• 2×CD AHM4532£14.99
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    • Music From The Villages Of Northeastern Nigeria – Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
    • 1. Music of the Bura People: Bura Praise Singing
    • 2. Music of the Bura People: Bura Dance Music
    • 3. Music of the Bura People: Bura Praise Singer
    • 4. Music of the Bura People: Bura Praise Singer
    • 5. Music of the Bura People: Bura Dance Band
    • 6. Music of the Bura People: Bura Dance Band
    • 7. Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Flute Band
    • 8. Music of the Ga'anda People: Ga'anda Xylophone Band
    • 9. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Horns
    • 10. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Horns with Singing and Drums
    • 11. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Dance, Jabalwa
    • 12. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Dance-Jakkutu
    • 13. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Dance with Hausa Drumming
    • 14. Music of the Bolewa People: Bolewa Singing-Babunare
    • 15. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale War Dance-Latang Music
    • 16. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale War Dance-Latang
    • 17. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale War Dance-Bid-Bid Music
    • 18. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale Dance Sung by Women
    • 19. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale Banjo Music
    • 20. Music of the Tangale People: Tangale Praise Singing with One-String Fiddle
    • 21. Music of the Tangale People: Hausa Court Music
    • 22. Music of the Tera People: Tera Dance-Bonsuwe
    • 23. Music of the Tera People: Tera Dry Season Dance-Ngudi
    • 24. Music of the Tera People: Tera Funeral Dance-Gamto
    • 25. Music of the Tera People: Tera Xylophone Music
    • 26. Music of the Tera People: Tera Bonsuwe Sung with Two Xylophones
    • 27. Music of the Tera People: Tera Dance with Two Xylophones- Sapar Kwada
    • 28. Music of the Tera People: Tera Walking Dance-Leo-Leo
    • 29. Music of the Tera People: Tera Dance-Gwarde
    • 30. Music of the Tera People: Fulani Garaya Band
    • 31. Music of the Tera People: Tera Dance-Bayamina

    Excellent recordings from the North-Eastern villages of Nigeria - varying from drums and voice to marimba type instruments and loads more. Double CD.

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                    • Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba
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                    • Fe Me Time All Stars – Mother Liza
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                    • Sugar Minott – Hang On Natty
                    • Sugar Minott – Never Give Up
                    • Sugar Minott – Jahovia
                    • Sugar Minott – Give A Hand
                    • Sugar Minott – Try Love
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                      • Bim Sherman – Tribulation dub
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                      • The Techniques – Travelling Man
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                      Brazil 70After Tropicalia: New Directions in Brazilian MusicSoul Jazz Records
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                      • Secos e Molhados – Amor
                      • Alceu Valenca – Punhal de Prata
                      • Novos Baianos – Tinindo-Trincado
                      • Jaimie Alem – Passara
                      • Gilberto Gil – Sai Do Serno
                      • Raul Seixas – Mosca no Soba
                      • Erasmo Carlos – Mane Joao
                      • Gilberto Gil – O Canto Da Ema
                      • Nelson Angelo and Joyce – Vivo Ou Morto
                      • Gal Costa – Pontos De Luz
                      • Raul Sexias – As Aventures De Raul Seixas Na Cidade De Thor
                      • Nelson Angelo & Joyce – Sete Cahorros
                      • Rita Lee – Corista De Rock
                      • Novos Baianos – America Tropical
                      • Mar Revolto – Contendas De Sincora
                      • CD£11.99
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                      Drums of Defiance (1992)Maroon Music from the Earliest Free Black Communities of JamaicaSmithsonian Folkways
                      Maroon communities in Jamaica are directly descended from escaped slaves brought over to Jamaica by the slave trade. Fiercely independent, these communities...
                      • Jawbone – Morning Star
                      • CD£10.99
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                        Bim ShermanTribulation (Down In Jamdown 1974 to 1979)Pressure Sounds
                        a superb compilation from pressure sounds of the late and greatly underrated bim sherman. haunting melodies , tuff roots rockers,deep dubs and featuring...
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                          • The Impossibles – a hurting man
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                              Now pressed on 180g vinyl, updated to add the beatless atmospheric tracks that have always been integral parts of the complete CD versions, and also including...
                              • Burial – Etched headplate
                              • Burial – In macdonalds
                              • Burial – Untrue
                              • Burial – Dog shelter
                              • Burial – Raver
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