Toro Y Moi Underneath The Pine

  • 1. intro/chi chi
  • 2. new beat
  • 3. go with you
  • 4. divina
  • 5. before i'm done
  • 6. got blinded
  • 7. how i know
  • 8. light black
  • 9. still sound
  • 10. good hold
  • 11. elise

Following up his debut 'Causers Of This', is the hugely anticipated album from 23 Year-old Chaz Bundick aka Toro Y Moi on Carpark!

Drawing on influences from contemporary electronic wizards Animal Collective, Sonic Youth, J Dilla, and Daft Punk, Toro Y Moi has produced eleven tracks woven with dreamy electronics and multi-layered live instrumentation. A beautiful, chilled album that touches on synth-led disco-boogie on tracks 'New Beat' and 'Still Sound', Steve Reich-ian piano phrasing on 'Divina' and psych-folk weirdness. His layered and echoing harmonies are amazing, reminiscent of Antena and Balam Acab. Great stuff!