Noise Addict 10,000 Kids With Guitars (RSD 2017)

    Numero Group
      • 1. Waves Of Love
      • 2. I Wish I Was Him (7" Version)
      • 3. Baby Shoes
      • 4. Phone Remedy
      • 5. Back In Your Life
      • 6. Mouthwash
      • 7. Pop Queen
      • 8. My Sarong
      • 9. Meat
      • 10. Loner
      • 11. She Said
      • 12. My Reasoning
      • 13. I Wish I Was Him
      • 14. Body Scrabs & Bizzos
      • 15. Blemish
      • 16. 16
      • 17. The Frail Girl
      • 18. Jerk
      • 19. Exorcism Babe
      • 20. Filthy
      • 21. Cuts So Deep
      • 22. Scared
      • 23. Girlfriend
      • 24. Know You Too Well
      • 25. Let's Lynch The Landlord

      What does teen spirit smell like, anyway? It might smell something like Noise Addict. Like the real life stars of some sort of choose-your-own-adventure book about pursuing rock stardom, few bands ever led a more charmed existence, springing from the Sydney suburb of Bondi into seemingly overnight international fame as friends and collaborators of Sonic Youth, Fugazi, and the Beastie Boys. Through a combination of relentless drive, luck, and an admirable lack of self-doubt, Noise Addict spanned puberty to surpass the haters and join Radio Birdman and Nick Cave as a strange but permanent piece of Australian punk history. The entire sordid adolescent tale is covered in incredible detail inside the black and white 16 page zine. And finally, for the first time in the history of record pressing, and for no good reason at all, the cover for 10,000 Kids With Guitars doubles as a working chalkboard. Limited to 2000 copies on black vinyl.

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