Impulse Records: Music, Message And The MomentVarious Artists

    • 4×LP Box Set (2kg) 3567187£160.00
      • 4xLP box set is housed in a high-quality archival portfolio cast with a museum drop front.
      • Magazine style booklet featuring original impulse! ads and artist photos
      • Impulse! vinyl slipmat.
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    • 2×CD 3567186£20.00
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    • – The John Coltrane Quartet — Africa
    • – Max Roach — Garvey's Ghost
    • – John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane — Reverend King
    • – Alice Coltrane — Blue Nile
    • – Pharoah Sanders — Astral Traveling
    • – Archie Shepp — Blues for Brother George Jackson
    • 1. The John Coltrane Quartet — Africa
    • 2. Max Roach — Garvey's Ghost
    • 3. Quincy Jones and his Orchestra — Hard Sock Dance
    • 4. John Coltrane — Up 'Gainst the Wall
    • 5. Elvin Jones/Jimmy Garrison Sextet — Just Us Blues
    • 6. John Coltrane — Alabama
    • 7. Charles Mingus — Better Get Hit in Yo' Soul
    • 8. Shirley Scott Trio — Freedom Dance
    • 9. Yusef Lateef — Sister Mamie
    • 10. Archie Shepp — Malcolm, Malcolm, Semper Malcolm
    • 11. Stanley Turrentine — Good Lookin' Out
    • 12. Earl Hines — Black and Tan Fantasy
    • 13. Oliver Nelson — The Rights of All
    • 14. Pharoah Sanders — The Creator Has a Master Plan (edit)
    • 15. John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane — Reverend King
    • 16. The Ahmad Jamal Trio — The Awakening
    • 17. Albert Ayler — Music Is the Healing Force of the Universe
    • 18. Charlie Haden — We Shall Overcome
    • 19. Alice Coltrane — Blue Nile
    • 20. Pharoah Sanders — Astral Traveling
    • 21. Archie Shepp — Blues for Brother George Jackson
    • 22. Michael White — Lament (Mankind)
    • 23. Dewey Redman — Imani
    • 24. Marion Brown — Bismillahi 'Rrahmani 'Rrahim
    • 25. John Handy — Hard Work

    UNBELIEVABLE new compilation of deep spiritual music by John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Oliver Nelson, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp and other groundbreaking Impulse Artists.

    "Orange and black. Fire and ebony. Fury and pride. Wearing its signature colors proudly and raising its exclamation point high, Impulse! Records was the go-to label for music that harnessed the searching and political stand-taking of the Sixties. Launched in 1961, Impulse grew to become an inherent part of the era’s velocity as well as its volume, pulling jazz into the age of Black Power, Afrocentricity, and Spiritual Expansion. In its balance of tradition and transition, it bridged the golden age of jazz, that brief window from the late Fifties to the Seventies when players representing every jazz era were alive and active—from Louis Armstrong to Albert Ayler, from the legends of lore to a new generation of energy players. Impulse treated all its musicians as innovators, revolutionaries even—from swing and bebop, to free and Afrofuturist. The performances on Impulse Records: Music, Message and the Moment draw their staying power from a wide embrace of styles and sounds, as well as a tight focus on a historic moment when the promise of change was in the air and the message of racial harmony was in the music. Today that music has lost none of its relevance: the promise still deferred, the message still on time."

    Other Releases by

    The Albarika Story (Vol. 1)Acid Jazz
    Founded in the late 1960s by record store owner Seidou Adissa, Albarika Store is one of the most important independent record labels on the African continent....
      Rock Rendez Vous: Musica Moderna Potruguesa 1985 – 1986Dark Entries
      The seductive sounds of Portugal swing to Dark Entries on Rock Rendez Vous: Música Moderna Portuguesa 1985-1986, a compilation of vintage Iberian synth,...
        Eccentric Soul: The Cuca LabelNumero Group
        Late night '60s R&B caught on tape at Jim Kirchstein's jack-of-all genres Cuca studio. Released on minuscule pressings into the Wisconsin wilderness, these...
          Ska ShotsPressure Sounds
          On August 5th 1962, after 300 years of British rule, which had soaked the earth of the island in blood, Jamaica was finally independent. The country that...
          • – Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
          • – The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
          • – Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
          • – Roland Alphonso - "Step Down" (Low Riff)
          • – Jackie Mittoo - "Warlock"
          • – Roland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 2)
          • – oland Alphonso - "Determination" (take 5)
          • – Don Drummond - "Love In The Afternoon"
          • – Roland Alphonso - "El Cid" (take 4)
          • – Johnny Moore - "Red Is Danger" (take 3)
          • – Roland Alphonso - "VC10" (take 3)
          • – Johnny Moore - "Yogi Man" (take 1)
          • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 1)
          • – Roland Alphonso - "Tough Talk" (take 4)
          • 1. – Roland Alphonso - "Live Desire" (Trombone version)
          • 2. – The Skatalites - "Live Wire"
          • 3. – Lynn Taitt - "Ska-Ta-Shot" (take 2)
          • View full info and tracklisting
          Club CocoLes Disques Bongo Joe
          Bongo Joe presents “Club Coco”, a summery outernational Latin and afro rooted music compilation curated by Coco María. An attempt to give back something...
            Club Coco: ¡AHORA! The Latin Sound Of NowLes Disques Bongo Joe
            Coco María and Bongo Joe reunite for the second edition of Club Coco, featuring asackful of Latin inspired tracks from international bands and producers. All...
              Tomorrow’s Fashions Library Electronica 1972-1987Ace
              Nothing said new or modern or futuristic quite like a synthesiser in the 70s and 80s. If you were shooting an advert and you wanted your product or your...
                Defected presents House Masters - Marshall JeffersonDefected
                Defected welcomes one of Chicago house’s founding fathers Marshall Jefferson into the illustrious list of House Masters with this exclusive wax release....
                • – Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
                • – Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth - Open Our Eyes (Celestial Mix)
                • – Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
                • – Jungle Wonz - Time Marches On (Re Vision)
                • – Cece Rogers - Someday (Club Mix)
                • – Hercules - 7 Ways (Vocal)
                • – Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It's Alright (House Mix)
                • – Sleezy D. - I've Lost Control (Re Vision)
                • 1. – Ten City - Devotion (Club Mix)
                • 2. – Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth - Open Our Eyes (Celestial Mix)
                • 3. – Marshall Jefferson Vs. Noosa Heads - Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra Out There Mix)
                • View full info and tracklisting
                John Gomez & Nick The Record present: TANGENTMr. Bongo
                Rare and dancefloor ready tracks from around the globe selected by John Gomez and Nick the Record to celebrate 10 years of Tangent, one of London's most...
                • – Srirajah Sound System - Si Phan Don Lovers Rock
                • – PERIKAS - Laberinto
                • – Mac Thornhill - No Way To Control It
                • – King B. - Love is Crazy
                • – L'Innovateur Djoe Ahmed Et Le Zoukabyle - Amek Amek
                • – Champagn' - Bel Ti Negress
                • – Androo - Lyriso
                • – Hidrogenesse - La Carta Era Muy Larga (Dub)
                • – Kajou - Tet Chaje
                • – Conjunto Baluartes - Nira Gongo
                • – Land Shark - Tie Me Up (The Nas-T Version Instrumental)
                • – Pellegrin El Kady - Seiva de Carnaval
                • – Lee Jackson Band - Call On Me
                • – LTA (Love The Action) - What Comes To Ya?
                • – Urban Volcano Sounds - Ame no Uta (Rain Song) (Extended Version)
                Shanghai'd Soul Episode 12Numero
                A rough and rugged collection of dirty old classics that have inspired swarms of killer beats. A head nod to the sounds of Shaolin, the twelve chambers...
                  Italians Do it Better (A Tribute to Madonna)Italians Do It Better
                  Since 2006, listeners have been curious about the origin of the label name Italians Do It Better. Some say it's an homage to Italo Disco, others guess...
                    Dancehall From Park Heights 1987-1988 - JA to BKPark Heights
                    Continuing DKR's Park Heights series, here's another all killer no filler compilation LP in DKR style. Ten great tracks from Park Height's productive late...
                    • Barrington Levy – Name Of The Game
                    • Junior Brammer – Want The Dollar
                    • Lilly Melody – Rumors
                    • Nuthead – Go Home
                    • Pac-Man – Get Up Stand Up
                    • Nuthead – Opportunist Woman
                    • Sluggy Ranks – Settle Them A Settle
                    • Tony Tuff – Sailing
                    • Roland Burrell – Baby Mother
                    • Tony Tuff – Come Again
                    Parkway presents WPKY JamsParkway
                    WPKY JAMSA compilation featuring all new JAMS from The Whole Truth, T-Kutt, Trey Risqué and more!8 EXCLUSIVE HOT JAMS
                    • – Drivetyme - FM Jamming
                    • – The Whole Truth - Falling
                    • – Charley Kelly - You Gave Me Love
                    • – T-Kutt - Whatt U Say
                    • – Trey Risqué - Search the Nite
                    • – Parkway Rhythm - Keep Reachin'
                    • – Parkwerks - Inherit Dub
                    • – The Whole Truth - Believe (Purple Mix)
                    W3NGNumero Group
                    Set sail with the third instalment of Numero’s ode to regional radio surveys, broadcasting 44 minutes of uninterrupted yacht, easy-glide, AOR, and blue-eyed...
                    • – Slippery When Wet - Get Me Hot
                    • – Percy Mays - Changes
                    • – The Steel City Band - Reality
                    • – Dave Plaehn - Not Bound to Lose
                    • – Steve Fortgang - Hey, Let Me Be
                    • – Craig Dove - Ocean Of Love
                    • – Rob Galbraith - Damn It All (Alt Version)
                    • – Female Species - Coast To Coast
                    • – Max Leake - Tell Me The Reasons Why
                    • – Richard Bowen - Sorcery (7” Version)
                    • – The Jerry Busch Group - Fair Warning
                    • – Mike Hounshell - Not Just Another
                    • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NBR013LP-C2£24.99
                      Coast To Coast Clear
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                    • LP NBR013LP£22.99
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                    Soft Summer BreezesNumero
                    Following in the wake of baroque chart toppers by the Zombies, Beatles, and the Left Banke, a dandier approach to garage rock flowered in the back half...
                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM516LP-C2£24.99
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                      Ghana Special 2Soundway
                      Highlighting a time when the burgeoning Ghanaian diaspora across Europe and North America was utilising new music technology and recording techniques....
                      • – The Godfathers - Ebe Ye Yie Ni
                      • – Pat Thomas - Gye Wani
                      • – Bessa Simons - Sii Nana
                      • – Rex Gyamfi - Obiara Bewu
                      • – Pepper, Onion, Ginger & Salt - M.C. Mambo
                      • – Andy Vans - Adjoa Amisa
                      • – Starlite - Anoma Koro
                      • – Abdul Raheem - Alaiye
                      • – Ernest Honny - New Dance
                      • – Kwasi Afari Minta - Barima Nsu
                      • – Marijata - Otanhunu
                      • – Jon K – Asafo
                      • – Dadadi - Jigi Jigi
                      • – Gyedu Blay Ambolley - Apple
                      • – Charles Amoah - Fre Me (Call Me)
                      • – George Darko - Kaakyire Nua
                      • – Nan Mayen - Mumude
                      • – Nana Budjei - Asobrachie
                      In The Beginning There Was RhythmSoul Jazz Records
                      Unavailable for over 20 years, In The Beginning There Was Rhythm was Soul Jazz Records first foray into post-punk and punk-funk in the UK and captures...
                      • A Certain Ratio – Shack Up
                      • 23 Skidoo – Coup
                      • Gang Of Four – To Hell With Poverty
                      • The Human League – Being Boiled
                      • The Slits – In The Beginning There Was Rhythm
                      • This Heat – 24 Track Loop
                      • Throbbing Gristle – 20 Jazz Funk Greats
                      • The Pop Group – She Is Beyond Good and Evil
                      • Cabaret Voltaire – Sluggin For Jesus
                      • 23 Skidoo – Vegas El Bandito
                      • A Certain Ratio – Knife Slits Water
                      Let's Do Rock Steady (The Soul of Jamaica)Trojan Records
                      The immediate successor to ska, the soulful, melodic sound of rock steady first developed during the long hot Jamaican summer of 1966 and reigned supreme...
                        The Observer Roots Albums CollectionDoctor Bird
                        Includes numerous roots classics.• ‘Showcase’ LP new to CD. • Features a host of reggae superstars. By the latter half of the 1970s, Winston...
                          Eccentric Soul: The Tammy LabelNumero Group
                          Lost in the soot and fallout from Youngstown, Ohio’s infamous Black Monday steel industry collapse was Tony March’s cross-generational Tammy label....
                            1st Unit: Underpass Records EPRush Hour
                            Reissue of early Japanese, dream-house outing by Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Katsuya Sano on Rush Hour!
                            • – Katsuya Sano - I Need Luv
                            • – Junichi Soma - Ubnormal Life
                            • – Shuji Wada - Endless Load
                            Punk 45!: Kill the Hippies! Kill Yourself! The American Nation Destroys Its Young (RSD 2024 Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records’ new 10th anniversary one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition orange coloured vinyl pressing (+ download code) exclusively...
                            • The Urinals – I'm A Bug
                            • The Normals – Almost Ready
                            • The Angry Samoans – Right Side of My Mind
                            • Nervous Eaters – Just Head
                            • The Nubs – Job
                            • The Controllers – Neutron Bomb
                            • electric eels – Agitated
                            • The Randoms – Let's Get Rid Of New York
                            • The Bizarros – Ice Age
                            • Iggy Pop and The Stooges – Gimme Some Skin
                            • Tuxedomoon – Joeboy The Electronic Ghost
                            • X_X – You're Full Of Shit
                            • Flamin' Groovies – Dog Meat
                            • The Deadbeats – Angela!
                            • Theoretical Girls – U.S. Millie
                            • The Skunks – Earthquake Shake
                            • Crash Course In Science – Cakes In The Home
                            • The Pagans – Not Now No Way
                            • Pastiche – Flash Of The Moment
                            • The Lewd – Kill Yourself
                            • The Heartbreakers – Chinese Rocks
                            • 2xLP (Limited Edition Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP545C£34.00
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                            Studio One Rude Boy (RSD 2024 Edition)Soul Jazz Records
                            Soul Jazz Records’ new 18th anniversary one-off limited-edition heavyweight special-edition cyan coloured vinyl pressing (+ download code) exclusively...
                            • Jackie Opel – You're Too Bad
                            • Johnny Osbourne – Murderer
                            • John Holt – Hooligan
                            • Keith McCarthy – Everybody Rude Now
                            • Owen Gray – Ballistic Affair
                            • Roy Richards – Get Smart
                            • Dillinger – Stop The War
                            • Jim Brown – Love In The Dance
                            • Desmond Baker And The Clarendonians – Rude Boy Gone A Jail
                            • The Wailers – Good Good Rudie
                            • Dennis Brown – Make It Easy On Yourself
                            • Wailing Souls – Don't Fight It
                            • Dub Specialist – Peace Theme
                            • Mr Foundation – See Them A Come
                            • Dudley Sibley – Run Boy Run
                            • Dennis Brown – Johnny Too Bad
                            • Bob Andy – Crime Don't Pay
                            • Soul Brothers – Mr Kiss A Bang Bang
                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP148C£34.00
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                            • MP3 Release SJRD148£9.99
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                            Disco Discharge: Classic DiscoEdsel / Demon
                            ‘Classic Disco’ mixes 21 undeniable dancefloor landmarks from recognizable names like Rose Royce, Change, Manhattan Transferand Cheryl Lynn, with deeper...
                              Rusty Egan Presents… Blitzed!Demon / Edsel
                              Without necessarily knowing it, The Blitz was birthing the next wave of British pop stars. A young Boy George ran the cloakroom, its host and doorman was...
                                Northern Soul ClassicsSpectrum
                                A 2xLP compilation featuring 42 of the world’s most supreme Northern Soul anthems. An essential collection for any fan of great timeless music, this...
                                  AFRICAMORE - The Afro-funk Side Of Italy (1973-1978)Four Flies
                                  Continuing Four Flies' dedication to delving into lesser-explored periods of Italian music, Africamore takes us on a captivating journey into the intersection...
                                    Síbín Vol. 1 (ft. Joe Armon-Jones, Tirzah, Wu-Lu, Fatima and more)Síbín
                                    Very special release - Síbín Vol. 1 is a superb compilation featuring exclusive collaborations tracks from Joe Armon-Jones, Wu-Lu, Fatima, Tirzah, Mica...
                                    • – Fatima & KwAkE - I.D CanAlterRareDiscriptionS
                                    • – Lord Byron & Ben Hixon - NBA
                                    • – Natty Wylah - dangL d0wn
                                    • – Joe Armon-Jones & Kofi Stone - Save Me
                                    • – Oliver Palfreyman & Goya Gumbani - TOSH!
                                    • – Taz & Meeks - burp
                                    • – Daisuke Tanabe - muddy puppy
                                    • – Phoebs & Anja Ngozi & Isobella Burnham - friday after next
                                    • – MA.MOYO X Marysia Osu - MOTHERSHIP
                                    • – Wu-Lu ft. Temesgen - Wickedness Devide
                                    • New 2×LP SBN005£39.99
                                      *SOTU exclusive
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                                    They Move In The NightNumero
                                    Discovered after spending 58 years on a dusty shelf in the Louis Wayne Moody Pictures vault, this previously unissued soundtrack contains a backpack’s...
                                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM512LP-C1£25.00
                                        In stockAdd to Bag
                                      You're Not From Around HereNumero
                                      The previously unissued soundtrack to the 1964 noir, You’re Not From A round Here, discovered after 55 years in the Louis Wayne Moody archive. A hobo’s...
                                        • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM511LP-C1£25.00
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                                        Where Southern Soul BeganHistory of Soul
                                        The Golden Age of southern soul lasted from about 1962 to 1975, when disco ripped the heart out of it. And although it may seem as though the blend of...
                                          Murder Was The Case Soundtrack 30th AnniversaryDeath Row Records / Gamma
                                          2024 is the 30th Anniversary of Various Artists "Murder Was The Case". It has not been pressed in 23 years. It will contain double translucent red vinyl...
                                            Eccentric Soul: The Tragar & Note LabelsNumero
                                            Atlanta’s original Eccentric Soul labels - Jesse Jones’ Tragar and Note - captured critical regional R&B, soul and funk from 1968-1976.
                                            • – Tee Fletcher - Down In The Country
                                            • – Bill Wright - You Got A Spell On Me
                                            • – Eula Cooper - Shake Daddy Shake
                                            • – The Knights - Tipping Strings
                                            • – L. Daniels - Nitecap (inst)
                                            • – Frankie & Robert - Sweet Thing
                                            • – Franciene Thomas - I’ll Be There
                                            • – Richard Cook - Somebody Got’a Help Me
                                            • – Frankie & Robert - Love (It’s Been So Long)
                                            • – The Knights - The Hump (inst)
                                            • New 2×LP (Coloured Vinyl) NUM020LP-C1£33.99
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                                            Congo Funk! Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)Analog Africa
                                            Analog Africa's forthcoming compilation ‘Congo Funk! - Sound Madness From The Shores Of The Mighty Congo River (Kinshasa/Brazzaville 1969-1982)’ is...
                                              Guilty PleasuresSony Music UK
                                              A new 29-track collection on 2LP 140g set – ‘Guilty Pleasures’ first time on vinylExtensive track-by-track sleeve notes from Sean RowleyEmbrace the...

                                                Other Releases on Impulse!

                                                Dizzy GillespieSwing Low, Sweet CadillacImpulse!
                                                Includes Gillespie's wicked latin jazz dance version of "Mas Que Nada"
                                                • – Mas Que Nada (Pow, Pow, Pow)
                                                • Original LP£40.00
                                                  Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned USA vinyl, SMAS 9125 first Stereo club edition Impulse
                                                  In stockAdd to Bag
                                                • LP IMPL9149M£26.99
                                                Alice ColtraneThe Carnegie Hall ConcertImpulse!
                                                This album features Alice Coltrane’s first Carnegie Hall performance as a leader, joined by an all-star band including fellow members of her late-husband...
                                                • – Shiva-Loka
                                                Earl HinesOnce Upon A Time (1966)Impulse!
                                                Impulse Records
                                                  • Original LP£20.00
                                                    Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned Out-of-Print USA vinyl, 2nd press red/black label w/ orig Impulse in-house inner
                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                  Sun RaSpace Is The Place (1973)Impulse!
                                                  Totally essential deep astro jazz with the full twenty minute version of the title track! One-of-a-kind, out-of-this-world, wonky space anthem! This...
                                                  • – space is the place
                                                  • LP (180 gram) 5540672£35.00
                                                    Pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Third Man, Detroit.
                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                  • CD IMP12492£7.99
                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                  Irreversible EntanglementsProtect Your LightImpulse!
                                                  Fusing elements of jazz, hip-hop, global music traditions and spoken word, Protect Your Light sees the quintet (vocalist/poet Camae Ayewa, saxophonist...
                                                  • – Free Love
                                                  Yusef LateefPsychicemotus (1965)Impulse!
                                                  Superb mid-sixties album featuring a great version of Erik Satie's tranquil classic "First Gymnopedie"!
                                                  • – Psychicemoyus
                                                  • – First Gymnopedie
                                                  • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM) 5521238£35.00
                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                  Clark TerryIt's What's Happenin'Impulse!
                                                    • Original LP AS-9157£10.00
                                                      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Orig = Original secondhand UK vinyl Jasmine reissue
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                                                    Brandee YoungerBrand New LifeImpulse!
                                                    Brandee Younger will release her second album on Impulse! Records, ‘Brand New Life’. Younger is quite often noted for standing on the shoulders of...
                                                    • – You're A Girl For One Man Only
                                                    • – Brand New Life (feat. Mumu Fresh)
                                                    ShabakaAfrikan CultureImpulse!
                                                    Shabaka Hutchings debut release under his own name, Afrikan Culture, was released on Impulse! Records in May 2022. Known for his globally-acclaimed, groundbreaking...
                                                    • – Black Meditation
                                                    • – Call It A European Paradox
                                                    • – Ital Is Vital
                                                    • – Memories Don’t Live Like People Do
                                                    • – Ritual Awakening
                                                    • – Explore Inner Space
                                                    • – The Dimension Of Subtle Awareness
                                                    • – Rebirth
                                                    John ColtraneA Love Supreme: Live in SeattleImpulse!
                                                    A never-before-heard live recording from a private collection! Coltrane’s classic quartet inc. Pharoah Sanders. One of only three known concert performances...
                                                      Brandee YoungerSomewhere DifferentImpulse!
                                                      Performer, composer and educator Brandee Younger is an accomplished ensemble leader who perviously played with Dezron Douglas on the superb 'Force Majeure'...
                                                      • – Love & Struggle
                                                      • – Olivia Benson
                                                      • – Beautiful Is Black
                                                      • – Pretend
                                                      • – Reclamation
                                                      • – Somewhere Different
                                                      • – Spirit U Will
                                                      • – Tickled Pink
                                                      Alice ColtraneKIRTAN: TURIYA SINGSImpulse!
                                                      Deep, spiritual material from 1982 by Alice Coltrane!!!! INCREDIBLE LOST ALBUM!! 'Kirtan: Turiya Sings' features Alice Coltrane at peak spirituality and...
                                                      • – Krishna Krishna
                                                      Sons Of KemetBlack To The FutureImpulse!
                                                      Second Impluse! records release for cult UK jazz psychonauts, Sons Of Kemet! Frenetic, spiritual, cosmic jazz energy from Shabaka Hutchings, Theon Cross...
                                                      • – Hustle feat. Kojey Radical
                                                      Thelonious MonkPalo AltoImpulse!
                                                      'Palo Alto' is a previously unknown and unreleased live Thelonious Monk recording from 1968! After the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in...
                                                      • – Epistrophy
                                                      Shabaka and The AncestorsWe Are Sent Here By HistoryImpulse!
                                                      It's the bomb! Just landing! Release date brought forward! WILL SELL OUT!! Don't miss out! Comet Is Coming band leader Shabaka is back with The Ancestors...
                                                      • – Go My Heart, Go To Heaven
                                                      The Comet Is ComingThe AfterlifeImpulse!
                                                      Limited edition last copies - from man like Shabaka - don't miss out!
                                                      • – All That Mathers Is The Moments
                                                      • – The Softness Of The Present
                                                      • – The Afterlife
                                                      • – Lifeforce Part I
                                                      • – Lifeforce Part II
                                                      • – The Seven Planetary Heavens
                                                      John ColtraneBlue World (1964) [Previously Unreleased]Impulse!
                                                      In 1964, the National Film Board of Canada asked John Coltrane to record the soundtrack for a French-language film titled 'Le Chat dans le Sac' ('The Cat...
                                                      • – Blue World
                                                      John HandyCarnival (1977)Impulse!
                                                        • Original LP 28 691 XOT£10.00
                                                          Vinyl condition: NM-Sleeve condition: NM-Mint, opened and unsealed once USA vinyl
                                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                                        John Coltrane1963: New DirectionsImpulse!
                                                        FREE UK SHIPPING ON VINYL BOX SET! John Coltrane 1963: New Directions collects all of John Coltrane’s 1963 Impulse recordings in the order in which...
                                                          The Comet Is ComingTrust In The Lifeforce Of The Deep MysteryImpulse!
                                                          Futurist jazz voyagers (lead by Shabaka Hutchings) The Comet Is Coming release their anticipated 2nd album via Impulse! A propulsive, kaleidoscopic trip...
                                                          • – Summon The Fire
                                                          John ColtraneBoth Directions At Once: The Lost AlbumImpulse!
                                                          On March 6, 1963, John Coltrane and his classic quartet - McCoy Tyner, Jimmy Garrison, and Elvin Jones - recorded an entire studio album at the legendary...
                                                          • – Untitled Original 11383 (Take 1)
                                                          Sons of KemetYour Queen Is A ReptileImpulse!
                                                          Sons of Kemet’s third studio album, and first under the impulse! label! Shabaka Hutchings and his band incorporate sounds of spiritual jazz music, while...
                                                          • – My Queen Is Ada Eastman
                                                          • – My Queen Is Mamie Phipps Clark
                                                          • – My Queen Is Harriet Tubman
                                                          • – My Queen Is Anna Julia Cooper
                                                          • – My Queen Is Angela Davis
                                                          • – My Queen Is Nanny Of The Maroons
                                                          • – My Queen Is Yaa Asantewaa
                                                          • – My Queen Is Albertina Sisulu
                                                          • – My Queen Is Doreen Lawrence
                                                          Pharoah SandersKarma (1969)Impulse!
                                                          Over half an hour of "The Creator Has A Master Plan"! Leon Thomas on vocals joins the Pharoah for one of the greatest collaborations in deep, spiritual...
                                                            John ColtraneAscension (1965)Impulse!
                                                            Landmark free jazz album! An essential classic for any fan of 'new thing' improvisation! John Coltrane was one of the greatest player/composers the world...
                                                            • – Part I
                                                            • – Part II
                                                            Charlie HadenLiberation Music Orchestra (1970)Impulse!
                                                            Radical orchestral jazz featuring Gato Barbieri, Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Roswell Rudd and Sam Brown, with arrangements by Carla Bley.
                                                            • – El Quinto Regimento (The Fifth Regiment) / Los Cuatro Generales (The Four Generals) / Viva La Quince Brigada (Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade)
                                                            • – Song For Chè
                                                            • 2. – El Quinto Regimento (The Fifth Regiment) / Los Cuatro Generales (The Four Generals) / Viva La Quince Brigada (Long Live The Fifteenth Brigade)
                                                            • 4. – Song For Chè
                                                            • View full info and tracklisting
                                                            • LP (180 gram) IMPL63042H£28.00
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                                                            Alice ColtraneHuntington Ashram Monastery / World GalaxyImpulse!
                                                            Two seminal, deep Alice Coltrane albums on one CD! 'Huntington Ashram Monastery' from 1969 is a trio outing with Ron Carter on bass and Rashied Ali on...
                                                              Alice ColtraneJourney In Satchidananda (1971)Impulse!
                                                              100% essential, C-L-A-S-S-I-C spiritual jazz album featuring Pharoah Sanders! Deep-as-it-gets, hypnotic, trance-like, spiritually uplifting music featuring...
                                                              • – Journey in Satchidananda
                                                              • – Stopover Bombay
                                                              Duke Ellington & John ColtraneDuke Ellington & John Coltrane (1963)Impulse!
                                                              Duke Ellington & John Coltrane is a jazz album by Duke Ellington and John Coltrane recorded on September 26, 1962 and released in February 1963 on...
                                                                John ColtraneMeditations (1966)Impulse!
                                                                Beautiful, intense, spiritual jazz from the master! This is a landmark album for John Coltrane, recorded in his 'classic period' just after his masterpiece...

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                                                                  Second Impluse! records release for cult UK jazz psychonauts, Sons Of Kemet! Frenetic, spiritual, cosmic jazz energy from Shabaka Hutchings, Theon Cross...
                                                                  • – Hustle feat. Kojey Radical
                                                                  Theo ParrishDJ-Kicks: Detroit Forward!K7 Records
                                                                  Growing up in Chicago, later Detroit-based music producer, Theo Parrish is internationally well known for his own inimitable downtempo house music style....
                                                                  • – De'Sean Jones & Ideeyah - Pressure
                                                                  • – Donald Lee Roland II - Simba's Theme
                                                                  • – Meftah - When The Sun Falls
                                                                  • – Theo Parrish & Duminie DePorres - The Real Deal
                                                                  • – Specter - The Upper Room
                                                                  • – Deon Jamar - North End Funk
                                                                  • – Ian Fink - Moonlight (Duality/Detroit Live Version)
                                                                  • – John C & Meftah - Full
                                                                  • – mBtheLight - aGAIN (T’s Edit)
                                                                  • – De'Sean Jones - Psalm 23
                                                                  • – Raybone Jones - Green Funk
                                                                  • – Jon Dixon - Wind Drifts (Instrumental)
                                                                  • – Whodat & Sophiyah.e - Don’t Know
                                                                  • – KESSWA - Chasing Delerium feat. Nova Zai
                                                                  • – Raj Mahal - Hudsons
                                                                  • – De'Sean Jones - Flash Spain
                                                                  • – Jason Hogans - Surrounded By Trees
                                                                  • – Howard Thomas - Experiment 10
                                                                  • – Sterling Toles - Janis
                                                                  Directions In Music 1969-1973: Miles Davis His Musicians and the Birth of a New Age of JazzAce Records
                                                                  In 1970 Miles Davis released “Bitches Brew”, which crystalised the trumpeter and bandleader’sexperiments in rhythm, electronics and musical structure...
                                                                  • Joe Zawinul – In A Silent Way
                                                                  • Wayne Shorter – Sweet Pea
                                                                  • Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – In Search Of Truth
                                                                  • John McLaughlin – Arjen’s Bag
                                                                  • Betty Davis – Politician Man
                                                                  • Gary Bartz NTU Troop – Uhuru Sasa
                                                                  • 1. Joe Zawinul – In A Silent Way
                                                                  • 2. Wayne Shorter – Sweet Pea
                                                                  • 3. Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes – In Search Of Truth
                                                                  • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                  Blue Note Re:imagined II (feat. Yazz Ahmed, Theon Cross, Oscar Jerome & more)Decca / Blue Note
                                                                  Legendary labels Decca and Blue Note have joined forces again for Blue Note Re:imagined II; a collection of classic Blue Note tracks, reworked and newly...
                                                                  • – Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                                                                  • – Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                                                                  • – Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
                                                                  • – Swindle - Miss Kane (Donald Byrd)
                                                                  • – Nubiyan Twist - Through The Noise (Chant No.2) (Donald Byrd)
                                                                  • – Ego Ella May - Morning Side Of Love (Chico Hamilton)
                                                                  • – Oscar Jerome - Green With Envy (Grant Green)
                                                                  • – Daniel Casimir ft. Rita Moran - Lost (Wayne Shorter)
                                                                  • – Theon Cross - Epistrophy (Thelonious Monk)
                                                                  • – Maya Delilah - Harvest Moon (Cassandra Wilson)
                                                                  • – Kay Young - Feel Like Making Love (Marlena Shaw)
                                                                  • – Venna & Marco - Where Are We Going (Donald Byrd)
                                                                  • – Reuben James - Infant Eyes (Wayne Shorter)
                                                                  • – Binker Golding - Fort Worth (Joe Lovano)
                                                                  • – Cherise - Sunrise (Norah Jones)
                                                                  • – Franc Moody - Cristo Redentor (Donald Byrd)
                                                                  • 1. – Yazz Ahmed - It (Chick Correa)
                                                                  • 2. – Conor Albert - You Make Me Feel So Good (Bobbi Humphrey)
                                                                  • 3. – Parthenope - Don’t Know Why (Norah Jones)
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                                                                  Cold Wave # 2Soul Jazz Records
                                                                  Cold Wave #2 Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + PURPLE VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Ltd. Edn. Dayglo sleeve + BLACK VINYL 2xLP, + mini-fanzine/ Dayglo CD + Slipcase...
                                                                  • Lena Willikens – Howlin Lupus
                                                                  • Beta Evers – Hiding
                                                                  • L.F.T. – Stay Away From The Light
                                                                  • Job Sifre – At Least We Try
                                                                  • De Ambassade – Niet Van Mij
                                                                  • Toulouse Low Trax – Rushing Into Water
                                                                  • V.C.V.S. – Hum
                                                                  • Dave I.D. – Help Starts
                                                                  • Broken English Club – Vacant Cars
                                                                  • Krikor Kouchian – Deserver Dub
                                                                  • 2xLP (Coloured Vinyl) + Download Code SJRLP485C£28.00
                                                                    In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                  • 2xLP + Download Code SJRLP485£26.00
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                                                                  • CD SJRCD485£12.00
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                                                                  • MP3 Release SJRD485£10.00
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                                                                  Herbie MannRight Now (1962)Atlantic 1384
                                                                  Excellent 1962 latin jazz from flautist Mann accompanied by killer line-up including percussionists Carlos Patato Valdes, Willie Bobo, Willie Rodriguez...
                                                                    • Original LP£15.00
                                                                      Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned USA vinyl
                                                                      In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                    Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou DahomeyKpede Do Gbe Houenou / Ma Wa Mon Nou Mi OAcid Jazz
                                                                    'Kpede Do Gbe Houenou’ is a burning piece of Afro-funk from Benin’s finest, the all-conquering Orchestre Poly-Rythmo. With a killer horns line, imploring...
                                                                    • – Kpede Do Gbe Houenou
                                                                    • – Ma Wa Mon Nou Mi O
                                                                    Miles DavisNefertiti (1967)Columbia
                                                                    Absolute classic album from Miles Davis' 'second classic quintet' with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams...superb! By 1967...
                                                                    • – nefertiti
                                                                    • – fall
                                                                    • – riot
                                                                    Femi Kuti and Made KutiFree Your Mind / Pà Pá PàPartisan Records
                                                                    **SOTU EXCLUSIVE!** VERY LIMITED - EXCLUSIVE TO SOUNDS OF THE UNIVERSE! Two of the key tracks from Femi Kuti and Made Kuti's 'Legacy +' album - only available...
                                                                    • – Pà Pá Pà
                                                                    The Sky NationsMedley Dub
                                                                    By the late 1970s, dub was firmly established as a favorite subgenre of the reggae canon, with every Jamaica-based record producer devoted to the style....
                                                                    • – Trinity In Dub
                                                                    • – Revelation Of Dub
                                                                    • – Dub You Know
                                                                    • – Say Dub
                                                                    • – Under Heavy Rhythm
                                                                    • – Starlight In Dub
                                                                    • – Natty Dutty Dub
                                                                    • – Swing And Dub
                                                                    • – Tip Top Affair
                                                                    • – Engineer’s Special
                                                                    N.A.D.A Day In MayRush Hour
                                                                    UK house and techno legends Tony Thorpe (Moody Boys) and Mustapha Ali revive their cult N.A.D. project for Rush Hour. Four tracks up deep, Detroit style...
                                                                    • – a day in may (instrumental)
                                                                    • – what race the cyborg
                                                                    • – assemblages
                                                                    • – singer of siren songs
                                                                    Léa SenYou Of Now Pt. 1Partisan
                                                                    Open-eared and open-hearted: these are the watchwords of Léa Sen’s music. At just 22 years old, the London-based singer, songwriter and producer has...
                                                                      • New LP (Coloured Vinyl) PTKF 13253£13.00
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                                                                      JujuLive At 131 Prince StreetStrut
                                                                      Strut continue their reissues from the Black Fire label with a definitive edition of JuJu’s ‘Live At 131 Prince Street’, recorded in 1973 at Ornette...
                                                                      • – At Least We Have A Horizon Now
                                                                      • – Thembi
                                                                      • – Mozambique/Azucar Pa Ti
                                                                      • – Out Of This World
                                                                      • – Rosalie/Juju's Door
                                                                      TenderloniousYou Know I Care22a
                                                                      Players like Jackie McLean, Duke Pearson, Clifford Jordan and Wayne Shorter have all played significant roles in Tenderlonious' life and provide a constant...
                                                                      • – On the Nile
                                                                      • – Maimoun
                                                                      • – Infant Eyes
                                                                      • – Poor Eric
                                                                      • – John Coltrane
                                                                      • – You Know I Care
                                                                      Standing in the Shadows of MotownThe Life and Music of James JamersonHal Leonard
                                                                      James Jamerson was the embodiment of the Motown spirit and groove- the invisible entity whose bass playing inspired thousands of imitators, and made it...
                                                                        • Book (800g) 9780881888829£39.99
                                                                          In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                        KalyanKalyan (1977)MCA
                                                                        Funky Caribbean disco sounds a la Beginning of the End
                                                                        • – Disco Reggae (Tony's Groove)
                                                                        • – Sweet Music
                                                                        Miles DavisSorcerer (1967)Columbia
                                                                        LIMITED EDITION OF 2500 INDIVIDUALLYNUMBERED COPIES ON TRANSLUCENTGREEN COLOURED VINYL Brilliant modal jazz album from the vintage year of 1967! 1967...
                                                                        • – Pee Wee
                                                                        • New Audiophile LP (180 GRAM) MOVLP1865C£30.00
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                                                                        • CD CK65680£7.99
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                                                                        Femi Kuti and Made KutiLegacy +Partisan Records
                                                                        Legendary activist and Afrobeat originator, Fela Kuti, used his music to lament social injustices and political corruption in his native Nigeria. Fela’s...
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Pà Pá Pà
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – As We Struggle Everyday
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Stop the Hate
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Land Grab
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Na Bigmanism Spoil Government
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – You Can't Fight Corruption With Corruption
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Show of Shame
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Privatisation
                                                                        • Femi Kuti – Set Your Minds and Souls Free
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Free Your Mind
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Your Enemy
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Blood
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Different Streets
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Higher You'll Find
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Hymn
                                                                        • Made Kuti – Young Lady
                                                                        • Made Kuti – We Are Strong
                                                                        Nick HakimCometaATO Records
                                                                        COMETA is truly a collaborative effort and the highlight for Hakim is having so many special guests from his community that play supportive roles–this...
                                                                          Alhaji Waziri OshomahWorld Spirituality Classics 3: The Muslim Highlife of Alhaji Waziri OshomahLuaka Bop
                                                                          Alhaji Waziri Oshomah begins his sermon before a dancing crowd. His lyrics warn about the vice of jealousy but the congregation is here to get down. We’re...
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Forgive Them Oh God Amin – Amin
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Jealousy
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Alhaji Yesufu Sado Managing Director
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Omhona – Omhona
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Ovini Omoekeke Alhaji Inu Umoru
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Okhume Ukhaduame
                                                                          • Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – My Luck feat. Madam Hassanah Waziri and Her Velvet Voice
                                                                          • 1. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Forgive Them Oh God Amin – Amin
                                                                          • 2. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Jealousy
                                                                          • 3. Alhaji Waziri Oshomah – Alhaji Yesufu Sado Managing Director
                                                                          • View full info and tracklisting
                                                                          Francis LaiFrancis Lai Max 20United Artists Records
                                                                          Ludicrously over the top packaging including the thickest gatefold we've ever seen - awesome!
                                                                            Ronnie FosterMidnight PlaneColumbia
                                                                            jazz funk
                                                                              Lonnie Liston SmithVisions Of A New World (1975)Flying Dutchman
                                                                              Seminal jazz funk deep fusion classic featuring "A Chance For Peace". Essential in anyone's collection!
                                                                              • – A Chance For Peace
                                                                              • Original LP£80.00
                                                                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VGOriginal gatefold USA vinyl, (top spine part split)
                                                                              • CD CDBGPM294£7.99
                                                                                In stockAdd to Bag
                                                                              Herbie MannWaterbed (1975)Atlantic
                                                                              Funky jazz tunes from flautist Mann, 1975 original vinyl
                                                                              • – Waterbed
                                                                              • Original LP£10.00
                                                                                Vinyl condition: VG+Sleeve condition: VG+Original Pre-Owned USA vinyl
                                                                              VariousMizik Solay Sa BonAtangana Records
                                                                              Atangana Records presents its 4th releases, beginning a new collaboration with Henri Debs & Fils imprint. With this compilation EP, gathering rare and...
                                                                              • Ti Celeste – Pa Dekouraje’w Toni
                                                                              • Les Maxels – Bail Ti Bouin Z’Oizo
                                                                              • Lewis Meliano – Oh Claudy My Love
                                                                              • Daniel Dimba – C’est La Vie