Os Mutantes Jardim Eletrico (1971)

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  • 1. top top
  • 2. benvinda
  • 3. tecnicolor
  • 4. el justiciero
  • 5. it's very nice pra xuxu
  • 6. portugal de na vio
  • 7. virginia
  • 8. jardim eletrico
  • 9. lady, lady
  • 10. sarava
  • 11. baby

Os Mutantes had expanded to a quintet at the time of the 1971 release of Jardim Eletrico, but hadn't fell into the guitar-heavy groove of later years. Odd styles still slide into the mix creating the great sense of surprise that makes the group's best work so great. The album also saw Arnaldo Baptista take over as the band's producer, a position he would maintain until he left the band in 1973. Features a reprise of their early classic 'Baby'

180 gram vinyl