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  • 1. Hope In tomorrow feat. Niamh
  • 2. Kites on Pluto
  • 3. Traffic Feat IG Culture ? unreleased bonus track
  • 4. Horizon
  • 5. Thumpasaurus
  • 6. Black Mist
  • 7. Wookie Nookie ? unreleased bonus track
  • 8. 360@129on696 (full version) feat Dumminie Deporres
  • 9. Untitled Feat Larry Mizell
  • 10. Flip The funk out Feat The Rotating assembly
  • 11. Feel free to be who you need to be ? unreleased bonus track



This is the CD version of this hugely anticipated album by Detroit legend Theo Parrish!


Very limited vinyl copies were dealt out at this years Detroit Electronic Music Festival and found their way to few records shops - causing a big of a stirr and some mega disappointment.


Eleven killer new tracks with contributions by the likes of Larry Mizell, Dumminie Deporres, IG Culture, Niamh Mcartney, Jennifer Dale & Rio Hunuki-Remopo!!