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    • Charles Cohen – Club Revival Performance
    • Charles Cohen – The Middle Distance
    • Charles Cohen – UTEP1
    • Charles Cohen – Dance Of The Spiritcatchers
    • Charles Cohen – Camera Dance
    • Charles Cohen – Sonomama
    • Charles Cohen – UTEP2
    • 1. Club Revival Performance
    • 2. The Middle Distance
    • 3. UTEP1
    • 4. Dance Of The Spiritcatchers
    • 5. Camera Dance
    • 6. Sonomama
    • 7. UTEP2

    First chapter in the trilogy of synth composer Charles Cohen retrospective works, transcending polyrhythmic, ambient and cosmic territory!

    The Morphosis' Morphine imprint delves into the archives of Philadephia's best kept secret, Charles Cohen!  Focusing on Cohen's early works, with these tracks taken from his  Philadelphia’s “No Man’s Land” Art Installment, the “University Of Texas in El Paso” and “The Painted Bride” Art Center performances - recorded between 1979 and 1988.  

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    MGUN Some Tracks Third Ear

    New Manuel Gonzalez aka MGUN on Third Ear. Skittering into my abrasive techno territory with this grainy sonic assault. All kinds of compressed clattering, and brutal bass kicks. Another brilliant release from the Detroit native. 

    • – Extort
    • – Meanwhile
    • – Fiber
    • – Mask
    • – Taft
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    Charles CohenGroup MotionMorphine

    Morphine records continue to unearth recordings from Philadelphia's synth pioneer, Charles Cohen. Two beautiful drone/ambient/jazz pieces on this one (recorded live in 1989), exposing further the sonic dexterity of Cohen.

    • – Group Motion Performance
    • – Generator
    • 12"£11.99
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    L.I.E.S Presents (Marcos Cabral / Beautiful Swimmers / Entro & Terri) Music For Shut-ins Sampler L.I.E.S

    Three song limited vinyl sampler taken from the upcoming Music For Shut Ins cd compilation. Marcos Cabral takes full control over the a-side with the epic and somehow melancholic yet jacking Dancing on Manhattan -- in demand since an appearance on Ben UFOs BBC Essential Mix. Beautiful Swimmers surprisingly make their L.I.E.S. debut with a monstrous party cut titled The Zoo, a piece of dancefloor saving breakbeat house. And last but not least comes a rough yet hazy track by the mysterious Entro & Terri, closing it out with the undoubted smokers delight.

    • Marcos Cabral – Dancing on Manhattan
    • Beautiful Swimmers – The Zoo
    • Entro & Terri – The Cap
    • 12"£7.99
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    Don CherryOrganic Music Society (1972)Caprice


    Absolutely stunning, super rare deep, deep spiritual jazz album from Don Cherry. This has to be up there with our all time best records ever (yes its good). Recorded in 1972 in Sweden, this record is perhaps the first ever 'world' music record - a subtle, organic fusion of sounds that really is out there on its own for grooviness. This record is released here for the first time in 40 years by the Swedish state record label Caprice. It is done with love and we want to spread that love to you too.

    Cosmic, spiritual, deep, amazing!

    • – north brazilian ceremonial hymn
    • – manusha raga kamboji
    • – relativity suite part 1
    • – terry's tune
    • 2×LP (180g)£19.99
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    Theo Parrish Long Walk In Your Sun / Strawberry Dragon Sound Signature

    Taste maker and Detroit house legend - Theo Parrish comes with lush, cosmic tones for his own Sound Signature imprint.  Slow-burning funk and rapid Jazz-tinged numbers!  

    • – Long Walk In Your Sun
    • – Strawberry Dragon
    • 12"£9.99
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    Shake Lost In Space (edit) Soul Spectrum

    Two overlooked rare disco masterpieces produced by soul legend Lenis Guess.  One for the rare disco and boogie heads and never before on 45, these won’t be around long.


    • – Lost in Space (edit)
    • – Music Is The Only Way I Can Cominicate (edit)
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    Tenderlonious / Al Dobson Jr22a00122a

    South London's Al Dobson Jr and Tenderlonious head up the debut 12" on 22a. A strong Detroit influence on these tracks. Owning four tracks a piece --  lofi smudged instrumentals, effortlessly spanning moments in deep jazz, house, electronic and african rhythms, with a rich soulful vibe running throughout. For fans of Andrew Ashong, Mo Kolours, and Theo Parrish. 

    • – The way u are
    • – freaky (interlude)
    • – only love
    • – oucho!
    • – me mellow
    • – drum sounds pt.II
    • – tomorrow's edit
    • – much love
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    I Am The CenterPrivate Issue New Age Music In America, 1950-1990Light In The Attic


    20 tracks digging New Age out of its elevator-music pigeonhole, shining light on a spiritual, inventive thread running across the States, over a big chunk of the 20th Century, and through a bunch of highly creative, oddball inventors. A definitive tracklisting, with too many highlights to mention -- a stonking compilation you've got to own if you have any interest in this kind of thing at all.

    • Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff / Thomas De Hartmann – The Struggle Of The Magicians Part Three
    • Gail Laughton – Pompeii 76 A.D.
    • Wilburn Burchette – Witch's Will
    • Steven Halpern – Seventh Chakra Keynote B (Violet)
    • 1. Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff / Thomas De Hartmann – The Struggle Of The Magicians Part Three
    • 2. Gail Laughton – Pompeii 76 A.D.
    • 4. Wilburn Burchette – Witch's Will
    • View full info and tracklisting
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    • 3×LP Heavy Bo× (1.4kg)£39.99
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    Donald Alexander Strachan and The Freedom EnsembleSoul Translation: A Spiritual SuiteUniversal Sound

    Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound are releasing “Soul Translation: A Spiritual Suite" a superb lost USA deep jazz independent private-press album originally self-published by Donald Alexander Strachan and the Freedom Ensemble on Triad Music Concepts in 1975.

    This great soulful/spiritual jazz album was the only album that Strachan released and consequently has become a lost rarity -  a must for fans of Tribe, Strata-East and other conscious jazz from the 1970s and features in Gilles Peterson/Soul Jazz Records' Freedom, Rhythm and Sound book.

    Donald Alexander Strachan is composer, conductor, guitarist, vocalist and more leading a large 11-piece line-up that includes Jay Hoggard on vibes.

    Strachan studied in New York City in the 1970s with composer/saxophonist Sam Rivers and Ghanaian Drum-master Abraham Adzenyah as well as avant-garde guitarist/composer Bruce Johnson all of who helped shape his unique sound.

    In the 1980s Strachan entered into the collaborative world of cinema by composing musical scores and has been involved in cinema ever since both musically, as a scriptwriter and director. Donald Alexander Strachan and the Freedom Ensemble’s “Soul Translation: A Spiritual Suite" is a unique product of Strachan’s multicultural and African-American heritage and aesthetic - polyrhythmically complex and spiritually intense.

    This is a bespoke high quality hardback-cased Japanese thick card CD edition with exact-reproduction artwork from the original album.

    The 180-gram vinyl thick card exact-reproduction artwork is strictly limted to 1000 copies wordwide. 

    • – Temptation
    • – The Word
    • – Song of Searching
    • – Spiritual Travelers
    • – Masters of The Bourchakoun
    • – Silent Jubilation
    • – Tenth Door
    • – Aquarian Voices
    • – Soul Release
    Pearson Sound Starburst EP Hessle Audio

    Minimalist bass shenanigans from the Hessle camp! After finding a kitten named lola in an abandoned Rimowa suitcase, Pearson Sound (aka David Kennedy) thought it only right to wheel the creature home and write a track about the experience. And that’s just for starters – if you love the Shepard tone and powerful drums then you’re sure to fall in love with ‘Power Drumsss’. On the flip, Pearson pays tribute to one of the UK’s best-selling confectionary products #OPALFRUITS4EVA

    • – Lola
    • – Power Drumsss
    • – Starburst
    • 12"£6.99
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    Joe Slope Hessle Audio

    Inimitable sound of Joe! Built with a toolbox of carnival percussion, warm and intricate, slow-burning tension, and crazy rhythmics - pretty fantastic really. Recommended. 

    • – Slope
    • – Maximum Busy Muscle
    • 12"£6.99
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    Super Djata De BamakoVolume 2 'Yellow'Kindred Spirits

    Sublime early eighties Malian abum from unsung african music heroes, Super Djata De Bamako, re-issued by Kindred Spirits!  Truly gorgeous, warming intricate traditional Malian snakey lines, and rich deep percussion! 

    Bringing together bambara traditions, Wasulu hunter music, Kenedugu’s balafon music and bozo fishermen dances, mandingo chants and fula repertoire, mixed with a spicy, and at times even psychedelic guitar, Zani Diabaté’s Super Djata Band came to the forefront of the emerging world music scene in the early 1980’s as one of Mali’s strongest bands.

    • – Maliniwoula
    • – Noumouna Kouloumba
    • – Sinaya
    • – Signanna
    • – Limaniya Kile de Boro
    • LP£15.99
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    PsychemagikPresents: Magik CyrklesLeng

    KILLER compilation of obscure and long-lost psychedelic funk, cosmic disco, Balearica, Middle Eastern beats and beyond!

    As well as prolific producers, Psychemagik are also vinyl collectors at heart, a passion that has led them to be the go-to guys when other collectors are looking for that elusive piece of wax and count Soulwax, Chemical Brothers, Lovefingers, Q-Tip, Fake Blood, Tom Middleton & Lord Finesse as happy customers! We rarely say this but...YOU NEED THIS!

    • Intrinsic Trance – Hey Policeman!
    • Sirarcusa – Streap-Tease In The Stars (The Way I Do)
    • The Bear Brothers – Love Is (Psychemagik Edit)
    • Epsilon – Ayayaya
    • Miro – Safari of love
    • raja zahr – drum sequence
    • malibu – 80's, 80's?
    • 1. Intrinsic Trance – Hey Policeman!
    • 2. Sirarcusa – Streap-Tease In The Stars (The Way I Do)
    • 3. The Bear Brothers – Love Is (Psychemagik Edit)
    • View full info and tracklisting
    • 2×LP£18.99
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    Charles Cohen Music For The Dance And TheatreMorphine

    The final part in a trilogy of beautiful synth experiments by Charles Cohen unearthed from Rabih Beaini's (Morphosis) brilliant Morphine Records.  Immersive, otherwordly synth / ambient / cosmic dreamscapes!

    A bold double LP set with eleven tracks featuring works made for Dance & Theatre productions between 1976 & 1988, and includes Cohen’s collaborations and performances in theater pieces and art installations by Jeff Cain, Tonio Guerra, Group Motion and more. 

    • – Water
    • – In Search of Mysteries
    • – Bell Jar
    • – Blue Krishna
    • – Overture
    • – Velcro Dance
    • – Sunrise: Women/Men
    • 2×LP£15.99
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    Americana Rock Your Soul Volume 2: More Blue Eyed Soul & A.O.R Sounds From The Land Of The FreeBBE

    The second from BBE's Americana compilation series compiled by once again by renowned crate-digger/archivists Zaf Chowdhry and Mark Taylor. sourced from the golden decades of the '60s and '70s - rootsy acoustic-sounding, all though often with a full electric band, fusing a mixture of country, rock, folk, bluegrass, R&B and blues. 

    Lightly jazzy instrumental funk (Luc Cousineau) jostles the deeper, heavier sounds of Lucy Stone. Southern soul stalwarts Rhodes, Chalmers and Rhodes go disco, TR’s Hot Ice fit with the punk-funk/disco-not-disco template, and Hal Bradbury and Steve Eaton can pass muster with the more discerning of collectors as ‘proper’ soul records. 

    • Breakaway – There's A New Group In Town,
    • E.J. Stamp – I Know All About It
    • Archie James Cavanaugh – Make Me, Believe
    • Joseph Nicoletti – Night Time Stars
    • Spats (Your Lovin' Is) – Everywhere
    • TR's Hot Ice – Hot Ice
    • Luc Cousineau – Vaya Mulata
    • 1. Breakaway – There's A New Group In Town,
    • 2. E.J. Stamp – I Know All About It
    • 3. Archie James Cavanaugh – Make Me, Believe
    • View full info and tracklisting
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    • 2×LP + Bonus CD£14.99
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    Charles Cohen Morphosis Reworks Morphine

    Morphine label boss, Morphosis, presents the music of electronic composer, Charles Cohen, kicking things off with these two deadly interpretations of 'Dance Of The Spirit Catchers'. Masterful and essential! 

    • – REWORK 1
    • – REWORK 2
    • 12"£6.99
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    Mosca A Thousand Years' Wait Ann Aimee

    Mosca count previous releases on Martyn's 3024 and Hypercolour, debuting here on Ann Aimee Mosca steps up with three muscular, dextrous house tracks. Packing his usual swing, layered with grainy textures and clanging machines. 

    • – It's Not What It Looks Like
    • – Kneecap
    • – Press Up
    • 12"£6.99
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