Finis Africae A Last Discovery : The Essential Collection 1984-2001

  • 1. Radio Tarifa (Tarifa Radio)
  • 2. Zoo Zulu (Zulu Zoo)
  • 3. Triciclos en La Chopera (La Chopera Tricycles)
  • 4. Pirulo, cambia cromos (Pirulo Exchange Trading Cards)
  • 5. Segundos, segundos, segundos (Seconds Seconds Seconds)
  • 6. Luna (Moon)
  • 7. Los pobres del mundo tocan el bombo (Poor People of the World Play the Bass Drum)
  • 8. El abrazo de la selva (The Jungle Hug)
  • 9. Los colores de mis botas (The Colors of My Boots)
  • 10. Hybla (Hybla) / Suite Amazonica (Amazonian Suite)
  • 11. Danca do corpo (Dance of Body)
  • 12. Hassell, el oso hormiguero (Hassell the Anteater)
  • 13. El baile de Sara (Sara’s Dance)
  • 14. Masai Mara (Mara Masai)
  • 15. Bahia de los Genoveses (The Bay of Genoa)

Spanish new wave, spiritual oddity unearthed by Japan's Em Records!


Organic, minimal, post-Franco funk by spaniard. Juan Alberto Arteche Guel. A cool blend of electronic and acoustic instrumentation recorded to a 4-track reel to reel recorder, "A Last Discovery" is an enchanting amalgamation of folk traditions from all over the world, especially African.  Killer ESG moves meet jungle exotica. Essential.