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    • Marcos Resende & Index – Nergal
    • 1. My Heart
    • 2. Nina Neném
    • 3. Praça Da Alegria
    • 4. Nergal
    • 5. Martina
    • 6. Behind The Moon

    Beyond their highly sought after 1978 album Festa Para Um Novo Rei­ - home to the mystical jazz-funk classic ‘Vidigal’ and released on Philips’ iconic Musica Popular Brasileira Contemporanea series (MPBC) - little is known about Marcos Resende & Index, even to aficionados of obscure Brazilian music. Far Out Recordings issue their previously unreleased self-titled debut album from 1976, contributing a crucial missing work from the glory days of progressive Brazilian instrumental music.

    Other Releases on Far Out Recordings

    Francisco Mora CatlettMora! IFar Out Recordings

    Far Out reissue 'Mora' by Mexican-American percussionist and former member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Francisco Mora Catlett originally recorded and released his debut solo LP as a private press in 1987. A pan-American melting pot of hypnotic afro-cuban rhythms, frenetic batucadas and fiery sambas; essential latin jazz, masterminded by an unsung hero of the genre!

    • – Prelude “Welcome”
    • – Afra Jum
    • – Rumba Morena
    • – Five A.M.
    • – Samba De Amor
    • – Cultural Warrior
    • – Epilogue - Conga “Hasta La Vista”
    Francisco Mora CatlettMora! IIFar Out Recordings

    Far Out reissue for the first time ever on vinyl Mora! II by Mexican-American percussionist and former member of the Sun Ra Arkestra, Francisco Mora Catlett - a sequel to his 1987, privately pressed album Mora I, recorded with an expanded Detroit jazz brass section was shelved for decades to follow. A pan-American melting pot of hypnotic afro-cuban rhythms, frenetic batucadas and fiery sambas; essential latin jazz, masterminded by an unsung hero of the genre!

    • – Afra Jum
    • – Amazona
    • – Amazona Prelude / Dawn
    • – Samba Conga Do Amor
    • – Por Que Paro
    • – Afra Jum
    • – Old Man Joe
    • – El Morro
    Banda Black RioSuper Nova Samba FunkFar Out Recordings

    RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12


    LP (Colour Vinyl)

    The Record Store Day 2021 vinyl edition of Super Nova Samba Funk – the comeback album from Banda Black Rio, featuring Brazilian heavyweights Seu Jorge, Marcio Local, Elza Soares, Cesar Camargo Mariano & more. Originally released in 2011, this new special edition for RSD features two tracks from the project that were never released on vinyl, ‘Irerê (feat. Gilberto Gil)’ and ‘Aos Pés Do Redentor (feat. Caetano Veloso)’.

      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£29.00
        RSD 2021 DROP 1. Available online from 6pm Sat June 12
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      AzymuthAs Curvas da Estrada de Santos / Zé e ParanáFar Out Recordings

      **Two more home-recorded demo tracks by the Brazilian psychedelic jazz-funk masters have surfaced from a tape in drummer Ivan Conti’s private archive!**

      These five-decade old recordings by the young band show the maturity, musicianship and distinctive style that saw Azymuth become one of the most important groups in Brazilian history.

      • – As Curvas da Estrada de Santos
      • – Zé e Paraná
      Manfredo FestBrazilian Dorian DreamFar Out Recordings

      Private-label gem originally released in 1976, Manfredo Fest's 'Brazilian Dorian Dream' drew upon the influences of Brazilian rhythms,+ USA jazz and funk in a radical and new way.

      Add to this Manfredo Fest’s visionary use of Fender Rhodes, Clavinet, Arp and Moog synthesizers (plus a whole load of effects units), makes for a seminal and groundbreaking album light years ahead of its time!

      • – Brazilian Dorian Dream
      • – Facing East
      • – Jungle Cat
      • – That’s What She Says
      • – Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
      • – Who Needs It
      • – Braziliana No.1
      • LP£20.00
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      Ricardo RichaidTravesseiro FelizFar Out Recordings

      "As well as being heavily influenced by Brazil's fabled Tropicalia movement, Richaid is the grandson of Brazilian actor, singer and Disney star Aurora Miranda (Carmen Miranda's younger sister), so 'tropicalism' is in his blood. Describing his sound as 'industrial tropicalism', Richaid's music is undoubtedly a product of his environment: just like Rio, it's warm, hazy and beautiful. But reflecting the current mood of his homeland, there's an ominous smog looming amongst its charm. Lamenting the political, economic and ecological crisis he sees engulfing Brazil, Richaid's obscure, poetic lyrics touch on drugs, drones and darkness, emphasising the importance of art to bring light in troubled times."

      • – Maracas Enterprise/Frio Da Manhã
      • – Só Na Darkzera
      • – VIP Xuxa
      • – Largado Nu
      • – Outra
      • – Ave Apoena
      • – O Velho Cai
      • – Drone
      • – Formigas
      • LP£20.99
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      • CD£10.99
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      Ana MazzottiNinguem Vai Me SegurarFar Out Recordings

      Far Out reissue 'Ninguem Vai Me Segurar' by Ana Mazzotti, a samba-jazz-dance masterpiece that plays host to many groove-heavy Brazilian cult-classics!

      • – Agora Ou Nunca Mais
      • – Roda Mundo
      • – Acalanto
      • – Cordao
      • – De Um Jeito So
      • – Eu Sou Mais Eu
      • – Canto De Meditacao
      • – Feel Like Making Love
      • – Bairro Negro
      • LP (180 gram)£21.00
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      • CD£12.00
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      Eumir DeodatoOs Catedráticos 73Far Out Recordings

      A favourite within the rare-groove scene and Latin jazz scene alike, this classic from Eumir Deodato gets reissued via Far Out! At the height of Deodato’s productivity in the early 70s, 'Os Catedraticos 73' was recorded between Rio de Janeiro and New York, featuring a Brazilian rhythm section comprising Azymuth drummer Ivan ‘Mamao’ Conti, percussion master Orlandivo and Sergio Barroso on bass, while the horn section features some of NYC's top players from CTI's in-house brass section.

      • – Arranha Ceu (Skyscrapers)
      • – Flap
      • – Rodando Por Ai (Rudy's)
      • – O Jogo (Soccer Game)
      • – Atire A 1a Pedra
      • – Puma Branco (The White Puma)
      • – Passarinho Diferente (The Bird)
      • – Extremo Norte (The Gap)
      • – To Fazendo Nada (Down The Hill)
      • – Menina (Boy Meets Girl)
      • – Carlota & Carolina (Carly & Carole)
      • LP£19.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Os CatedraticosAtaqueFar Out Recordings

      An elusive long player in the cannon of killer, groovy Brazilian music! 'Ataque' (arranged by the great Eumir Deodato!) finally gets the official Far Out reissue treatment: re-mastered and pressed to 180g vinyl and CD.

      • – Ataque
      • – Os Grilos
      • – E Bom Parar...
      • – Feitinha P'ro Poeta
      • – Terra De Ninguem
      • – Razao De Viver
      • – Tristeza
      • – Samba Do Dom Natural
      • – O Sol Nascera ( A Sorrir)
      • – Samba De Rei
      • – Ate De Cavaquinho
      • – Porque Somos Iguais
      • LP£19.99
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      • CD£11.99
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      Itibere Orquestra FamíliaPedra Do EspiaFar Out Recordings

      Itibere Zwarg is an award-winning Brazilian bassist and the longest-serving member of Hermeto Pascoal’s ground-breaking ensemble ‘O Grupo’.Since their first meeting in 1977, the two have been closely collaborating to create a unique musical language: a genre-defying polyharmonic, polyrhythmic music, now widely studied by musicians and musicologists alike, known as ‘Universal Music’. Back in 2001, Itibere led a workshop at Villa Lobos School of Music, with twenty-nine of Rio de Janeiro’s most exceptionally talented young musicians. The result was Pedra do Espia, an Amazonian orchestral masterpiece which is as difficult to categorise as it is fun to listen to. The record harnesses the pure creativity of youth and nature, creating a magical sense of innocence amongst the striking compositions and astonishing musicianship.

      • – Na Carioca
      • – 17 de Janeiro
      • – Forró No Encontro Dos Rios
      • – No Varal
      • – Vale de Luz
      • – Bota Para Quebrar
      • – Doce
      • – Muito Natural
      • – Ao Pé Da Lareira
      • New LP (180g) + Download Code£20.99
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      Amaro FreitasRasifFar Out Recordings

      Rasif sees Amaro Freitas take a deserved step onto the world stage. From the Afro-Brazilian maracatu born on the sugar plantations of slavery, to the high intensity carnival rhythms of frevo and baião, Amaro’s heavily percussive approach to jazz is as indebted to these Pernambuco traditions as it is to Coltrane, Parker and Monk.

      • – Dona Eni
      • – Trupe
      • – Paco
      • – Rasif
      • – Mantra
      • – Aurora
      Azambuja & CiaAzambuja & CiaFar Out Recordings

      In 1975, the prolific and multitalented Brazilian comedians Chico Anysio and Arnaud Rodrigues recorded an album based on the protagonist of one of their most celebrated TV series. This soundtrack/musical reimagining of the series combines jazz-funk with samba soul and MPB, with the help of cult Brazilian trio Azymuth. Features remaining Azymuth members Ivan Conti (drums) and Alex Malheiros (bass), saxophone prodigy Victor Assis Brasil and legendary multi-instrumentalist producer Durval Ferreira.

      • – Nêga Brechó
      • – Ao Bililico
      • – Tema Do Azambuja
      • – Monólogo No.1
      • – Maristela
      • – O Poste Da Rua
      • – Verde
      • – A Turma
      • – Monólogo No. 2
      Edu Passeto & Gui TavaresNoite Que Brincou de LuaFar Out Recordings

      Far Out Recordings present the first official vinyl reissue of Edu Passeto & Gui Tavares’ Noite Que Brincou De Lua: a super rare and largely unheard masterwork of MPB, originally released in 1981. A beautiful album which will definitely appeal to fans of Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges.

      • – Noite Que Brincou de Lua
      • – Sabiá na Palmeira
      • – Seguir
      • – Fogo Grande
      • – Herói de Jornal
      • – Menino de Pindorama
      • – Canto Livre
      • – Descobrir
      • – Baca Sará
      • – Profome
      • – Vento Me Traz
      Victor Assis BrasilEsperantoFar Out Recordings

      Recorded in the same sessions as the "Toca Antonio Carlos Jobim" album, "Esperanto" consists of five deep jazz cuts, all original compositions except for a heavy-swinging latin-jazz cover of Jimmy Heath’s ‘Ginger Bread Boy’. Featuring some mercurial greats of Brazilian music: Dom Salvador (bass), Edison Machado (drums), Helio Delmiro (guitar) and Edson Lobo (Bass).

      • – Ginger Bread Boy
      • – Children
      • – Marília
      • – Quarenta Graus à Sombra
      • – Ao Amigo Quartin

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      Nick Walters & The Paradox EnsembleImplicate OrderD.O.T. Records

      Nick Walters & The Paradox Ensemble are back with their third studio album 'Implicate Order' the first release on Nick Walters brand new label, D.O.T. Records. The eleven piece group continues to break the mould of big band jazz, combining spiritual and eastern jazz moods with West African rhythms and a fusion of meditative electronics. This album follows up the bands highly acclaimed 'Awakening' album released on Tenderlonious' 22a label.

      • – The Underdog
      • – Volta Region
      • – Be Seeing You
      • – Diminishing Returns
      • – Implicate Order
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      Alfa MistBring BacksANTI

      'Alfa Mist is one of the driving forces behind a young and vibrant scene of UK musicians, who've taken on jazz as their musical narrative. The producer, self-taught pianist and rapper takes us on a deep and meditative trip back to his beat-making past on the streets of East London, through the depth and musicality he discovered composing and playing jazz'.

      • – Teki
      • – People (feat. Kaya Thomas-Dyke)
      • – Mind The Gap (feat. Lex Amor)
      • – Run Outs
      • – Last Card (Bumper Cars)
      • – Coasting
      • – Attune
      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl)£23.00
        Limited red vinyl edition
        In stockAdd to Bag
      • CD£10.00
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      Gene RussellTalk To My LadyBlack Jazz Records

      SUPER- RARE deep jazz - First time in print for nearly 50 years! This is super laid back fender rhodes deepness - another essential Black Jazz rarity finally on vinyl!

      Classic Black Jazz 1973 album release from keyboard player and producer, Gene Russell! Check the funky jazz cut 'Get Down' (what a bassline!) and an insane Fender Rhodes version of Coltrane's 'My Favorite Things'!

      • – Get Down
      • – My Favorite Things
      • LP£25.00
        Out of stock
      • CD£16.00
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      Cuba: Music and Revolution - Compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart BakerSoul Jazz Records

      Cuba: Music and Revolution: Culture Clash in Havana: Experiments in Latin Music 1975-85 Vol. 1 is the new album compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) that explores the many new styles that emerged in Cuba in the 1970s as Jazz, Funk, Brazilian Tropicalia and even Disco mixed together with Latin and Salsa on the island as Cuban artists experimented with new musical forms created in the unique socialist state of Cuba.

      The album comes as a heavyweight 3xLP and deluxe 2xCD set, complete with extensive sleeve notes, and is jam-packed with heavy bass lines, synth and Wah-Wah guitar funk combined with the heavyweight percussion, powerful brass lines and the all-encompassing Latin rhythms of Cuban music known throughout the world.

      The album is released to coincide with the massive new deluxe large format book Cuba: Music and Revolution: Original Cover Art of Cuban Music: Record Sleeve Designs of Revolutionary Cuba 1959-90, published in November, which is also compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records), and which features the music and record designs of Cuba, made in the 30-year period following the Cuban Revolution.

      The music on this album features legendary Cuban groups such as Irakere, Los Van Van and Pablo Milanés as well as a host of lesser known artists such as the radical Grupo De Experimentación, Juan Pablo Torres and Algo Nuevo, Grupo Monumental and Orquesta Ritmo Oriental, groups whose names remain largely unknown outside of Cuba owing to the now 60-year old US trade embargo which remains in place today and which prevents trade with Cuba – and thus most Cuban records were only ever available in Cuba or in ex-Soviet Union states.

      The music on this album reflects the most cutting-edge of Cuban groups that were recording in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s – who were all searching for a new Cuban identity and new musical forms that reflected both the Afro-Cuban cultural heritage of a nation that gave birth to Latin music - and its new position as a socialist state. Most of the music featured on this album have never been heard outside of Cuba.

      Both Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker have been involved in Cuban music for more than two decades – Gilles Peterson with his many Havana Cultura projects for his Brownswood label and Stuart Baker with a number of Soul Jazz Records albums recorded in Cuba. This Soul Jazz Records album is released in conjunction with Egrem, the Cuban state record company, and has been put together after the many crate-digging trips that both compilers have made on the streets of Havana and beyond in Cuba stretching over a 20-year period, searching out rare and elusive original Cuban vinyl records.



      "It may only be January, but we already have a strong contender for 'compilation of the year'. Put together by devout crate-diggers and Cuban music enthusiasts Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records)" JUNO

      "It's abundantly clear that these compilers are at the very top of their game. Everything here was previously unheard outside of Cuba, making this a feast for the curious" Vinyl District

      "Priceless comp goes beyond Buena Vista" UNCUT


      *Please note the vinyl sticker of this album says "+download code" but it's a mistake! There is no download with this particular album due to legal reasons. Sorry for this error!

      • Grupo Irakere – Chequere Son
      • Conjunto Rumbavana – El Son Del Campeon
      • Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Mi Ritmo Caliente
      • Grupo Monumental – Mi Son Caridad
      • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Sondeando
      • Las D'Aida – Con Cadencia y Con Dulzura
      • Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Y No Le Conviene
      • Pablo Milanés – Te Quiero Porque Te Quiero
      • Emíliano Salvador – Luna Wanestain
      • Los Reyes 73 – Un Lamento Hecho Cancion
      • Eduardo Ramos – Vocación Revolución
      • Grupo Mounmental – Hasta Las Cuantas
      • Los 5 U 4 – Solo Esta Musica
      • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Canción Con Todos
      • Orquesta Los Van Van – Yo Se Que Van Van
      • Grupo Monumental – Nadie Se Siente Cansado
      • Orquesta Ritmo Oriental – Maria, Baila El Son
      • Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo – Rompe Cocorioco
      • Los Reyes 73 – Grandes Amigos
      • Paquito D'Rivera – La Patica
      • Grupo de Experimentación Sonora del ICAIC – Grifo
      • Raúl Gómez – Dacapo
      • Grupo Irakere – Juana 1600
      • 1. Grupo Irakere – Chequere Son
      • 2. Conjunto Rumbavana – El Son Del Campeon
      • 3. Juan Formell & Los Van Van – Mi Ritmo Caliente
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Enrique Rodriguez and The Negra Chiway BandFase LiminalSoul Jazz Records

      Powerful new spiritual jazz from Chile on Soul Jazz Records!

      This album comes as a very limited one-off unique pressing of 1000-edition vinyl, limited editon CD and digital release.

      Enrique Rodríguez and the Negra Chiway Band group have an instantly powerful and unique sound that is reminiscent of the ensembles of Sun Ra and his Arkestra as well as Horace Tapscott and his Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, one that channels the righteous spirits of Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp and McCoy Tyner together with a stunning Latin rhythmical and new consciousness and percussive energy. Added to this are elements of the Samurai film soundtracks of Akira Kurosawa, Popol Vuh’s musical spirituality (especially their work with film director Werner Herzog), Tibetan Buddhism and over-blowing chants, that all combine to give a truly unique new sound.

      Enrique Rodríguez is a composer, percussionist, keyboardist, and producer from Santiago, Chile, whose work shows many similarities with the music featured on Soul Jazz Records’ recent collection ‘Kaleidoscope - New Spirts Known and Unknown’, featuring new forward-looking jazz artists including Mathew Halsall, Theon Cross, Emma-Jean Thackray and Makaya McCraven.

      Like all these artists, Rodríguez’s work is a progressive and experimental fusion of earlier influences that combine into a new and definitely 21st century ground-breaking sound that, on account of its South American setting, give the group its truly unique feeling. Hypnotic modal piano riffs, powerful brass and flutes, an army of Latin percussion instruments, and addictive vocal chants all combine in this powerful mix of radical 60s Afro-centric jazz, eastern spirituality and cosmology, and Latin American rhythmical movement.


      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ?
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Descenso
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Vindakalla-Welukan (Autoconfrontación)
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – No Quiero Seguir Así
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Acabar de Conocerse
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Paso Firme
      • Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ? (Alternate Take)
      • 1. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Dónde ?
      • 2. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Descenso
      • 3. Enrique Rodriquez and The Negra Chiway Band – Vindakalla-Welukan (Autoconfrontación)
      • View full info and tracklisting
      Cleveland EatonPlenty Good EatonBlack Jazz Records



      Super rare deep 1975 jazz/funk album from Cleveland Eaton! Some wild styles going on here ranging from the Blaxploitation soundtrack stylings of “Keena,” “All Your Lover All Day All Night,” and “Hamburg 302,” all of which incorporate disco-style strings into funky soul-jazz vamps, to the almost trad-jazz of “Kaiser 405,” to the Philly soul of “Are You Out There Somewhere Caring,” to the out-and-out party anthem “Moe Let’s Have a Party.” KILLER, KILLER ALBUM!

      • – Chi-Town Theme
      • – Keena
      • – Moe Let’s Have a Party
      • – Are You Out There Somewhere Caring
      • – Kaiser 405
      • – All Your Love All Day All Night
      • – Hamburg 302
      • LP£28.00
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      • CD£17.00
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      Daniel MaunickMusica EncantadaFar Out Recordings

      Wicked, deep, murky house music business laced with boogie and jazz vibes!

      • – Hurt Feelings
      • – Black Magic
      • – A Chance To See Again
      • – Africana
      • 12"£13.00
        Out of stock
      Queen Omega / Gladys RightTrample / See The LightCounterAction

      Great new release for 2021 from Leicester's forward looking Counteraction label featuring Queen Omega & Gladys Right and producer I-mitri. Limited 250 numbered copies full colour picture sleeve with free stickers.

      • Queen Omega – Trample
      • I-Mitri – Trample Dub
      • Gladys Right – See The Light
      • I-Mitri – Dub The Light
      • 10"£16.00
        Out of stock
      Ashley Beedle & Abi ClarkeNothing But LoveG.A.M.M.

      The one and only Ashley Beedle teams up with ex-SOTU star, Abi Clarke! Killer, party-ready, disco and boogie edits for G.A.M.M. - absolute monster, folks - you need this one!

      • – Nothing But Love (For JB)
      • – Hold Fast
      • – Yes Indeed (Rock Free For Trouble)
      • 12"£11.00
        Out of stock
      MenagerieMany WorldsFreestyle Records

      Wicked, deep, spiritual jazz business from Australian troupe, Menagerie, who trace the lineage of Strata-East, Impulse! and Tribe right through to the current revival. Killer, killer album!

      • – Hope
      • – Many Worlds
      • – Free Thing
      • – Mountain Song
      • – Hymn of the Turning Stone
      • – Quantum Blues
      Femi Kuti and Made KutiLegacy +Partisan Records

      Legendary activist and Afrobeat originator, Fela Kuti, used his music to lament social injustices and political corruption in his native Nigeria. Fela’s legacy spans decades and genres, touching on jazz, pop, funk, hip-hop, rock, and beyond. While this impact can be felt in Nigeria and the entire world, it also greatly affected Fela’s son Femi and his son Made, both of whom carry his legacy as torchbearers for change - two albums from Femi and Made, packaged together and appropriately titled ‘Legacy +’.

      Both albums that make up ‘Legacy +’ are steeped in the tradition of Afrobeat invented by Fela, but each also offers their own unique vision. Femi’s 'Stop The Hate' honors Fela in a traditionally fun, sharply political, and affirming way. Meanwhile Made’s ‘For(e)ward’ is a modern and progressive freedom manifesto, pushing boundaries of the subgenre even further. Made also performs every instrument on his album.

      • Femi Kuti – Pà Pá Pà
      • Femi Kuti – As We Struggle Everyday
      • Femi Kuti – Stop the Hate
      • Femi Kuti – Land Grab
      • Femi Kuti – Na Bigmanism Spoil Government
      • Femi Kuti – You Can't Fight Corruption With Corruption
      • Femi Kuti – Show of Shame
      • Femi Kuti – Privatisation
      • Femi Kuti – Set Your Minds and Souls Free
      • Made Kuti – Free Your Mind
      • Made Kuti – Your Enemy
      • Made Kuti – Blood
      • Made Kuti – Different Streets
      • Made Kuti – Higher You'll Find
      • Made Kuti – Hymn
      • Made Kuti – Young Lady
      • Made Kuti – We Are Strong
      Henry FranklinThe SkipperBlack Jazz Records

      SUPER- RARE deep jazz - First time in print for nearly 50 years! Heavy b-lines, tough horn lines, fender rhodes - essential Black Jazz rarity finally on vinyl!

      Classic 1972 Black Jazz album release from bassist Henry "The Skipper" Franklin! Featuring the incredible cuts 'Plastic Creek Stomp', 'Beauty And The Electric Tub' (check the break!) and 'The Skipper'!

      • – Plastic Creek Stomp
      • – Beauty And The Electric Tub
      • – The Skipper
      • LP£25.00
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      • CD£16.00
        Out of stock
      Andrew Weatherall: A Jockey Slut TributeJockey Slut

      DON'T MISS OUT on this ESSENTIAL book! An extensive, informative book on main man Andy Weatherall from those who knew him best including ... Bobby Gillespie, Danny Rampling, David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood, Terry Farley and many more!


      Andrew Weatherall was the acid house generation’s most inspiring DJ and producer, renowned for his work on Primal Scream’s epoch-defining ‘Screamadelica’ and his own bands Sabres Of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen. As a DJ he was peerless and unpredictable, helming club nights that played techno, rockabilly or music that “never knowingly exceeded 122 bpm.”

      Weatherall featured in seminal dance music magazine Jockey Slut many times during its lifetime. All his interviews from the publication are included within this tribute to The Guv’nor. Further articles cover the tenure of his professional life from the mid-80s to 2020. They include his beginnings at the influential Boy’s Own fanzine, his DJ sets at landmark nights Shoom and Sabresonic, and the plethora of ventures he still had running including the Woodleigh Research Project, A Love From Outer Space and festival Convenanza.

      Jockey Slut magazine ran from 1993 - 2004. The influential club culture publication was started by John Burgess and Paul Benney as a self published Manchester based fanzine. It became a monthly when it moved to London in 1999. Jockey Slut was notable for being more music-centric, left-field and irreverent than other dance music magazines. It also bagged some real exclusives during its tenure giving first ever interviews to The Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk and The Avalanches.

      Included in the 160 page, perfect bound book edited by founding Jockey Slut editor John Burgess is:

      - All Andrew Weatherall's Jockey Slut interviews collated (1993-2004) including Weatherall Gets His Tats Out, I’m A Classic Underachiever, Two Lone Swordsmen and An Audience With... and more.
      - Further new features and classic articles from Luke Una, Richard Norris, Kris Needs, Joe Muggs, Jim Butler, Mandi James, Lee Brackstone and more.
      - Brand new 10,000+ word oral history of Andrew Weatherall’s early years from Shoom & Screamadelica to Sabres of Paradise featuring interviews with Bobby Gillespie, Ed Simons, Danny Rampling, Justin Robertson, Andrew Innes, David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood, Anna Haigh, Terry Farley and more.
      - Retrospective of Andrew Weatherall’s club nights Sabresonic, Bloodsugar, Double Gone Chapel, Wrong Meeting, A Love From Outer Space by John Burgess.
      All proceeds from the book will go to the charities that were important to Andrew Weatherall: Amnesty International, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Thrombosis UK, Crisis.

        • Book (400g)£15.00
          Out of stock
        Conny FrischaufDie DriftBureau B

        Motorik-powered synth pop from Conny Frischauf via Bureau B!

        • – Rauf
        • – Parapiri
        • – Fenster zur Straße
        • – Sonntag
        • – Auf Wiedersehn
        • – Zeit Verdrehen
        • – Roulette
        • – Eingaben und Ausnahmen
        • – Private Geheimsache
        • – Freundschaft
        • LP£20.00
          Out of stock
        • CD£13.00
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        Norm Talley, Moodymann, Omar-S, D'JulzDet-313-EPUpstairs Asylum Recordings

        Moody, dark house music from a pool of talent from the Motor City! Beatdown vibes from Norm Talley (this being the first release on his new label) and Omar-S backed with Moodymann going head-to-head with D'Julz! Monster release on this new label from Norm Talley! Monster!

        • – Muggy Detroit Heat (Mixed by Norm Talley, produced by Omar-S)
        • – Jus Hangin (Produced by Moodymann & Norm Talley, Mashed up by D'Julz)
        • 1. – Muggy Detroit Heat (Mixed by Norm Talley, produced by Omar-S)
        • 2. – Jus Hangin (Produced by Moodymann & Norm Talley, Mashed up by D'Julz)
        • View full info and tracklisting
          MadlibSound Ancestors (Arranged By Kieran Hebden)Madlib Invazion

          Gil Evans to Miles Davis…. Holger Czukay to the ensemble known as Can….Jean Claude Vannier to Serge Gainsbourg on Histoire de Melody Nelson. That’s the only way to explain the specificity of Four Tet and Madlib’s collaboration, in this special album that showcases a two-decade long friendship that has resulted in an album that follows Madlib’s classics like Quasimoto’s The Unseen, Madvillainy and his Pinata and Bandana albums with Freddie Gibbs. Ace!

          • – There Is No Time (Prelude)
          • – The Call
          • – Theme De Crabtree
          • – Road Of The Lonely Ones
          • – Loose Goose
          • – Dirtknock
          • – Hopprock
          • – Riddim Chant
          • – Sound Ancestors
          • – One For Quartabê/Right Now
          • – Hang Out (Phone Off)
          • – Two for 2 - For Dilla
          • – Latino Negro
          • – The New Normal
          • – Chino
          • – Duumbiyay
          Michael RotherFlammende HerzenGroenland Records

          Reissue of Michael Rother's classic 1977 solo debut following his work with Neu! and Harmonia. Features the ESSENTIAL title track!

          • – Flammende Herzen
          • LP£16.99
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          • CD£10.99
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          Marcia GriffithsFeel Like Jumping / Part 2Soul Jazz Records

          IN STOCK NOW!

          BRAND NEW LTD. EDN. 12" All-time Studio One party ANTHEM now available for the first time ever on loud 12" with version on the flip. 100% ESSENTIAL MONSTER TUNE - ROCKS ANY DANCEFLOOR!

          • Marcia Griffiths – Feel Like Jumping
          • Dub Specialist – Feel Like Jumping Part 2
          Billie HarrisI Want Some Water (feat. Horace Tapscott)Nimbus West

          **Legendary session! First time ever on vinyl and cut directly from the original master tapes with no digital process whatsoever! Tip-on sleeve printed just like the old Nimbus LPs from the 70s and 80s and features new artwork from original session photos with liner notes!**

          At long last - finally on viny and taken from the original tapes. 3/5ths of the quintet that recorded on Horace Tapscott's 'The Giant is Awakened’ album in 1969. 'I Want Some Water' sat unreleased for 20+ years before it saw a small run on CD. Now, 40 years after it was recorded, this album sounds just as fresh and just as vital! ESSENTIAL!

          • – Prayer Of Happiness
          • – I Want Some Water
          • LP£40.00
            Deluxe tip-on sleeve plus insert w/ photos and liner notes
            Out of stock
          Alfa Mist & EmmavieEpochSekito

          Due to popular demand, Sekito have released a re-mastered version of Alfa Mist & Emmavie’s earthy soul and jazz collaboration project from 2014, available for the first time on vinyl, plus new bonus song ‘Energy’!

          • – Stay Here
          • – Fly Away
          • – No Need To Wait
          • – Insomnia
          • – Easily, I Forget
          • – No, Don’t Incomplete
          • – Sing To The Moon
          • – Energy
          Arthur MeloAdeus EPWonderfulsound

          January 2020 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Arthur Melo locked the doors and isolated himself for 3 months to write, record, mix & produce his 3rd LP, 'Adeus'. Self isolation just before the forced isolation that preceeded the following months!

          "An Autumnal work, coloured by the winds of the Season"

          Back in Soho The WONDERFULSOUND Libraries playlists the infectious '2012, o Ano Bege' by Arthur Melo which leads us here, an EP with as many tracks of infectious, haunting songwriting & soundscapes as we can possibily squeeze on a 7" record

          Arthur plays all instruments and sings all vocals

          • – 2012, O Ano Bege
          • – Bem-Vindo (Vila do Calango)
          • – Adeus
          • – Enquanto Eu Caio
          Jaubi feat. TenderloniousNafs At PeaceAstigmatic Records

          Tenderlonious mediataes on the Eastern classical music with Lahore, Pakistan based musicians, Jaubi. Deeply spiritual, improvised, cosmic, raga-jazz trance music - the album marks final chapter recordings to come from an intensive, three day collaborative session in Lahore. Essential release via Astigmatic Records!

          • – Raga Gurji Todi
          • LP£22.00
            Gatefold sleeve
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          • CD£10.00
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          AzymuthTightrope WalkerMilestone Records

          Brazil jazz fusion

          Great Original still-sealed cassette tape !!!

            • Cassette Tape £4.99
              Minnie Riperton – Minnie
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            • Original LP£10.00
              Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+
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            Mr FlagioTake A ChanceDiscoring Records

            Reissue of the sought-after 'Take A Chance' by Mr. Flagio; one of the greatest Italo-disco tunes, often described as the "essence of the genre." Includes re-edit/rework by Italoconnection.

            • – Take A Chance (Original)
            • – Take A Chance (Instrumental)
            • – Take A Chance (Italoconnection Re-edit)
            • – Take A Chance (Italoconnection Rework)
            • 12"£13.00
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            Studio One RootsSoul Jazz Records

            LAST COPIES

            This is the new 20th anniversary edition of one of Soul Jazz Records’ classic Studio One releases now available as a one-off pressing special blue vinyl very limited-edition pressing ( 2000 copies worldwide).


            Studio One Roots set the standard for Soul Jazz Records’ long-standing series of Studio One collections and features many of the classic artists from Clement 'Sir Coxsone’ Dodd’s mighty roster of reggae.

            This album includes Freddie McGregor, Willie Williams, Cornell Campbell, Alton Ellis, Devon Russell alongside some of the defining crack-session men groups of Jamaican reggae history - The Sound Dimension, Brentford All-Stars, The Skatalites, New Establishment and more. As ever the album is filled with a mixture of seminal cuts and super-rarities from the vast vaults of 13 Brentford Road.

            Stand-out tracks include Alton Ellis’s Blackish White, a surreal and powerful Afro-centric dream, Count Ossie Nyabinghi and Rastafarian drummers genre-defying interpretation of Booker T and The MGs ‘Meditation’, Willie Williams awe-inspiring versioning of the Skatalites' seminal Rastafari anthem Addis Ababa and many, many more.

            This album has been fully digitally remastered, analog cut and packaged complete with the following: Original sleevenotes by Lloyd Bradley (author of When Reggae Was King), compiled by Mark Ainley (Honest Jons), high-quality Soul Jazz mastering, wicked images of Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari on the cover, and a rare image of Clement Dodd and musicians inside the studio at Studio One on the full colour inner sleeves.


            "Having established himself as one of Jamaica's top producers the day Studio One opened its doors in the early '60s, Clement "Coxsone" Dodd was unable to maintain his status during the roots era of the subsequent decade. This can be attributed to a couple of factors. One was Dodd's apparent reluctance to record the new, overtly Rasta-inspired music. The other was an infusion of new blood into the Jamaican music business. Eager to make a name for themselves, producers like Joe Gibbs, Bunny Lee, Lee "Scratch" Perry, and Winston "Niney" Holness managed to supplant the island's "big three" (Dodd, Duke Reid, and Prince Buster) in the process, driving the music's evolution in the '70s.

            There isn't a weak number across these 16 tracks, from the Gaylads' ode to "Africa" and Devon Russell's version of the heavyweight "Drum Song" rhythm, to a trio of stunning instrumentals: Jackie Mittoo and the Cyclones with nyahbinghi drummer Count Ossie on "Meditation," Lenny Hibbert's sparkling vibe work over Mittoo's "Ghetto Organ" ("More Creation"), and Sound Dimension's "Congo Rock."

            The music of this compilation is of a rare, rare beauty and is essential to anyone's reggae collection." All Music

            • The Cyclones With Count Ossie – Meditation
            • Cornell Campbell & The Brentford Rockers – Natty Don't Go
            • Freddy Mcgregor With The Sound Dimension – Africa Here I Come
            • Bunny & Skitter – Lumumbo
            • Willie Williams & The All Stars – Addis A Baba
            • L.Crosdale With Drummond Bago & the Rebel Group – Set Me Free
            • Leroy Wallace & The New Establishment – Far Beyond
            • Lennie Hibbert – More Creation
            • Alton Ellis & The Sound Dimension – Blackish White
            • Winston Jarrett & The Sound Dimension – Fear Not
            • Devon Russell – Drum Song
            • The Gaylads – Africa
            • Black Brothers & The New Establishment – School Children
            • Linton Cooper & The Brentford Disco Set – You'll Get Your Pay
            • Sound Dimension – Congo Rock
            • Zoot Simms – African Challenge
            • 1. The Cyclones With Count Ossie – Meditation
            • 2. Cornell Campbell & The Brentford Rockers – Natty Don't Go
            • 3. Freddy Mcgregor With The Sound Dimension – Africa Here I Come
            • View full info and tracklisting
            • 2×LP£30.00
              Limited edition blue coloured vinyl + inners + download
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            • CD£12.00
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            • MP3 Release£8.99
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