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  • 1. Tokyo By Bicycle
  • 2. Goodbye
  • 3. Hello Darling
  • 4. El Toro
  • 5. Undergrass
  • 6. In The Woods
  • 7. 16823 (Album Version)
  • 8. Fly Away (Grey Eyes)
  • 9. 16823 (Brennan Green Mix) *BONUS 10”*
  • 10. 16823 (Mudd Mix) *BONUS 10”*

Mushrooms Project are the kings of the mid tempo and they do deep, druggy, chunky, sometimes more balearic, sometimes just more freaky music better than anyone else.

Their approach is hallucinating and all encompassing and is made up of the analogue sounds of guitar, bass, synth and percussive layers to create a dirty but unique background.

Undergrass is released on gatefold double vinyl with a bonus 10” featuring remixes of ‘16823’ by Brennan Green and Mudd. Brennan takes his mix into the electro boogie sounds of an 80’s New York while Mudd brings out the guitar, layering up his own production with equally devastating effect.