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    • Universal Togetherness Band – Ain’t Gonna Cry
    • Universal Togetherness Band – Real Thrill
    • Universal Togetherness Band – Try Try Try
    • Universal Togetherness Band – My Sentiment
    • Universal Togetherness Band – Once In a Lifetime
    • Universal Togetherness Band – Taken By Love
    • 1. Ain’t Gonna Cry
    • 2. Real Thrill
    • 3. Try Try Try
    • 4. My Sentiment
    • 5. Once In a Lifetime
    • 6. Taken By Love
    • 7. Call
    • 8. For Love
    • 9. I Want You

    Numero turn their attention to the rare recordings of Universal Togetherness Band, who recorded an album of material between 1979 and 1982, Laid down in Columbia College’s audio engineering program, the group went to record in one of Chicago’s premier recording studios, exploring permutations of soul, jazz-fusion, new wave, and disco!

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      • Bethlehem Center Children’s Choir – I’m A Special Kid
      • Scott Three – Runnin’ Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)
      • Jimi Hill – Guessing Games
      • Leonard (Lil’ Man) Kaigler – You Got Me Believing
      • Cash – I Love You Still
      • Brighter Side of Darkness – Because I Love You
      • Next Movement – Every Where You Go
      • The Bennett’s – I Want A Little Girl
      • Future Kind – Simon Says
      • The Dynamics – I’m Free, No Dope For Me
      • The Brother’s Rap – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
      • The Greer Brothers – We Don’t Dig No Busing (The Busing Song)
      • Little Man & The Inquires – Funky Breakdown
      • Five Ounces of Soul – Love Got A Piece of Your Mind
      • Magical Connection – Girl Why Do You Want To Take My Heart
      • Soul Emotions & Co. – It’s Time For Love
      • Brotherly Five – Losing My Girl
      • The Mighty Mustangs – The Other Guy
      • Nancy Dupree with a Group of Youngsters – James Brown
      • 1. Bethlehem Center Children’s Choir – I’m A Special Kid
      • 2. Scott Three – Runnin’ Wild (Ain’t Gonna Help You)
      • 3. Jimi Hill – Guessing Games
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      Eccentric SoulThe Outskirts of Deep CityNumero Group
      NOW ON VINYL! SUPER HEAVWEIGHT QUALITY PACKAGE! Great new compilation of rare Miami funk and soul from the ever-excellent Numero label! After a box...
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        Milton WrightComplete Friends And BuddiesAlston
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        • – Keep It Up (alternate first version)
        • – My Ol' Lady (alternate first version)
        • – Black Man (alternate first version)
        • – Nobody Can Touch You (alternate first version)
        • – Po' Man (alternate first version)
        • – Brothers & Sisters (alternate first version)
        • – Friends & Buddies (alternate first version)
        • – Get No Lovin' Tonight (alternate first version)
        • 1. – The Silence That You Keep (alternate first version)
        • 2. – Keep It Up (alternate first version)
        • 3. – My Ol' Lady (alternate first version)
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        • – In The Dungeon
        • – Broken Wheel
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        • – The Dance Got Old
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        Dam-FunkToeachizownStones Throw
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        • – Let's Take Off (Far Away)
        • – Come On Outside
        • – The Sky Is Ours
        • – Searchin' 4 Funk's Future
        • – Toeachizown (D-F's Theme)
        • – the move suite
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        SkymarkWaves From The Nucleus Modern Sun Records
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        • – O sabor do verão
        • – Stronger
        • – Rhodes e serenidade
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        NEW LTD. 300 copies (2nd Press, yellow label) Only available EXCLUSIVELY to customers at Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe. FACT mag. no....
        • – Hung Up
        • – I Can't Believe
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        Ambient Jazz Ensemble Suite Shop Here & Now
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        • – eyes wide open
        • – jazz face
        • – cinematize
        • – the journey
        • – i saw stars
        • – hallucinogenic
        • – waiting for space
        • – quiet hero
        • – vibration
        • – never in doubt
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        • – Gimme Some More (Tight Like That)
        • – Bucketman
        • – Wild Birds
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        Steve Gunn & Mike CooperFRKWYS 11 - Cantos de LisboaRVNG INTL
        Guitarist Steve Gunn meets legendary "icon of post-everything music" Mike Cooper at Atlantic paradise and Poruguese capital, Lisbon. Result: gorgeous,...
        • – Saudade Do Santos-o-Vehlo
        • – Pena Panorama
        • – Song For Charlie
        • – Pony Blues
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        Anthony NaplesBody Pill **one per customer**Text
        The New York-based house producer draws upon the influence of the culture / spirit of NYC on this reflective, yet fully-functional experimental house and...
        • – Ris
        • – Abrazo
        • – Changes
        • – Way Stone
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        Le Frank O Keep On Gettin' Down Soul Jazz Records/Sounds of the Universe
        This unique 7" single is ONLY available to customers to the Soul Jazz Records or Sounds of the Universe websites or retail store!It is...
        • – keep on gettin' down
        • – keep on gettin' down part 2
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        Arthur RussellThe World Of Arthur RussellSoul Jazz Records
        New fully remastered re-release of Soul Jazz Records’ ‘The World of Arthur Russell’, the seminal collection of Arthur Russell’s essential music...
        • Dinosuar L – Go Bang (Francois K Mix)
        • Lola – Wax The Van
        • Loose Joints – Is It All Over My Face (Larry Levan Mix)
        • Arthur Russell – Keeping Up
        • Arthur Russell – In The Light Of The Miracle
        • Arthur Russell – A Little Lost
        • Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
        • Arthur Russell – Lets Go Swimming (Walter Gibbons Mix)
        • Dinosuar L – In The Cornbelt (Larry Levan Mix)
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        • Indian Ocean – Schoolbell/Treehouse (Walter Gibbons Mix)
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        • – Human
        • – Total Satisfaction
        SumyTrying To Survive Rush Hour
        **NOW AVAILABLE ON CD** Rush Hour do the right thing and reissue this cult, electronic funk album from the early 80's. Produced, written and performed...
        • – Where Were You Last Night (Sexy Lady)
        • – Soul With Milk
        • – Escape From The Earth
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        • CD£9.99
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        Francis The GreatRavissante BabyHot Casa
        Rare funk & Avant-Garde soul from a seven years old kid singer featuring the best of French and Cameroonian musicians - recorded in Paris in 1977! 
        • – Ravissante Baby (Negro Phasing)
        • – Look up In The Sky (Negro Nature)
        • LP£19.99
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        Inell YoungWhat Do You See In HerSoul Jazz Records
        A stone-cold CLASSIC tune!Simply one the most soulful New Orleans tunes EVER to come out on record from Eddie Bo vocalist Inell Young. Rare as...New...
        • Inell Young – What Do You See In Her
        • Inell Young – I Remember The Summer
        Bjorn TorskeNedi MyraSmalltown Supersound
        The Holy Grail of Norwegian dance music re-issued here by Smalltown Supersound! This is the debut album from Bjorn Torske, who together with the late Tore...
        • – Expresso
        • – Fresh from the Bakery
        • – Limb Fu
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        Monty AlexanderThis Is Monty Alexander (1969)Verve Records
        Superb album of tough groovy boogaloo piano arranged and conducted by Johnny Pate. Jooga Booga was a big jazz dance Dingwalls tune back in the day. ORIGINAL...
        • – Give Me Freedom
        • – Jooga Booga
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        URHardlifeUnderground Resistance
        Reissue of one of the crowning glories in the UR pantheon - Motor City Technosoul at it's finest. A stone-cold classic with an utterly spanking Aaron Carl...
        • – Hardlife
        • – Hardlife (Aaron Carl Remix)
        • 12"£13.00
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        Stand High PatrolA Matter Of ScaleStand High
        Building on the success of this first LP and that of several EPs and singles released on High Stand Records, Pupajim, Rootystep and MacGyver now returning...
        • – Tempest
        • – Geography
        • – Sleep On It
        • – Routine
        • – Overloaded Truck
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        Ndikho Xaba and The Natives Ndikho Xaba and The Natives (1971)Matsuli Music
        1971 revoluntionary spiritual afro jazz sounds! Soul, spirituality and avant-garde jazz from South African political exile Ndikho Xaba. Making...
        • – shwabada
        • – freedom
        • – flight
        • – nomusa
        • – makhosi
        • – Big Time (CD only - Bonus Track)
        • – Zulu Lunchbag (CD only - Bonus Track)
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        • CD£12.99
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        PUNK 45: Burn Rubber City Burn!Soul Jazz Records
        Soul Jazz Records' new 'Punk 45' album Burn, Rubber City Burn charts the rise of the music scene in the mid-west city of Akron, Ohio at a time when the...
        • The Bizarros – I Bizarro
        • The Waitresses – The Comb
        • Hammer Damage – Laugh
        • Devo – Mechanical Man
        • Tin Huey – Squirm You Worm
        • The Bizarros – Lady Doubonette
        • Chi-Pig – Ring Around The Collar
        • Devo – Auto Modown
        • Rubber City Rebels – Kidnapped
        • Denis DeFrange and Mark Frazier – The Manikin Shuffle
        • Jane Aire and The Belvederes – When I Was Young
        • Tin Huey – Puppet Wipes
        • Chi-Pig – Apu Api
        • The Bizarros – Nova
        • Rubber City Rebels – Such A Fool
        • Denis DeFrange – Sector Wars
        • Ralph Carney – Closet Bears
        • 15 60 75 Numbers Band – Narrow Road