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  • 1. Mamukueno – Rei do Palhetinho
  • 2. Os Kiezos – Comboio
  • 3. Jovens Do Prenda – Ilha Virgem
  • 4. Zé Da Lua – Ulungu Wami
  • 5. Os Bongos – Pachanga Maria
  • 6. Dimba Diangola – Tira Sapato
  • 7. Santos Júnior – N´Gui Banza Mama
  • 8. N´Goma Jazz – Mi Cantando Para Ti
  • 9. Ferreira Do Nascimento – Macongo Me Chiquita
  • 10. David Zé – Uma Amiga
  • 11. Jovens Do Prenda – Farra Na Madrugada
  • 12. Os Korimbas – Sémba Braguez
  • 13. Dimba Diangola – Fuma
  • 14. Alliace Makiadi – Passeio por Luanda
  • 15. Os Bongos – Kazucuta
  • 16. Quim Manuel O Espirito Santo – Eme Lelu
  • 17. Africa Ritmos – Pica O Dedo
  • 18. Africa Show – Massanga Mama

On its ninth release Analog Africa unearths musical gems from Angola, the former Portuguese colony in south west Africa. The compilation 'Angola Soundtrack' includes tracks from 1968 – 1976, arguably the golden era of Angolan music.

Angolan music is truly unique and stands on its own as a sound that can only be found in that part of the world. Rhythms such as Rebita, Kazukuta, Semba and Merengue, all of which are presented on 'Angola Soundtrack', might be unfamiliar to most listeners, but they are superbly melodic, highly danceable, hypnotic, raw, quintessentially beautiful - and totally addictive.

A powerful confluence of traditional rhythms from Luanda’s islands, psychedelic guitar sounds imported from neighbouring Congo, Latin grooves, old school Caribbean merengue and the hard beat of the Angolan carnival bands conspired to create the modern music of Angola. These sounds were immortalized by two excellent recording companies - Fadiang (Fábrica de Discos Angolano) and Valentim de Carvalho! Another ace compilation from Analog Africa!!!