The Gospel Truth The Gospel Soul and Funk of Stax Records

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  • 1. The Sons of Truth – Son of the Deacon
  • 2. Clarence Smith – Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
  • 3. The Marion Gaines Singers – Do Your Thing
  • 4. Jaqui Verdell – We're Gonna Have a Good Time
  • 5. The Staple Singers – Brand New Day
  • 6. The Rance Allen Group – Talk That Talk
  • 7. Joshie Jo Armstead – I Got the Vibes
  • 8. Annette Thomas – You Need A Friend Like Mine
  • 9. The Rance Allen Group – (There's Gonna Be A) Showdown
  • 10. The Howard Lemon Singers – Let Me Come Home
  • 11. The Marion Gaines Singers – It Will Soon Be Over
  • 12. The Sons Of Truth – I Don't Know Where We're Headed
  • 13. Louise McCord – Better Get a Move On
  • 14. The Staple Singers – When Will We Be Paid For The Work We Did
  • 15. The 21st Century – If The Shoe Fits, Wear It
  • 16. Charles May & Annette May Thomas – Keep My Baby Warm
  • 17. Clarence Smith – I'll Just Keep On Trying
  • 18. Joshie Jo Armstead – Stumblin' Blocks, Steppin' Stones (What Took Me So Long)
  • 19. The Marion Gaines Singers – You Can't Stop Me Now
  • 20. The Staple SIngers – Name The Missing Word

KILLER compilation which tells the story of Stax’s move into the gospel field by choosing the best of the output over a five-year period, from the Staples’ glorious template via Allen’s unique voice through to a variety of gospel circuit regulars and one-offs. Allen and the Staples seem to be almost polar opposites, with the Staples easing up the words to bring you onboard, while Rance sounded just like a soul artist until you listened to the lyrics, which never eased back in their praise of the Lord. Included here are cuts from the sought-after and super-rare LP by the Sons Of Truth and Joshie Joe Armstead’s ‘I Got The Vibes’, a Northern soul monster almost from the day it was released. Also included are unknown masterpieces by the 21st Century and Annette Thomas as well as gospel great Jacqui Verdell’s only recording for the label.

The 20 tracks reflect the sound of popular black American music of the day from the out-and-out funk of Clarence Smith to the proto-disco sound of the Howard Lemon Singers. The Stax team made these records as if they were making new records for Isaac Hayes or Johnnie Taylor, but their message was of spiritual love rather than the secular kind.

Fans of Soul Jazz Records' 'Soul Gospel' compilation will love this - Highly Recommended!