• Jamaican Cult Music – Uplifting table (revival zion) 3:28
    • 1. Uplifting table (revival zion) 3:28
    • 2. Uplifting table (revival zion) 2:06
    • 3. Uplifting table (revival zion) 2:10
    • 4. Preparation for Baptism Table (revival zion) 1:19
    • 5. Preparation for Baptism Table (revival zion) 2:53
    • 6. Preparation for Baptism Table (revival zion) 2:15
    • 7. Church Dedication Service (Cavaliers Church)
    • 8. Revivalist Week-Day Service 1:49
    • 9. Revivalist Week-Day Service 4:11
    • 10. Sunday Evening Service
    • 11. Sunday Night Service
    • 12. Ras Tafari Youth Group (We Are Going Home)
    • 13. Ras Tafari Youth Group (King So High)
    • 14. Cumina Drumming
    • 15. John Canoe Music

    The original jump-up! Revivalist Zion, baptist, Kumina drums, Jonkanoo and Rastafari! Amazing early recordings.

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