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  • 1. Dementia Precox – ISCWSLABMUZ
  • 2. Popsong's Factory – D'Ameja
  • 3. Nuvo West – Theme For Alienation
  • 4. Onyx – S.O.S
  • 5. Ak 47 – Stop! Dance!
  • 6. Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
  • 7. CHBB – Go Go Go
  • 8. Hypnobeat – Giving Head To Kilian
  • 9. Pe Coder – Elektromatratze
  • 10. Inertia – The Screen
  • 11. Pre Fix – Underneathica
  • 12. Glamatron – Passport

Impossibly rare and obscure dark wave oddities from the Light Sounds Dark gang.

Dementia Precox kick things off with some serious shamanic tribal rhythms designed to induce a state of mind for a journey through to the underworld. Popsong's Factory ultra-rare Japanese vocoder jam slows the tempo down as do some old friends from ‘D.E.T.’ the wonderful Onyx ‘S.O.S.’ with its layered synths and mega fazing. CHBB who later went on to become Liaisons Dangereuses are here with the classic cassette only ‘Go Go Go!’ which is well known by fans. Matched by the equally impressive Hypnobeats ‘Giving Head to Kilian’ a much rarer affair described as 'neo-tribalism', this is early minimal techno made in 1984 and really has to be heard to be believed.