Out of stock
                                        Daniel MaunickMusica EncantadaFar Out Recordings
                                        Wicked, deep, murky house music business laced with boogie and jazz vibes!
                                        • – Hurt Feelings
                                        • – Black Magic
                                        • – A Chance To See Again
                                        • – Africana
                                        • 12"£13.00
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                                        Studio One Rockers (Black vinyl edition)Soul Jazz Records
                                        Soul Jazz Records classic Studio One Rockers available once more on black vinyl edition + download code. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owned...
                                        • Sound Dimension – Real Rock
                                        • Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
                                        • Freddy Mcgregor – Bobby Babylon
                                        • Horace Andy – Skylarking
                                        • Lennie Hibbert – Village Soul
                                        • Brentford All-Stars – Greedy G
                                        • Johnny Osbourne – Truth And Rights
                                        • Ernest Ranglin – Surfin
                                        • Michigan & Smiley – Eye Of Danger
                                        • Dawn Penn – No, No, No
                                        • The Skatalites – Phoenix City
                                        • Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking
                                        • Jackie Mittoo – Hot Milk
                                        • Lone Ranger – Badder Dan Dem
                                        • Cedric Brooks – Ethiopia
                                        Sault7Forever Living Originals
                                        Without pausing for breath and hot on the heels of their stunning debut '5', the elusive Sault return with their second full length album '7'. Back with...
                                        • – Over
                                        • – No Bullshit
                                        • – Feel so Good
                                        • LP£22.00
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                                        • CD£12.00
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                                        FlipsideHavin' A PartyAthens Of The North
                                        Flipside were a typical local radio rock band who got drawn into the disco funk wave during the late 70's. "Havin' A Party" is a killer slice of super rare...
                                        • – Havin' A Party
                                        • – Music (Get's Me High)
                                        • 7"£10.99
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                                        Antonio AdolfoViralataFar Out Recordings
                                        New edition vinyl reissue of his seminal Brazil/Funk/Jazz fusion CLASSIC LP: Antonio Adolfo's Viralata! Remastered from original tapes and on heavyweight...
                                        • – Cascavel
                                        • – Paraiba Do Sul
                                        • – Brincadeira Em Ré
                                        • – Brincadeira Em Mi Bemol
                                        • – Caminhada
                                        • – Vermelhinho
                                        • – Nordeste
                                        • – Alegria de Carnaval
                                        • – Diana E Paulo
                                        • – Viralata
                                        • – Assanhada
                                        • – A Marcha
                                        • LP (180 gram)£20.00
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