• 1. King Fighter – They Ballin' My Name
  • 2. King Fighter – Indo Law Na Say No
  • 3. King fighter – He No Dead Yet King Fighter
  • 4. Mighty Wrangler – Chinese Wife
  • 5. Mighty Wrangler – Life in Hawaii
  • 6. Mighty Bomber – Kiss of Fire
  • 7. Nat Hepburn – Donkey Must Wear Pants
  • 8. Nat Hepburn – Limbo Teacher
  • 9. Mighty Wrangler – Bongo Man
  • 10. Mighty Bomber – Gloria
  • 11. Mighty Wrangler – Can-Can Girls
  • 12. Viper – Dog Better Than Man

Geat compilation of Calypso from Trinidad and Tobago! Why "Hellish"? The liner notes explain that it's in part because of the very apparent "pear-shaped atrocities" a listener hears in out-of-tune melodies and unintelligible lyrics. But this is a "basic misconception" of what makes good music. While calypso orchestras can play on "true pitch," they often choose not to because love and politics are "targets for the jeering crossfire of calypso" and the musicians are "laughing while playing" or disguising "unspeakable lyrics into the mouthpieces of the horns they blow." Incidentally, the tuning isn't so bad, and the lyrics, while pointed, are quite easily understood. With song titles like "They Ballin Me Name" and "Donkey Must Wear Pants" sung by King Fighter, Wrangler and Viper, this is a must-hear.