Americana Rock Your Soul Volume 2: More Blue Eyed Soul & A.O.R Sounds From The Land Of The Free

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  • 1. Breakaway – There's A New Group In Town,
  • 2. E.J. Stamp – I Know All About It
  • 3. Archie James Cavanaugh – Make Me, Believe
  • 4. Joseph Nicoletti – Night Time Stars
  • 5. Spats (Your Lovin' Is) – Everywhere
  • 6. The Ray Camacho Band – Hollywood
  • 7. TR's Hot Ice – Hot Ice
  • 8. Luc Cousineau – Vaya Mulata
  • 9. Macky Feary Band – A Million Stars
  • 10. RCR – Give It To You
  • 11. Freudian Funk Band – I'm Ambivalent, About You Baby (Yes, Yes, Yes… No, No,No)
  • 12. Dan Mastroianni – Just One Touch
  • 13. Hal Bradbury – You Win, I Lose
  • 14. Lucy Stone – Giving Love Instead Of Gold
  • 15. Steve Eaton – Without You
  • 16. Jaye P. Morgan – Here Is Where Your Love Belongs

The second from BBE's Americana compilation series compiled by once again by renowned crate-digger/archivists Zaf Chowdhry and Mark Taylor. sourced from the golden decades of the '60s and '70s - rootsy acoustic-sounding, all though often with a full electric band, fusing a mixture of country, rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues. 

Lightly jazzy instrumental funk (Luc Cousineau) jostles the deeper, heavier sounds of Lucy Stone. Southern soul stalwarts Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes go disco, TR’s Hot Ice fit with the punk-funk/disco-not-disco template, and Hal Bradbury and Steve Eaton can pass muster with the more discerning of collectors as ‘proper’ soul records.