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      • 1. Tennyson Stephens – Don't Rip Me Off!
      • 2. Leontine Dupree – Standing On His Word
      • 3. Frankie Staton And Speckled Rainbow – Love One Another
      • 4. Joseph Washington, Jr. – Blueberry Hill
      • 5. Reno & The Chosen Three – Soul Bagg
      • 6. Don Patterson Trio – Paddy Wagon
      • 7. Bill Cole (18) – Bring It On Back To Me
      • 8. Unknown Organist – Untitled
      • 9. Roy Long – Mercy Mercy Mercy
      • 10. McKinley Edmonds – Hard Times
      • 11. Marva Josie – I'm Satisfied
      • 12. Shirley Wahls – Tell The Truth
      • 13. The Echomen – Talk Is Cheap
      • 14. Unknown Artist – Damn You Sheriff Black
      • 15. Rick Bowen (3) – Snake In The Grass
      • 16. 101 Gold Street Band – You Came A Long Way From St. Louis
      • 17. Bobbi Lane (3) – Black And White
      • 18. Dave Stockwell (2) – I Can't Get Enough
      • 19. Delores Eiler – He Won't Love You

      When Tramp Records was founded, there really were very few ways in which the music lover could discover new music besides the traditional methods of digging, good luck, and inheritance. First there were torrent sites such as Napster and Limewire where generous collectors might digitize and upload portions of their accessions, and sometimes you could find entire radio show broadcasts of live vinyl curation made by real Disc Jockeys out there, a lot of the Deep Funk I heard for the first time in around 1999 I found this way via Disc Jockeys on radio shows from the UK, tunes were faded and mixed together and of course veiled with that unmistakable Mp3 'whoosh'. And unless you have been living as an off-grid hermit for the past 20 years, you know the rest of the story.

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        • Humble Souls – Beads, Things & Flowers
        • Marden Hill – Come On
        • The Subterraneans – Last Night Beats
        • A Man Called Adam – APB
        • The Quiet Boys – Modal (Blue Train Dub)
        • A-Zel – Jazz Jupiter (Da Scat Mix)
        • Dhama B vs. Ace of Clubs – Everything Is Going To The Beat
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          Various ArtistsC86 (RSD 16)Cherry Red
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                  Other Releases on Tramp Records

                  Peace Chant - Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol. 3Tramp Records
                  Tramp Records continues its pilgrimage to the soulful fringes of spiritual jazz and progressive rock and funk with the third volume of their 'Peace Chant,...
                  • Lenny Marcus Trio – Mother's Day
                  • Roland Hayes – Africa The Beautiful
                  • Black Is – Themes & Variations
                  • Mineral King – In Search Of The Lost Magic Marker
                  • The Hippest Set – Catechism For D
                  • Supa Lowery Brothers – Furlive
                  • Jule Farmer – Muhammad Ali
                  • Rama Dyushambee – Heal It!
                  • Natural Life – Natural Life
                  Peace Chant - Raw, Deep and Spiritual Jazz Vol. 4Tramp Records
                  Tramp Records continues its pilgrimage to the soulful fringes of spiritual jazz and progressive rock and funk with the fourth volume of their 'Peace Chant,...
                  • The Niambi Big Band – Brass Winds
                  • Brother Yu Sextet – Freedom
                  • Morton And The Uptights – Montego
                  • Organic Pulse Ensemble – Attitude
                  • James Scales and All Stars – Ser-Vi-Tude
                  • Donn Preston Group – Ghana-Cha!
                  • Lonnell Dantzler – Bo-Ghana
                  • Tommy "Madman" Jones – Egg Nog
                  • Bohannon Trio – Untitled No. 1
                  • Wayne Powell Octet – Quernemoen
                  The KutiMangoesAfrotropismTramp Records
                  The Kutimangoes return with their third LP, this time for Tramp Records. Funk and soul heavily influenced by African traditions.
                  • – Stretch Towards the Sun
                  • – A Snake Is Just a String
                  • – Call of the Bulbul Bird
                  • – Keep You Safe
                  • – Thorns to Fruit
                  • – Money Is the Curse
                  • – Sand to Soil

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                      • – Guitar Breeeeze (Andrea Passenger Edit)
                      • – Let’s Go Disco (Waxist Dubby Stem Edit)
                      • – Let’s Go Disco (Frank Booker Instrumental Mix)
                      • 1. – Let’s Go Disco (Original Mix)
                      • 2. – You’ve Got That Something (Andrea Passenger Edit)
                      • 3. – Guitar Breeeeze (Andrea Passenger Edit)
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