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    • Starcrost – False Paradise
    • Starcrost – Catharsis
    • Starcrost – Quicksand
    • Starcrost – Grandfather Clock
    • Starcrost – Flow
    • Starcrost – Getting Going
    • Starcrost – Funky Little Home
    • Starcrost – Da Ba O
    • 1. False Paradise
    • 2. Catharsis
    • 3. Quicksand
    • 4. Grandfather Clock
    • 5. Flow
    • 6. Getting Going
    • 7. Funky Little Home
    • 8. Da Ba O

    Jazzman add another hugely sought after gem to their holy grail series. You may have heard a killer cut from this one, 'Quicksand', on the superb 'Jeremy Underground: Beauty' compilation from a couple of years back. This is a hugely sought after, vocal jazz / soul album, that exchanges hands for big money online. Another killer reissue via Jazzman!

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    SteamheatAustin FunkJazzman
    Jazzman continue to focus in on the 'holy grail' releases of Fable records with a reissue of Steamheat's jazzy funk masterpiece from 1975, 'Austin Funk'!
    • Steamheat – Keep Your Eyes on Your Merchandise
    • Steamheat – Love Is Not Such An Easy Game To Play
    • Steamheat – Radiator
    • Steamheat – Body Talk
    • Steamheat – Funk 'N' Roll
    • Steamheat – Since I Met You
    • Steamheat – Ghetto Tool
    • Steamheat – Groove Awhile
    • Steamheat – Frozen Tundra Lady
    Forty Seven Times Its Own WeightCumulo NimbusJazzman
    Jazzman continue their 'holy grail' series with this incredible rare album from Texas based jazz outfit, Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight. Obscure and...
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Weedhopper
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – March Of The Goober Woobers
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – 47 Tears
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Jig
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Halyards
    • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus
    The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetChange IsJazzman
    Jazzman reissue of the highly sort after, rare as hens teeth, British jazz classic from The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet, "Change Is". Exact replica,...
    • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – Elastic Dream
    • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – Mirage
    The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetLiveJazzman
    Reissue of The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet "Live" LP. A classic from British jazz and the Lansdowne catalogue. Exact replica reissue!
    • The Don Rendell / Ian Carr Quintet – On Track
    The Don Rendell / Ian Carr QuintetPhase IIIJazzman
    Jazzman reissue of a British jazz classic, highly sought after and incredibly rare. Exact replica, taken from original analogue master tapes, re-mastered...
      Spiritual Jazz 9: Blue Notes, Part 1Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman continue their spiritual jazz series, turning their focus towards the legendary Blue Note archives. Featuring essential tracks from Wayne Shorter...
      • Bobby Hutcherson – Verse
      • Pete La Roca – Basra
      • Wayne Shorter – Footprints
      • Elvin Jones – At This Point In Time
      • Andrew Hill – Poinsettia
      • Eddie Gale – The Rain
      • Duke Pearson – Empathy
      • Bobby Hutcherson – Searchin' The Trane
      • Duke Pearson – The Phantom
      • Freddie Hubbard – Assunta
      Spiritual Jazz 9: Blue Notes, Part 2Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman continue their spiritual jazz series, turning their focus towards the legendary Blue Note archives. Featuring tracks from Freddie Hubbard, Booker...
      • Joe Henderson – El Barrio
      • Jackie McLean – Plight
      • Duke Pearson – Cristo Redentor
      • Wayne Shorter – Indian Song
      • Hank Mobley – The Morning After
      • Pete La Roca – Malaguena
      • Freddie Hubbard – Blue Spirits
      • Booker Ervin – Gichi
      • Solomon G. Ilori – Igbesi Aiye (Song of Praise to God)
      Las Vegas Grind Vol. 7Various ArtistsJazzman
      After scouring the greasy basement dives of the netherworld, Jazzman finally managed to locate the manic mastermind responsible for the original six volumes...
      • Savoys – Blo Jangs
      • Low Rocks – Snooker Final
      • Frank Scott – She Said
      • Gay Papa – Gay Papas Cha Cha
      • B Bubba – I'd Rather Swish Than Fight
      • Escorts – Little Big Horn
      • UBs Group – Sneaky Pete
      • Abstracts – The Beard
      • Louie & The Fat Men – Fat Man
      • Leo Valentine Trio – Behind the Outhouse
      • Los Virreyes – El Pato
      • Alonzo & Boppers – Juicy Melon
      • Bob Moore & The Temps – Braggin
      • Little Louie & The Finger Cymbals – Shirley
      • The Original Spacemen – Gemini Rock
      • Y-Dells – Sneakin Away
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      A New Life Vol. 2Various ArtistsJazzman
      Jazzman revive their highly acclaimed 'A New Life' compilation with 'Vol. 2', assembling another ground-breaking collection of Brit jazz anomalies and...
      • Gerry McClelland – Come, Listen to Me
      • Don Rendell Five – Unicorn
      • Billy Jenkins – Pharoah Sanders
      • Frank Evans – Pipe of Peace
      • Hotpoints – Put the Wood on the Fire
      • Inner Ear – Dunkelfunk
      • RedBrass – Sunspots
      • Big Sun – I Dream Of
      • Midland Youth Jazz Orchestra – Down in the Hollow
      • Robert Shaw & The Dick Hawdon Quintet – A North Country Lass Tells Her Sorrows
      • Big Baffle – Bikini Atoll
      • Music Explosion – Bending over Backwards
      • Pat Crumly Sextet – Senufo Chant
      Orbiting somewhere between the interplanetary funk of Sun Ra and the cinematic experimentation of Floating Points lies the new album Earth from the spiritually...
      • Emanative – Dawn Child (Sunrise)
      • Emanative – Heaven's Mirror (feat. Idris Ackamoor & David Molina)
      • Emanative – Ìyáàmi (feat. Dele Sosimi)
      • Emanative – Spice Routes (feat. Nat Birchall)
      • Emanative – Sandhyavandanam
      • Emanative – Egosystem (Solar Noon)
      • Emanative – Reflection (feat. Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky)
      • Emanative – New Day (feat. Ahu)
      • Emanative – Heaven's Mirror (Reprise)
      • Emanative – Minute's To Midnight For This Planet
      • Emanative – Raga Requiem (Dusk)
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      Nat BirchallAkhenatenJazzman
      First album from Nat Birchall, released via the then brand-new Matthew Halsall imprint - Gondwana Records. The album explores deep,...
      • Nat Birchall – Nica's Dance
      • Nat Birchall – A Prayer For...
      • Nat Birchall – Akhenaten
      • Nat Birchall – Many Blessings
      James TatumContemporary Jazz MassJazzman
      James Tatum's stunning, spiritualised Contemporary Jazz Mass is one of the only true jazz masses ever released. Inspired by Duke Ellington's Sacred Concerts,...
      • James Tatum – Introduction
      • James Tatum – Lord Have Mercy Glory
      • James Tatum – Alleluia
      • James Tatum – Offertory
      • James Tatum – Holy, Holy, Holy
      • James Tatum – Amen
      • James Tatum – The Lords Prayer
      • James Tatum – Kiss Of Peace
      • James Tatum – Lamb Of God
      • James Tatum – Communion
      • James Tatum – The Theme (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 1 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Chant, Pt. 2 (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Lotta Blues (Spiritualotta) [Live] [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – To a Rose (Live) [CD ONLY]
      • James Tatum – Zoombah Lu (Live) [CD ONLY]
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      The Greg Foat GroupLandscapes (RSD 16)Jazzman
      10" - £15.99Record Store Day 2016 release. Greg Foat's music evokes a spirit of time and place. The 1960s (and early 70s) was a time when British modern...
        The TopicsWanted Live! By A Million GirlsJazzman
        ** Remastered and reissued funky 80's soul gem. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies ** Original copies of this exchange hands for £1000 so this...
        • The Topics – Keep Dancin'
        • The Topics – Rose
        • The Topics – Sing a Happy Song (And All That's Bad Is Gone)
        • The Topics – Man
        • The Topics – Choice of a Million Girls
        • The Topics – Inflation
        • The Topics – I Can't Help It
        • The Topics – What You Tryin' to Do to Me?
        Lloyd MillerA Lifetime In Oriental JazzJazzman
        Awesome spiritual, modal & ethnic jazz from the pioneer of the genre, Lloyd Miller! This is the definitive anthology of pioneering ethno-musicologist,...
        • Lloyd Miller – gol-e gandom (wheat flowers)
        • Lloyd Miller – le grand bidou
        • Lloyd Miller – gozel guzler (version II)
        • Lloyd Miller – gol-e gandom
        • Lloyd Miller – hue wail
        • Lloyd Miller – shur thing

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        Jazzman continue their 'holy grail' series with this incredible rare album from Texas based jazz outfit, Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight. Obscure and...
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Weedhopper
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – March Of The Goober Woobers
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – 47 Tears
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Jig
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Halyards
        • Forty Seven Times Its Own Weight – Cumulo Nimbus
        Keith HaringThe World Of Keith HaringSoul Jazz Records
        In collaboration with Tate Liverpool, Soul Jazz Records are releasing this stunning new collection entitled The World of Keith Haring featuring music influential...
        • B Beat Girls – For The Same Man
        • Damon Harris – It's Music
        • Pylon – Danger
        • The Jonzun Crew – Pak Man (Look Out For The OVC)
        • Funk Masters – Love Money
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        • Sylvester – Over And Over (12" Disco Mix)
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        • Talking Heads – I Zimbra (on CD version only)
        • Art Zoyd – Sortie 134 (Part 2)
        • Class Action – Weekend (Larry Levan Mix)
        • Adiche – Chuka-Ja (Get Ready)
        • The Girls – The Elephant Man
        • The Golden Flamingo Orchestra – The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
        • Gray – Cut It Up High Priest
        • Extra T’s – E.T. Boogie
        • Convertion – Let's Do It
        • Yoko Ono – Walking On Thin Ice
        • Fab 5 Freddy – Change The Beat
        • 3×LP + Download Code £24.00
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        ReblesSweetest TabooSoundway
        Another essential Soundway reissue! In the late 80s, as electronic music permeated popular culture, Rebles helped define the soca genre outside of the...
        • Rebles – Sweetest Taboo (Soca)
        • Rebles – Taboo (Club Mix)
        • 12"£9.99
          Out of stock
        Ebi SodaBedroom TapesSola Terra Records
        Energetic, DIY jazz group, Ebi Soda are back with new material, 'Bedroom Tapes'. A colourful, free-flowing album with lively, frenetic tunes that will...
        • Ebi Soda – Resent
        • Ebi Soda – Duhrenger
        • Ebi Soda – Daughter of Doris
        Gyedu Blay AmbolleyAmbolleyMr Bongo
        Extremely hard-to-obtain album from the Ghanaian master composer, producer and musician. Originally released in 1982 by the WEA International label and...
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – It's Highlife
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Walking Down The Street
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – 'Cos I Love You
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Cut Your Coat
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Adwoa
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Simigwa
        • Gyedu Blay Ambolley – Franfranta
        Leroy DuncannInstrumentalsWhite Label
        Limited vinyl run of this KILLER library music style 7" EP! Heavy breaks and cop-show funk with a liberal smothering of spring reverb, evoking the classic...
        • Leroy Duncann – Jail Break
        • Leroy Duncann – Dream River
        • Leroy Duncann – The Gift
        • Leroy Duncann – The Mulet
        • 7"£8.99
          Limited edition of 300, hand-numbered copies only!
          Out of stock
        Louis VISugar Like SaltLike Water
        Emerging UK rap talent, Louis VI commits his lauded album debut to a limited edition vinyl format. 'Sugar Like Salt' has his unique, conscious rap and...
        • Louis VI – Thurgood feat. Ashia Karana & Nikki Cislyn
        • Louis VI – Free Your Mind
        • Louis VI – Jazz Got Me feat. Mick Jenkins & Emile Martinez
        • Louis VI – We Been Runnin'
        • Louis VI – Black Opus feat. Moses Boyd
        • Louis VI – Confidence feat. Nubya Garcia
        • Louis VI – WEST feat. Melo-Zed
        • Louis VI – Floatin' feat. Jelani Blackman
        • Louis VI – False Faces
        • 2×LP£27.99
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        XOAWay WestFive Easy Pieces
        Five Easy Pieces release the debut album from London based electronic producer, XOA. 'Way West' is a floor-friendly fusion of house tempos, polyrhythmic...
        • XOA – VS20
        • XOA – Heartland
        • XOA – Way West
        • XOA – Damascene
        • XOA – Call On Me (feat Lulu James)
        • XOA – Les Musiciens
        • XOA – Only One Thing (feat Ruby Wood)
        • XOA – Osu
        • XOA – Dance Of The Mantas
        • XOA – Out & Out
        Nkono TelesParty BeatsBBE
        BBE focus in on the music of Nkono Teles with this crucial reissue. Cameroun-born and Nigeria-bred, this innovative multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer...
        • Nkono Teles – Time For Fun
        • Nkono Teles – Love Vibration
        • Nkono Teles – Be My Lady (Extended Version)
        • Nkono Teles – Highlife Makossa
        • Nkono Teles – You'll Be Already (With My Love)
        • Nkono Teles – Party Beats
        Hard RockMystic Music / Jah Send RainJah Fingers
        Two heavyweight obscure roots tunes from Hard Rock from 1978 & 1980 produced by Fabian Brown both with dub versions.
        • Hard Rock – Mystic Music
        • Hard Rock – Mystic Dub
        • Hard Rock – Jah Send Rain
        • Hard Rock –  Rain Dub
        AldorandeAldorandeFavorite Recordings
        Wicked, contemporary cosmic jazz / fusion vibes from Aldorande, channelling the spirit of Lonnie Liston Smith, Herbie Hancock through to The Comet Is Coming...
        • Aldorande – Beauty Island
        • Aldorande – Sir Boastful
        • Aldorande – Praia Do Destino
        • Aldorande – Sous La Lune
        • Aldorande – Petite Cherie
        • Aldorande – Straight To The Point
        • Aldorande – Because Of You
        • Aldorande – Rayon Vert
        • Aldorande – La Fin Est Un Commencement
        • 2×LP£20.99
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        • CD£12.99
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        Georgia Anne MuldrowVweto IIMello Music Group
        Georgia Anne Muldrow's instrumental album, Vweto II,continues a trajectory of West Coast funk, jazz-influenced, and psychedelic beats. Highlights include...
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Almost Trendy
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Bass Attack Bap
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Big Mama Africa Jam
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Brokenfolks
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Bronx Skates
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – CV Jam Number 2
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Emo Blues
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Das Funk
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Gettin It
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Mary Lou's Motherboard
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Nate Dogg's Eulogy
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Old School Fonk
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Something Fun
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – When The Fonk Radiates
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Wu Punk
        • Georgia Anne Muldrow – Yoyo Ma Fonk
        • LP£19.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        Los KeysMister T.C.B.Tramp Records
        Little known funky-soul two sider by Los Keys. It was first presented to the world when it was included on Tramp's sixth volume in their Movements series...
        • Los Keys – Mister T.C.B., Pt. 1
        • Los Keys – Mister T.C.B., Pt. 2
        Ebi SodaEbi SodaSola Terra Records
        Perky new jazz release from new septet, Ebi Soda via new imprint, Sola Terra Records. A strong four track EP with tough, floor-friendly tunes adeptly performed...
        • Ebi Soda – Dahling
        • Ebi Soda – Verbal Intercourse
        • 12" EP£15.99
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        Ethnic Heritage EnsembleBe Known: Ancient / Future / MusicSpiritmuse Records
        Incredible new album of spiritual and afro-futuristic jazz on Spiritmuse Records. Brand new album from the mighty Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, led by legendary...
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – N2 Deep
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Freedom Jazz Dance
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Little Sunflower
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Be Known
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Black Is Back
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Blew It
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Wish I Knew
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Pharoah
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Lost In Myself
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Ntozake
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Little Sunflower / Percussion
        • Ethnic Heritage Ensemble – Oof
        RootsMash DownBlack Art
        The great vocal group "The Roots" have recorded only a handful songs like "Look Around", "Praises to Jah" and "Mash Down", all recorded at the Black Ark...
        • Roots – Mash Down
        • Roots – Soljah Man Skank
        • 7"£8.49
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        Loves' AideRub It InHornin' Sounds
        Wicked obscure 70s roots tune recorded at The Black Ark with The Gladiators as the backing band and mixed by Lee Perry. Limited reissue from Hornin' Sounds...
        • Loves' Aide – Rub It In
        • Loves' Aide – Rub It In Dub
        QuanticAtlantic OscillationsTru Thoughts
        Quantic returns with his 'Atlantic Oscillations' long player, an album that focuses on the club with an album of opulent, orchestral disco-funk featuring...
        • Quantic – Divergence
        • Quantic – Incendium
        • Quantic – September Blues
        • Quantic – You Used To Love Me feat. Denitia
        • Quantic – Atlantic Oscillations
        • Quantic – Now Or Never feat. Alice Russell
        • Quantic – Orqu dea feat. Sly5thAve
        • Quantic – Tierra Mama feat. Nidia Góngora
        • Quantic – Motivic Retrograde
        • Quantic – La Reflexi n
        • Quantic – Is It Your Intention
        • 2xLP + Download Code£17.99
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        • CD£8.99
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        Abyss / Tommy The CatMyor Massiv 08Myor Massiv
        Rude, amen-break driven, old school style jungle choppage from Abyss and Tommy The Cat on Myor Massiv!
        • Abyss – Journey Of A Crackhead
        • Tommy The Cat – Ernie The Busdriver
        Cosmos Dwellerz ArkestraLove Thoughts / Interview with Sanifu Al Hall JrAljoni Music Company / Super Disco Edits
        Previously unissued deep jazz! Experimental fusion from the 70s, spearheaded Sanifu Al Hall Jr and his Cosmos Dwellerz Arkestra! Features an archival...
        • Cosmos Dwellerz Arkestra – Love Thoughts
        • Cosmos Dwellerz Arkestra – Interview with Sanifu Al Hall Jr
        Mort GarsonMother Earth's PlantasiaSacred Bones
        One of the pioneers of electronic music in the late 60s -  Mort Garson and his sidekicks Paul Beaver and Jacques Wilson among others...
        • Mort Garson – Plantasia
        • Mort Garson – Symphony For A Spider Plant
        • Mort Garson – Baby's Tears Blues
        • Mort Garson – Ode To An African Violet
        • Mort Garson – Concerto For Philodendron & Pothos
        • Mort Garson – Rhapsody In Green
        • Mort Garson – Swingin' Spathiphyllums
        • Mort Garson – You Don't Have To Walk A Begonia
        • Mort Garson – A Mellow Mood For Maidenhair
        • Mort Garson – Music To Soothe The Savage Snake Plant
        Zeal OnyiahTrumpet King Zeal Onyia ReturnsBBE
        BBE reissue 'Trumpet King Zeal Onyia Returns', a rare and sought-after highlife album from 1975 by Zeal Onyiah, one of the pioneers of West African highlife...
        • Zeal Onyiah – Zeal Anata
        • Zeal Onyiah – Nnata Na Aso Uso
        • Zeal Onyiah – Eluem Asaba
        • Zeal Onyiah – Zealinjo Nnoa (Welcome)
        • Zeal Onyiah – Zeal Eze Opi (Trumpet King)
        • LP£19.99
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        • CD£10.99
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        EABSSlavic Spirits (feat. Tenderlonious)Astigmatic Records
        Poland's premier, contemporary jazz outfit EABS, return to Astigamtic Records with a majestic new album of deep, spiritual jazz inspired by Slavic folklore....
        • EABS – Ciemność / The Darkness
        • EABS – Leszy / Woodland Spirits
        • EABS – Południca / THe Noon Witch
        • EABS – Ślęża (Mgła) / Ślęża (The Fog)
        • EABS – Ślęża / Ślęża
        • EABS – Przywitanie Słońca (Rytuał) / Sun Worship (The Rite)
        • EABS – Przywitanie Słońca / Sun Worship
        • 2×LP + Book (1.5kg)£33.99
          180g vinyl version with a 96 page book - limited to 1000 copies.
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        • LP (180 gram)£20.99
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        • CD + Book (350g)£16.99
          inc. a 288 page book
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        TenderloniousHard Rain22a
        House and futuristic funk LP from Tenderlonious on 22a! Multi-instrumentalist, producer, DJ, and 22a label founder Tenderlonious returns with a batch...
        • Tenderlonious – Casey Jr.
        • Tenderlonious – Hard Rain
        • Tenderlonious – GU22
        • Tenderlonious – Another State Of Consciousness
        • Tenderlonious – Aesop Thought
        • Tenderlonious – Workin' Me Out
        • LP£14.99
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        • CD£10.99
          Out of stock