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  • 1. Lenis Guess and The Raw Soul – How You Gonna Do It? (Undercover Brother Edit)*
  • 2. Kenny Smith – Foxfire (Dopebrother Remix)*
  • 3. BAB (Big Apple Band) – Party And Get On Down (Undercover Brother Edit)
  • 4. Steve Marshall – Creative Happiness
  • 5. Masterminds ft. Lady Bianca – We Got To Get Together (7? Version)
  • 6. Jimmy James Thomas – I Can?t Dance (Undercover Brother Edit)
  • 7. Kenny Smith & The Fox Fire Band – Here Comes The Law (Dopebrother Remix)
  • 8. 400 Years Of What – Get Down People (Undercover Brother Edit)
  • 8. Dirty Red Morgan Group – Your Chicken Ain?t Funky Like Mine
  • 9. Kenny Smith & The Maximum Feeling – Everybody Knows I Love You
  • 10. Steve Marshall – Maintain (12 Inch Disco Version)
  • 11. Manzel – It?s Over Now (MAW Remix Dub)
  • 12. Manzel & The Soul Syndicate – Can You Feel My Love (stereo mix)
  • 13. 400 Years Of What – Do What You Like (Undercover Brother Edit)
  • 14. Jimmy James Thomas – Waiting At The Station
  • 15. Kenny Smith & The Maximum Feeling – Skunkie (Undercover Brother Edit)*
  • 16. Manzel – It?s Over Now (Undercover Brother Quiet Storm Mix)*
  • 17. The U.B.s – Synthetic Drums* (Unlisted Bonus Track). * = PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED

Straight from the legendary vaults of Dopebrother Records comes an hour-plus, 18-song collection of heavy funk, sweet soul and neck-snapping disco. While a few of these tracks have previously seen the light of day on ridiculously rare vintage vinyl or severely limited Dopebrother reissues, many have never made it outside the confines of Studio A, the inner sanctum where Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez and Victor “The Undercover Brother” Piagneri work their maestro’s touch polishing up dusty master tapes.

Picking highlights is a fool’s game; just let the disc play through and be mesmerized by the raw drums of “’How You Gonna Do It?’, the mellow groove of ‘Foxfire’, the self-explanatory ‘Party And Get On Down’, and the disco heat of ‘Maintain’. It goes without saying that every one of these cuts is the product of a lifetime of dusty digging and intense detective work to track down songwriters, but it can’t hurt to point out that artists like Steve Marshall, Manzel and Kenny Smith are all getting their proper dues from these renewed treasures.

This unique compilation is the first time these cuts have been available on non-vinyl format and represents the latest triumph for the label that is always looking to the future but never forgets its funky past.