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    Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records
    New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music...
    • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
    • Lola – Wax The Van
    • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
    • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
    • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
    • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
    • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
    • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
    • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
    • Arthur Russell – Treehouse
    • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
    Arthur RussellCornAudika
    Audika release 'Corn', a collection of nine previously unreleased Russell recordings from 1982 and 1983. Taken from the original Russell's original 1/4"...
    • Arthur Russell – Lucky Cloud
    • Arthur Russell – Corn
    • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
    • Arthur Russell – See My Brother, He’s Jumping Out (Let’s Go Swimming #2)
    • Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon
    • Arthur Russell – Corn (Continued)
    • Arthur Russell – Hiding Your Present From You
    • Arthur Russell – They And Their Friends
    • Arthur Russell – Ocean Movie
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