Patrick Adams Patrick Adams' Best Of P&P Records

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  • 1. cloud one – atmosphere strut
  • 2. cloud one – dust to dust
  • 3. cloud one – disco juice
  • 4. cloud one – spaced out
  • 5. cloud one – dance, dance, dance
  • 6. cloud one – flying high
  • 7. margie lomax – god's greatest gift to man is woman
  • 8. margo williams – god save and protect all the children
  • 9. cloud one – don't let my rainbow pass me by
  • 10. golden flamingo orchestra – the guardian angel is watching over us
  • 11. cloud one – happy music
  • 12. the musicmakers – jump, jump, jump

Best of P&P - arguably one of the best EVER disco labels!!!

Formed in 1974 by Patrick Adams and Peter Brown, P&P, the duo composed, arranged, produced and performed on the label too and went on to house sub-labels Queen Constance, Heavenly Star, Jay Star, Chocolate Star Records and many more. Collected here are some of P&P's most famous and well-loved classics featuring Marta Acuna, Cloud One, Golden Flamingo Orchestra, The Musicmakers and Margie Lomax.